Monday, March 31, 2014

2008 CA State Championships Girls 3200M

One of the greatest head to head battles at the CA state Track and Field meet.  Check out the vidoes below as two girls dip well under 10 minutes.  The start is on part 1, the finish is on part 2 and the post race interview is on part 3.

Bannister Everest on the Track

Here is the link to how you can donate toward the marketing and distribution of the documentary:

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Northern California Invitational Results

CCS F/S Top 8 Meet Results

Gillian Meeks Gunn HS 1600m. 4:58.34  (Old Record-Ciara Viehwig SI 5:06.07 2003)
Maya Miklos Gunn HS 300m. Hurdles 45.74 (Old Record-Christine Reed Los Gatos HS 46.36 2006)
Kathyn Mohr Menlo Atherton Pole Vault 12'2" (Old Record-Natasha Barthel St. Francis 12'1" 2005)
Caice Lanovaz Los Gatos Triple Jump 36'3.75" (Old Record-Tinishia Johnson Mitty 35'6.75" 1998)

Lauren Jacob Los Altos HS nearly set new 3200m. record.  Her time of 10:56.64 just missed the current meet record of Alicia Follmar Saratoga HS 10:56.28 from 2003.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Bella Vista Distance Carnival Results

Sub 5/Sub 6 Challenge reminder

Dear Coaches,
 Just a reminder that our next update for the ‘Sub 5/Sub 6 challenge’ will be in early April.  I know many of you (in Illinois) are just finishing up the indoor season, so if you have any new updates, please send them our way.

Please include the following information:

-Name of athlete
-Time they ran (in the 1600 or 3200)
-Location of race or time trial
-Date of race or time trial

Please also let us know if this athlete is NEW to your previous list, or if they are an athlete who was already on the list that now has a faster time.

Send your results to myself and Mike Newman ( ).

Thank you for your participation!

Here are current standings:

Thursday, March 27, 2014

'Jeopardy!' Goes to the Track

If you missed it last night, Jeopardy had an Olympic Track and Field Category.  Go to the this link and you better get 5 out of 5.  Scroll down slowly.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Photo of the Week (definitely not the weak!)

This race took place this weekend at the Centennial Invitational in Colorado and you can check out the video of the race here courtesy of  A MUST watch!

If you ever decide to complain about the weather in any CA track race, don't.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

adidas Meet of Champions Dream Mile Qualifier 3/22/2014

Check out John Hogan's fantastic finish to go from 12th place with 500m. to go to finish 2nd.  Unofficially about 58 seconds for last lap.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Best workout you have had so far this season

What did you do?  What were your paces?  How much rest?  What was your warm-up?  Cool down?

The workout schedule to the left is from Brenda Martinez.  Google her name if you don't know her.  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New CCS record for Piedmont Hills in SMR

Piedmont Hills (Timarya Baynard, Tammy Nguyen, Reonna Collier, Bianca Bryant) breaks the CCS Sprint Relay record with a time of 4:06.03 that was held by Leigh (4:07.68 in 2010) at the New Balance Indoor Championships.

Thanks to Hank Lawson and for the link.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Catching up with Lowell HS senior, John Hogan...

Today we chat with Lowell HS senior, John Hogan.  As the season quickly nears the halfway point, Hogan has established himself as a runner to watch in Northern California.  He started out the season at the Big Cat Invitational winning the 3200m. in a new PR of 9:50.57.  He followed that up with an even more impressive double victory at the K-Bell Invitational as he won the 800m. in 1:55.46 (2nd fastest time in state) and followed that up with a 1600m. first in 4:21.48.  At the just completed Dublin Distance Fiesta, Hogan won the 1600m. in 4:20.34 (14th fastest in state) and crushed his 3200m. PR with a 9:26.34 in the 9th heat.  His time placed in 8th place overall surpassing 16 of the competitors in the fast heat.  

1) How did you get your start in running?  What other sports have you played besides cross country and track and field?
I've always been athletic. I played soccer as a child, basketball in middle school, and I have always loved to play pick-up football. But I am too short, too thin, and can not shoot well enough to play competitive ball. So when I was cut from the local club basketball team, I realized I had to stray away from the sport, so in turn I joined the local club track team, Team Onalysis, which competes in the summer. My first race was the 100m, I tripped out of the blocks and got last.

