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2019 NCS Division II pre-season Cross Country rankings

Last season at the North Coast Section meet of champions at Hayward HS, several races (five to be exact) were held including both Division 2 races before the meet was terminated due to the bad air quality. The Granada boys and girls swept this division for the second time in school history after they accomplished double victories in Division 3 back in 1999. The Granada girls also won their 4th straight section title and finished in 2nd place at the state meet following a 3rd place finish in 2017.

Last year, the Granada boys easily won their section title as they outdistanced De La Salle by 49 points (31 to 80). This year, the boys' team battle should be much closer and may be a toss-up at this point. Both teams lose strong front runners as De La Salle graduated last year's section individual winner, Connor Livingston while Granada graduated 2nd place finisher Joshua White and 6th place finisher, Tyler Hattori.

The De La Salle boys qualified for the state meet last year after a couple misses the previous two seasons. DLS should have a strong junior group that will vie for their first section title since 2014 when they won Division I. 

The Granada boys will have a different lineup than last year and will continue to be a formidable team in this division. They have fielded very strong JV teams with lots of runners ready to compete well at the varsity level. Rising senior Seth Jeppson is the fastest returning individual in this division.

Division II is arguably the deepest division in this section and there will be plenty of team still in contention for a top 3 finish. Mission San Jose will be led by senior Arnav Arora (4:23.88/9:51.91). Redwood returns to Division II under new leadership and will have one of the top individuals in Hudson Grace (4:24.80/9:35.10). College Park has been one of the best programs in this division and should contend once again after a strong summer. 

Girls will be posted shortly.

Division II Boys (Top 3 Advance to State)
1) De La Salle-Very slight favorites after impressive track season.
2) Granada-Defending champs will be a very formidable threat to win 2nd in a row.
3) Redwood-Solid returning group back to Division II under a new coach.
4) Mission San Jose-Senior Arnav Arora will lead talented group.
5) College Park-Very conservatively in 5th at the moment but could finish near the top.
On the bubble: Clayon Valley, Vintage.

Top 5 returning individuals, (place) and 2018 NCS meet time:

Seth Jeppson (5) Granada 15:13.9
Anthony Guerra (11) Granada 15:28.8
Arnav Arora (9) Mission San Jose 15:33.4
Patrick Curulla (13) De La Salle 15:40.0
Dylan Frye (14) Vintage 15:40.4

Division II Girls (Top 4 Advance to State)
1) Granada-Looking for 5th section title in a row.
2) San Ramon Valley-Post Tavella era but still plenty of talent for this team.
3) Monte Vista-Kelli Wilson will lead strong returning group.
4) Vintage-State meet qualifier last year that will contend once again this fall.
5) Liberty-Top 5 team that will be bolstered by strong freshman addition.
On the bubble: College Park, Redwood

Top 5 returning individuals, (place) and 2018 NCS meet time:
Mary Deeik (3) Vintage 17:36.5
Kelli Wilson (6) Monte Vista 17:54.3
Amaiah McIntosh (8) Granada 18:00.8
Kylee Denver (9) Freedom 18:02.2

Shae Hill (10) Granada 18:04.1

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Northern Section pre-season rankings thanks to Scott Fairley

Teams –
1.       Chico
2.       University Prep
3.       Yreka
4.       Shasta
5.       Sutter

Individuals –
1.       Nick Torres 12 (Enterprise)
2.       Mario Giannini 10 (Chico)
3.       Elijah Higelin 12 (Yreka)
4.       Alan Nava 12 (Chico)
5.       Connor Davainis (UPrep)

Teams –
1.       Chico
2.       University Prep
3.       Foothill
4.       Shasta
5.       Sutter

Individuals –
1.       Grace Gaddy 11 (University Prep)
2.       Sophie Sims 10 (Chico)
3.       Grace Dudley 12 (Foothill)
4.       Una Griffith 10 (Chico)
5.       Serena Tate 11 (University Prep)

Friday, July 12, 2019

New women's world mile record set today

Top returning runners in Redwood Empire area (NCS)


More pre-season rankings will be posted throughout the summer. NCS Division 2 will be next along with the Northern Section pre-season rankings. The CCS time comparisons link will be updated once they are posted. I will also have the top 10 pre-season teams for both boys and girls as well as the top returning individuals sometime next week. If you are interested in any other rankings, please let me know.

Feel free to comment on the upcoming season in the meantime. Who are the top teams? Top Individuals? Any surprise teams or individuals? Any state championship contenders? Individual state contenders? Who are the fastest freshmen we should have on our radars?

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Best High School Northern California Track and Field Athletes of All-Time

One more bump. Please list below athletes that you feel belong on the lists below. One more trivia question. Who is the runner to the left? He didn't run in NorCal but eventually became one of the most successful coaches in state history.
I bumped this back up to the top. As you can see, quite a list of names and will need to be updated with athletes who competed in the past few seasons. If you also see anybody that should be added from years past, please add them in the comment section below. Trivia Question. Who is the runner to the left?
I have updated all the nominees.  Who else should be considered?  To whoever asked, I would say that more weight should given to high school performances and not what was accomplished after high school.  The list gets way too big when you start adding athletes who did "OK" in high school and then really took off in college and beyond.
A little project before the official start of the 2013 Track and Field season.  Who are the best High School Track and Field athletes of all-time?  Who were the best boy/girl sprinters?  Hurdlers? Distance Runners?  Jumpers?  Throwers?  Can we pick the best overall for boys and girls?  I will add names as they are listed below in the comment section.  Let's see if we can get at least 10 nominees for each category.

Steve Lewis American HS (NCS)
Mel Gray Montgomery HS (NCS)
Rubin Williams Valley Christian HS (CCS)
Calvin Harrison North Salinas HS (CCS)
Alvin Harrison North Salinas HS (CCS)
Bill Green Cubberley HS (CCS)
Derek Shepard Lincoln HS (SF)
Jahvid Best Salesian HS (NCS)
Bob Frick San Ramon Valley HS (?)
Kenny O'Neal Skyline HS (OAK)
Eddie Hart Pittsburg HS (NCS)
Dave Masters El Cerrito HS (NCS)
Jim Hines McClymonds HS (OAK)
Ken Robinson Berkeley HS (NCS)
Stoney McCree Berkeley HS (NCS)
James Jackson Alameda HS (NCS)
Kevin Willhite Cordova HS (SJS)
Andre Ammons Skyline HS (OAK)
Jerry Bright Castlemont (OAK)
Chuck Bommarito Crestmoor HS (CCS)
John Figueroa Sunnyvalle HS (CCS)
Millard Hampton Silvercreek (CCS)
Dixon Farmer Miramonte HS (NCS)
Steve Odom Berkeley (NCS)
Joe DeDora Santa Rosa (NCS)
Lee Evans Overfelt (CCS)

