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Sports Injuries: When to Tough It Out (NY Times)

YOU have been playing a lot of tennis recently, and now you think you have tennis elbow. Or you’re a swimmer with an aching shoulder. A cyclist with sore knees. A runner with pain in your heel.

Do you go to a doctor, or tough it out?

Now, before you read on and decide I’m a therapeutic nihilist, I have to tell you that the idea for this column was suggested by a doctor-athlete, Paul D. Thompson, a marathon runner and a cardiologist at Hartford Hospital in Hartford.
And his answer to his own question?
To read the rest of this article, go to the following link:
Sports Injuries:  When to Tough It Out

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Harvard lures Napa's Ruegg

Napa High’s senior distance running star Kurt Ruegg has announced that he will attend Harvard University beginning this fall.
Ruegg, one of the top cross country and track runners in the country, chose Harvard after visiting other Ivy League schools.
“Once I made my trip back there, it was an easy decision,” Ruegg said of his trip to the prestigious Cambridge, Mass. campus. “The Boston area is just great. I loved it.”
Ruegg had athletic scholarship opportunities, but the brilliant Napa senior chose an NCAA Division I in the Ivy League where athletic scholarships are not available.
To read the rest of the article, go to the following link:

A Tribute to Rick Milam courtesy of Keith Conning and THE CONNING TOWER...

Rick was honored this past Saturday at the Stanford Invitational.  The following tribute was read at the Stanford Invitational by Keith Conning.  Link to Keith's blog posted below.  A well deserved award for Rick.

While attending San Jose State in the 1960’s,Rick started working with Dr. Bruce Ogilivie, the first person to study Sports Psychology. During this time Rick also worked with Bud Winters, the Track and Field Coach at San Jose State. For those who don’t know Bud, he was the coach of what became “speed city” and had many of his athletes became Olympic Champions, Lee Evans, Tommy Smith, and John Carlos to name a few.

Rick worked from Dr Ogilivie in many other sports besides Track and Field but Rick always gravitated back to the sport he really enjoyed, Track and Field.

After graduating from San Jose State, Rick spent 2 years in the US Marine Corps starting Operation Transition at Camp LeJuene, NC.

After being discharged from the Marine Corps Rick came back to San Jose State to get his teaching certificate. While student teaching he was hired as a substitute teacher at Homestead High School in their History Dept. He heard that they needed a track coach, so he volunteered for that job too. In his first year he took a rag/tag track team and won the CCS Championship.

At this time he also started officiating at some of the local meets because there were not many that would take time to do so.

During this time he married Margaret and they had one son, Brian.

Over the past 44 years Rick has officiated at thousands of Track and Field Meets in the Bay Area. Many times being the meet director.

He has been an official at 4 Olympic Trials, many NCAA finals, PAC 10 finals, and the Texas Relays.

In recent years he has been the meet director for the International Children’s Games, held in San Francisco, CA. This meet involved children for 87 countries from around the world. He was the meet director for Track and Field area of the Senior Games held here at Stanford in 2009 where 8000 runners competed over 9 days.

Last year Rick was honored with a Certificate of Recognition from the State of California Senate, Stating in part, “Through more then 45 years of service as a track and field coach, teacher, mentor, and advocate for children and young adults”

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors also honored him with their Resolution that states , in part, “Rick was presented the Central Coast Section(CCS) Distinguished Service Award for his dedication and contribution to the positive educational growth of the student-athletes in the CCS”

Over the past 33 years Rick has been the driving force behind the Los Gatos High Schools “all comers” meets held in January and February just before track and field season starts and again in June and July..

1979 He started the Los Gatos Athletic Association All-Comers Meets with Willie Harmitz . They put on 16 meets a year.

1982 He started the CCS Top 8 Meet and Frosh/Soph Classic at Los Gatos High School.

1986 He became a Track Official at Stanford.

2001 He received the Dick Barber Meritorious Service Award from the Pacific Association of USATF.

Found at the following link:

Stanford Invitational newspaper coverage...

