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2013 CIF State Track and Field finals meet program

NorCal Finals Qualifiers in 1600m. and 800m.

Here are the qualifiers for tomorrow's finals in the 1600 and 800 meter races. Most of the big guns got through but so did some surprises which you can see below. What was the biggest surprise that made the finals in any of the four events listed below?

Preliminaries (1600)
1 Nikki Hiltz 12 Aptos/cc 4:50.70Q 1
1:09.779 (1:09.779) 2:26.085 (1:16.307) 3:41.499 (1:15.414)
3 Clare Peabody 11 Aptos/cc 4:51.00Q 1
1:10.176 (1:10.176) 2:26.507 (1:16.331) 3:41.773 (1:15.266)
4 Anna Maxwell 11 S Lrnz V/Cc 4:51.58Q 2
1:10.298 (1:10.298) 2:23.905 (1:13.607) 3:38.823 (1:14.919)
7 Sarah Robinson 11 Gunn/cc 4:51.44Q 1
1:09.977 (1:09.977) 2:26.244 (1:16.267) 3:41.325 (1:15.081)
11 Danielle Katz 12 Los Gatos/cc 4:54.71q 2
1:10.695 (1:10.695) 2:24.080 (1:13.386) 3:39.234 (1:15.154)
12 Maryann Gong 12 Granada/nc 4:55.48q 2
1:11.950 (1:11.950) 2:26.979 (1:15.029) 3:43.172 (1:16.194)

Preliminaries (1600)
3 Scott Edwards 11 Scotts V/ cc 4:13.42Q 2
1:02.305 (1:02.305) 2:09.603 (1:07.298) 3:13.697 (1:04.094)
5 Miguel Vasquez 12 Andrw Hll/cc 4:13.46Q 2
1:01.884 (1:01.884) 2:09.159 (1:07.276) 3:12.951 (1:03.792)
10 Clayton Hutchins 12 Drake /nc 4:14.00q 2
1:02.377 (1:02.377) 2:09.236 (1:06.859) 3:12.409 (1:03.174)
12 Yohaness Estifanos 12 Milpitas/cc 4:15.19q 1
1:04.330 (1:04.330) 2:09.456 (1:05.126) 3:13.972 (1:04.516)

Preliminaries (800)
3 Nijae Jones 12 San Lndro/nc 2:11.36Q 2
1:04.220 (1:04.220)
4 Nikki Hiltz 12 Aptos/cc 2:11.65Q 1
1:06.553 (1:06.553)
5 Heidi Fuhriman 9 Monte Vst/nc 2:12.00Q 2
1:04.631 (1:04.631)
6 Bianca Bryant 10 Piedmnt H/Cc 2:12.25Q 3
1:05.789 (1:05.789)
8 Jeanine Noordam 11 Pioneer/ cc 2:12.18Q 2
1:04.536 (1:04.536)
11 Faith Makau 12 Enochs 2:13.22q 1
1:07.437 (1:07.437)

Preliminaries (800)
3 Miguel Vasquez 12 Andrw Hll/cc 1:53.33Q 3 1:53.325
57.373 (57.373)
6 Adler Faulkner 12 Acalanes/nc 1:53.69Q 3
57.102 (57.102)
8 Maxwell Niehaus 12 Lowell/sf 1:53.26Q 1
56.984 (56.984)
10 Tim Layten 12 Carlmont/cc 1:53.19q 2
55.921 (55.921)

State Meet Program and Live Results

LIVE WEBCAST of California State Track and Field Meet

LIVE WEBCAST LINK courtesy of Time Warner Cable (Saturday's final from 6pm-10pm)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eugene Hamilton withdraws from state meet

It is with great sadness that I announce my decision not to participate in the upcoming CIF State Track Meet. I have been unable to train since my last race at the 2013 Arcadia Invitational, due to a number of persistent injuries to my left leg dating back to the week of April 8th.

In an effort to support my team, regardless of my fitness, I made the decision to compete in the WACC League Championships, Bayshore and the NCS Meet of Champions. I worked with my coaches to run tactical races designed to optimize my abilities and lessen the chances of further injury. Unfortunately, the back-to-back efforts at MOC worsened my injury and after consulting with my physical therapist last night, competing would only risk further complications to my left leg.

My commitment to the University of Arizona is now paramount and I will focus my efforts on reporting to school healthy and fit. I hope the timeliness of my announcement will allow another NCS athlete to compete in my stead.

I am thankful to the community for your support as this has been both a wonderful and yet very challenging year. I believe it will only make me a stronger competitor. I will work with a great team this summer to prepare me for the rigors of NCAA competition and look forward to reporting to a world class coach, James Li, with the goal of bringing home an NCAA championship.

