Thursday, January 30, 2020

New Track and Field rule changes for 2020 season

For those of you that just can't bear to leave this blog, here are major rules changes. I checked with the rule's czar Hal Harkness and the field event's rule will not apply to the high jump. As always, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

4-6-5g, 8-6-1e: Clarifies that a competitor should not be penalized for helping another competitor who is distressed or injured when no advantage is gained by the competitor who is assisting.
Rationale: The committee believes when no advantage is gained by a competitor helping a distressed or injured competitor, the competitor assisting should not be penalized for exhibiting good sportsmanship.
5-3-3 & 4, 5-10-6 thru 11: Clarifies that in the 4x100-meter relay and 4x200-meter relay, and other relays with legs of 200 meters or less, each exchange zone will be 30 meters long. All exchange zones for races in excess of 200 meters will remain at 20 meters. 
Rationale: In the 4x100-meter relay and 4x200-meter relay, and other relays with legs of 200 meters or less, each exchange zone will be 30 meters long. All exchange zones for races in excess of 200 meters will remain at 20 meters. 
6-2-6: Clarifies that it is illegal to run backward or in the opposite direction (non-legal direction) on a horizontal jump, pole vault or javelin runway. 
Rationale: This change promotes a more organized and efficient warm-up period.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Southern Section summer dead period announcement

The Southern Section has announced a new dead period proposal that would have schools identify a two week period during the summer for all their sports in which athletes and coaches cease all team activities.

You can check out the following at this LINK:
"Southern Section Action Item 1) Summer Dead Period - A proposal regarding changing the Summer Dead Period was defeated last April by the Southern Section Council. Based on feedback from the previous vote, the proposal to reduce the Summer Dead Period from 21 consecutive days to 14 consecutive days has returned with some modifications: the dates for the Summer Dead Period will be chosen by member schools, the Summer Dead Period must be the same for all sports at the high school and the 14-day consecutive day dead period must not include school days in the Spring or Fall."

The Los Angeles Times writer Eric Sondheimer posted about this on his Twitter account which you can check out HERE and take note of the replies to his post.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

2019 NorCal Cross Country Awards

Now that the 2019 XC season is fully complete, here are my awards for this past cross country season.
2011 Award Winners
2012 Award Winners
2013 Award Winners
2014 Award Winners
2015 Award Winners
2016 Award Winners
2017 Award Winners
2018 Award Winners (Must have fallen asleep at the wheel here...:D)
Feel free to share your comments below.

Most Valuable Runner (boys)-Matt Strangio Jesuit (SJS)
Most Valuable Runner (girls)- Alexandra Klos Vista del Lago (SJS)

Most Impressive Performance (boys)-Matt Strangio Jesuit (SJS) at NXN
Most Impressive Performance (girls)-Alexandra Klos Vista del Lago (SJS) at Clovis Invitational

Most Impressive Performance (boys' team)-Bellarmine (CCS) at WCAL Final breaking Crystal Springs team time record
Most Impressive Performance (girls' team)-St. Frances, Mt. View (CCS) at CA State Meet

Rising Star (boys)-Patrick Curulla De La Salle (NCS)
Rising Star (girls)-Harper McClain St. Helena (NCS)

Most Inspirational (boys)-Open to suggestions
Most Inspirational (girls)-Open to suggestions

Most Improved Runner (boys)-Jace Williams Merced (SJS)
Most Improved Runner (girls)-Kirsten Chan Dougherty Valley (NCS)

Lifetime Achievement Award (boys)-Christopher Middleton-Pearson Dublin (NCS)
Lifetime Achievement Award (girls)-Gianna Mendoza Presentation (CCS)

Buster Posey (rookie of the year)-Alexander Lodewick Campolindo (NCS)
Buster Posey (rookie of the year)-Lauren Soobrian Los Altos (CCS)

Best Robin to Batman (best supporting actor)-Colin Peattie and Nolan Topper Bellarmine (CCS)
Best Robin to Batman (best supporting actress)-Cate Joaquin and Isabella Fauria St. Francis, Sac (SJS)

Best Three Amigos-Colton Swinth, Rory Smail, Pierce Kapustka Maria Carrillo (NCS)
Best Three Amigas-St. Francis Mt. View girls (CCS)

Boys Coach of the Year (Directing)-Patrick McCrystle Bellarmine (CCS)
Girls Coach of the Year (Directing)-Jorge Chen Menlo (CCS)
Coach of the Year-Chuck Woolridge Campolindo (NCS)

Any other awards?

Dublin CA Winter Championships Qualifier

Hello Coaches,

Thank you for your interest in the CA Winter Championships qualifying meet hosted by Dublin High School on Saturday, February 1, 2020 at 9:00 AM.  All of the meet information including the following forms can be found at (YOU MAY NEED TO REFRESH YOUR CACHE AS IT IS A NEW WEBSITE FORWARD).  Here are a few things to note:
  • Please be sure to arrive early to avoid long lines and wait times.  We will start the meet on time and roll through the schedule regardless of the registration area lines.
  • Individual Sign Up Online Form - Please have your athletes fill this out by the Thursday, January 30, 2020 9:00 PM deadline.  This will allow them to get their bib number immediately on Saturday upon arrival.  They will NOT have to wait in line in the registration area, which will save them a lot of time and stress.
  • Individual Sign Up Paper Sheet - If they are unable to fill out the Online Form, they will need to have this sheet filled out in order to register.  If they could have this filled out before arrival, that will save them SOME time but they will still have to wait in line in the registration area to get a bib number.  You do not need to fill out the "Event" or "Mark" space.
  • Relay Sign Up Sheet - This will act as your "relay card".  You will need to print this, have it filled out, and provide it at CHECK-IN in order to run in the relay.  You do not need to fill out the "Mark" space.
  • $12 unlimited entry for athletes, $5 for spectators, and a $25 ADDITIONAL FEE for all qualifying athletes that wish to compete in the CA Track & Field Winter Championship Finals at Arcadia High School on Saturday, February 8, 2020.  This MUST be paid before you leave the meet on Saturday.  Please read more about this at

Thanks and we will see you on Saturday!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

2020 Track and Field Season

It seems like Cross County just ended but the truth is that we are just a few short weeks from the start of the upcoming Track and Field season. 

As always, I am open to suggestions on what you would like to see on this site that you would find helpful and informational. I would also like to hear if there is something that I have posted before that you have enjoyed as well.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Scott Toney, St. Francis Mtn View Pole Vaulter 17'4" at National Pole Vault Summit

Big vault for the Lancer senior Scott Toney who has committed to the University of Pennsylvania for next fall (video of all his vaults below). The CCS outdoor record is held by Los Gatos vaulter Nico Weiler who vaulted 17'6.25" in 2007. The 17'4" mark must be an indoor record for CCS athletes and makes him the favorite to win the outdoor state title in the spring. Coincidently, Scott's dad Steve was the 1986 state champion in the Pole Vault when he attended Menlo Atherton HS. The Toneys also have quite the family legacy in the Pole Vault and have the following HS PRs.
Steve Toney (dad) 16'2" 1986
Scott Toney (son) 16'1.5" (outdoors) 2019
Marc Toney (son) 16'1" 2013
Shawn Toney (son) 15'7" 2010

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