Tuesday, October 30, 2012

North Coast Section Individual Rankings (Boys and Girls)

Division I Boys
1)  Blair Hurlock De La Salle
2)  Matthew Schumann De La Salle
3)  Luke Williams De La Salle
4)  Zach Hanze San Ramon Valley
5)  Carter Mackey Castro Valley
On the bubble:  Carl Wilke San Ramon Valley

Division I Girls
1)  Jena Pianin Amador Valley
2)  Diribe Abdo Berkeley
3)  Christine Bayliss San Ramon Valley
4)  Delaney White Santa Rosa
5)  Brooke Starn Monte Vista
On the bubble:  Maryann Gong Granada, Megan McCandless Granada

Division II Boys
1)  Paul Holden Ukiah
2)  Nolan Petersen Washington
3)  Ryan Anderson Maria Carrillo
4)  Duc Nguyen Alameda
5)  Jackson Crose Livermore
On the bubble:  Stephen Carlson Alameda, Cameron Tu Alameda

Division II Girls
1)  Ashley Moffett Casa Grande
2)  Andrea Natoli Maria Carrillo
3)  Brynna Thigpen Maria Carrillo
4)  Sonia Xu Alameda
5)  Hannah Haley Windsor
On the bubble:  Shaz Breedlove Maria Carrillo

Division III Boys
1)  Danny Stalters Northgate
2)  Fred Huxham Redwood
3)  Aidan Goltra Campolindo
4)  Tyler Hanson Miramonte
5)  Ryan Douglas Petaluma
On the bubble:  Michael Wang Acalanes

Division III Girls
1)  Rachel Johnson Campolindo
2)  Annie Marggraff Acalanes
3)  Brighie Leach Campolindo
4)  Chloe Hansel Las Lomas
5)  Kelly Collins Acalanes
On the bubble:  Megan Wenzel Las Lomas

Division IV Boys
1)  John Lawson Sir Francis Drake
2)  Clayton Hutchins Sir Francis Drake
3)  Jaime Silva Piner
4)  Efren Reyes Piner
5)  Julian Frost Piedmont
On the bubble:  Joey Morris San Rafael

Division IV Girls
1)  Chloe Pigg Arcata
2)  Spencer Moore St. Mary's Berkeley
3)  Morgan Coonfield McKinleyville
4)  Michaela Barrow Fortuna
5)  Jordan Allen Marin Catholic

Division V Boys
1)  Trevor Reinhart Marin Academy
2)  Connor Clark University
3)  James Kinney Marin Academy
4)  Gabe Arias-Sheridan St. Joseph Notre Dame
5)  Tanner Shaw Athenian
On the bubble:  Gabriel Elliott Athenian

Division V Girls
1)  Julia Maxwell Branson
2)  Anna Harleen Branson
3)  Jenni Callan University
4)  Erin Thomas Mendocino
5)  Kimberly Avalos St. Joseph Notre Dame
On the bubble:  Andie Von Eschen Lick Wilmerding

Coming up...NCS Top Individuals in each division

Until posted, please feel free to list names of the top runners in each division.  Who are the mortal locks to win an NCS individual title?  Who are the runners under the radar?  What is the most competitive division? (ie. more than 5 runners in the mix to win).

Who are the runners that will move up or make this list this year?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

San Francisco Giants (WORLD CHAMPIONS!)

Another hug with a bearded closer for Buster Posey (2 in 3 years).

OK, back to cross country.  Let the league championships continue this week including the four at the Crystal Springs course this week.

If you have a link to results, please send them to albertjcaruana@gmail.com and I will post them.

Great Cross Country Courses: The West

http://tracksuperfan.com/great-cross-country-courses-the-west (Of course I had to mention the dean of all courses in the Bay Area.)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Cross Country Rankings!

As found at xcnation.com
USA Super 50-Team Rankings (Boys and Girls)

As found at the Running Times website, Marc Bloom's Super 25.
Boys:  http://runningtimes.com/Article.aspx?ArticleID=27351
Girls:  http://runningtimes.com/Article.aspx?ArticleID=27351

As found at Dyetrack.com, SteveU's Individual Top 25
Boys:  http://dyetrack.com/2012/10/25/steveus-boys-individual-top-25-watch-out-for-burcham-plus-mt-sac-review-and-more/
Girls:  http://dyetrack.com/2012/10/26/steveus-girls-individual-top-25-baxter-shows-why-shes-1-hoosiers-prep-for-showdown/

As found at Milesplit.com
Boys Teams:  http://usa.milesplit.com/articles/94908-usa-xc-rankings-2012-boys-teams-as-of-10-25
Girls Teams:  http://usa.milesplit.com/articles/94765-usa-xc-rankings-2012-girls-teams-as-of-10-23
Boys Individuals:  http://usa.milesplit.com/articles/94713-usa-xc-rankings-2012-boys-individuals-as-of-10-24
Girls Individuals:  http://usa.milesplit.com/articles/94707-usa-xc-rankings-2012-girls-individuals-as-of-10-22

More NorCal XC Results rolling in...