Eugene Hamilton III

CSM track legend Berny Wagner dies

A legendary figure of the College of San Mateo track and field, and cross country programs, has died.

Berny Wagner died Monday after spending his last moments with his family.

Wagner’s career was nothing short of spectacular and is widely considered one of the greatest coaches track and field of all time.

Wagner’s first college coaching position was at College of San Mateo following thirteen years of teaching and coaching at high schools including San Mateo High School.

During his finals years, Wagner was retired and lived in Corvallis near Oregon State University. where he coached following his tremendous success at CSM.

During his three years at College of San Mateo, Wagner’s teams dominated the competition. The Bulldog track team won 29 out of 31 meets, the Golden Gate Conference Championship in 1964 and 1965, as well as the West Coast Relays Championship in 1964. His cross country teams posted similar success with 25 wins against only one loss and conference championships in 1963 and 1964.

Wagner was inducted in the CSM Hall of Fame in its innagural class.

To read the rest of this article, go to the following link:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Most anticipated event at the state meet?

Which event are you most looking forward to at the state meet this coming weekend?  Which is the most competitive running event?  Field event?  Can Amador Valley win the state title in the 1600m. relay?  I would have to go back and look but when was the last time a NorCal team won the boys' 1600m. relay?  How many events will NorCal win this weekend?  Could this be a record haul?  

Monday, May 27, 2013

Northern California Sections at the CA state TF meet

This could be a big year for Northern California athletes and teams at the California state Track and Field meet.  Looking at the performance lists heading into Friday's Trials, there are quite a few events with NorCal athletes ranked in the top 3 based on their section marks.

Events with NorCal athletes having #1 seed:
Girls' 1600m.-Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley (CCS) 4:42.57
Girls' 100m. Hurdles-Sasha Wallace Castro Valley (NCS) 13.73
Boys' 110m. Hurdles-Jalen Wright Bellarmine (CCS) 13.91
Girls' 400m.-Nia Dorner Cordova (SJS) 54.05
Boys' 400m.-Alexis Robinson (NCS) 47.03
Girls' 800m.-Nikki Hiltz Aptos (CCS) 2:09.50
Boys' 1600m. Relay-Amador Valley (NCS) 3:15.15
Girls' Triple Jump-Sasha Wallace Castro Valley (NCS) 41'8.5"
Boys' High Jump-Xavier Howell (SJS) 7'0"
Boys' Triple Jump-Jeffrey Prothro James Logan (NCS) 50'4"

Events with NorCal athletes with top 3 seed times/marks:
Boys' 400m. Relay-Castro Valley (NCS) 41.42
Girls' 1600m.-Nikki Hiltz Aptos (CCS) 4:44.93
Girls' 1600m.-Sarah Robinson Gunn (CCS) 4:48.41
Boys' 1600m.-Miguel Vasquez Andrew Hill (CCS) 4:12.48
Girls' 100m. Hurdles-Daria Cook Vacaville (SJS) 13.83
Girls' 100m. Hurdles-Pattriana Perry Vacaville (SJS) 13.99
Boys' 110m. Hurdles-Andre Lindsey Stagg (SJS) 13.96
Girls' 400m.-Madeline Price Menlo (CCS) 54.78
Boys' 400m.-Herbie Polk Maria Carrillo (NCS) 47.21
Boys' 400m.-Bryce Houston Rodriguez (SJS) 47.37
Girls' 800m.-Nijae Jones San Leandro (NCS) 2:11.21
Girls' 800m.-Bianca Bryant Piedmont Hills (CCS) 2:11.97
Boys' 800m.-David Aguilar Oak Grove (CCS) 1:52.15
Boys' 300m. Hurdles-Jalen Wright Bellarmine (CCS) 37.52
Boys' 1600m. Relay-Hercules (NCS) 3:16.59
Girls' Pole Vault-Greta Wagner Los Gatos (CCS) 13'0"
Girls' Pole Vault-Kylee Tregeser Ponderosa (SJS) 13'0"
Girls' Triple Jump-Jannell Hadnot Tokay (SJS) 40'7.75"
Girls' Triple Jump-Marisa Kwiatkowski Wilcox (CCS) 40'0"
Boys' Triple Jump-Nate Moore Castro Valley (NCS) 49'2.5"
Girls' 3200m.-Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley (CCS) 10:22.02

CCS Shot Put (Top 3 Throws)

1st Place throw-John Beering Serra HS

2nd Place throw-Joseph Illoa Homestead HS

3rd Place throw-Arnie Sambel Serra HS

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2013-CIF North Coast Section - Boys and Girls Track and Field Finals

Northern Section Highlights

CIF State Championship Performance Lists

Hutchins and Hamilton at the finish line at NCS MOC

North Coast Section MOC Coverage...