2)  What events did you do as a freshman on the Lowell HS Track and Field team?
During my freshmen and sophomore years, I ran the 100m, the 200m, the 400m, and the 800m a few times. I continued to run summer track after my high school seasons. Since the summer was much more competitive in the sprinting events, I performed relatively better in the 800m. My freshmen summer I ran a 2:04. My sophomore summer I ran a 1:58. Both of which were at USATF Junior Olympic Nationals.

3)  When did you run your first distance race?  How was that experience?
My first distance race was an 800m. It's probably my most vivid memory of running yet. It was late in my freshmen year. One of my best friends at the time had just committed suicide that previous week before the invitational. I decided to run anyway. I got out slow, I was in like 6th or 7th with 200m to go, the guy in first only had about 130m to go. I was tired as hell and that's when I realized two things. First: In distance running, all you want to do is give up. Quitting was a sensitive subject in the lives of me and my friends at the time. So in my mind I asked my passed friend, look man give me something, and that brings me to my second realization: I have a pretty mean kick. I felt a strong boost in my legs, I picked up the pace, and I ended up winning my first distance race with a lean at the line, with a 2:12.

4)  From your first two years on the Track and Field team, what do you feel were your best races and proudest accomplishments?
It feels like forever ago, but first I am proud of my two JV medals in the 400m and then the 4x400m. People say well what if you ran distance all four years. I say yeah maybe but perhaps those two years gave me some quality speed training, which has gone a long way at the end of races -- who knows. My second would probably be in the summer of my freshmen year. I had a 2:12 800m going into the USATF Junior Olympic Nationals Qualifying meet, which happened to fall on the same weekend which my family goes on our annual camping trip. My mom said, hey John look since you probably won't qualify how about you just skip it and come camping. I said no way this was my chance, I ended up running a 2:04 -- an 8 second pr, third place, which was just good enough to qualify as it was a top four qualify meet, I passed about 5 people on the last curve. I have continued to surprise people since.

5)  What led to your decision to join the cross country team as a junior?  Highlights and proudest accomplishments from your junior and senior seasons?
My fast progression in the 800m and my slow progression in the 400m, along with advice from my godfather Ron Elijah, who is the current record holder of the Dipsea cross country race, convinced me to take the scenic route of competitive running. I joined cross country, and I have no intention of turning back, as I quickly found success in the longer events.
My biggest accomplishments have yet to come, but some foreshadows would definitely be: running a sub 4:20 in only my 5th 1600m, anchoring a school record 4x800m with a 1:56 to run a 7:57, and anchoring a school record in the 4x400 with a 50.7, running a 9:26 in only my third 3200m ever -- really my first with effort -- and opening my senior season with a 1:55, which is currently ranked second in the state.

6)  What was your training like over the winter period to prepare for your senior track and field season?
Junior year's winter I ran an average of 40 miles a week. Senior year's winter I ran an average of 60 miles a week. I typically take one day off. And I don't just believe in mileage, I believe in quality mileage. I redefined your typical runner's blog's "easy run" to "medium run" because I believe you should save your easy runs for after your race or interval workout when you can't breath. Otherwise you should be pushing yourself past threshold to improve. On Sundays, a buddy and I would run 10+ miles. And then during the week we ran twice a day: 3 miles at lunch, and then at least 7 miles after school.

I also weight lifted quite a bit, primarily olympic lifting as well as plyometrics and core work.

7)  Favorite XC course?  Favorite XC invitational?  Favorite XC workout?  Favorite long run?  Favorite track and field Invitational?  Favorite track workout?
 I've only ran about 6 XC races 4 of them at my local course which is awfully hilly. So I would have to go with Woodward Park, where state meet was held. Although, I wish I could have had a more experience on it. My favorite XC workout would probably be our long tempo run which is about 10 miles total, it is on a path that goes along the beach which is nice, but I particularly like it because it is one if the few places to run in San Francisco where you aren't confronted with a gigantic hill. I'd usually run 6:15 min pace on the first half, take a couple minutes break, then drop a bit below 6 on the way back.
My favorite track and field invitational so far would be the Stanford Invitational, we ran a 4x800 there and got second by less than a second. The atmosphere there is awesome and you are surrounded by top level collegiate athletes and their coaches so the pressure is on, and I think that really brings up the performances of the high shoolers. Also obviously because it is a beautiful track and campus too.
My favorite track workout would definitely be an interval ladder. Like 200, 400, 800, 1200 a few times. That way you get to show off the speed but you also have to go the distance. It really gives you a well rounded fatigue close to that of a race.