WACC Center Meet #4 at Canyon Middle School (NCS)

CVC League Final (SJS)

Any other results?  Send them my way at albertjcaruana@gmail.com.

CIF-State Team Rankings

http://www.prepcaltrack.com/2012/10/25/cif-state-teamindividual-rankings-coming-today/ (Check out the latest state meet rankings and what NorCal teams are in the hunt for state titles and podium finishes.  Who is flying under the radar and coming in for a fantastic finish this season?  League finals are right around the corner for most teams.)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

DVAL #4 Center Meet Results

Sarah Baxter - Officially a BIG DEAL!

DFAL #2 at Hidden Valley Park Results (10/24/12)

http://www.prepcaltrack.com/ATHLETICS/XC/2012/dfal_2.htm (Campolindo sophomore Rachel Johnson upsets Acalanes senior Annie Marggraff taking the individual varsity girls battle in 18:29.7 on the 3 mile course.  Las Lomas takes the team race over Acalanes and the rapidly improving Campolindo girls.  Campolindo junior Aidan Goltra wins individual boys' race in 15:48.1 over Acalanes junior Michael Wang-15:50.5.  Campolindo takes team battle over the not-quite-at-full-strength Acalanes and Miramonte squads.)

BCL 3 at Golden Gate Park Results (NCS)

Boys:  http://www.sml1.com/ncxc/infores/bcl3_102412_b.htm (Marin Academy's sophomore Trevor Reinhart claims first place over fellow state meet favorite University's Connor Clark 15:14 to 15:19.  The University boys get the best of it on the team end as they defeated their closest pursuers MA 27-30.  Also racing were Urban, Staurt Hall and International).

Girls:  http://www.sml1.com/ncxc/infores/bcl3_102412_g.htm (University's Jennie Callan continues her fine season as she outdistances Urban sophomore, Molly Carleton 18:26 to 18:44.  The University girls win the multi-dual competition which included Convent and San Domenico on the girls side along with the other teams mentioned in the boys' race.)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Redwood trio has girls team poised for another MCAL title


Great to see a pretty significant article about cross country runners.  Feel free to send me similar articles and their links at albertjcaruana@gmail.com and I will be happy to post them on this site.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Top NorCal Team Times at Mt. SAC Invitational (Friday and Saturday)

De La Salle (NCS) 1:18:08
San Ramon Valley (NCS) 1:20:12
Amador Valley (NCS) 1:20:41
Davis (SJS) 1:21:15
Will C. Wood (SJS) 1:21:21
Miramonte (NCS) 1:21:26
Lincoln Stockton (SJS) 1:21:26
Leland (CCS) 1:21:29
Bishop O'Dowd (NCS) 1:21:38
Los Gatos (CCS) 1:22.21
Homestead (CCS) 1:22:27
Northgate (NCS) 1:22:33
Santa Rosa (NCS) 1:22:46
Whitney (SJS) 1:22:53
Archbishop Mitty (CCS) 1:23:01
College Park (NCS) 1:23:02
St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS) 1:23:17
Del Oro (SJS) 1:23:29
Roseville (SJS) 1:23:29
Dougherty Valley (NCS) 1:23:32
Alisal (CCS) 1:24:25

Davis (SJS) 1:33:01
San Lorenzo Valley (CCS) 1:35:27
Monte Vista (NCS) 1:36:28
Amador Valley (NCS) 1:36:41
Del Oro (SJS) 1:36:57
College Park (NCS) 1:37:53
Redwood (NCS) 1:38:18
Homestead (CCS) 1:38:42
San Ramon Valley (NCS) 1:39:50
Vacaville (SJS) 1:40:04
Casa Grande (NCS) 1:41:39
Miramonte (NCS) 1:41:46
Bishop O'Dowd (NCS) 1:42:03
Branson (NCS) 1:42:04
St. Mary's Berkeley (NCS) 1:43:23
Castro Valley (NCS) 1:44:18
Carondelet (NCS) 1:44:49
Half Moon Bay (CCS) 1:44:51
Kimball (SJS) 1:45:12
Albany (NCS) 1:45:26

It's very possible I missed a team.  Please be sure that the team time is faster than the last posted time for both boys and girls.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

NorCal Top Individuals at Mt. SAC (Friday and Saturday races)