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4th place finishers at CCS, NCS and SJS meets

Now that NCS is down to 3 auto qualifiers to the state meet, I thought it would be interesting to compare the 4th place finisher from CCS, NCS and SJS (They all have 3 auto qualifiers now).  The 100/200 runners at the NCS meet had to run into a pretty stiff headwind which did slow them down a bit.  That same wind aided the horizontal jumpers.  

Girls Girls Girls Boys Boys Boys
100 12.37 12.74 12.37 100 11.07 11.20 10.95
200 24.70 25.39 25.52 200 21.97 21.92 22.21
400 56.89 56.53 56.09 400 49.01 47.71 49.14
800 2:13.29 2:13.81 2:15.59 800 1:52.94 1:55.28 1:55.80
1600 4:53.68 5:07.50 5:04.68 1600 4:16.54 4:16.40 4:15.94
3200 10:48.99 11:02.65 10:41.86 3200 9:21.83 9:22.77 9:25.84
100m. H. 15.21 14.71 14.93 110m. H. 14.69 14.91 14.80
300m. H. 44.73 45.29 44.17 300m. H. 38.51 39.62 38.86
400 Relay 49.38 48.53 48.60 400 Relay 43.37 42.41 42.43
1600 Relay 4:03.46 4:02.12 3:52.96 1600 Relay 3:23.95 3:18.17 3:20.84
Long Jump 17'0" 18'3.25" 18'2.75" Long Jump 22'10.5" 22'10.25" 22'11.25"
Triple Jump 36'6.75" 38'1.50" 38'7" Triple Jump 44'0.25" 46'10" 46'2"
High Jump 5'1" 5'5" 5'3" High Jump 6'3" 6'5" 6'5"
Shot Put 39'4" 37'4.5" 40'6.75" Shot Put 50'3" 52'6" 55'8"
Discus 115'11" 121'7" 123'4" Discus 150'8" 158'0" 156'7"
Pole Vault 12'0" 11'3" 11'6" Pole Vault 14'0" 13'9" 14'10"

CCS Track and Field Videos

Section Coverage...

Toney makes it look easy (NEW)
King City's Jessica Davis and Seaside's Jayla Scholis win CCS track and field titles (NEW)
Johnson pulls up in 200 meters, denied double at CCS meet (NEW)
Andrew Hill's Miguel Vasquez wins thrilling 1,600; Bellarmine's Jaylen Wright win both hurdles races (NEW)
Santa Cruz's Dion Shattuck raises the bar, heads to state in high jump (NEW)
State, here we come
Menlo's Price doubles down at CCS

Cheng soars to meet record (NEW)
Ibrahim, Polk lead pack at NCS finals (NEW)
Prothro Jr. sets meet record in triple jump
Rasmussen, Madson lone Marin County medalists on first day of Meet of Champions

Ellis tops Mitsch in sizzling 200; Granite Bay produces stunning boys 4x100 relay win; Dorner improves on state-best girls 400 mark and wins 200 (Video of entire SJS masters meet)
Atwater's Hoofard Masters champ in 300 hurdles
Two Vacaville High School hurdlers win Section Masters championships
Woodland pole vaulter Calhoun has Masters mentality
AmCan 4x100 boys relay team reaches state meet

Chico's Penick, PV's Whitburn state-bound after section final meet

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Section Meets Today!

I will be at the CCS meet at Gilroy High School today and will tweet as many results as possible.  You can find me on twitter at
The time schedule and the State At-Large Times are posted here:

The North Coast Section MOC Semifinals will take place today at Berkeley with the field events starting at 9:30am and the running events at 1pm.  The live WEBCAST of this meet can be found here:
NCS Results:

The Northern Section meet will take place today at West Valley High School with the field events starting at 4pm followed by the running events at 6pm.  All info for the meet can be found here:

The Sac-Joaquin Section meet will take place today at Elk Grove High School.  The results for yesterday's Semis and today's Finals can be found at this link:

The San Francisco Section meet will take place tomorrow at Kezar Stadium.  You can check out the competitors for tomorrow's meet at this link:

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Newspaper articles leading up to Section finals

SHP's Robinson will run for state berth instead of walking for his diploma (CCS) NEW
SHC track standout Lampkin dedicates season to late grandparents (CCS)
Milpitas High runners face area's best at CCS Trials (CCS)
Top track and field standouts eye CCS titles (CCS)
A look at the 2013 CCS track and field finals (CCS) Includes CCS Records if you are curious.
Bishop O'Dowd senior Eugene Hamilton III focuses on 1,600 (NCS)
Berkeley High's Diribe Abdo advances to the North Coast Section Meet of Champions (NCS)
Northern Section track, field finals could be big day for area athletes (NS)
Northern Section track events set to be wars (NS)
Local track and field athletes gear up for Section Masters championship (SJS)
Local athletes try to star at Masters (SJS)
Vying for state berths nothing new for Vintage track Masters qualifiers (SJS)
State is stated goal (SJS)

Bishop O'Dowd senior Eugene Hamilton III focuses on 1,600

By Phil Jensen:
Bishop O'Dowd High's Eugene Hamilton III was seriously contemplating dropping one of his two events for the rest of the postseason after competing in the 800 meters last Saturday at the North Coast Section Bay Shore Area Track & Field Championships.