8)  What are your current PRs?  What do you feel is your best race and your best chance to place the highest at the state meet?
400 (split) - 50.7
800- 1:55
1600- 4:19
3200- 9:26
Well to be honest I have no idea. It is all so new to me. Both 1:55 and 9:26 felt easy. I feel like I have potential to bring down both of those times. So I think the obvious compromise is to run the mile which is a combination of the two skill sets. This weekend I have my most competitive race yet, the Adidas Meet of Champions'1600m. This race will be a huge indicator of what I should plan to do for the rest of the season, and ultimately state meet. I really feel like whatever I choose I will be the biggest dark horse in the field, cause at the end of any of those events I know I can hang with the best.

9)  Tell us a little about your track and field coach Andy Leong and how he has helped get to where you are today.
I can't express how lucky I am to have Coach Andy. He has been doing this for decades, he has seen it all, and most importantly he loves his job. On the surface someone might think he's hot headed, but once you get to know him that is just a result of his passion and love for the sport. You could be a state champion or a 5:00 miler either way he knows your name, your status, and all your splits. He makes every kid feel like they have a duty to perform, even if it is not for points. He only gives credit where it is due, and that makes every kid feel like they need to maximize their own potential. We are a public school team, we do not get funding from the school. Instead, Andy raises tens of thousands of dollars for the team, which provides us, 100 kids, all with the opportunity to go to an invitational every weekend, and even take a trip down to Socal. Andy is very polished at making sure an athlete progresses at an efficient rate, and peaks when the race matters. What makes Andy so special is that he actually cares. His contribution to the team and the kids makes him not only a great coach, but a great man.

10)  What would you say are the three most difficult workouts that you have done either this year or last year during track?  Include pace and rest.
So far I'd say the three toughest workouts so far were
10 x 300m very steep hills. cycling  easy, medium, hard effort. one:one rest. Did not time the sets though.
6 x 800m intervals at one:one rest. Average 2:15. We plan to eventually bring that pace down to 2:08.
4 x 1200m intervals at one:one rest. Average 3:24.

11)  What races are you most looking forward the rest of this season and what are some of your goals that you would like to share?
I'm really looking forward to my 1600m at the Adidas Meet of Champions, 4x800 at Stanford, whatever I decide to do at Arcadia, and of course State meet. My current goals are sub 1:53 in the 800, 4:10 in the 1600m, sub 9:15 in the 3200, and ultimately medal at State.

12)  Anything else you would like to add.
Huge thanks for covering high school track, makes it much more exciting for everyone to follow. You're website is awesome.

Thank you very much for your time John!  AJC

Interview with Greg Potter: Speed and Strength Training

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Interviews with DDF girls 1600m. and 3200m. winners

First interview is with girls 1600m. winner, Kendall Derry of Bella Vista HS.  She won in a new meet record of 5:06.04.

1)  What was your plan going into your 1600m. and 800m. races?
My plan going into the 1600 was to be patient and wait for the right opportunity to try to pull ahead. In this case it happened to be the last lap, which I saved just enough energy to make it a speed race at the end. For the 800, the race dictated the pace. I used the first lap to get where I need to be to be competitive in the 2nd lap. My plan for the year is to prepare myself for the bigger races at the end of the season.

2)  Can you take us a bit through your own races and how they unfolded for you?
Both of my races I didn't really know who or what I was going up against. I just ran my race and paced myself off of the other people in my race.

3)  What is your current weekly mileage?  Length of long run?  What workouts have you done recently? Doing anything different this year compared to other seasons?  
My current weekly mileage is 30-35 miles a week. My long run is usually around 9 miles. Some of the workouts we've done recently are progression long runs and speed workouts, the most recent one being a 4 by (600,100 jog, 300, 400 rest). The only thing we're really doing different this year from last year is more strength training.

4)  Can you tell us a little bit about your coach and how he has helped you through your running career?
Coach Melanie Cleland and Coach Mike Gottardi really know what they're doing. They ran throughout college and they understand how to train us so that we peak at the end of our season, when the most important races come up. They teach me strategy as well as encourage me.