Boys (Sub 16:00)
1)  John Lawson Drake HS (NCS) 15:03 Division IV
2)  Fred Huxham Redwood HS (NCS) 15:06  Division III
3)  Blair Hurlock De La Salle HS (NCS) 15:08 Division I
4)  Richard Ho Leland HS (CCS) 15:10 Division II
5)  Danny Stalters Northgate HS (NCS) 15:12 Division III
6)  Trent Brendel Granite Bay HS (SJS) 15:13 Division II
7)  Clayton Hutchins Drake HS (NCS) 15:14 Division IV
8)  Connor Clark University HS (NCS) 15:18 Division V
9)  Neilson Powless Roseville HS (SJS) 15:21 Division II
10)  Matthew Schumann De La Salle HS (NCS) 15:22 Division I
11)  Chris Foster Los Gatos HS (CCS) 15:27 Division II
11)  Cooper Gill Lincoln Stockton HS (SJS) 15:27 Division I
13)  Nolan Petersen Washington HS (NCS) 15:28 Division II
14)  Luke Williams De La Salle HS (NCS) 15:29 Division I
15)  Jack Scranton Davis HS (SJS) 15:36 Division I
16)  Tyler Hanson Miramonte HS (NCS) 15:39 Division III
17)  Cooper Sloan Homestead HS (CCS) 15:42 Division I
17)  Ryan Hodgens Whitney HS (SJS) 15:42 Division II
19)  Zach Hanze San Ramon Valley HS (NCS) 15:44 Division I
20)  Tyler Sickler Will C. Wood HS (SJS) 15:45 Division III
20)  Ronnie Rosal Lincoln Stockton HS (SJS) 15:45 Division I
22)  Trevor Stephens Del Oro HS (SJS) 15:47 Division III
23)  Richard Guzikowski Archbishop Mitty HS (CCS) 15:49 Division II
23)  Carter Mackey Castro Valley HS (NCS) 15:49 Division I
25)  Carl Wilke San Ramon Valley HS (NCS) 15:50 Division I
26)  Jason Intravaia San Ramon Valley HS (NCS) 15:51 Division I
26)  Michael Sisario Dougherty Valley HS (NCS) 15:51 Division II
26)  Jacob Zufelt Whitney HS (SJS) 15:51 Division II
29)  Connor McCarthy Amador Valley HS (NCS) 15:53 Division I
30)  Brandon Larson Vacaville HS (SJS) 15:55 Division II
31)  Matt Salazar Casa Grande HS (NCS) 15:57 Division II
31)  Steven Sum Saratoga HS (CCS) 15:57 Division III
31)  Nathan Wellington Whitney HS (SJS) 15:57 Division II
34)  Ajaypal Singh Will C. Wood HS (SJS) 16:00 Division III
34)  Clark Messman De La Salle HS (NCS) 16:00 Division I
34)  Julian Frost Piedmont HS (NCS) 16:00 Division IV

Girls (Sub 19:00)
1)  Julia Maxwell Branson HS (NCS) 16:52 Division V
2)  Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley HS (CCS) 16:57 Division IV
3)  Jena Pianin Amador Valley HS (NCS) 17:16 Division I
4)  Fiona O'Keeffe Davis HS (SJS) 17:27 Division I
5)  Christine Bayliss San Ramon Valley HS (NCS) 17:49 Division I
6)  Danielle Katz Los Gatos HS (CCS) 18:05 Division II
7)  Kylie Goo Westmoor HS (CCS) 18:07 Division II
8)  Brooke Starn Monte Vista HS (NCS) 18:10 Division I
9)  Delaney White Santa Rosa HS (NCS) 18:16 Division I
10)  Claire Macmillan San Lorenzo HS (CCS) 18:37 Division IV
10)  Jenny Xu Monta Vista HS (CCS) 18:37 Division I
12)  Alyssa Johnson Leland HS (CCS) 18:39 Division II
13)  Hannah Allen Homestead HS (CCS) 18:40 Division I
13)  Maggie McManis Davis HS (SJS) 18:40 Division I
15)  Anna Harleen Branson HS (NCS) 18:45 Division V
15)  Nicole Anthony Castro Valley HS (NCS) 18:45 Division I
16)  Megan Bordes Redwood HS (NCS) 18:46 Division III
17)  Breanna Sewell Vacaville HS (SJS) 18:48 Division II
17)  Marisa Carino Oakmont HS (SJS) 18:48 Division III
19)  Sophie Meads Davis HS (SJS) 18:55 Division I
20)  Carly Lutz San Ramon Valley HS (NCS) 18:57 Division I
22)  Ameena Tawakol Homestead HS (CCS) 18:58 Division I
23)  Laura Daggett Davis HS (SJS) 18:59 Division I
24)  Giulia McIsaac Davis HS (SJS) 19:00 Division I

It's possible I might have missed a runner or two.  It would be nice if they would include the section for each runner along with the results.  Races are still being posted so there will be more additions.

Mt. SAC Newspaper coverage

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yoshaany Rahm Invitational Results at Ukiah HS (NCS)


To give you an idea of the times on the Ukiah course, here are the top marks from past NCS meets on the same course:

29th Mariner Invitational 2012 Results

Sarah Baxter's Course Record run at Mt. SAC

Watch more video of 2012 Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational on flotrack.org

Early Saturday report from Mt. SAC

Report from NMC coach Ibarra that Sarah Baxter ran 16:00 which is amazing.  Her reported splits for the 2.93 mile course is 5:06, 5;39 and 5:15.