But the Arizona-bound senior wasn't totally sure which of his events he would drop. Hamilton had a state-leading time of 1 minute, 50.19 seconds, in the 800 at press time, according to, and he said at last Saturday's meet that it was likely that he would drop the 1,600 meters.
Hamilton had a change of heart.

"(Bishop O'Dowd distance coach Andrew Cheng) and I discussed it, and we sort of decided that it would be a nice change of pace to go after the 1,600," Hamilton said. "Ultimately, it was my decision.

To read the rest of this article, go to the following link:

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2013 Track Chats: Meet 4:05 Miler Ben Malone

CCS Track and Field Prediction Contest

Send in your predictions to Please include the top 3 finishers for all events (running and field/boys and girls) as well as your predictions for the team champions along with their scores. If there is a tie, the team champions and scores will break those ties.

Your entries should look like this
Name: John Aki Bua Uganda HS Athlete (or coach/parent etc.)

Listed in order of finish (1st through 3rd)
Girls' 400m. Relay-James Logan, Long Beach Poly, St. Francis
Boys' 400m. Relay-
Girls' 1600m.-Jordan Hasay, Mary Decker, Yunxia Qu
Boys' 1600m.-
Girls' 100m. Hurdles-
Boys' 110m. Hurdles-
Don't forget the field events.

Let me know if you have any questions or have any suggestions for the contest.

The winner will be announced on Sunday, May 26th.

Any questions, let me know.

Albert Caruana

Here is a link that should help you:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sunday, May 19, 2013

CCS Entries and Lane Assignments (distance races will have the fastest runners on the outside but their hip numbers will be according to their times with the lowest numbers first)

CCS Prediction Contest will be posted tomorrow.  How well can you predict the winners and state meet qualifiers?  

North Coast Section 400m.

Quite a group this past weekend at the 3 NCS Area meets.  When was the last time that the NCS had 8 guys under 49 seconds?  Ever?
Frank Kurtz Heritage 47.85
Herbie Polk Maria Carrillo 47.79
Alexis Robinson Eureka 48.01
Christian Carter San Leandro 48.04
Andrew Kozel Healdsburg 48.10
Kevin Griffin De La Salle 48.26
LaVelle Hamlin Deer Valley 48.42
Josh Slaton Amador Valley 48.98
By the way, the at-large mark for the 400 is 48.59.

Northern California Sections Newspaper coverage...

22 Santa Cruz County athletes qualify for finals (CCS)
Menlo's Maddy Price lowers season-best time in 400 (CCS)
Hurdlers prepare for a fast race at the CCS finals (CCS)
SLV's Cody Johnson one of 11 Santa Cruz County athletes to advance to finals (CCS)
Emery High relay sets bar high at NCS Class A track meet (NCS)
Disqualifications steal the show at NCS Tri-Valley track championships (NCS)
Panther girls dominate NCS Redwood Empire track championships (NCS)
Sonoma well represented in NCS track (NCS)
Tam's Rasmussen and Kiles lead MCAL contingent at North Coast Section Redwood Empire meet (NCS)
Two Vanden High School track standouts win section titles (SJS)
Five individuals, two relay teams advance to track and field Masters Meet (SJS)
Winning 4x100 relay team leads Wolves' six Masters Meet qualifiers (SJS)
Rodriguez’s Houston, Reed capture SJS Division I 400 crowns (SJS)
Inderkum Senior Shows Dedication To Teammates (SJS)
Tokay leaper defends titles (SJS)
Led by Penick, Chico High wins section track and field title (NS)

Any other links?  Send them my way ( and I will add them to the list.

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NCS Meet results as posted in Contra Costa Times

CCS Semi-finals Results

NCS Class A Meet Results

Bayshore Results?  Anyone?  CCS results will be posted as soon as I get them.

NCS Tri-Valley Results

NCS Redwood Empire Results

CCS Live Track and Field results

You can find them on my twitter account at

I will post as many of the results as I can.