TRACK: Boys 4x400 takes sixth at Stanford invite on Saturday (Hollister Free Lance)
Indians’ Souza seventh in state in long jump (Napa Valley Register)

Napa track stars Ruegg, Souza sparkle at Stanford (Napa Valley Register)
Gunn's Margerum tops Stanford Invite in long jump (
Drake girls mile relay team has strong run at Stanford Invitational (Marin IJ)
Paly's MacQuitty runs state-leading mile time (Palo Alto Online)

More will be posted...

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California Track & Field Journals: Jacque Taylor - Intro and Phillip MacQuitty interview...

Courtesy of and

Hey Milesplit! My name is Jacque Taylor and I live in Northern California. When I was 6 years old I moved from Aptos. If I hadn't moved, I'd probably be playing soccer at Aptos High School. From the time I was 5 to the time I was 16, I litterally lived and breathed soccer. I think I have been everywhere in California at least 3 times! Not only that, but I have gone out of the state for soccer tournies. Honeslty, I was always the kid that would complain everytime we had to run a lap around the soccer field, sometimes I even tried to bribe the coaches.

To read the rest of Jacque's entry, go to the following link

...and for those of you asking for an interview with Philip MacQuitty, here it is also courtesy of Track Chats: Philip MacQuitty

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Catching up with former College Park HS/Stanford U. runner, Lindsay Allen...

Today we chat with former College Park HS and Stanford University runner, Lindsay Allen (picture to the left courtesy of Running Times and dad).  She was the lead runner for College Park as they won their first state cross country championship in 2003 (6th runner tie breaker over Sultana in an epic battle).  During her track career, she qualified for the 1600m./3200m. as a sophomore.  She won both races at the North Coast Section Meet of Champions as a junior and just missed recording the same double as a senior, finishing 2nd in the 3200m.  You can see her Stanford accomplishments on her bio page on the McMillan Elite website at the following link as well as her blog:

1) How did you get started with the sports of cross country and track and field?
I began running in 5th grade for my local youth organization. I went out for track and field because all of my friends were on the team. At the time I was convinced I was a sprinter, so I just had fun with it until I took it more seriously towards high school.
We didn’t have a cross country program before high school, so I didn’t do cross until I started at College Park.

2) What was your first success you remember in either or both sports?
I didn’t know how to define success when I first began running, then sibling rivalry kicked in. My sister first broke 6 minutes in the mile in 8th grade, so naturally I wanted to break the ‘6-minute barrier’ in 7th grade. I was 2 grades behind her and sure enough I broke 6 minutes in 7th grade and I’m sure I didn’t let her live it down.

3) Looking back to your time at College Park, what are some of your highlights in cross country? Track and Field?
There are so many highlights, I had a blast in high school. Our team had some of the most amazing people I’ve ever known. One that stands out was winning the state meet my senior year. That was something I’d looked towards since my freshman year. We dyed our hair purple and got super psyched up for the race. It was nice to see the perfect culmination of all of our hard work. 

As for track, I loved all of our dual meets where I got to double or triple on the track and high jump. I loved hanging out at the high jump pit and taking a break from the stress of racing. I also remember qualifying for the state meet my sophomore year. Before then, the state meet seemed untouchable, but that enabled me to feel like I could race with the best and mentally put me on a higher level.

4) What do you feel like really worked for you in terms of training during your high school years?
Pretty much all of Chuck’s training! I tend to respond well to mileage, so at the time I was doing what I considered high mileage for a high schooler. I really loved hills and speed work; 400s, 200s, pretty much anything on the track.

5) Tell us a little about your coach at CP, Chuck Woolridge, and his role with your development as a runner.
He did a great job of progressing my mileage and intensity over my 4 years there. I think staying healthy and consistency in training is the key to improving. Honestly I don’t even remember us discussing it- it just happened. Without even realizing it, each year every aspect of my training ramped up. I would do 1-2 more intervals than the year before, I would run 10-20 minutes longer on my long run, and a few seconds faster on each rep. It was perfect. He knew me better than I knew myself. This might be a sore subject for him, but before a race, he’d tell me what he expected, and sometimes I would just laugh or brush him off. But sure enough, I’d run that time in the race and he’d just give me the ‘I told you so’ look.