5)  What is your next big race for you?
My next big race is the Stanford Invitational. I'm looking forward to running in it with my teammates.

6)  How long have you and your twin sister been involved in running?  
Kaitlin and I ran track in 5th grade and 7th grade, but we didn't really start running seriously until we joined the Buffalo Babes Running Club in 8th grade.

The 2nd interview is with Brooke Starn of Monte Vista.  She won the girls 3200m. in 11:01.16 defeating a group of some of the top 3200m. runners in NCS.

1)  What was your plan going into your 3200m. race?
My plan was to run the first mile around 5:25 with relatively even splits and try to keep the second mile right around there or slightly faster. I had already run 10:54 at Dan Gabor and was aiming for closer to 10:50.

2)  Can you take us a bit through your own race and how it unfolded for you? 
The first mile was on pace, but the fourth lap started to slip. The next few laps were a few seconds off pace still, so I realized that 10:50 wasn't going to happen that day so I just tried to run to win.

3)  What is your current weekly mileage?  Length of long run?  What workouts have you done recently? Doing anything different this year compared to other seasons?  
Depending on the week I am usually between 5:30 and 6:30 hours with my long run being 1:20-1:30. Recently I've  done many different tempo workouts and have been using league meets as my faster workout of the week. My overall volume this year and in the off season is higher than it has been in previous seasons.

4)  Can you tell us a little bit about your coach and how he has helped you through your running career?
We've had some coaching changes this year, including Coach Davis becoming our head coach instead of just being in charge of the distance team. In spite of that, Coach Davis always makes time to talk to me specifically about my plan,  workouts, goals, and is always willing to take the time to make sure I have a full understanding of why we are doing certain workouts or plans. I love learning about the science behind our sport so this approach really helps me.

5)  What is your next big race for you?
My next big race is Stanford Invite.

Brooks PR mile added to this year's Mt. SAC Relays!

Sarah Robinson winning 3k in meet record St. Francis Invitational

Thanks to Valley Christian SJ coach, Josh Small.  Robinson's time of 9:49.94 breaks the previous meet record of 10:03.09 by Scotts Valley's Vanessa Fraser.  2nd place runner, Gillian Meeks Robinson's teammate, also broke the previous meet record with her 10:02.49.  Robinson also break the meet in the mile with a time of 4:56.54.  The previous meet record of 4:57.90 dated back to 1984.

Dublin Distance Fiesta Boys' 3200m. splits for leaders

65.93 1st lap Goltra, Aidan
71.21 2:17.14 2nd lap Olson, Todd
70.32 3:27.46 3rd lap Goltra, Aidan
70.33 4:37.79 4th lap Olson, Todd
72.14 5:49.93 5th lap Arias, Gabe
71.93 7:01.86 6th lap Arias, Gabe
68.17 8:10.03 7th lap Hurlock, Blair
60.70 9:10.73 8th lap Huxham, Fred

Friday, March 14, 2014

2014 CA State XC Team Entries Now Posted

Changes from last season:
NCS Division III +1
SJS Division III -1

CCS Division IV -1
CCS Division V -1
NCS Division II -1
NCS Division IV +1
NCS Division V +1
NS Division IV +1
SDS Division II +1
SDS Division IV -1

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Anna Maxwell rolls at San Lorenzo Valley vs Scotts Valley tri-meet

You can check out the results at this link.  Her 1600m. time surpassed the winning time for the boys' race.

Girls' 1600m. race (CA and National leading time)

Here is her 800m. race:

Dublin Distance Fiesta Meet Preview by Dublin HS coach, Chris Williams

Dublin Distance Fiesta Meet Preview

You now have the time schedule, heat sheets, introductory letter and meet preview.  Now it's your turn to predict the fastest runners and teams from each event.  Who will have the fastest time in girls' 1600, boys' 1600, girls' 800, boys' 800, girls' 3200, boys' 3200, girls' DMR and boys' DMR?  Names and times.  Go!

Welcome to the Dublin Distance Fiesta by De La Salle coach, John Pelster

Welcome to the 2014 Dublin Distance Fiesta!

For those of you who are returning to this event, you need no introduction to the magic of the day. For those of you who are newcomers, you are in for a fantastic, first rate, distance running extravaganza!