I can't access results at the moment so any other notable performances?

Branson's Maxwell, Drake's Lawson win at Mt. SAC

Monterey Bay Invitational Results (Friday and Saturday)

http://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Results/Meet.aspx?Meet=59700 (Friday Results)
(Reported course record for Yohaness Estifanos at Toro Park-15:02)

http://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Results/Meet.aspx?Meet=59701#1183 (Saturday Results)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Top NorCal XC Individuals (Boys and Girls)

We now have top 20 runners.  I tried to rank the most consistent racers for this season.  Feel free to comment on the two lists below and/or add any names that you feel belong at the very list on the bubble list.

1)  Yohaness Estifanos Milpitas HS CCS 12
2)  John Lawson Sir Francis Drake HS NCS 12
3)  Blair Hurlock De La Salle HS NCS 11
4)  John Whelan Etna HS NS 12
5)  Trent Brendel Granite Bay HS SJS 12
6)  Richard Ho Leland HS CCS 12
7)  Danny Stalters Northgate HS NCS 12
8)  Paul Holden Ukiah HS NCS 12
9)  Tyler Hanson Miramonte HS NCS 12
10)  Trevor Reinhart Marin Academy NCS 10
11) Ciaran Murphy St. Ignatius HS CCS 12
12)  Connor Clark University HS NCS 12
13)  Ryan Douglas Petaluma HS NCS 12
14)  Nolan Petersen Washington HS NCS 12
15)  Miguel Vasquez Andrew Hill HS CCS 12
16)  Neilson Powless Roseville HS SJS 10
17)  Jack Scranton Davis HS SJS 12
18)  Toby Qualls Placer HS SJS 12
19)  Steven Grolle Sonora HS SJS 11
20)  Daniel Bereket Carlmont HS CCS 12

On the bubble:
Charles DeAnda Bellarmine HS CCS 12
Cooper Gill Lincoln Stockton HS SJS 12
Aidan Goltra Campolindo HS NCS 11
Sean Gregg El Dorado HS SJS 12
Raymond Meijer Bellarmine HS CCS 12
Fred Huxham Redwood HS NCS 11
Who else?

1)  Julia Maxwell Branson School NCS 11
2)  Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley HS CCS 11
3)  Vanessa Fraser Scotts Valley HS CCS 12
4)  Madeleine Ankhelyi Vista del Lago HS SJS 12
5)  Jena Pianin Amador Valley HS NCS 12
6)  Fiona O'Keeffe Davis HS SJS 9
7)  Vanessa Estrada San Benito Hollister HS CCS 12
8)  Maggie Bell Granite Bay HS SJS 9
9)  Kendall Derry Bella Vista HS SJS 9
10)  Kylie Goo Westmoor HS CCS 12
11)  Diribe Abdo Berkeley HS NCS 10
12)  Danielle Katz Los Gatos HS CCS 12
13)  Chloe Pigg Arcata HS NCS 9
14)  Christine Bayliss San Ramon Valley HS NCS 10
15)  Anna Harleen Branson School NCS 11
16)  Maya Weigel Mt. View HS CCS 12
17)  Catherine Lowdon Burlingame HS CCS 12
18)  Clare Carroll Vista del Lago HS SJS 12
19)  Miranda Myers St. Francis (Sacto) SJS 10
20)  Lauren LaRocco St. Francis (Sacto) SJS 11

On the bubble:
Peyton Bilo St. Francis (Sacto) SJS 10
Jennie Callan University HS NCS 12
Kendall Hacker St. Ignatius CCS 11
Annie Marggraff Acalanes HS NCS 12
Madison Rawson St. Francis (Sacto) SJS 11
Brooke Starn Monte Vista HS NCS 9
Delaney White Santa Rosa HS NCS 9

Thoughts on the above rankings?  Anybody missing?  

Mt. SAC Invitational Results

Northern California Section Bulletins

http://cifccs.org/playoffs/participantinfo/2012-13/Cross%20Country%20PIB%202012.pdf (CCS)

http://cifncs.org/sports/cross_country/files/CrossCountry12.pdf (NCS)

SJS website seems to be down right now.
NS bulletin not posted yet.
Will find the others.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MBL Center Meet #3 Results (CCS)

MBL Gavilan Division 3rd center meet results.
Hot conditions at Toro Park (Felt like high 80's to low 90's)...
MBL Finals Saturday Oct. 27th at Toro Park
Coach Ibarra

WBAL JR High Finals Results

WBAL JR High Results (7/8 Boys, 7/8 Girls, 6 Boys, 6 Girls, 4/5 Boys & Girls)

