Sunday, May 27, 2012

CIF State Track and Field Preview...

Girls' 400m. Relay
2012 State Leader:  Long Beach Poly 45.72
2012 NorCal Leader:  Monterey Trail 47.19
2011 Champions:  Long Beach Poly 45.70
State Meet Record:  St. Bernard 44.70 1997

Boys' 400m. Relay
2012 State Leader:  Rio Mesa 40.95
2012 NorCal Leader:  Palo Alto 41.56
2011 Champions:  Oaks Christian 41.19
State Meet Record:  Hawthorne 40.24 1989

Girls' 1600m.
2012 State Leader:  Cami Chapus Harvard-Westlake 4:43.90
2012 NorCal Leader:  Nikki Hiltz Aptos 4:44.02
2011 Champion:  Cami Chapus Harvard-Westlake 4:40.88*
State Meet Record:  Christine Babcock Woodbridge 4:33.82 2008

Boys' 1600m.
2012 State Leader:  Cody Brazael Buchanan 4:07.72
2012 NorCal Leader:  Luis Luna Piner 4:12.17
2011 Champion:  Jantzen Oshier Trabuco Hills 4:00.83
State Meet Record:  German Fernandez 4:00.29 2008

Girls' 100m. Hurdles
2012 State Leader:  Trinity Wilson St. Mary's Berkeley 13.41
2012 NorCal Leader:  Trinity Wilson St. Mary's Berkeley 13.41
2011 Champion:  Trinity Wilson St. Mary's Berkeley 13.41
State Meet Record:  Vashti Thomas Mt. Pleasant 13.03 2007

Boys' 110m. Hurdles
2012 State Leader:  Kenneth Walker III Kennedy 14.01
2012 NorCal Leader:  Kenneth Walker III Kennedy 14.01
2011 Champion:  Johnathon Cabral Agoura 13.79
State Meet Record:  Kevin Craddock James Logan 13.39 2004

Girls' 400m.
2012 State Leader:  Renetia James Serra 54.41
2012 NorCal Leader:  Nia Dorner Rosemont 54.94
2011 Champion:  Akawkaw Ndipagbor Long Beach Poly 53.38
State Meet Record:  Monique Henderson 50.74 2000

Boys' 400m.
2012 State Leader:  Alex Rohani Beverly Hills 47.37
2012 NorCal Leader:  Cory Mason St. Mary's Stockton 48.12
2011 Champion:  Shaquille Howard Long Beach Poly 47.49
State Meet Record:  Calvin Harrison North Salinas 45.25 1993

Girls' 100m.
2012 State Leader:  Ariana Washington Long Beach Poly 11.45
2012 NorCal Leader:  Lilla McMillan Tamalpais 11.76
2011 Champion:  Jenna Prandini Clovis 11.69
State Meet Record:  Marion Jones Thousand Oaks 11.14 1992

Boys' 100m.
2012 State Leader:  Herbert Gamboa Rio Mesa 10.51
2012 State Leader:  Khalfani Muhammad Notre Dame 10.51
2012 NorCal Leader:  E.J. Floreal Palo Alto 10.52
2011 Champion:  Remontay McClain Covina 10.39
State Meet Record:  Riley Washington Southwest 10.30 1992

Girls' 800m.
2012 State Leader:  Amy Weisenbach Harvard-Westlake 2:05.55
2012 NorCal Leader:  Madison Ricks California 2:09.52
2011 Champion:  Amy Weisenbach Harvard-Westlake 2:02.04*
State Meet Record:  Amy Weisenbach Harvard-Westlake 2:02.04 2011

Boys' 800m.
2012 State Leader:  Alexander Monsivaiz Army/Navy Academy 1:50.47
2012 NorCal Leader:  Sean Davis Valley Christian SJ 1:52.39
2011 Champion:  Immanuel Hutchinson San Jacinto 1:49.63
State Meet Record:  Michael Granville Bell Gardens 1:46.45 1996

Girls' 300m. Hurdles
2012 State Leader:  Jordie Munford Rancho Cucamonga 41.37
2012 NorCal Leader:  Daje Pugh Fairfield 42.02
2011 Champion:  Melia Cox Long Beach Poly 41.80
State Meet Record:  Ebony Collins Long Beach Wilson 40.10 2005

