Sunday, October 29, 2023

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Diablo Valley Athletic League Meet #2

Great head-to-head battle between the Campolindo and Miramonte varsity boys as they tied 28-28 with Campolindo edging Miramonte on the 6th man tie-breaker. Looking ahead to the NCS meet, Campolindo will be favored to win Division III while Miramonte will be among the favorites in Divison IV. Campolindo swept the other races handily including their varsity girls scoring 16.

You can check out the results at the following link:

Monday, October 16, 2023

Running on Empty: The Cost of Success

From Acalanes coach Eric Morford.
I got a chance to do a story on Olivia Williams as she is now comfortable with sharing the reason for her absence from the 2022 XC season with the running world. Here is the video link: “Running on Empty: The Cost of Success”

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Clovis and Roughrider CCS top times

Top CCS Individuals Boys Clovis and Roughrider (sub 16:20):

Landon Petree Menlo                     14:52.0

Grant Morgenfeld Palo Alto         15:22.7

Liam Saxton Mitty                            15:31.7

Carson Hedlund Pioneer                15:32.94

Benjamin Bouie CSUS                     15:41.66

Tristan Kippes Palo Alto                 15:42.5

William Hauser Menlo                    15:47.7

Ryan Fitzpatrick Nueva                   15:50.7

Adarsh Iyer Lynbrook                      15:55 .71

Alijah Murillo Branham                  15:55.8

Andrew Seefeldt Branham            16:06.6

Ben George Scotts Valley              16:12.1

Shrey Chettiar BCP                           16:12.5

Tyler Craven BCP                              16:17.7

Tarik Baker CSUS                              16:18.29

Mason Lantz Scotts Valley            16:18.5

Will Burch BCP                                   16:18.7

Sreyas Kadiyala Los Altos               16:19.0

Samuel Hurst Los Altos                  16:19.2


Top CCS Team Time avg. Boys Clovis and Roughider (sub 17:40 avg.):

Palo Alto              16:20

BCP                        16:29

Mt. View              16:37

Menlo                   16:39

Branham              16:41

Los Altos              16:48

Scotts Valley       16:55

Mitty                     17:00

CSUS                      17:14

Homestead         17:16

Lynbrook             17:27

Pioneer                 17:31

Evergreen Valley  17:38


Top CCS Individuals Girls Clovis and Roughride (sub 20:01.0):

Ashlyn Boothby Scotts Valley      17:25.8

Kinga Czajkowska Palo Alto          18:00.7

Sabrina Zanetto St. Francis           18:13.1

Lydia Anderson Los Altos              18:16.4

Evie Marheineke Mitty                   18:17.5

Amaya Bharadwaj Palo Alto         18:28.2

Kylie Hoornaert Prospect              18:32.6

Jasleen Sidhu Los Altos                   18:35.4

Ava Decleve Scotts Valley             18:37.5

Samantha Patel Los Altos              18:39.2

Caitlin Cilley St. Francis                  18:40.7

Emma Beedon Los Altos                18:47.7

Lily Symon Los Altos                        18:54.9

Julia Salamacha St. Francis            19:01.0

Charlie Hofstetter St. Francis       19:17.1

Emma Lewis Los Altos                    19:45.9

Payton Wagner St. Francis            19:46.4

Hannah Soetaert Branham           19:54.0

Olivia Backholm Mt. View             19:54.08

Ramneek Kaur Evergreen Valley 20:00.93

Romy Kiessling Palo Altos              20:01.8


Top CCS Team Time avg. Girls Clovis and Roughrider

Los Altos              18:39

St. Francis            19:00

Palo Altos            19:40

Scotts Valley       19:40

Mitty                     20:05

CSUS                      20:41

King City               21:22

Branham              21:22

Nueva                   21:26

Prospect               21:53

Lynbrook             22:18

ND-SJ                     22:25

Homestead         23:23

Pioneer                 23:36

Monday, October 09, 2023

Clovis Invitational Top 10 NorCal Teams and Individuals

Boys Teams
Oakdale 1:18:23
Davis 1:20:43
Granada 1:21:15
Jesuit 1:21:27
Palo Alto 1:21:40
Bellarmine 1:22:25
Amador Valley 1:22:36
Albany 1:22:45
Menlo 1:23:14
Branham 1:23:22

Boys Individuals
Broen Holman Sonora 14:46.9 (3rd fastest time in SJS history behind German Fernandez 14:24 in 2007 and Matt Strangio 14:44 in 2019)
Landon Pretre Menlo 14:52.0 (CCS Record)
Lucas Cohen Albany 15:03.4
Josh Chu Ponderosa 15:04.0
Omar Alsaidi Oakdale 15:10.5
Grant Morgenfeld Palo Alto 15:22.7
Jackson Oliveira Oakdale 15:24.4
Andrew Burr Sacramento Country Day 15:31.4
Liam Saxton Mitty 15:31.7
Lucas Tam Davis 15:32.2

Girls Teams
Los Altos 1:33:14
St. Francis, MV 1:34:59
Granite Bay 1:36:29
Monte Vista 1:37:25
Maria Carrillo 1:37.54
Oak Ridge 1:38:11
Scotts Valley 1:38:18
Palo Alto 1:38:20
Lodi 1:40:08
University 1:40:23

Girls Individuals
Hanne Thomsen Montgomery 17:23.1
Ashlyn Boothby Scotts Valley 17:25.8
Kinga Czajkaowska Palo Alto 18:00.7
Seelah Kittlestrom Montgomery 18:02.8
Sabrina Zanetto St. Francis, MV 18:13.1
Amrie Lacefield Montgomery 18:14.0
Lydia Anderson Los Altos 18:16.4
Evie Marheineke Mitty 18:17.5
Emily Allison Granite Bay 18:21.6
Amaya Bhardwaj Palo Alto 18:28.2

Monday, October 02, 2023

Clovis Invitational this Saturday

Here are the NorCal teams and individuals in the Championship races (boys and girls).





Oak Ridge 

Lucas Cohen, Albany 

Joshua Chu, Ponderosa
Grant Morgenfeld, Palo alto 

Broen Holman, Sonora (SJS)  

Granite Bay
Los Altos 
Monte Vista 
Palo Alto
Saint Francis, Mountain View
Saint Francis, Sacramento
Pleasant Grove

Renae Searles, Alhambra
Hanne Thomsen, Montgomery
Ashlyn Boothby, Scotts Valley 

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