Mid-Distance Runners
Rick Brown Los Altos HS (CCS)
Cole Williams Urban HS (NCS)
Kevin Griffith San Ramon Valley HS (NCS)
Gordon Johnson Piedmont HS (NCS)
Pete Richardson Berkeley HS (NCS)
James Robinson McClymonds HS (OAK)
Dan Gabor Amador Valley HS (NCS)
Aaron Richberg James Logan HS (NCS)
James Levine Golden Valley HS (SJS)
Jon Stevens Mission San Jose (NCS)
Don Bowden Lincoln HS (CCS)
Dan Aldridge Petaluma HS (NCS)
Patrick McCrystle Jesuit HS (SJS)
Jacob Evans Aptos HS (CCS)
Dale Scott El Cerrito HS (NCS)
Mike Katri Fortuna HS (NCS)
Craig Magness Santa Teresa (CCS)
Conrad Suhr Leigh HS (CCS)

Distance Runners
Michael Stember Jesuit HS (SJS)
Rich Kimball De La Salle HS (NCS)
German Fernandez Riverbank HS (SJS)
Mark Mastalir Jesuit HS (SJS)
Reggie Williams River City HS (SJS)
Roy Kissen San Ramon Valley HS (NCS)
Morgan Groth Alhambra HS (NCS)
Tom Hale Campolindo HS (NCS)
Erik Olson Novato HS (NCS)
Yung-Song Leal Arroyo HS (NCS)
Eric Mastalir Jesuit HS (SJS)
Ralph Gamez Berkeley HS (NCS)
Mike Ryan Wilcox HS (CCS)
John Johnson Skyline HS (OAK)
Tom Downs Skyline HS (OAK)
Bob Grubbs Washington HS (NCS)
Clifton West Kennedy HS (SJS)
Tim Nelson Liberty Christian HS (NS)
Jon Stevens Mission San Jose (NCS)
Calvin Gaziano Castro Valley HS (NCS)
Matt Guisto San Mateo (CCS)
Jay Marden Mision San Jose HS (NCS)
Alex Dunn San Lorenzo Valley HS (CCS)
Giliat Ghebray James Logan HS (NCS)
Yosef Ghebray James Logan HS (NCS)
Brett Gotcher Aptos HS (CCS)
Rod Berry Redwood HS (NCS)
Harold Kuphaldt Bella Vista HS (SJS)
Jason Balkman Lynbrook HS (CCS)
Rusty Knowles Vacaville HS (SJS)
Mason Myers Vacaville HS (SJS)
Paul Thomas Jesuit HS (SJS)
Kevin Blazona Casa Roble HS (SJS)
Gary Passanisi Aptos HS (CCS)
Micheil Jones Livermore HS (NCS)
Rob Wentworth Livermore HS (NCS)
Mark Conover Miramonte HS (NCS)
Adam McAboy Miramonte HS (NCS)
Mark Stillman Willow Glen (CCS)
Mitch Kingery San Carlos (CCS)
Fred Huxham Redwood (NCS)
Tom Hale Campolindo (NCS)
John Dean Berkeley (NCS)
Buck Black Pittsburgh (NCS)
Cooper Teare St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS)
Liam Anderson Redwood (NCS)

Kevin Craddock James Logan HS (NCS)
Joe Naivalu Fremont HS (CCS)
David Klech California HS (NCS)
Guy McGowan Leigh HS (CCS)
Dedy Cooper Harry Ells HS (NCS)
Robert Gaines Richmond HS (NCS)
Tony Hicks Serramonte HS (CCS)
Monte Corley James Logan HS (NCS)
Ron Kennedy Serramonte HS (CCS)
Jim Scannella San Ramon Valley HS (NCS)
Milt Turner Castlemont (OAK)
Don Ward St. Mary's Berkeley (NCS)
Marquis Morris De La Salle (NCS)
Ed Moody McClymonds (OAK)
Andre Phillips Silver Creek (CCS)

Horizontal Jumpers
Mel Gray Montgomery HS (NCS)
Nkosinza Balumbu James Logan HS (NCS)
Monte Upshaw Piedmont HS (NCS)
David Klech California HS (NCS)
Jim O'Sullivan Sir Francis Drake HS (NCS)
Tim Prince James Logan HS (NCS)
Kurt Durham Oakland HS (OAK)
Billy Hice Oakland HS (OAK)
Ken Frazier Mission HS (SF)
Chase Wheeler De La Salle HS (NCS)
Johnny Cleveland Soquel HS (CCS)
Kenny Duncan McClatchy HS (SJS)
Carl McCullough Sacramento HS (SJS)
Dusty Baker Del Campo HS (SJS)
Nate Moore Castro Valley HS (NCS)
Craig Conway Cupertino HS (NCS)

Vertical Jumpers
Noel Frazier California HS (NCS)
David Klech California HS (NCS)
Maurice Crumby Balboa HS (SF)
Teak Wilburn Chico HS (NS)
Jeff Novitsky Mills HS (CCS)
Jeff Rogers Overfelt HS (CCS)
Tim Prince James Logan HS (NCS)
Craig Conway Cupertino HS (CCS)
Kerry Myers Berkeley (NCS)

Scott Roth Granite Bay HS (SJS)
Scott Slover Leland HS (CCS)
Brent Burns Acalanes HS (NCS)
Nico Weiler Los Gatos HS (CCS)
Sondre Guttormsen Davis (SJS)

Ralph Rose Healdsburg HS
Bruce and Steve Wilhelm Fremont HS (CCS)
Sam Cavallaro James Logan HS (NCS)
Dave Porath Atwater HS (SJS)
Chris Adams Los Altos (CCS)
Rolin Luka Ygnacio Valley (NCS)
Dennis DeSoto Santa Rosa (NCS)
Mike Lewis Lincoln (SFS)
Lucas MacKay Hughson (SJS)

Relay Teams
El Cerrito 400 relay team 1971
Berkeley 400 relay team 1981
De La Salle 400 relay team 2009
Castlemont 1600 relay team 1971
Berkeley 1600 relay team 1981
St. Mary's Berkeley 1600 relay team 1992
Castlemont 440 relay team 1970
North Salinas 1600 relay team 1993

Jeneba Tarmoh Mt. Pleasant HS (CCS)
Sani Roseby Monterey HS (CCS)
Ashton Purvis St. Elizabeth HS (NCS)
Angelique Smith James Logan HS (NCS)
Chizoba Okodogbe Deer Valley HS (NCS)
Lilla McMillan Tamalpais HS (NCS)
Evelyn Ashford Roesville HS (SJS)
Kathy Hammond HS?
Maria Mulder HS?
Jernae Wright James Logan HS (NCS)
Aisha Margain Berkeley HS (NCS)
Kristina Davis James Logan HS (NCS)
Sharon Ware Berkeley HS (NCS)
Carla Estes James Logan HS (NCS)
Kelli White James Logan HS (NCS)
Freida Cobbs Berkeley HS (NCS)
Tania Woods Skyline HS (OAK)