Healdsburg track excels by following the leader

HEALDSBURG -- They flocked to Maria Barragan, her track teammates did, attracted to her strength sheathed in humility. They knew of her pain, of her family situation, of so many excuses she could have made but didn’t. Barragan would scream from the treatment on the scar tissue in her lower legs, the treatment that happened three times a week for the last four months. Yet, the girls lean forward to hear her soft voice. Sweet as she is, Maria Barragan ain’t no cupcake.

“I want to be Maria,” said middle distance runner Bianca Nicastro.

The Healdsburg girls won the school’s first SCL track and field championship in 32 years last Saturday. They won 10 of 14 events. This year they established school records in nine events. One would think, armed with that information, this story is about winning. It isn’t. It’s about inspiration, the kind that comes, not from words, but from actions.

To read the rest of this article, go to the following link:

Friday, May 17, 2013

Ho hum...Mary Cain 4:04.62 1500m.

GryFUN Run tomorrow at Crystal Springs Uplands School

Not too late to sign up for the 5k run tomorrow at Crystal Springs Uplands School.  Lots of divisions and prices.  Might be a great way to finish your season if you are not racing at the CCS meet tomorrow.

You can find all info and registration at the following link:

Any questions, email me at

Newspaper coverage of section meets...

St. Joseph Notre Dame runner Louis Rodriguez signs with Seattle University of Washington

Louis Rodriquez (seated 2nd from right with brother Neal and parents flanked to the outside) one of the key cogs to the Pilots XC state championship team will run next year for Seattle University.

Sac-Joaquin Section Results

Division I
Division II-III (First day results.  Day two today)
Division IV-V

Monday, May 13, 2013

5 Star High Jump Camp

The 4th annual  *** 5 Star High Jump Camp ** will take place on June 20th & 21st at Saint Mary’s High School in Berkeley.  It is designed for intermediate and advanced high jumpers who are looking for improvement.  The 2 day camp will cover all aspects of high jumping... the approach, take-off and layout... as well as general and high jump specific plyometrics, drills, and specific weight-training exercises. Video will be taken of very athlete and an analysis of the video will be used to provide the best possible recommendations for each jumper.  Athletes will be presented with an instructional manual and DVD, complete with written evaluations, analysis and recommendations for each person.
         The camp will be limited to 8  -  10 jumpers to insure that every athlete is afforded specialized time with the coaches.    Admission to the camp is on a first come - first serve basis.   All participants must fill out a questionnaire and sign a liability waiver.  The camp is being run by former U.C. Berkeley All-American (and school record-holder - 7'5¾") Jeff Rogers, who is currently the coach at Saint Mary's High School .  Several of Rogers' former pupils, including 2004 California State Champion and 4 time NCAA All-American Ed Wright, current U.C. Davis high jumper Maurice Spikes, and former CAL jumper Aziza Baker will be the other camp clinicians. For more information about the camp and the clinicians, go to

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Catching up with Redwood HS runner, Fred Huxham...

Today we chat with Redwood HS junior, Fred Huxham (picture to the left has coach Jake Schmitt, Fred and coach Laura Schmitt).  While the Sir Francis Drake duo of John Lawson and Clayton Hutchins may get most of the headlines in the MCAL, Huxham has done more than held his own in both cross country and track and field.  This past cross country season, Huxham finished in 2nd place at the NCS Division III race and followed that up with a 3rd place finish at the state meet.  During this track and field season, Huxham has established new personal records in the 3000m. (8:38.15) with his 3rd place finish at the Stanford Invitational and finished in a solid 6th place at the Mt. SAC relays behind an impressive group of national class runners in the mile (4:15.63)

1. How did you get your start in running?
I first started racing when I was five in Piper Park but I didn’t get into running until third grade. In third grade, my teacher Jed Tukman created an elementary school cross country team in addition to our middle school team. I raced all through elementary school and middle school, mostly competing in the school races, but also raced in the USA Track and Field and AAU cross country races.

2. What other sports have you played besides cross country and track and field?
I tried baseball for a year but didn’t enjoy it. In eighth grade I played soccer for a season, but didn’t continue playing because I wanted to run in high school.

3. What sports did you do during your freshman year? Highlights?
During my freshman year I ran cross country and track. Most of my highlights came from track because I got injured before the post-season of cross country. I ran a 4:26 1600 and 9:49 3200 at our MCAL championships. I also qualified for the 3200 finals at the NCS Meet of Championships.

4. What about your sophomore seasons in xc and track? Highlights? Track PRs?
During my sophomore year, the highlight of my cross country season was getting seventh at the Stanford Cross Country Invitational in 15:49 and also qualifying for the State Championships from NCS as a team. The highlight of my sophomore season in track was running the 4x1600 at the Mt. Sac Relays. My track PRs for that season were 4:22 in the 1600 and 9:33 for the 3200.