Boys' 300m. Hurdles
2012 State Leader:  Jarrett Gonzales Damien 36.80
2012 NorCal Leader:  Kenneth Walker III Kennedy 37.38
2011 Champion:  Johnathon Cabral Agoura 36.20
State Meet Record:  Reggie Wyatt La Sierra 35.02 2009

Girls' 200m.
2012 State Leader:  Ariana Washington Long Beach Poly 23.52
2012 NorCal Leader:  Sarah Cline Leigh 24.13
2011 Champion:  Jenna Prandini Clovis 23.81
State Meet Record:  Allyson Felix Los Angeles Baptist 22.52 2003

Boys' 200m.
2012 State Leader:  Khalfani Muhammed Notre Dame 21.10
2012 NorCal Leader:  E.J. Floreal Palo Alto 21.16
2011 Champion:  Remontay McClain Covina 20.95
State Meet Record:  Bryshon Nellum Long Beach Poly 20.43 2007

Girls' 3200m.
2012 State Leader:  Sarah Baxter Simi Valley 10:08.11
2012 NorCal Leader:  Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley 10:21.04
2011 Champion:  Sarah Baxter Simi Valley 10:13.00*
State Meet Record:  Jordan Hasay Mission College Prep 9:52.13 2008

Boys' 3200m.
2012 State Leader:  Darren Fahy La Costa Canyan 8:54.51
2012 NorCal Leader:  Thomas Joyce Campolindo 9:03.23
2011 Champion:  Elias Gedyon Loyola 8:50.03
State Meet Record:  German Fernandez Riverbank 8:34.23 2008

Girls' 1600m. Relay
2012 State Leader:  Serra 3:44.53
2012 NorCal Leader:  Piedmont Hills 3:48.98
2011 Champions:  Serra 3:43.21
State Meet Record:  Long Beach Poly 3:35.49 2004

Boys' 1600m. Relay
2012 State Leader:  Chaminade College Prep 3:15.28
2012 NorCal Leader:  Amador Valley 3:18.91
2011 Champions:  Long Beach Poly 3:12.44
State Meet Record:  Serra Gardena 3:08.42 2010

Girls' Long Jump
2012 State Leader:  Ashlie Curenton Silverado 20'4"
2012 NorCal Leader:  Shea Taylor Grace Davis 18'9.5"
2011 Champion:  Jenna Prandini Clovis 19'11.75"
State Meet Record:  Marion Jones Thousand Oaks 22'0.5" 1993

Boys' Long Jump
2012 State Leader:  Nathaniel Moore Bishop O'Dowd 24'7.75"
2012 NorCal Leader:  Nathaniel Moore Bishop O'Dowd 24'7.75"
2011 Champion:  Jovonte Slater Vista Murrieta 24'10.5"
State Meet Record:  James Stallworth Tulare 26'4.75" 1989

Girls' Triple Jump
2012 State Leader:  Sasha Wallace Holy Names 42'4.75"
2012 NorCal Leader:  Sasha Wallace Holy Names 42'4.75"
2011 Champion:  Ciarra Brewer James Logan 41'11.0"
State Meet Record:  Juliana Yendork Walnut 44'0.5" 1991

Boys' Triple Jump
2012 State Leader:  Jaelen Spencer Sultana 49'7.25"
2012 NorCal Leader:  Jeff Porthro James Logan 48'5.25"
2011 Champion:  Marques Roberts Dos Pueblo 49'6.5"
State Meet Record:  Marcus Hooks Lakewood 52'5.75" 1986

Girls' High Jump
2012 State Leader:  Claire Kieffer-Wright South Pasadena 5'10"
2012 State Leader:  Alex Florent Harvard-Westlake 5'10"
2012 NorCal Leader:  Michellie McDonal-O'Brien St. Ignatius 5'7"
2012 NorCal Leader:  Leah Carter Rocklin 5'7"
2011 Champion:  Rachel McCoy Miller 5'8"
State Meet Record:  Latrese Johnson 6'2 1985

