Thursday, May 10, 2012

More NorCal athletes signing Letter of Intent

SLV runner, Nick Hicks to USF:

Casa Grande hurdler, Adam Lundquist to Yale:

Valley Christian SJ runner, Sean Davis to UCLA.

Valley Christian SJ runner, Morgan Lira to Moorhead St.

Bellarmine HS runner, Adrian Hinojosa to Santa Clara U.
Picture to come.

San Ramon Valley HS runner, Parker Deuel to University of Alabama.

Los Gatos HS runner, Grant Foster to UC San Diego.

Valley Christian SJ jumper, Kristin Sata to UC San Diego.


Anonymous said...

Adrian Hinojosa to Santa Clara

Anonymous said...

Grant Foster of Los Gatos to UC San Diego.

Coach Small said...

Looks like San Diego has quite the pipeline!

Kristin Sato is headed to UC San Diego as well.

Anonymous said...

Natalie Dimits from Livermore is running for University of Alabama, too.

Anonymous said...

So has anyone ever improved by going to UCSD?

Anonymous said...

Not distance runners. Sprint/jump programs are decent.

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