WCAL #2 Results from Golden Gate Park (CCS)

Varsity Boys (looks like Bellarmine saved their varsity team for Mt.SAC)
Varsity Girls  (Mitty girls continue to impress)

Saucony/Heart and Sole Redwood Empire Runners of the Week!

http://www.heartnsolesantarosa.com/aotw.html (Chris Nazarek of Santa Rosa HS/Hannah Haley of Windsor)

SCVAL Baylands Results (10/16/12)

http://www.prepcaltrack.com/ATHLETICS/XC/2012/bayland.pdf (Los Altos boys easily take team victory behind individual winner, Terence Rabuzzi.  Danielle Katz of Los Gatos continues her terrific season with a comfortable win over Lauren Jacob of Los Altos.  Jenny Xu leads Monta Vista with a 3rd place finish to the team title in front of 2nd place finisher, Palo Alto)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NorCal Rankings, Third Edition, October 16, 2012

Here are the rankings as we begin to approach the end of league season and the Mt. SAC Invitational this weekend.

1)  De La Salle NCS Division I 
2)  Bellarmine CCS Division I
3)  Carlmont CCS Division I
4)  Del Campo SJS Division II
5)  Campolindo NCS Division III
6)  Davis SJS Division I
7)  Bella Vista SJS Division II
8)  Lincoln (Stockton) SJS Division I
9)  El Dorado SJS Division III
10)  San Ramon Valley NCS Division I  

Honorable Mention (20 teams in alphabetical order)
Acalanes NCS Division III
Alameda NCS Division II 
Amador Valley
 NCS Division I

Bishop O'Dowd NCS Division III
Granite Bay SJS Division II
Homestead CCS Division I
Leland CCS Division II
Los Altos CCS Division II
Maria Carrillo NCS Division II
Miramonte NCS Division III
Oak Ridge SJS Division I
Piner NCS Division IV
Placer SJS Division III
Redwood NCS Division III
St. Francis, Mt. View CCS Division II
St. Ignatius CCS Division III
Whitney-Rocklin SJS Division II
Will C. Wood SJS Division III
Woodcreek SJS Division I
Yreka NS Division IV

1)  St. Francis, Sacramento SJS Division I
2)  Davis SJS Division I
3)  Bella Vista SJS Division II
4)  Vista del Lago SJS Division III
5)  Las Lomas NCS Division III
6)  Granada NCS Division I
7)  Monte Vista NCS Division I
8)  San Lorenzo Valley CCS Division IV
9)  Oak Ridge SJS Division I
10)  Archbishop Mitty CCS Division II

Honorable Mention (20 teams in alphabetical order)
Acalanes NCS Division III
Amador Valley NCS Division I  
 CCS Division III

Arcata NCS Division IV
Branson NCS Division V
College Park NCS Division II
Del Oro SJS Division III
Maria Carrillo NCS Division II
Menlo Atherton CCS Division I
Miramonte NCS Division III
Monta Vista CCS Division I
Palo Alto CCS Division I
Presentation CCS Division II
Redwood NCS Division III
Sacred Heart Cathedral CCS Division III
San Benito, Hollister CCS Division I 
San Ramon Valley NCS Division I
St. Ignatius CCS Division III
University NCS Division V
Woodcreek SJS Division I

Again, comments are welcome. Any teams missing?

Junior Cross Country Runner Enjoys Her Time Out On The Trails

Former Scotts Valley HS runner, Kayla Germany (Now at Santa Clara University):

If you have links to similar articles about former Northern California HS runners, please feel free to send it to me at albertjcaruana@gmail.com.

Mt. SAC Invitational Entries

California Cross Country Newspaper Coverage...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Catching up with Leland HS runner, Richard Ho...

Today we chat with Leland HS senior, Richard Ho.  He has been one of the fastest distance runners in CCS since his freshman year when he qualified as an individual to the state meet in Cross Country.  This past week, Richard had two great efforts as he tied Mohammed Abdalla's course record (14:01) on the Montgomery Hill course (2.73 miles) on Thursday and then became the 15th fastest individual on the Crystal Springs course by running 14:45 on Saturday at the Crystal Springs Invitational (picture to the left is courtesy of www.lynbrooksports.com with Richard leading Yohaness Estifanos following the hill past the mile mark this past Saturday).

1)  How did you get your start in running? What other sports have you played besides XC and TF?
I ran a teensy little bit as a kid since I didn’t play any other sports besides basketball. Eventually, I was too short and too slow compared to all the other guys so basketball wasn’t for me. I went from something like 10 miles a week in 6th grade to slowly getting to 40 or 50 my freshman year. After freshman year, I decided to stick with running because it was the fun and easy thing to do.