Boys' High Jump
2012 State Leader:  Miles Poullard Colony 7'0"
2012 NorCal Leader:  Noel Frazier California 6'10"
2011 Champion:  Crampton Cody Canyon 6'11"*
State Meet Record:  Lee Balkin Glendale 7'3.25" 1979

Girls' Pole Vault
2012 State Leader:  Kaitlyn Merritt Santa Margarita 13'3"
2012 NorCal Leader:  Taylore Jacques Presentation 13'0"
2011 Champion:  Anginae Monteverde Clovis West 13'6"
State Meet Record:  Tori Anthony Castilleja 14'1" 2007

Boys' Pole Vault
2012 State Leader:  Colin Barber San Ramon Valley 16'7"
2012 NorCal Leader:  Colin Barber San Ramon Valley 16'7"
2011 Champion:  Ian Rock Davis 16'2"
State Meet Record:  Nico Weiler Los Gatos 17'3" 2008

Girls' Shot Put
2012 State Leader:  Stamatia Scarvelis Dos Pueblos 49'5.5"
2012 NorCal Leader:   Mandy Coleman McNair 44'3"
2011 Champion:  Breana Jemison Carlsbad 43'1.25"*
State Meet Record:  Kristin Heaston Ygnacio Valley 53'8" 2009

Boys' Shot Put
2012 State Leader:  Ethan Cochran Newport Harbor 62'10"
2012 NorCal Leader:  Matthew Esparza Amador Valley 61'0.25"
2011 Champion:  Nicholas Scarvelis Dos Pueblo 64'0"
State Meet Record:  Brent Noon Fallbrook 74'4.75" 1990

Girls' Discus
2012 State Leader:  Lissette Mendivil Redwood 157'0"
2012 NorCal Leader:  Praise Adesida Alhambra 141'0"
2011 Champion:  Alex Morgan Ventura 153'8"
State Meet Record:  Anna Jelmini Shafter 186'9" 2009

Boys' Discus
2012 State Leader:  Ethan Cochran Newport Harbor 209'8"
2012 NorCal Leader:  Curtis Bleasdale Vacaville 186'9"
2011 Champion:  Ethan Cochran Newport Harbor 185'9"*
State Meet Record:  Bo Taylor Newport Harbor 213'7" 2006

*Returning to defend title


Anonymous said...

Any updates on Verdon?

Albert Caruana said...

If she is entered, she is racing.

Anonymous said...

doesn't joyce have the ncs leader in the 1600? he did run a 4:10 converted at the azusa moc

Anonymous said...

But she was carried off the field by her coach. Either that is an extreme form of recovery or she is running hurt. Anyone know what's up?

And does anyone know where is she going to college?

Albert Caruana said...

University of Colorado.

NCSfanboy said...

On dyestat it says the heat sheets for the state meet will not be posted online. So other than going to the meet and getting a race packet, is there any other way for people to get a hold of them?

Albert Caruana said...

To sell more meet programs. They have done this for a while.

Anonymous said...

They won't post heats because they want to sell programs? That's a little chickens**t. Why don't they try putting in some actual content-it's already irritating to buy a $3 program that's over 75% advertising. If I get there early enough, I'll scan them and send them out to you, Albert.

Anonymous said...

Verdon is out:

Anonymous said...

Question: I never noticed before that the final running events don't start until 6pm, is there a reason for the late start?

Albert Caruana said...

I seem to recall that the state finals used to start at 4pm when they were at Cerritos College. The CCS meet starts at 6pm as well so not unusual to have some of the bigger meets start at that time.

Anonymous said...

It's a final, only one heat. It actually moves quite slow from event to event. Good for doubling athletes, bad for the sport.

Fresno can be hot this year, 100+. Even sprinters don't like it that hot!

Anonymous said...

Forecast is for over 100 degrees Friday. Good thing there is a late start, 5 pm for the trials.

Anonymous said...

The heat hits it's peak in the late afternoon, so a 5pm start doesn't make much of a difference until around 7:30 pm when the sun is setting. And on the track you can add on another 5-10 degrees. The temperature for the finals isn't much better. I don't expect to see many fast times (like last year).

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