5. Did you do anything differently going into your junior cross country season in terms of training or mileage?
Going into my junior cross country season, I ran 6-7 days a week over the summer. The Redwood team also traveled up to Tahoe for a week of altitude training. Dedicating myself to that training really helped me throughout the season.

6. What were your highlights and proudest accomplishments from your junior xc season?
I had many successes during my junior xc season. I won the junior race at the Earlybird Invitational, I placed second at Mt. Sac in 15:06, and I placed third at the CIF State Cross Country Championships in 15:29.6. Another highlight, that’s not really about my racing but is very special to me, is that my grandfather drew and helped design our new Redwood uniforms. Even though I’m graduating next year I know that a part of me is staying behind with those uniforms.

7. What was your weekly mileage during your winter training? Typical long run distance? Any workouts?
Usually we base our runs off time but I believe I ran between the high forties and low fifties in weekly mileage. My typical long run distance is between eleven and twelve miles. The workouts in the winter consisted of tempo runs and other base work.

8. What does a typical week look like for you now? Typical workouts? When do you do your long runs? What is the pace of most of your easy runs?
Right now, I’m beginning my taper for the post-season so a lot of the runs I’m doing now are a little bit shorter. Typically throughout the season though, Monday is an easy day, Tuesday is almost always a hard day, generally on the track, Wednesday can be a longer day or an easy day depending on the meet the next day, Thursday is our dual meet day, Friday is an easy day, Saturday is a hard day, again usually on the track, and Sunday is our long day. Our pace varies depending on how the week has been or how it will be, but for the most part we run 6:20 or 6:30 mile pace.

9. Tell us a little about your coaches and how they have helped you develop into the runner you are today.
Laura Schmitt is my primary coach and her son Jake Schmitt volunteers as an assistant on the weekends and at most of our meets. During my sophomore track season, Laura and Jake talked a lot about our boys’ team’s potential, not only for that season, but for the upcoming season as well. Honestly, I think those talks are what made everything click in my mind. I remember after Meet of Champions, Laura told me to get a running journal to write down my runs and my thoughts. I got the journal that day and wrote down what my goals were for the next season. I think both the talks our boys’ team got and writing down what I actually wanted from running really helped to motivate me for the cross country season my junior year.

10. What are your current PRs in track? Where did you run those PRs?
This season I ran 4:15.63 in the full mile at Mt. Sac. I ran the 3000 at Stanford in 8:38.15, and most recently I ran an 800 in 1:57.4 at the Redwood, Drake, Tamalpais dual meet.

11. Favorite track invitational? Favorite track distance? Favorite track workout? Favorite opponents? Favorite place to run? Favorite xc course?
My favorite track invitational is the Mt. Sac Invitational. Right now, I’m not sure what my favorite track distance is. My favorite track workout consists of usually two sets of 300, 200, 100. We do this workout for speed “tune-up” before meet days. My favorite competitors are probably John Lawson, Clayton Hutchins and also Will Baker-Robinson who graduated last year. My favorite place to run is definitely Mt. Tamalpais. I really enjoy running up at Sky Oaks on Mt. Tam. My favorite xc course is Mt. Sac. After the track meet at Mt. Sac, I cooled down on part of the course.

12. Anything else you would like to add.
Shout out to Jack Bullock who moved to Australia last year and thank you so much for the interview!

Thank you very much for your time Fred!  AJC

Saturday, May 11, 2013

NorCal Track and Field league results...

TCAL Results (NCS) NEW
WBAL Results (CCS at Gunn HS) NEW
H-DN Results (NCS at Fortuna HS (NEW)
WACC Results (NCS at Castro Valley HS) NEW
DFAL Results (NCS) NEW
BCL Results (NCS at Kezar) NEW
PAL Results (CCS at Terra Nova HS)
MCAL Results (NCS at San Marin HS)
EBAL Results (NCS at Monte Vista HS)
SCL Results (NCS at Elsie Allen HS)
NBL Results (NCS) Boys
NBL Results (NCS) Girls
Other NCS results and Oakland Section
Castro Valley's Sasha Wallace adds long jump to repertoire, wins WACC title (NCS)
Any others?  Email them to

Coming up, an interview with Redwood HS runner, Fred Huxham...

I will post it later tonight....PLUS...lots of league results.  If you have any, email them to me at

Plenty of story lines at Peninsula Athletic League track and field finals

More CCS Results

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

CCS Top Marks List - 2013

Former Alisal HS runner, Diego Estrada in this week's Sports Illustrated

2013 Preliminary California Cross Country Schedule

Below is the schedule for the 2013 Cross Country season.  If you see any errors, additions or can confirm any dates, please email me at  Bold meets are confirmed.