Mid-Distance Runners
Lindsay Hyatt Placer HS (SJS)
Ann Regan Camden HS (CCS)
Kathy Costello Pleasant Hill HS (NCS)
Jessica Spies Livermore HS (NCS)
Becky Spies Livermore HS (NCS)
Francie Larrieu Fremont HS (CCS)
Nicole Teter West Valley HS (NS)
Marie Mulder Encina HS (SJS)
Dominique Jackson Fairfield HS (SJS)
Marilyn Davis Miramonte HS (NCS)
Miesha Marzell Bishop O'Dowd (NCS)
Angie Milner Modesto (SJS)

Distance Runners
Julia Stamps Santa Rosa HS (NCS)
Sara Bei Montgomery HS (NCS)
Amber Trotter Ukiah HS (NCS)
Alicia Follmar Saratoga HS (CCS)
Laurie Chapman Gunderson HS (CCS)
Alejandra Barrientos San Lorenzo Valley HS (CCS)
Francie Larrieu Fremont HS (CCS)
Becky Spies Livermore HS (NCS)
Corey Shubert Del Mar HS (CCS)
Nikki Hiltz Aptos HS (CCS)
Shannon Rowbury Sacred Heart Cathedral HS (CCS)
Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley HS (CCS)
Diana George Livermore HS (NCS)
Carrie Verdon Campolindo HS (NCS)
Kristen Gordon Carandolet HS (NCS)
Laurynne Chetelat Davis HS (SJS)
Cheri Williams Livermore HS (NCS)
Lindsay Allen College Park HS (NCS)
Tori Tyler Gunn HS (CCS)
Jenny Aldridge Maria Carrillo HS (NCS)
Clara Horowitz Head Royce School (NCS)
Marissa Ferrante Aptos HS (CCS)
Taylor Johnson San Lorenzo Valley HS (CCS)
Elissa Riedy Mission San Jose HS (NCS)
Alex Kosinski Oak Ridge HS (SJS)
Joni Mooney Vacaville HS (SJS)
Jacque Taylor Casa Grande HS (NCS)
Eileen Claugus Rio Americano HS (SJS)
Heike Skaden Encina HS (SJS)
Fiona O'Keeffe Davis (SJS)

Thandi Stewart James Logan HS (NCS)
Vashti Thomas Mt. Pleasant HS (CCS)
Leslie Maxie Mills HS (CCS)
Natasha Neal James Logan HS (NCS)
Trinity Wilson St. Mary's Berkeley (NCS)
Talia Stewart James Logan HS (NCS)
Daje Pugh Fairfield HS (SJS)
Keri Sanchez Santa Teresa HS (CCS)
Tierra Ward James Logan HS (NCS)
Angela Harris Skyline HS (OAK)
Ryan Peters Skyline HS (OAK)

Wendy Brown Woodside HS (CCS)
Alitta Boyd Moreau Catholic HS (NCS)
Jernae Wright James Logan HS (NCS)
Brittany Daniels Merrill West HS (SJS)
Deontee Kaye James Logan HS (NCS)
Ke'Nyia Richardson Holy Names HS (NCS)
Ciarra Brewer James Logan HS (NCS)
Vashti Thomas Mt. Pleasant HS (CCS)
Tracey Stewart James Logan HS (NCS)
Jamesha Youngblood Hercules HS (NCS)
Ashley Lodree El Cerrito HS (NCS)
Briana Stewart James Logan HS (NCS)

Tori Anthony Castilleja (CCS)
Cimran Verdi Las Lomas HS (NCS)
Greta Wagner Los Gatos (CCS)
Taylor Jaques Presentation (CCS)

Julie Dufresne Harbor HS (CCS)
Jere Summers Berkeley HS (NCS)
Suzy Powell Downey HS (SJS)
Jill Camarena Woodland HS (SJS)
Melissa Reis James Logan HS (NCS)
Chaniqua Ross Laguna Creek HS (SJS)
Kristen Heaston Ygnacio Valley HS (NCS)
Elena Bruckner Valley Christian SJ (CCS)
Hannah Chappell Oakdale (SJS)

Relay Teams
James Logan HS 400 Relay 1995, '96, '97, 2004, '06
James Logan HS 1600 Relay 2004
James Logan HS 1600 Relay 1996
Piedmont Hills HS 1600 Relay 2013, 2014
Vacaville Shuttle Hurdles Team 2014
Mt. Pleasant 400 Relay 2007
San Lorenzo Valley  DMR 20

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2019 North Coast Section Pre-Season Division III Rankings by Campolindo assistant coach, Andy Lindquist

NCS DIII Boys Rankings 
Overview: Last cross country season saw another spirited battle between Maria Carrillo and Campolindo, with “Campo” putting all the pieces together at the end of the year to narrowly capture the section title before poor air quality caused the cancelation of the NCS championships. The following week at the state championships, Campo came very close to winning the state title finishing in 2nd place. With Maria Carrillo returning the bulk of its team, the Pumas are the favorites to capture the section title and dethrone the defending champs. Individually, there will be a new champion crowned this year as 3-time defending section champion Liam Anderson has graduated.

1. Maria Carrillo: The Pumas have the firepower and depth to not only roll to the section title but also capture the state championship, which would be the first in program history. As the deepest team in the state, the Pumas are led by the stunning front trio of Rory Smail, Colton Swinth, and Pierce Kapustka. The senior trio entered high school as one of the most talented classes in recent history, and they have proved it this past spring as the three of them all put up some impressive times in the 1600 and 3200. However, the thing that makes Maria Carrillo such heavy favorites is their incredible depth, as they bring back 7 runners who have broken 10:00 in the 3200. The key for Maria Carrillo will be how their youth develops and matures. While sophomores Jacob Donohue and Noe Vieyra did not make the varsity top 7 last fall, during track the two of them dipped under the 10:00 barrier in the 3200 and under the 4:400 barrier in the 1600, both impressive marks for freshmen. If Maria Carrillo can develop a strong back end that can close the gap on their front-running trio the pumas will capture another section title and win their first-ever state title. A DIII NCS boy’s team has never won a state championship, so look for Maria Carrillo to be the first.

2. Campolindo: The Cougars impressed last fall to roar to a section title and a 2nd place finish at state. With only 2 members of that team graduating, Campo is looking for another podium appearance at state as well as contending for a section title. Despite being plagued with injuries last fall, Dylan Gunn impressed at the end of the cross country season to finish 11th at state. Injury problems caused him to miss a lot of time during track season, but if he can return to form, that will give the Cougars a frontrunner that can match up with anyone else on podium-contending teams. Senior Cayden Hein continued to improve during track season, making the finals at the NCS MOC in the 1600. With his continued improvement, Campo will match up with Maria Carrillo at the front end. Another key returner, Dylan Cronin also had a productive spring and he should also help keep the Cougars in contention in every race. The biggest question mark for Campo is their back-end depth. While Owen Lekki and Marco Chao both flashed potential last year, they were also very inconsistent. If the two of them are able to improve and stay consistent, the Cougars will be within striking distance of the section title. As it stands now, Campolindo is just a few steps behind, but don’t count them out just yet.