What makes the Distance Fiesta a favorite in the Bay Area? Why do teams come back year after year? Why has the growth of'this event been so remarkable? I believe it comes down to two factors that combine to'make the meet a wonderful experience for each athlete at the Dublin Distance Fiesta: the atmosphere and the competition.

The Distance Fiesta has a positive vibe, an electricity that puts athletes, coaches, and spectators alike in an enjoyable space. From the music, to the food, to the helpful volunteers, to the colorful Tshirts, to the winners' sombreros, to the wacky pants worn by gracious host and  meet director Chris Williams, it's impossible not to have a good time at the Fiesta!

The competition is also superlative. Because the heats of the races, the 1600s, 800s, and 3200s,
are seeded with athletes of'similar performance levels, every athlete in every heat has the opportunity to run at the front, be competitive, and go for the victory. The result of this  competitive cauldron is lots PRs for the athletes and thrilling races for the lucky spectators.

As an athlete, I wish I could have had the chance to participate in an event like the Dublin Distance Fiesta. As a coach, I am grateful that my athletes can test themselves against excellent  competition in a top notch venue; I look forward to this meet every spring. As a parent, I am  thankful for the multitude of hours and the hard work behind the scenes that goes into making an event like this the best place that a young person can be.

Best of luck to all the athletes at the track today, and throughout the season. May you race with fortitude, and may every contest be a learning experience.

Now, let’s get this Fiesta started!

John Pelster
De La Salle High School

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Track and Field Championships returns to Sacramento (News report included) Hornets Stadium will get $1.2 million makeover.

California Milesplit Is Hiring!

Your help is needed!  California Milesplit is looking for videographers, photographers, and editors to cover the action through the state.  Please contact Kevin Selby -

East Bay Invitational Fantastic Finish in girls 4 x 800m.

Photo by Mark-Phillip Buesa

FAT results (First four teams):
1 Monte Vista  'A'                                   10:07.27   10:07.264
  2 Miramonte  'A'                                     10:07.27   10:07.267
  3 Las Lomas  'A'                                     10:07.32
  4 Amador Valley  'A'                                 10:08.67

9th Grader Meredith Corda ekes past unidentified Miramonte runner and Las Lomas 10th grader, Chloe Hansel.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dublin Distance Fiesta Schedule and Heat Sheets

Dublin Distance Fiesta Time Schedule (includes meet records)
Dublin Distance Fiesta Heat Sheets (all 95 races)

PREDICT the boys 3200m. fast heat winner and time in the comment section below.

Heat: 10 (with PRs)
Arias_Sheriden, Gabe 12 St. Joseph Notre Dame 9:22.27
Burke, Colin 11 Bishop O'Dowd 9:46.86
Chance, Edward 11 Del Campo 9:21.92
Childs, Drew 11 Bella Vista 9:30.37
Ehrenberg, Andy 10 Redwood 9:46.69
Goltra, Aidan 12 Campolindo 9:10.26
Hurlock, Blair 12 De La Salle 9:11.47
Huxham, Fred 12 Redwood 9:33.53
Intravaia, Jason 12 San Ramon Valley 9:38.88
Kinney, James 12 Marin Academy 9:43.16
Kurdy, Sean 10 Jesuit 9:47.27
Marshall, Logan 12 Half Moon Bay 9:26.83
Meijer, Tucker 11 Bellarmine 9:42.31
Melendez, Andrew 12 Bishop O'Dowd 9:32.15
Olson, Todd 12 Livermore
Pedrotti, Max 12 Christian Brothers 9:45.78
Reinhart, Trevor 11 Marin Academy First Track & Field season
Sasser, Alex 11 Bellarmine 9:52.40
Schumann, Matthew 11 De La Salle 9:29.63
Seidel, Matthew 12 Bellarmine 9:41.28
Sum, Steven 11 Saratoga 9:18.97
Tu, Cameron 12 Alameda 9:22.10
Williams, Luke 12 De La Salle 9:31.25

Monday, March 10, 2014

2014 Track and Field Notebook #6

Darting here and there...