2) What were some of your highlights during your freshman and sophomore seasons in XC and TF?
I still vividly remember freshman XC at CCS when I managed to run 15:35 at Crystal Springs to qualify for state. Sophomore year I think my favorite performance was when I ran 9:32 for 3200 at the CCS Top 8 meet. I know 9:32 isn’t crazy fast but back then I thought it was awesome. I had a great time that night and I guess you need to have that in running or else it’s going to end up being boring.

3) Going into your junior season in XC, what did you change (training wise) over the summer?
Nothing much, actually. I just ran the same mileage and the same type of workouts. The only thing I changed was the effort at which I ran them, which was actually less. I believe to this day I trained a little too hard my sophomore year and spent a lot of time burnt out, injured, and tired. A word of advice to some of the younger kids running XC and track is to not kill it every day in training. But at the same time work hard. Just not too hard.

4) What were your best races in XC as a junior?
My best race in XC had to be the 14:14 at Montgomery Hill. I remember going into the race planning on running a hard first half and coast the rest, but for some reason during the race I decided to run hard the whole way. At the end Coach Rudy was yelling at me to relax and not to kick so I didn’t, but I was healthy and in great shape so it felt really good and controlled.

5) What about during the track and field season?
Definitely the 3200m at the CCS Top 8 Classic. My coach and I planned a 9:12-9:16, no faster, no slower. So I just ran as hard as I could and almost passed out after 9:13. I remember switching the lead with Michael McCabe like half a dozen times the second half of the race while Yohaness disappeared ahead. Even after getting my head handed to me that last 400, I had a great time that evening.

6) Tell us a little about your coaches and how they have helped you get to your current level.
Where do I start…? Coach Rose is the head coach and he provides the team and me with entertainment (in the form of jokes that are so bad that they’re funny) and rides to meets quite frequently, making practice not too miserable. Coach Marty is the super enthusiastic coach that is a little too uptight at times but I think he means well. And lastly Coach Rudy is the coach that has provided me with some ridiculously difficult training these past 3 years. He, without fail, always has more faith in me than I deserve, so I always am confident that I will do well. They have provided me with an environment that promotes growing as an athlete and as a person.

7) What does a typical week (what do you do each day) look like for you with a Saturday Invitational?
Sunday will be close to off, maybe a short run (3-6 miles) and some cross training on the elliptical. Monday will be hills, and my team and I will do either a tempo or a tempo with longer hill repeats (up to 5) before and/or after, then I’ll have another run and do some lifting with my legs (mainly for injury prevention). Tuesday is a medium day where we do a few 800s, 1200s or repeat miles (up to 4) and some 400s or a short distance run, then another short distance run and do the same thing with my legs. Wednesday will be a slightly hilly medium distance day (7.5 miles) anywhere from 5:30-5:50 pace. Thursday is a dual meet at Montgomery hill or another workout probably like Monday; I’ll do another run and lift again. Friday is easy, just a long warm-up, a shakeout run (6) and strides. Saturday race in the morning and long run (12-15) in the PM and then hit the weights. None of this is on a track. Rinse, repeat, and hopefully become fast.

8) Favorite XC course? Favorite XC invitational? Favorite XC workout? Favorite long run? Favorite track event? Favorite track invitational? Favorite track workout? Favorite opponent(s)?
My favorite XC course has to be Crystal Springs. It is so fun to run and the history there is kind of mind boggling. Favorite invitational has to be Mt. Sac. It’s really fun to travel with the team and the runners there are so fast. Workout would be hilly tempos on Mondays. It’s the only workout that actually feels good and no one on the team gets to complain because there’s no rest in between repeats to do so. My favorite long run is the 90 minute 15 miler I do at home when there is no meet Saturday. Even though it’s kind of long I get a lot of thinking done in 90 minutes and it always feels great during and after. I love the 3200 meter run, but if there was something longer I’d love it more. My favorite track invitational is the CCS Top 8 Classic. The energy and enthusiasm of the fans and coaches are always really intense there. My favorite track workouts are breakdowns, like 2x1600, 2x1200, 2x800, and then 6x400. My favorite opponents have to be Mike McCabe, Yohaness Estifanos, and Kevin Bishop. I know them all pretty well and vice versa so I don’t have to be scared of getting an elbow to the face when racing them, but I do have to be scared of being beat by them.

9) During your high school running career, who have been the runners that you looked up to and helped you become a better runner (could be from your team or other teams)?
I’ve looked up to many runners, but I think Michael McCabe has definitely had the most significant positive influence on me. I remember in middle school he was a god, running like 4:40 for the mile. In high school, he battled injury and came out stronger because of it. It’s always inspiring to see someone overcome injury to become a better runner and inevitably a better person.
Kevin has run with me over the summers and we have spent many a hot afternoon on distance runs. But he’s helped me with summer workouts and recruiting these past few years, and hopefully I have helped him in return.
Yohaness is as nice as he is fast. His sportsmanship and friendliness should be formally commended by the CCS and CIF. He’s going to win NCAAs someday and I’m lucky since I’m able to say I’ve raced that guy a few times.

