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Catching up with Bishop Kelly HS (Idaho) runner, Emily Nist...

The following interview was with David Taylor of xcnation.com.
Today's interview is with 4 time Idaho state 3200m. champion, Emily Nist of Bishop Kelly HS.   Her winning 3200m. time at the state meet (10:45.66) is the fastest time run by a high school girl in the state of Idaho.  Her 3200 PR came earlier this season at the Arcadia Invitational with a 9th place finish in 10:26.92.  During cross country, Emily qualified as an individual to the Nike Cross Nationals as a junior and to the Footlocker National Meet as a senior.

1. Three words that describe you and why?
Three words I would use to describe myself would be energetic, determined and passionate. I love to work hard to achieve my goals. When I love something, I develop a deep love for it and I always have LOTS of energy!

2. What does Passion mean to you, how does it apply to running and perhaps succeeding in life?
To me passion is finding something you love doing and having it not be work when you practice it. It can be applied to running because no matter how hard the workout or how early the run , running is my passion therefore I will always love/enjoy doing it.

3. How do you want to be remembered as a runner? An all-time great, a record breaker, or one of many? An example of something greater? 
I would like to be remembered as an all time great and record breaker, but most importantly a runner of good character and sportsmanship.

4. If you met an 8th grader transitioning into high school who dreamt of being a successful distance runner, what words of advice would you give to him? 
Thinking back to when I was in 8th grade and the dreams I had for myself regarding high school xc and track, I wouldn't have guessed many of my accomplishments. My words of advice would be: keep training honest. Meaning, keep the pace of your easy and recovery runs at a steady pace, not too easy cause then you are only cheating yourself. Also push yourself in workouts, imagining the finish of races. And lastly trust in your training and be patient and wait for it to work. It takes time before you get speed and endurance built up. Most importantly: stay positive and motivated.

5. Humility in all things...what does that phrase mean to you?
Humility in all things to me means showing class and sportsmanship in defeat and loss, accepting loss with grace. But also accepting a win with class as well. Humility means motivating all people and not belittling those who are worse than you. Acting mature and humble when talking about achievements. Humility is acting like a champion on and off the course/track.

6. Looking back, what is the most significant moment in your running career? 
I think the most significant moment in my running career was winning my 4th state 3200m title. No one in Idaho history had ever done that and I became the first and set a meet record, running the fastest time ever on Idaho soil.

7. What other sports have you played besides cross country and track and field? 
I played soccer until 7th grade which is when I quit for cross country and track. I also ski in the winter (downhill)

8. How did you get your start in running? 
My dad suggested running after I was getting tired of soccer.

9. What were some of your highlights from your high school career so far? 
Highlights include qualifying for NXN during my sophomore year with my team, and then qualifying for NXN as an individual my junior year and then qualifying for Foot Locker my senior year.

10. What is your favorite racing moment thus far? 
I have two favorite racing moments. One was at Arcadia this year and Jesuit Twilight Relays. Both races I ran much faster than my pr! I came across the finish line, looked at my watch and was totally shocked that I had just run that fast! I was filled with instant excitement and was so shocked with what I had just accomplished. It felt good to know that I was able to run that fast.

11. Tell us a little about your family and how they has helped you develop during your years in high school.
My biggest fans are definitely my dad and mom.  My dad acted as my coach until high school.  Once I was in high school, he took me to out of state meets, supported my decisions about racing and cheered me on! My mom comes to every meet, tells me I could do anything I wanted if I set my mind to it, and always makes sure I have a good spaghetti dinner in my stomach the night before races.

12. Your coach...how has he influenced your running, team? 
I could not have asked for a better high school coach. We were able to build a great relationship during the 4 years. From the moment I won my first race freshman year, he told me he believed I would go on to do great things and that he was going to do everything in his power to make me the best. I put my trust in him and his training and everything has turned out incredibly.

13. Favorite distance in track? Favorite run? Favorite invitational? Favorite opponent(s)? Favorite track workouts? Favorite run?
My favorite distance in track is the 3200! My favorite run is a 10 mile loop in McCall, ID (mountain trails) Favorite opponents: Girls from NXN or FL! Favorite track workout: 10x400 and in xc is 4x1000 loop. Favorite invitational: Arcadia!

14. What races are you most looking forward to as you look ahead to the rest of your track and field season? 
Done with track.  I am really excited for my first college invite though!

15. Running ultimately will not define who you are, how would you like to be defined? 
I would like to be defined as someone who had an incredible passion and determination for running, and a girl who loved life and lived to enjoy every moment and everyone.

16. Favorite running movie, running song, and favorite runner?
Favorite Running movie: Without Limits
Favorite Running Song: Second Coming by Juelz Santana
Favorite Runner: Kara Goucher

Thank you very much for your time!  AJC

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