San Lorenzo Valley HS at K-Bell Invitational (Santa Cruz Sentinel-scroll down)
San Rafael Twilight Relays 4 x 800m. Co-Ed Relay Finish (Photo by Thomas Benjamin)
Jim Ryun: High School Training Methods in 1960's
Warning! Read Before Running! (Christian Brothers Academy coach, Christopher Bennett)
Lesson 1: How to do Running Activation Drills
The Ragged Edge: A Runner Chasing Greatness Finds His Muse (Awesome read)
A formula for human excellence: Mike Young at TEDxCalgary
1948 - Guinn Smith - Pole Vault - London Olympics (14'1.25" vault on bamboo pole)
Former Livermore HS runner Becky Spies in Villanova Hall of Fame
Twenty Seconds of Pain by Billy Mills
"Where Are They Now" Former Novato HS runner, Erik Olson (Should runners static stretch? Should you take an ice bath? and much more)
The Fittest Cities in the United States (at #2, San Francisco CA)

Feel free to add similar links in the comment section below.

Northern California Track and Field Invitational Results

Dublin Distance Fiesta Event Schedule - New Start Time

A note from meet director Dublin HS coach, Chris Williams
Hello Coaches,
We are very excited to announce that we have nearly 1500 student athletes and over 50 high schools competing at this year's version of the Dublin Distance Fiesta!  This is up from our previous records of 1100 and 43, respectively.  Therefore, we will be having 95 total heats (up from our previous record of 68) which means two and a half more hours of fun than previously planned!  We will now be starting at 10:35 AM and still be concluding at 9:00 PM.  The attached event schedule and more information can be found throughout the week at

A few of you have asked me about the fast heat of the boys 3200 as to how I was going to cap it.  The top 22 entrants I received made it into the field (everyone who was sub-9:47 - I had to cap it somewhere).  The 22 that have been entered I did my homework on (mark verification and talking with coaches).  There were a few questionable entries and I have talked with and notified those coaches already and have changed their entry times to reflect where they should be properly placed.  When the heat sheets are posted tomorrow night, I am asking that if you have someone in that race and KNOW they will not be doing it, please let me know ASAP so I can slide some of the other deserving student athletes into this race.

Chris Williams
Dublin Distance Fiesta Meet Director

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Finish line photo of boys DMR at San Rafael Twilight Relays

Courtesy of Aaron Ford and
Tough to tell from this angle but I was standing near the finish line and it appeared St. Joseph edged O'Dowd at the finish line after trailing for the majority of the race.  Great race and finish!  Both team recorded 10:43.49 times.  Here is the actual finish picture for most of the top teams.

Video of Anna Maxwell's 4:53.38 1600m. at K-Bell Invitational

Saturday, March 08, 2014

San Rafael Twilight Relays updates

I will update as many results as I can on my twitter feed at

Races include:
--Girls and Boys SMR (100m-100m-200m-400m).
--Girls and Boys DMR (1200m-400m-800m-1600m).
--Coach's 800m
--Coed 4x200m (Girl, Girl, Boy, Boy).
--Coed 4x800m (Girl, Girl, Boy, Boy).

K-Bell Invitational Updates

You can get them on their twitter feed at

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Stanford runner Jessica Tonn sues NCAA over concussions

Stanford runner Jessica Tonn sues NCAA over concussions (Stanford runner is first Division I-A athlete to sue NCAA over concussions)

Here is an update posted on Jessica's twitter account:
I am no longer a plaintiff in the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois vs. NCAA. While I am supportive
of advocacy for concussion awareness, I have no desire to be involved in legal matters of this or any other sort. – Jessica Tonn

Hall of Famer Daley at her best on dry land

Hall of Famer Daley at her best on dry land (Former Los Gatos HS athlete and coach, Monica Daley-photo courtesy of

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

DDF now Arcadia Qualifier, CCS Star Added

The Dublin Distance Fiesta is now an Arcadia qualifier with "the top three placers in the fastest section of the boys 3200 meters at the Dublin Distance Fiesta will be assured spots into one of the two fastest heats of the 3200 at the Arcadia Invitational on April 12th. The race winner will be assured a spot into the fastest 3200m race at Arcadia, which last year saw 16 runners break 9 minutes in the "A" heat and two more runners break 9 minutes in the B heat," courtesy of Rich Gonzalez.

We have also added Steven Sum from Saratoga to the race, who is the fastest 3200 returner in the Central Coast Section!

And we are still surveying the student athletes as to what color shirts they want to win at

Looks to be very exciting!

Bobby McGee Run Transformation: How to Position your Upper Body While Running

Monday, March 03, 2014

What color t-shirt do YOU want to win at the Dublin Distance Fiesta?