3. Casa Grande: The Gauchos are the team with the most upside in this division as they had some eye-popping improvement during the track season and they return their entire top 7 from a year ago. The Hite twins, Owen and William, came on strong towards the closing stages of the spring, running 4:22 and 4:26 in the 1600 respectively. Throw in middle distance specialist Logan Moon, who owns a personal best of 1:54 in the 800, and you have the makings of an impressive front trio. With three other returners who dipped under 4:50 in the 1600 and Casa Grande should have no trouble in advancing the state. It will take another big jump from their back-end runners for them to close the gap on the top two teams, but it’s not out of reach.

4. Las Lomas: With the likes of Acalanes and Redwood being moved out of this division, Las Lomas has an opening to capture the final state qualifying spot. The Knights have 5 returners who broke 5:00 in the 1600 and if they can continue to work on their pack margin, things look promising. Also keep in mind that Las Lomas routinely fields one of the largest cross country teams in the section, so finding the talent to fill out the team should not be that difficult.
On the bubble: Piner, Northgate, Alameda, Tamalpais, Livermore

Individual Rankings: 
1. Rory Smail – Maria Carrillo
2. Colton Swinth – Maria Carrillo
3. Cayden Hein – Campolindo
4. Pierce Kapustka – Maria Carrillo
5. Dylan Gunn – Campolindo
6. Owen Hite – Casa Grande
7. Owen Pugh – Maria Carrillo

NCS DIII Girls Rankings 
Overview: Last year, poor air quality forced the cancellation of the DIII girls race at the NCS championships, forcing a committee to advance 5 teams (along with individuals) to the state meet. Despite looking vulnerable for most of the season, Campolindo blew through the projections to land another podium spot at state in finishing in third place, also capturing the de facto NCS title. With “Campo” returning 6 out of their top 7 from last year, they are in a prime position to capture their 7th consecutive team title. Maria Carrillo also returns another strong team so they will be in contention as well. With section champion Rayna Stanziano now graduated, the field is wide open in the race for the individual NCS crown.

1. Campolindo: The “team of the decade” in this division, Campo has had quite the remarkable run of success. With 8 section titles and 3 state titles this decade to go along with 2 other podium finishes, Campolindo has continued to put together quality teams no matter what the situation. The task is equally challenging this year as the Cougars are facing their share of adversity going into the fall. Varsity scorers Sophie Webster and Sarah Berten were both injured during the spring and did not finish out the track season. It will remain to be seen if they can get back to their previous fitness level. Paloma Hancock and Alicia Hober came on strong during the track season to land individual podium finishes at the NCS MOC in the 1600, but they will need to step it up this upcoming fall if they want to continue that improvement curve. For Campo to capture another section title and compete for the state crown they will need a big step up from their back-end runners as the depth is a concern at this point in time. With the likes of Ellie Guthrie (5:32 1600) and Emma Smith (5:31 1600), the Cougars have been working on cultivating that depth and as such, they are in prime position to capture their 17th NCS title.

2. Maria Carrillo: The pumas were impressive during last cross country season as they rolled to a 5th place finish at state, their highest since 2008. However, Maria Carrillo was expected to compete for the section title and finish in the top 3 at state so it was a bittersweet ending to the season. With another strong track campaign, the pumas have put themselves right back into contention for the section title and a state podium finish. Nicole Morris and Jasmin Hirth are both coming off of great track seasons and they will give the Pumas a great 1-2 punch at the front of every race. The real question will be if their 3-7 runners can build off of their track seasons and keep that momentum going. Hannah Cohen-Sandler (5:29 1600), Ashley Jepkoech (5:33 1600), and Anahita Jensen (5:40 1600) will all need to make the transition to the longer distance as they are still mostly unproven at 3 miles/5k. If they are able to do that, look for Maria Carrillo to be very close to Campolindo at the end of the season.

3. Alameda: They had a surprising finish to the season last year, going from an unknown to landing a 7th place finish at state. The task gets a bit tougher this season due to graduation losses, but the Hornets do return 5 girls who broke 6:00 in the 1600, including a strong front running pair in Olivia Liuson (5:15 16000) and Katy Hosokawa (5:31 1600). However, there is a big drop off after those two and even more of a drop off after their 5th best returner. As it stands now, Alameda is certainly looking like a lock to make state, but it will take a big jump in performance if they want to close the gap on the top 2 teams in this division.

4. Northgate: The Broncos return a strong core group from last year’s team and with the recent changes in this division, they are in contention to claim the final qualifying spot to state. Anoushka Samuel, Grace Zodikoff, and Lark Chang-Yeh give Northgate a solid front end, but to make state they will need to work on closing down their pack margin at the 4-5 scoring positions. Getting to face off against the likes of Campolindo, Acalanes, College Park, and Miramonte in the DAL will give Northgate plenty of good opportunities to see how they stack up against the best teams in the section, but they are in a great spot to move up these rankings if they can continue their improvement curve.
On the bubble: Carondelet, Las Lomas, Piner, Livermore

Individual rankings
1. Nicole Morris – Maria Carrillo
2. Alicia Hober – Campolindo
3. Jasmin Hirth – Maria Carrillo
4. Paloma Hancock – Campolindo
5. Olivia Liuson – Alameda
6. Emilia Oblites – Novato
7. Viviana Valenton – Livermore

Saturday, July 06, 2019

NCS Division I pre-season rankings

The largest teams in the North Coast Section are ironically in the smallest division which fields only 8 teams. You can view Divisions I as well as all the divisions at this LINK and you can view the already posted pre-season Division IV rankings at this LINK.

Last year, due to the bad air quality, the NCS meet was not completed fully although both Division I races were able to compete. The Dublin boys nearly swept their race scoring 18 points while Dougherty Valley edged Amador Valley by one point to claim the second and final state meet berth. Dublin senior Loic Scomparin captured the individual title.

For the girls, Amador Valley captured the section title with 35 points and finished just 8 points ahead of Daugherty Valley. Dublin finished in 3rd place as Amador Valley sophomore Hope Bergmark captured her first individual title.

This coming season, the Dublin boys will be strong favorites to win their 4th section title in a row. They won the Division II titles in 2016 and 2017 before winning Division I last season. They will be led by senior Christopher Middleton-Pearson (4:09.46/9:09.19) who finished in 2nd place at the NCS meet and 8th place at the California state meet. Dublin will return 3 other runners (Surya Marimuthu, Kyle Elias and Rohan Fonseka) from last year's section team. From the 2018 Track & Field season, Dublin will have 24 sub 5 minute 1600 runners returning and 8 of those runners dipped under the 10-minute mark for the 3200.

Amador Valley should be the next strongest team and will be led by Jack Gray (4:34.66/9:44.30) and Aidan McCarthy (4:21.21/9:37..24). A real wildcard for Amador Valley is rising junior John Lester (1:52.99/4:29.92). He made the transition to the 800m last season with a spectacular 7th place finish at the California state final.

For Dougherty Valley, Michael Schneider (4:38.01/9:51.95) and Nirmal Ayyagari (4:43.84) are the top two returners from last year's section meet and will hope to spring another upset on the field in order to qualify for another state meet.