10) Looking back at your freshman through junior seasons, is there anything that you would have done differently or learned through the experience?
I would have trained smarter. Sophomore year especially, I sometimes would train so hard I would not be able to function for the rest of the day. In order to be more ready for future workouts and races, I should have saved a little for the next day, and the next, and so on.
Also, I would have been wiser about injuries. Last spring during track, I would lie to myself that I was not hurting, pop Advil like candy, and run through it. That eventually led to an Advil damaged stomach and worse injury which left me sitting out for three weeks after not qualifying for CCS Finals.

11) How much will running impact where you go to college next year? Any advice that you can share with younger runners who will eventually go through the same recruiting process?
Running has a huge impact on where I go to college next year. I am very excited to be able to compete at the collegiate level and at distances longer then 5k, which I think would suit me very well.
People getting recruited or will be recruited: BE ASSERTIVE. Recruiting is a two way street; unless you are a sub 9 3200 guy or running 15:00 at Woodward, you are lost among the crowd of thousands of athletes across this country and around the world. Don’t be afraid to email or call some of the coaches at schools you are interested in. I was just a 9:13 guy and a 15:33 at Woodward after my junior year, but since I was obnoxiously communicative with coaches around the country, I have been recruited by schools I never would have dreamed of being interested in me. You are your own recruiter; coaches who barely know you thousands of miles away aren’t always going to baby you through this process.

12) Anything else you would like to add.
Thanks for the interview Coach Caruana! It’s always a great feeling being acknowledged for my running. Keep your website going, it's pretty awesome.

Thank you very much for your time Richard!  AJC

Crystal Springs Invitational Girls Varsity Race Video

Crystal Springs Invitational Championship Varsity Boys Race

Thank you!

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Lastly, feel free to email me with any ideas for this site (including interview subjects).  Also, feel free to come say hi at the meets.  One of the best parts of running this site since 2006 has been all the great runners, coaches and parents I have had the pleasure of meeting through the years.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Photos of the Week

First is from yesterday's Crystal Springs Invitational (great dual between Estifanos and Ho)  Photo found on www.lynbrooksports.com
Second is from the Pre-NCAA XC Invitational (Former BOD runner Alexi Pappas leading Jordan Hasay)  Photo courtesy of Michael Scott
Third is from also from the Pre-NCAA Invite and this time it has former Petaluma HS runner, Hugh Dowdy.  He finished 12th overall helping the Buffaloes to the team victory.

BV Invitational Varsity Boys Sm School 10/13/2012

NorCal Rankings, 2nd Edition, September 30th, 2012

These were the latest rankings at the end of September.  Who moves up now?  Who has dropped?  Who is missing?

1)  De La Salle NCS Division I 
2)  Bellarmine CCS Division I
3)  Bella Vista SJS Division II
4)  Carlmont CCS Division I
5)  San Ramon Valley NCS Division I
6) Davis SJS Division I
7) Placer SJS Division III
8)  Campolindo NCS Division III
9)  Lincoln (Stockton) SJS Division I
10)  Woodcreek SJS Division I

Honorable Mention (20 teams in alphabetical order)
Acalanes NCS Division III
Alameda NCS Division II 
Amador Valley
 NCS Division I

Bishop O'Dowd NCS Division III
Del Campo SJS Division II
Granite Bay SJS Division II
Homestead CCS Division I
Leland CCS Division II
Los Altos CCS Division II
Maria Carrillo NCS Division II
Miramonte NCS Division III
Oak Ridge SJS Division I
Piner NCS Division IV
Redwood NCS Division III
San Lorenzo Valley CCS Division IV
Seaside CCS Division IV
St. Francis, Mt. View CCS Division II
St. Ignatius CCS Division III
Will C. Wood SJS Division III
Yreka NS Division IV

1)  St. Francis, Sacramento SJS Division I
2)  Davis SJS Division I
3)  Granada NCS Division I
4)  Monte Vista NCS Division I
5)  Vista del Lago SJS Division III
6)  Bella Vista SJS Division II
7)  San Lorenzo Valley CCS Division IV
8)  Las Lomas NCS Division III
9)  Oak Ridge SJS Division I
10)  Archbishop Mitty CCS Division II

Honorable Mention (20 teams in alphabetical order)
Acalanes NCS Division III
Amador Valley NCS Division I  
 CCS Division III

Arcata NCS Division IV
Branson NCS Division V
College Park NCS Division II
Del Oro SJS Division III
Maria Carrillo NCS Division II
Menlo Atherton CCS Division I
Miramonte NCS Division III
Monta Vista CCS Division I
Mtn. View CCS Division II
Palo Alto CCS Division I
Presentation CCS Division II
Redwood NCS Division III
Sacred Heart Cathedral CCS Division III
San Benito, Hollister CCS Division I 
San Ramon Valley NCS Division I
St. Ignatius CCS Division III
Woodcreek SJS Division I

Again, comments are welcome. Any teams missing?