Santa Cruz Relays Meet Results

Here is a note from the meet director:
Hello everyone.....Wow, I'm still a bit surprised that we got an entire track meet in. When I was setting-up at 8:00 am, and it was pouring, I had my serious doubts.

Thanks to all of you for attending, and an even bigger thanks to all of you and your coaches (and many parents) for helping-out. Couldn't have pulled it off without all of your help.

If you want xeroxes of all of the results, please send me a mailing address (sorry, we're...or I'm...still very old school in this regard). I'll put them in the mail for you tomorrow.

Team results, if you are interested:

1. Boys - Aptos (101), NMC (87), Casa Robles (46), Carmel (42), San Lorenzo Valley (32), Scotts Valley (24), Soquel (22), SFCCC (11), PCS (6), Santa Cruz (2).

2. Girls - Aptos (99), NMC (77), Scotts Valley (56), San Lorenzo Valley (48), Soquel (37), Casa Robles (26), Carmel (19), Santa Cruz (16), and SFCCC (8).

Most importantly, I hope your kids had fun, especially the novices, getting them on the track in an early-season meet.

We'd like to hear any suggestions that you might have for improving the meet.
Thanks again......Mark

Why Breakthroughs can be dangerous? The Set Point Theory of Fatigue

Another great post by Steve Magness on his blog which you can find here.  If you really want to be a student of the sport, you should also check out his book which is already getting a lot of positive feedback from the running community.  

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Dublin Distance Fiesta Press Release 3/2/14

Dublin Distance Fiesta Boys 3200 to be a barn burner!  Who else wants in?!  Commitments so far (in alphabetical order):

Gabe Arias-Sheridan - St. Joseph Notre Dame - Defending DDF Champion, 4th @ 2013 NCS Meet of Champions
Aidan Goltra - Campolindo - 2nd @ 2013 NCS Meet of Champions, 2-time Defending D2 Cross Country State Champion
Blair Hurlock - De La Salle - 3rd @ 2013 NCS Meet of Champions, Foot Locker National Finalist
Fred Huxham - Redwood - 4:14 indoor mile already in 2014, D3 Cross Country State Medalist
Cameron Tu - Alameda - 7th @ 2013 NCS Meet of Champions, D2 Cross Country State Medalist

Entries are due this Saturday, March 8.  Please go to for more information.  We hope to see you there!

Dan Gabor Invitational Winners Point Ratings

The following is based on a rating chart that I have which compares all the fastest and best performances from the Dan Gabor Invitational.  This is for individual events only and unfortunately don't have point values for the girls' Pole Vault and boys' 300m. Hurdles.

810 points High Jump Rachel Reichenbach Foothill 5'4"
795 points 3200m. Brooke Starn Monte Vista 10:54.53
788 points 800m. Chloe Jenkins St. Mary's Berkeley 2:14.29
775 points 100m. Mecca McGlaston Dublin 12.24
770 points 300m. Hurdles Carly Schulz St. Mary's Berkeley 45.97
762 points 1600m. Ally Timbrell Alhambra 5:08.45
755 points 400m. Carly Schulz St. Mary's Berkeley 58.41
705 points Shot Put Yvonne Aha Monte Vista 32'4"
700 points Long Jump Rachel Reichenbach Foothill 17'00.75"
650 points Discus Yvonne Aha Monte Vista 91'11"
Pole Vault Lauren Larson San Ramon Valley 10'6"

835 points Pole Vault Nathan Downey Miramonte 14'0"
825 points 3200 meters Cameron Tu Alameda 9:22.10
810 points High Jump Harold Terrell St. Mary's Berkeley 6'4"
805 points 800 meters Camden Sikes Berkeley 1:57.06
790 points 400 meters Chris Bayley Amador Valley 50.92
790 points 1600 meters Blair Hurlock De La Salle 4:24.20
760 points 100 meters Xavier Crawford Clayton Valley 11.21
725 points Discus Frankie Kerstetter Livermore 148'4"
705 points Shot Put Frankie Kerstetter Livermore 48'2.5"
685 points Long Jump Harrison Kwong Dougherty Valley 20'7"
300 Hurdles John Harvey De La Salle 41.19

Dan Gabor Invitational Results

2014 Dan Gabor Invitational Results - Best track or field performance of the day?

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