August 2013
8/23 Woodland Run On The Green at Woodland HS (SJS) - Meet Info
8/30 Jaguar Invitational at Eagle Lakes (SJS) - Email Benjamin Trombley
8/31 Oakmont Invitational at Maidu Park, Roseville (SJS) - Email Ryan Nugent
8/31 Dennis Dewitt Inv. at Town Country Park, Madera (CS) Email Rich Parris
TBA Lodi Flame Invitational at Lodi Lake (SJS) Cancelled

September 2013
9/3 Monte Vista Inv at Oak Hill Park, Danville (NCS) Email Mike Davis
9/4 Del Oro Opening Night Invitational at Del Oro HS, Loomis (SJS) Meet Info
9/5 Toro Park Jamboree at Toro Park Salinas (CCS) Email Alan Green
9/6 Whitney Invitational at William Jessup Univ. (SJS) Email Mark Snow
9/7 Cougar Classic at Upper Lake HS (NCS) Email Coach Woods
9/7 Willow Hills Relays at Willow Hill Reservoir, Folsom (SJS)
9/7 Lagoon Valley Classic (12th annual) (SJS)
9/7 Earlybird Invitational at Toro Park, Salinas (CCS) Meet Info
9/7 The Great Cow Run at Cerritos Regional Park (SS) Email Jason Watanabe
9/7 Colton Swarm Invitational (SS) Email Scott Sunderland
9/7 Fastback Shoot-Out at Mt. SAC, 2-mile course (SS)
9/7 Braves Invitational at Norte Vista HS (SS) Meet Information
9/7 Don Bosco Tech Invitational at Santa Fe Dam (SS) Email Salvador Perez
9/7 Stockton Races at American Legion Park (SJS)
9/13 Las Plumas Invitational (NS) Meet Info
9/13 Yreka Elks Invitational at Hreenhorn Park (NS) Email Pam Borg
9/14 Sierra Invitational (SJS)
9/14 Ed Sias Inv at Hidden Valley Park, Martinez (NCS) Email Chuck Woolridge Meet Info
9/14 Lowell Invitational at Golden Gate Park (SFS) - Meet Info
9/14 Chieftain Invitational at Toro Park (CCS) 
9/14 Morro Bay Invitational (SS) Email Chuck Ogle
9/14 Laguna Hills Invitational at Laguna Hills HS (SS) - Meet Info, Email Chris Lynch
9/14 Viking Opener, Santa Rosa (NCS)
9/14 Nevada Union Invitational (SJS) - Meet Info
9/19 Hughson SuperCross (SJS) - Meet Info
9/20 Mt. Shasta Invitational (NS)
9/20 Scott Bauhs Invit'l at Shadow Cliffs Reg'l Park (NCS) Meet Info
9/20/21 Woodbridge-Estancia-Costa Mesa Cross Country Classic at Estancia HS (SS) Meet Info
9/21 Jim White/McFarland Invitational (CE) - Meet Info
9/21 De La Salle/Carondelet Nike Invl at Newhall Park, Concord (NCS) Email Kevin Selby
9/21 Oak Ridge Trojan Invitational (SJS) - Email Mike Ong and Rob Fairley
9/21 Bret Harte Frogtown Invitational (SJS) Email Keith Maurer 
9/21 Farmer Invitational at Hayward HS (NCS) Email Kristy Prasad 
9/21 Ghebray Invit'l at Quarry Lakes Reg'l Park, Fremont (NCS) Email Lee Webb
9/21 Yolo County Championship at Muller Vineyards (SJS) Email Chuck Bruns
9/21 Inside Track Ojai Invitational at Lake Casitas (SS) Email Dave Settem
9/27 Mt. Whitney Invit'l at Mooney Grove Park, Visalia (CE)
TBA Central Park Invitational at Central Park (CCS)
9/28 Nike Pre-Nationals at Portland Meadows, Oregon - Meet Info
9/28 Pacific Tigers Invitational at Elkhorn Golf Course, Stockton (SJS) - Meet Info 
9/28 Stanford Invitational at Stanford Golf Course (statewide) - Meet Info
9/28 Westmoor Ram Invitational at Westmoor HS (CCS) Email Ron Dimaggio
9/28 Lancer Classic at Rancho Jurupa Park (SS) Email Brad Peters