The Amador Valley girls swept the top 3 individual spots last year to win their first team title since 1995 when they won their first section title in the Division II race. Although they return the top 2 returning runners from last year's race, Amador Valley will start the season as slight underdogs to Dougherty Valley.

The Wildcats will be led by 2 rising sophomores, Rhea Braganza (2:27.21/5:17.96/11:58.61) and Eva Shen (5:39.61/11:59.51). They last won this section in 2017 and will hope for their 3rd section title in their school's still brief history.

Amador Valley will have both the defending individual champion in Hope Bergmark (2:22.59/5:10.55/10:46.50) and the runner-up Derica Su (5:22.98/11:34.38) from last year's section event. They will need to shore up their varsity with the graduation of 4 key runners if they want to repeat in 2019.

Maia Marquez finished in 5th place at last year's section final as a freshman. She will be looking to lead Dublin to a top 2 finish and a very coveted state meet berth.

Division 1 Boys (Top 2 Advance to State)
1) Dublin-The best overall team in this section the past few seasons.
2) Amador Valley-Missed the state meet by one point in 2018.
3) Dougherty Valley-Section champs in 2016 and 2017.
4) James Logan-The largest school in the section should not be overlooked.
5) California-Good program that finished in 4th here last year.

Top 5 returning individuals, (place) and 2018 NCS meet time:

Christopher Middleton-Pearson (2) Dublin 15:00.6
Surya Marimuthu (5) Dublin 15:15.2
Kyle Elias (6) Dublin 15:22.1
Jack Gray (7) Amador Valley 15:23.4
Aidan McCarthy (9) Amador Valley 15:27.9

Division 1 Girls (Top 2 Advance to State)
1) Dougherty Valley-Their depth places them as the favorites this fall.
2) Amador Valley-Defending champion will need to replace 4 seniors.
3) Dublin-Finished 3rd last year but hoping for top 2 finish next fall.
4) California-Strong top 2 runners make them a dangerous threat.
5) Castro Valley-Will need to race well to repeat last year's 5th place finish.

Top 5 returning individuals, (place) and 2018 NCS meet time:
Hope Bergmark (1) Amador Valley 17:45.0
Derika Su (2) Amador Valley18:27.0
Maia Marquez (5) Dublin 18:42.6
Rhea Braganza (6) Dougherty Valley 18:48.6
Madeleine Liem (8) California 18:54.6

The girls' pre-season rankings will be posted next. Comments? Do you know of impact freshmen that will attend at any of the above schools? Feel free to chime in the comment section below.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Central Coast Section Track and Field Top 100 all-time

All have been updated by Hank Lawson and can be found here:

Donation to Cross Country Express site

If you have enjoyed all the Cross Country Express continued Track and Field coverage this past season, a kind donation would be appreciated.  You can do so with the link to the right.  If you don't do online payments, you can email me at and I will send you an address where you can send a check.

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Thank you very much to those of you that have already donated.  If I haven't done so already, you will hear from me in appreciation.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

2019 Central Coast Section pre-season XC rankings

Walt VanZant will have his time comparisons sometime this summer. Once they are posted, I will post the link here. In the meantime, if you have comments regarding any divisions, feel free to do so in the comment section below. For now, here is some info for the upcoming season. The CCS meet will be held on Saturday, November 16th.

Boys Divisions
Girls Divisions

Sunday, June 16, 2019

2019 NCS Division IV pre-season rankings thanks to Piedmont assistant coach, Len Goldman

I would like to preface my comments with condolences to the Marin Catholic team and coaching staff on the tragic death of Mark Richtman.  I knew Mark through my membership in the Tamalpa Running Club and he will be sorely missed by the running community.

Len (to the right)

D4 - Girls
In 2018, two NCS D4 schools finished in the top 10 at the state meet with Bishop O'Dowd a solid 5th and Marin Catholic right behind them in 6th.

The expectation is that these two schools along with Miramonte will be the qualifiers for the state meet in 2019 and it should be a very close competition among all three schools.  However with Samantha Wallenstrom, the state champion in the 800 meters, leading her squad, Marin Catholic receives the nod as the pre-season #1 NCS girls team in D4.

Note, two new schools have been added to this division for 2019, Acalanes and JFK-Fremont.  This could impact things this year and going forward.

Marin Catholic returns five of their seven varsity runners and several of these runners had solid track seasons which should bode well for cross country.

The team had a banner year in 2018, winning the MCAL league championship and were primed to contend for the NCS title, only to be pulled from the starting line at the last minute because of unhealthy air quality due to the disastrous Camp Fire.  Let's hope we don't have a repeat of that situation this year and that the qualifiers for the state meet can be decided on the field of play.  Supporting Marin Catholic's #1 runner Samantha Wallenstrom is her twin sister Turner. Gigi Clifford who ran a 5:26 and 11:48 for 1600m and 3200m respectively during the recent track season is a solid #3 runner for the team, and Maddie Dowd ran 12:32 in the 3200m during the recent track season.

Year in and year out, Bishop O'Dowd always fields teams that will be a contender and 2019 is no exception.  Although two of their top runners, Jeneva Toolajia and Isabella Brusco, have graduated, everyone else returns and they should give Marin Catholic some stiff competition at the NCS meet come November.  Lilian Yu, who ran extremely well as a freshman, posted solid times during the recent track season, with a 5:17 in the 1600m.  Backing her up will be Katie Senn a sophomore, plus Kalea Fong the only senior returning who ran 5:42 in the 1600m this season. Isabella Whitten, another sophomore, ran 5:48 for the 1600m and will be a key contributor to the team effort.

Miramonte could very well be the surprise team in D4 for 2019 and it certainly has the talent to win the sectional title.  They also return 5 of their varsity 7 runners from 2018.  The team will be led by Audrey Allen, a junior, one of the top returning runners and 20th in the State meet last year.
In track this season, she had a best of 5:07 for 1600m and 10:54 for the 3200m. A trio of talented sophomores will provide solid backing for this team. Kate Riley, Jaime Say, and Claire Nolet all posted good times during the recent track season and appear poised to make Miramonte a strong contender.

There are several other teams that could contend for a berth in the state meet. The Piedmont girls are looking to extend their streak and make it 7 consecutive years for qualifying for the state meet, although it won't be easy with only three teams qualifying.  Piedmont returns four of their varsity seven runners and leading the way is senior Sophia Zalewski, the WACC 2018 cross country champion. She ran a 5:09 1600m and 11:19 for 3200m this past track season.  She will need her teammates to step up their running if they are to contend this season. Another team that has been under the radar for a while and used to be a perennial contender is St. Mary's Berkeley.  There are no seniors on this team, but they have a whole cadre of young runners led by Jordan Cornet.  The future looks bright for this team if not 2019 than possibly 2020 to make some noise at the section meet.

