Friday, May 04, 2012

Help identifying runner at SAC MOC

Red Cap Timing - Contractor License Sacramento Meet of Champions - 4/28/2012 American River College (Sacramento) Event 60 Men 200 Meter Dash-
1 McBride, Andre SR San Leandro 21.21 1.7 21.204 2 King, Kyree SR Colony 21.21 1.7 21.210 3 Mitsch, Austin JR Jesuit 21.53 1.7 4 Gabbard, Eric JR Vacaville 21.89 1.7 5 Chambers, Justice SR Enochs 22.03 1.7 6 Simms, Shawn SR Deer Valley 22.10 1.7 7 Bloodworth, Brandon JR Elk Grove 22.27 1.7 8 Ogbeide, Oseratin SR Grace Davis 22.30 1.7 9 Marion, Allan JR De La Salle 22.88 1.7 

Eric Gabbard (Vacaville) did not run in the 200 meters.
Could you ask your readers if anyone knows who finished fourth in 21.89?  (Mystery runner is above in picture in the dark colored uniform).

Thanks, Keith

Keith Conning
Vacaville, CA


hank said...

If you could get RedCap Timing to create a pic of the finish that Albert could post, it might help quite a bit.


Anonymous said...

uniform color could be from Reed in NV they were at the meet or maybe a Heritage (NCS) runner.

Albert Caruana said...

Mystery solved. The runner was indeed Josh Gingras of Reed HS.

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