Top NorCal XC Individuals (Boys and Girls) 9/30/12

These were the rankings at the end of September.  What changes would you make?

1)  Yohaness Estifanos Milpitas HS CCS 12
2)  John Lawson Sir Francis Drake HS NCS 12
3)  Blair Hurlock De La Salle HS NCS 11
4)  John Whelan Etna HS NS 12
5)  Trent Brendel Granite Bay HS SJS 12
6)  Richard Ho Leland HS CCS 12
7)  Danny Stalters Northgate HS NCS 12
8)  Paul Holden Ukiah HS NCS 12
9)  Tyler Hanson Miramonte HS NCS 12
10) Ciaran Murphy St. Ignatius HS CCS 12
11)  Steven Grolle Sonora HS SJS 11
12)  Toby Qualls Placer HS SJS 12
13)  Ryan Douglas Petaluma HS NCS 12
14)  Nolan Petersen Washington HS NCS 12
15)  Miguel Vasquez Andrew Hill HS CCS 12

Back by popular demand
1)  Raymond Meijer Bellarmine CCS 12

On the rise
1)  Jack Scranton Davis HS SJS 12
2)  Neilson Powless Roseville HS SJS 10

1)  Julia Maxwell Branson School NCS 11
2)  Madeleine Ankhelyi Vista del Lago HS SJS 12
3)  Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley HS CCS 11
4)  Jena Pianin Amador Valley HS NCS 12
5)  Fiona O'Keeffe Davis HS SJS 9
6)  Vanessa Estrada San Benito Hollister HS CCS 12
7)  Maggie Bell Granite Bay HS SJS 9
8)  Kylie Goo Westmoor HS CCS 12
9)  Clare Carroll Vista del Lago HS SJS 12
10)  Vanessa Fraser Scotts Valley HS CCS 12
11)  Diribe Abdo Berkeley HS NCS 10
12)  Danielle Katz Los Gatos HS CCS 12
13)  Chloe Pigg Arcata HS NCS 9
14)  Christine Bayliss San Ramon Valley HS NCS 10
15)  Anna Harleen Branson School NCS 11

The Troubadours
1)  Peyton Bilo St. Francis (Sacto) SJS 10
2)  Lauren LaRocco St. Francis (Sacto) SJS 11
3)  Madison Rawson St. Francis (Sacto) SJS 11
4)  Miranda Myers St. Francis (Sacto) SJS 10

The Wildcards
1)  Karlie Garcia Oakmont HS SJS 12
2)  Sarah Robinson Gunn HS CCS 11

Thoughts on the above rankings?  Anybody missing?  

California XC Newspaper coverage

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crystal Springs Invitational today

2012 Crystal Springs Invitational Results (NOW POSTED)

You can find me on twitter at https://twitter.com/CCExpress

I will post what I can from the meet.  Should be a great day of competition.  The course is in great condition and the weather should cooperate so expect some fast times.

Early report from the Invite.
Yohaness Estifanos of Milpitas blasts 14:39 followed by Richard Ho of Leland at 14:45.  The 14:39 for Estifanos ties him with Eric Mastalir of Jesuit HS for the 5th fastest individual on the course.  Ho's 14:45 places him as the 14th fastest individual on the course.  The Bellarmine boys won the team competition placing 5 guys under 16 minutes.  They outdistanced their CCS Division I rival Carlmont HS who were followed by Central Catholic School from Oregon.

In the girls race, Madeleine Ankhelyi led the way through the first mile followed by Vanessa Fraser and Vanessa Estrada.  Fraser ended up the winner (sorry don't have the time but it was around 17:10) followed by Ankhelyi at 17:19 and then Estrada.  The team champions were Clovis West followed by Vista del Lago.

I will post the results once I get them.  Feel free to chime in on the races and performances today.

Castro Valley Invitational Results

Varsity Boys and Girls results (great boys team battle between Div IV state powers, Piner and Yreka.  Stalters sub 16 minutes on that course, awesome.  Very tough course!  Granada girls easily over Casa Grande in a battle of Div. I vs. Div. II.  Santa Rosa freshman, Delaney White takes the individual title.)

Middle School Results

Bella Vista Invitational Live Results (SJS)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crystal Springs Center Meet #2 Results

BCL Cluster Meet at Golden Gate Park

Boys Results (Lick Wilmerding defeats University for the first time in 15 years)
Girls Results (University girls dominant over the Stanford Invitational champions, Lick Wilmerding)

EBAL Center Meet at Oak Hill Park (NCS) 10/10/12

The Running Times Super 25 by Marc Bloom

The Long Run

Great league action in the SJS

http://www.bvtrack.com/2012CVCXCResults.htm (Del Campo vs. Bella Vista) 


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