Projected Top Teams:  Marin Catholic, Miramonte  Bishop O'Dowd
On the bubble: Piedmont, St. Mary's Berkeley

In terms of the individual title, Samantha Wallenstrom of Marin Catholic based on her 800m state title and 13th in the state cross country meet last season is the pre-season favorite.  The runner-up appears to be Audrey Allen from Miramonte who should provide strong competition for the top position.  After these two runners, the picture is less clear, possibly Sophia Zalewski of Piedmont or Sophia Nordenholz of Albany who had a solid track season.

Top Individuals:  Samantha Wallenstrom-Marin Catholic, Audrey Allen-Miramonte, Sophia Zalewski-Piedmont.
On the bubble:  Sophia Nordenholz-Albany, Lilian Yu-O'Dowd

D4 - Boys
In 2018, Sir Francis Drake finished 2nd in the state cross country meet and was it not for the cancellation of the NCS D4 boys race they probably would have repeated as section champions.  In 2019, they again appear to be the favorites for the title despite losing several of their top runners to graduation.  Their squad is very deep and has quality runners across the board.  Chasing them will be several schools including Bishop O'Dowd, Marin Catholic, Piner, and possibly Acalanes.  It may take a good part of the season to sort out who the top challengers to Sir Francis Drake will be.

Sir Francis Drake appears loaded again this year and could possibly be one of the top D4 boys team in the state.  They will be led by Amir Barken, 11th in the state meet in 2018 and whose times this past track season were stellar. He ran 4:17 for 1600m and 1:58 for 800m. His supporting cast includes Owen and Nate Wolford, Calvin MCarthy, Oliver Arnesson, Diego Fino, and Nick ParrOwen Wolford had a track best this season of 1:57-800m and 4:35 for 1600m.  Nate and Calvin both had 1600m best of 4:37, while Diego had a 3200m time of 10:11 and Oliver's best was 10:12. Not many teams in the division have quality depth like this.

Bishop O'Dowd returns 6 of their varsity 7 cross country team members and they will once again contend for a spot in the state meet.  Lucas Chaney and Julian Jensen are their top two runners, both are capable of running sub-17 minute times for the 5K.  Julian had track season best of 4:39 for 1600m and 10:23 for 3200m.  While Lucas ran 4:43 for 1600m and 10:19 for 3200m.  After these two runners, there is a bit of a drop-off in times but it appears that their team is talented enough to finish second behind Sir Francis Drake.

After these two teams, it's just too early to pick a #3 team in the division.

It probably will come from one of these teams, however.  Marin Catholic probably has the top runner in the division, Lyle Rumon, 3rd in the state meet and recent track bests of 4:18 for 1600m and 9:14 for 3200m.  Who his supporting cast will remain to be seen, with just 3 returning members from the 2018 cross country team.  Also worthy of consideration are Piner and Albany with 4 returning varsity members.  A real dark horse could be Piedmont with 5 returning varsity members.  Finally, new to the division after moving down from the tough D3 category is Acalanes.  It appears they have 6 returning varsity runners led by Sam Roth with a 10:13 3200m time.  Several other of his teammates posted times under 11 minutes in the 3200m this recent track season, so this team will bear watching as the season progresses.

Projected Top Teams:  Sir Francis Drake, Bishop O'Dowd
On the bubble: Marin Catholic, Albany, Piner, Acalanes, Piedmont

In all likelihood, the top Division 4 individual will be a runner from one of the MCAL teams.  Lyle Rumon of Marin Catholic is the pre-season favorite, but Amir Barken of Sir Francis Drake will be there right with him.

Top Individuals:  Lyle Rumon-Marin Catholic, Amir Barken, and Owen Wolford-Sir Francis Drake
On the bubble:  Henry Burditt-Albany, Henry Denberg-San Rafael, Oliver Arnesson-Sir Francis Drake

The next division posted will be the division that is requested the most in the comment section below.

Saturday, June 01, 2019

2019 Cross Country Schedule (Preliminary)

August 30 Serra Jamboree at Hallmark Park

September 3 Monte Vista Invitational at Oak Hill Park
September 7 Lowell Invitational at Golden Gate Park
September 7 Lagoon Valley Classic at Lagoon Valley Park
September 7 Stevenson XC Invitational at Robert Louis Stevenson HS
September 10 Lynbrook Center Meet at Lynbrook HS
September 14 Jackie Henderson Memorial XC Invitational at North Monterey County School
September 14 Viking Opener at Montgomery HS (NEW)
September 14 Ed Sias Invitational at Hidden Valley Park (NEW)
September 19 Lou Vasquez Memorial Invitational at Golden Gate Park (NEW)
September 21 Pacific Tiger Invitational at Elkhorn Golf Course
September 21 De La Salle Invitational at Newhall Park
September 21 Woodbridge Invitational at TBA
September 21 Gilroy Mustang Invitational
September 21 Farmer Invitational at Hayward HS (NEW)
September 28 Ram Invitational at Westmoor HS
September 28 Scott Bauhs Invitational at Shadow Cliffs
September 28 Capital Cross at Arcade Creek Golf Course
September 28 Eye Opener Invitational at Shellenberger Park
Stanford Invitational RIP (1974-2018)

October 5 Artichoke Invitational at Half Moon Bay HS
October 9 Aragon Center Meet at Hallmark Park
October 12 Serra Crystal Springs Invitational at Hallmark Park
October 12 Clovis Invitational at Woodward Park
October 12 Del Oro Invitational at TBA
October 12 Pacific Grove Invitational
October 18 Rough Rider Invitational at Woodward Park
October 19 Bella Vista Bronco Invitational at Johnson Springview Park in Rocklin
October 19 Monterey Bay Invitational at Toro Park
October 19 Soquel HS/Ken Thomas Memorial XC Invitational at Soquel HS
October 19 Phil Wilder Mariner Invitational at Hayward HS
October 25/26 Mt. SAC at Mt. SAC College
October 31 Lynbrook Invitational at Lynbrook HS

Additional meets thanks to Foothill Tech coach Ken Reeves:

More will be added but please feel free to add dates of meets that you have confirmed in the comment section below.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Top 10 Northern California performances at California State Track and Field meet

These are the top performances by Northern California athletes using multiple scoring tables to compare events. If you disagree with any of the comparisons, feel free to state your case below.

10) Riley Chamberlain Del Oro 3200m 10:21.36 973
9) Lauren Harper Trinity 2:10.98
8) Isabella Fauria St. Francis, Sacto 2:10.49
7) Rayna Stanziano Concord 800m 2:10.07 987
6) Charlotte Tomkinson Menlo 800m 2:09.41 1001
5) Samantha Wallenstrom Marin Catholic 800m 2:08.78 1011
4) Ceona Pipion Vista Del Lago 400m 54.46 1033
3) Chinyere Okoro Amador Valley 200m 23.86 1049
2) Chinyere Okoro Amador Valley 100m 11.60 1072
1) Jazlynn Shearer Silver Creek 100m Hurdles 13.24w

10) Liam Anderson Redwood 3200m 8:53.28
9) Matt Strangio Jesuit 1600m 4:08.07
8) Ryan Mulholland Del Oro 200m 21.24
7) Scott Toney St. Francis, MV Pole Vault 16'1"
6) Samuel Wright Lodi Pole Vault 16'5"
5) Camden Wheeler Monterey Trail 400m 47.45
4) Cameron Reynolds Clayton Reynolds 400m 47.31
3) Jamar Marshall St. Mary's Stockton 110m Hurdles 13.31w
2) Zachary Larrier Monterey Trail 400m 46.73
1) Cameron Reynolds Clayton Valley 200m 20.99

ALL Cross Country Athletes

We are ready to kickstart our Summer Thoroughbred Team, Thoroughbred Track Club.  The goal of this Summer Training is to prepare all high school track and field athletes for their best possible upcoming Fall Cross Country Seasons.  We will focus on base training, general strength, and technique for all levels of high school distance runners. 