October 2013
10/5 Artichoke Invitational at Half Moon Bay HS (CCS) Meet Info
10/5 Del Oro 4000 at Del Oro HS, Loomis (SJS) Meet Info
10/5 Palos Verdes Invitational at Palos Verdes HS (SS) Meet Info
10/5 Staub/Barnes Inv @ Crescenta Valley Park, La Cres. (SS)
10/5 Brea Invitational at Carbon Canyon Regional Park (SS) Email Jeremy Mattern
10/5 Pacific Grove Inv at Pacific Grove HS (CCS) Meet Info
10/5 Wildfire Invitational at Foresthill HS/Old Foresthill Sawmill (SJS) Email Jeff Gallero
10/11 West Valley CoEd Inv at West Valley HS, Cottonwood (NS) Email Scott Fairley
10/12 Clovis Invitational at Woodward Park, Fresno Meet Info
10/12 Castro Valley Trojan Invitational at Canyon MS (NCS) Email Peter Brewer
10/12 Serra Invitational @ Crystal Spring Course, Belmont (CCS) Meet Info
10/12 Inland Empire Challenge at Glen Helen Reg'l Park (SS)
10/12 Woodlake Invitational (CE)
10/12 Yoshaany Rahm Invitational at Ukiah HS (NCS) Email Chad Raugewitz
TBA Mudville Invitational at Stockton Soccer Complex, Stockton (SJS)
TBA River Valley Falcon Invitational at Riverfront Park, Marysville (SJS)
10/15 Jim Tracy Cross Country Challenge, Lindley Meadow, Golden Gate Park (NCS)
10/17 Crystal Springs Center Meet at Crystal Springs Course (CCS) Email Bill Daskarolis
10/18 McDonald's RoughRider Invit'll @ Woodward Park (CE) Email Jon Steinmetz
10/18/19 Monterey Bay Invitational at Toro Park (CCS) Email Alan Green
10/19 Rockin' Rubidoux Invitational (SS) 
10/19 Orange County Champs at Irvine Reg. Park (SS)
10/19 Bella Vista Bronco Invitational at Willow Hills Course, Folsom (SJS) Meet Info
10/24 Crystal Springs Center Meet at Crystal Springs Course (CCS) Email Bill Daskarolis
10/25/26 Mt. SAC Invitational @ Mt. SAC, Walnut (statewide) - Meet Info
10/26 Dog Days of Fall Invitational, Cajon (SS)

November 2013
11/7 Madera South Invitational at Lions Town and Country, Email Rich Parris/Marty Bitter
11/16 Southern Section Prelims at Mt. SAC (SS) 
11/16 Central Coast Section Finals at Crystal Springs Course, Belmont (CCS)
11/20 San Francisco Section Finals at Golden Gate Park (SFS)
11/20 Oakland Section Finals at Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland (OAK) Tentative
11/21 Central Section Finals at Woodward Park, Fresno (CE)
11/23 Los Angeles City Section Finals at Pierce College (LAS)
11/23 North Coast Section Meet of Champions at Hayward High School (NCS)
11/23 San Diego Section Championships at Balboa Park, San Diego (SDS)
11/23 Southern Section Divisional Championships at Mt. SAC (SS)
11/30 CIF State Championships at Woodward Park, Fresno (statewide)

December 2013
12/7 Footlocker West Regional at Mt. SAC (Statewide) - Meet Info
12/7 Nike Cross Nationals at Portland, Meadows - Meet Info
12/14 Footlocker National Championship at Balboa Park - Meet Info

Monday, May 06, 2013

Athlete Interview - Kayla Ferron of Redondo Union

If you’ve been following the big track and field meets in California this spring, you know the name “Redondo” is synonymous with relay dominance. The Redondo Union girls have been particularly successful, winning three invitational relay events at the famed Arcadia Invitational alone – The 4x800, Sprint Medley Relay, and Distance Medley Relay. In each of those winning efforts, senior Kayla Ferron played a key role.

Kayla is also a standout on the cross country team, running with Seahawks state qualifying team all four years. But Kayla is a force individually as well. She currently holds the #3 800 mark (2:12.67) and #7 Mile mark (4:55.97) in California. I caught up with Kayla after the Bay League Finals, where she won the 1600 and moved on in the 800 and the 4x400 relay. Her next stop will be the CIF Division 2 Prelims at Moorpark High School this Saturday.

On this day in 1954, Roger Bannister became the first man to break the 4 minute mile...

I believe I read somewhere that 1600 men have broken the barrier since with 400 being American runners. The last American to break the 4:00 barrier was Robbie Andrews.

Ok, I found the source. and Larry Eder:
"On May 6, 1954, at the Iffley Road Track at Oxford University, Roger Bannister, paced by Chris Brasher and Chris Chataway, became the first man to break four minutes for the mile, with his time of 3:59.4.

In 2013, 59 years later, there are 400 Americans who have now broken 4 minutes (Robbie Andrews as 400th, Don Bowden was first American, in 1957), and approximately 1600 men who have broken the four minute mile. Sir Roger Bannister was the first man to do the feat, and in his mid-80s, remains one of athletics great ones. #subfourmile, #bringbackthemile"

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Golden West Invitational

Change of venue/format plus travel compensations.  Worth looking into all the information for the meet.

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