While the team meets in person 3 days a week, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, the team will follow a 7 day-a-week comprehensive program.  This allows you to both get ready for Cross Country Season in the most effective way, while also allowing time for finals, summer vacations, and recovery!  As part of the program, everyone will receive a printed out schedule of every single day's work between June 17th and the beginning of the Fall Cross Country Season. We will meet at Thoroughbred Treadmill Studio at 8:00am Mondays & Wednesdays and Phoenix Lake on Thursday mornings at 8:00am.

Monday, June 17th, is officially the first week of our 10-week Summer Program with the first practice that morning at 8:00am.  However, with most athletes ending their respective track seasons at different times, we want to make sure you are fully recovered and ready to begin training again. So, while Monday is the first official day of practice, please come out to practice when you are rested and ready to go, which could very well be Wednesday or Thursday.  We have a long summer of training ahead of us, followed by an exciting and FULL cross country season, let's be patient!

Please bring with you the following items
-Signed Thoroughbred Track Team Waiver
-A check for $500 made out to Thoroughbred Track Club

Thank you so much and see you soon!

Jake & Laura Schmitt

Sunday, May 26, 2019

CIF State Track and Field meet reflections

That was some meet last night at Buchanan HS. When I get a moment, I will add all the highlights from the meet which included some spectacular performances by many Northern California athletes. 

You can find results of the trials and finals at this link:

For now, please feel free to comment in the section below on your personal favorite moments from the meet. Who was most impressive? What was the best competition of the meet? What was the biggest surprise? Who were the underclassmen who shined yesterday and are on the brink of superstardom? Anything else you want to add, go for it.

Friday, May 24, 2019

2019 State Track & Field Meet predictions


It's that time of year when you will get to predict the winners of each event for the California State Track and Field meet. The tie-breaker will be the winning time of the boys' 1600m relay. 

In the comment section below, please list your predicted winners for each event (boys and girls) and put down the winning time of the boys' 1600m. which will be used as a tiebreaker.

The winner will win a prize from me which will be mailed to you. 

Let's go...

If you need some help, check out predictions for all events as well as workout videos of returning state meet champions at this link:

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

State meet predictions

Check out predictions for all events as well as workout videos of returning state meet champions at this link:

This is the place to comment below on the potential finishes for our Northern California Track and Field athletes. Who are the state champion contenders? What athletes are going to be a surprise? What are the strongest events for our athletes? Anything else you want to comment about that state meet, please feel free to add it below.

Here is the complete performance list for Friday and Saturday:

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

College Commitments

I have updated this list with quite a few additions. Please feel free to add others in the comment section below. I know I am missing many so please help if you know of other athletes and where they are attending college next fall.

Liam Anderson Redwood-Stanford University
Emily Perez St. Joseph Notre Dame-Oregon State
Gabrielle Peterson Healdsburg-Oregon State
Emma Tavella San Ramon Valley-UCLA
Gabe Reuter Sir Francis Drake-UCSD
Russell Sullivan Foothill-American
Cassy Haskell Miramonte-UC Berkeley
Rayna Stanziano Concord-St. Mary's
Colton Colonna St Francis-Texas A and M
Eric Eng St. Francis-Cornell
Connor Livingston De La Salle-Princeton
Mavleen Mann Pitman-UC Davis
Preston Norris Las Lomas-Colorado State
Henry Saul Palo Alto-Yale
Owen Mackenzie Los Altos-Duke
Naomi Donovan Los Altos-John Hopkins
Caroline Garrett Oakland Tech-Wake Forrest
Kate Tavella San Ramon Valley-Georgetown
Jazlynn Shearer Silver Creek-UNLV
Kathryn Bingham Oak Ridge-BYU
Quinn Hagerman Merced-Southern Utah
Laurel Wong Santa Catalina-Stanford
Lucas Chung Windsor-St. Mary's
Maggie Hall Menlo Atherton-UCSB
Ryan Ma Homestead-Pomona
Lauren Lum Alameda-UCSB
Shelby Nelson Encinal-UCSB
Isaiah Jimenez Christian Brothers-St. Mary's
Gracie Dupuis Granada-Chico
Brayden McLaughlin Del Oro-Chico
Destiny Everett Lincoln, Stockton-Chico
Charlie Giannini Chico HS-Chico State
Nicco Pompili Sir Francis Drake-UCSD
Sophie Lodigiani Davis-University of Hawaii
Jake Heinlein College Park-UC San Diego
Jason Holland-Morrison, Franklin EG-Humboldt
Briseida Garcia-Meza, Gregory-St. Mary's College
Eva Rodriguez, Gregory-Notre Dame De Namur University
Jason Holland-Morrison, Franklin EG-Humboldt
Jake Heinlein, College Park-UC San Diego
Kelsey Van Allen, Tamalpais-Pomona Pitzer College
Colleen McCandless, Granada-Cal Poly SLO
Kalea Bartolotto, Granada-Northwestern
Teddy (Edward) Buckley, Campolindo-University of Kansas
Maggie Hall, Menlo Atherton-UCSB
Evelyn How, Monta Vista-USF
Garrett Gough Nevada Union-West Point
Zachary Larrier Monterey Trail-Air Force Academy
Mathew Mason Casa Grande-Humboldt
Loic Scomparin Dublin-Colorado School of Mines
Zarah Kayhan Terra Nova-Humboldt
Elias Sanchez Terra Nova-Chico
Aiden Boyle Amador Valley-Air Force Academy
Noah Battaglia Lowell-Claremont Mudd Scripps
Lucas Badcock Dougherty Valley-University of Oklahoma
Tristan Guerrero Dougherty Valley-Menlo College
Sophia Cuevas Dougherty Valley-St. Mary's College
Aushmitha Grewal Dougherty Valley-St. Mary's College
Andre Williams Sonoma Academy-Columbia
Lila Roake Santa Cruz-Cal Poly SLO
Ryan Bradley Sheldon-CSU Monterey Bay (NEW)
Jessica Swalve Westmont-UCSB (NEW)
Justin Hsu Carlmont-Central Michigan (NEW)
Mason Elefant St. Francis, Mt. View-Cal Poly SLO (NEW)
Jaxin Woodward Vacaville-CSU Long Beach (NEW)
Rachel Payan Whitney-University of Hawaii (NEW)
Bennett Woodward Whitney-Chico State (NEW)
Max Waechter Heritage-UC Davis (NEW)
Max Cluss Sacred Heart Prep-Middlebury (NEW)
Krissy Smoot Notre Dame Belmont-UC Berkeley (NEW)
Danny Skahill St. Francis, Mt. View-Boston University (NEW)

Please add others in the comment section below. 

Monday, May 20, 2019

Northern California Section Results

NCS girls track: Act of sportsmanship highlights wet championships

I am sure many of you heard about what happened in the girls' 800m at the NCS MOC meet. If you have not, you can check out Phil Jensen's article detailing what happened at the link below. I understand that many athletes compete very hard to defeat their opponents but the truth is that there is a lot of respect in the sport and this is an example of that which everybody could see.

You can check out the video of the race at this LINK.

I contacted rules expert Hal Harkness and this was his response regarding assistance during a TF event.
Under the current NFHS Rule Book that is good until January, 2020, 4-7-5-g.."It is an unfair act when a competitor receives assistance. Assistance includes:

g. Competitor receiving assistance from another competitor to complete the race. Both competitors shall be disqualified unless a competitor is injured or becomes ill and an appropriate health-care professional is not available, only the injured/ill competitor is disqualified."

Note: Every attempt should be made for the appropriate health-care professionals to make these decisions as to assistance.

There will be additional discussion at the National Rules Committee Meeting is mid-June regarding assistance and when it is allowed.


Thursday, May 16, 2019

Central Coast Section Championship Meet Preview

Here is the NCS preview. It's a little less in depth since we have the semis going on today.

Feel free to post any updates from the NCS and CCS meets today in the comment section below. If you have any predictions, please feel free to post those as well.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Section results


Class A-
Redwood Empire
Bay Shore- (NEW)


Northern Section

San Francisco Section

Oakland Section
Live results we be available here:

Wednesday -
There are trials today for the laned events and boys 1600.
Trials and Finals for boys disc, boys long, girls triple, girls shot, girls high, and boys vault

All running finals. (1 heat of each)
Trial and Finals for: girls long, boys high, girls disc, boys shot, boys triple, girls vault

All this info as well as a section preview (and more) can be found on our team page here:

Monday, May 13, 2019


MEN (click title above to get the entire list)


10.36 Jahvid Best (Salesian, Richmond) 2007
10.39 Ken Robinson (Berkeley) 1981
10.46 Wopamo Osaisai (Pinole Valley, Pinole) 2004
10.49 DJ Smith (Foothill, Pleasanton) 2003
10.52 Andre McBride (San Leandro) 2012
10.53 Taiwan Jones (Antioch) 2007
10.56 Ray Threatt (Pittsburg) 1979
10.58 Takkartist McKinley (Kennedy, Richmond) 2012
10.61 *George Atkinson (Granada, Livermore) 2010
10.62 Ted White (Richmond) 1979
10.62 Stoney McCree (Berkeley) 1982
10.62 Leon Callen (De La Salle, Concord) 1996

10.24 Ken Robinson (Berkeley) 1981
10.31 Jahvid Best (Salesian, Richmond) 2007
10.55 Gino Long (San Leandro) 2017
10.57 *Joshua Atkinson (Granada, Livermore) 2010

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

12th Annual Nike Cross Country Coaches Clinic

Please help spread the word about this clinic. You can't beat the scheduled speakers or price. Don't miss out.

Performance marks for upcoming section meets

Athletes to watch:

Somebody mentioned a protest and rerun of several events at last Friday's WCAL meet. What happened?

Redwood Empire
Bay Shore
Class A-

Division I-
Division II-
Division III-
Division IV-V-

San Francisco


Northern Section

More will be posted as things are updated. If you have links to the NCS meets, please feel free to email them to

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Crystal Springs Uplands School looking for XC coaches

Crystal Springs Uplands School: is looking for two cross country assistant coaches for the 2019 fall season. CSUS is located in Hillsborough and competes in Division 5. This is for the 2019-2020 school year. A zest for distance running, a positive attitude, and running experience is a plus. Practice will start on August 5th and will run until the end of November. A stipend is available. Interested individuals should send a resume with references to Albert Caruana at

Friday, April 26, 2019

Upcoming Northern California Track and Field meets

Clash of the Titans at Skyline HS, April 27th. Results posted:

EBAL Trials on Saturday, April 27th

DAL EC Trials on Friday, April 26th

Others will be posted as I find them. If you have any links that you would like to add, feel free to post them below and I will add them to the above list.

Monday, April 22, 2019

No Stanford Invitational in 2019

Per the Stanford meets website:
Cross Country: The Stanford Cross Country Invitational will not be contested in 2019.

When the Stanford Invitational wasn't held two years ago, many suspected that this meet was on it's way out. With Stanford hosting Pac 12s last year, the meet made a one year return and it now appears that this meet will eventually vanish from everybody's schedule for the foreseeable future. Unless there is a coaching change to somebody that sees value in this meet, it appears that we will all be looking for another meet during that late September weekend. For us Division V teams, this was one of the few opportunities where we were able to race other teams our size and was a great preview of the state meet. I know many of us coaches/athletes will miss this meet. 

It has been confirmed that next year, the CCS meet will be held at the Crystal Springs course provided there are no air quality issues.

Lastly, I am going to start posting a preliminary schedule of cross country meets so if you have meets that you would like to add to the calendar, please post those below.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Sacramento Meet of Champions

Meet Preview (NEW):

Final accepted entries:

What will be the most competitive events? Who is ready to lay down a big mark (or two) before we head into the postseason? If you are competing at the meet, what events will you be participating in on Saturday?

Saturday, April 13, 2019

St. Helena sophomore Harper McClain

Winner of the 3200m at today's Granada Distance and Sprint Festival with a new best of 10:49.09. Harper McClain is a sophomore at St. Helena HS competing in her first high school track season and ran her first 2 races this season on March 26th. She recorded PRs of 5:10.3 and 10:52. The time she ran today in the 3200m now has her ranked 4th in NCS behind only Gabrielle Peterson-Healdsburg (10:25.15), Kelli Wilson-Monte Vista (10:34.28) and Kate Tavella-San Ramon Valley (10:46.91). A runner to follow in the next month or so.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

CCS Top 8 meet/Sacramento Meet of Champions

CCS Top 8 meet preview:

CCS Top 8 meet accepted entries:

Sacramento MOC accepted entries:

Also, live results from the following meets:
Del Oro:
Granada Distance & Sprint:

I will be posting a preview of the CCS Top 8 meet tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to comment on any of the most competitive events. It doesn't appear like the meet will have as many of the top competitors as it usually does and that may be because of the spring break dates this year. Nonetheless, it should be a great night of competition.

Photo of the week

While working on the CCS Top 8 meet preview, I noticed this one photo from last year's section final in the boys' 3200m. It was taken by Pietro Brezzo. Very cool. 

Feel free to share some of your favorite photos in the comment section below if you have a link. If you want to send the photo to me as an attachment, go ahead and do so to and I will be happy to post.

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