6) What were some of your highlights for you while at Stanford University?
My senior year I made our NCAA cross team and I was fortunate enough to be a part of a National Championship. That’s a once in a lifetime experience and I’ll never forget running down the homestretch with my teammates when we found out.

As for track, I loved all of our home meets. The excitement surrounding the meet and all if the great spectators made my races at home special and usually lent itself to good performances.

7) Who were your coaches at Stanford and how did they help you develop as a runner?
My freshman year Dena Evans was my coach. She recruited me to Stanford and just kind of ‘got me.’ She made training fun and enabled me to adjust to college training. I remember in track we needed a rabbit for the 1500s at the Cardinal Invite. I was supposed to be the rabbit for 2nd fastest heat, but when the rabbit for the top heat didn’t show, she volunteered me. She walked over to me and told me to run 600m as fast as I could. I didn’t even have time to freak out before the gun had gone off and I was out. I ran for my life, got some sweet TV coverage, and it got me so pumped up to race with the best.

Peter Tegen was my coach my last 3 years. He has a lot of experience with elite athletes and helped me to work on my speed as well as introduce me to the longer races.

8) What was the biggest change for you in terms of training from high school to college?
My biggest change was not having those EASY days I was used to in high school. Some weeks I don’t feel like I was able to recover between workouts, which was my own fault but probably took its toll on me. It took me time to realize some days I would have to run alone in order to recover.

9) When did you first start thinking about running past college?
I hadn’t thought about running post-collegiately at all until my teammates from Stanford began graduating and seeking running opportunities. My Stanford teammate had joined McMillan Elite the year before I graduated so I was able to visit and get a feel for the team. It only took a trip or two before I was hooked on the life up here.

10) How did you end up choosing Greg McMillan as your coach?
Once I visited Flagstaff and got to know the McMillan Elite team, I realized it was really the whole package. I bought into Greg’s coaching philosophy and never needed to look into other options.

11) What has been the biggest change for you now that you are running for yourself as opposed to a school?
I remember one distinct moment last year when I was toeing the line for a race and thought, ‘Wow, I’m a professional now. Adidas expects things from me. I owe it to them to perform.”
And it mattered in a different way than college, not necessarily more. There was more pressure in the sense that I had committed myself, essentially full-time, to this pursuit, so it had better go well. I guess it was a pressure I put on myself.

12) What is your main event of focus right now and what is the next big race for you?
My main focus right now is the steeplechase. I’m doing some 1500s and 800s to work on speed, but my first big race will be a steeple at Cardinal Invite.

13) What advice would you give to high school runners who have dreams of running in college and beyond?
I’ve always believed that if you can have fun with running, really love it, and just get out and run consistently, you’ll improve. I definitely took it very seriously in high school but it never overwhelmed my enjoyment of it. I think that can turn a lot of people off of running, because it’s not an inherently enjoyable sport.
Set challenging goals for yourself and always keep them in your sights. Figure our ways to help you achieve them, anything is possible.

Thank you very much for your time Lindsay!  AJC

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More Stanford videos from today's races courtesy of and

Girls' 4 x 800m. Heat 1 (Fast Heat) Splits for Oak Ridge HS Hayley Scott 2:18.5, Abby Walker 2:21.0, Holli Arrieta 2:18.5 and Samantha Ralstin 2:20.7 (9:18.87 broke school record of 9:24.0 previously held by
Alex Kosinski, Sara Sipes, Ashley Silva and Ashley Adams)

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Boys' 4 x 800m. Heat 1 (Fast Heat) Splits for San Ramon Valley Simon Graves 1:59, Parker Deuel 1:56, Ryan Hammill 1:59, Kevin Griffith 1:54

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

All results can be found at the following link:

All Stanford Invitational races can be found on at the following link:

All Stanford Invitational races covered by can be found at the following link:

So what was the most impressive performance during the entire two days?  Individual and/or team.

More Stanford videos this time courtesy of

Fast heat DMR boys (Splits for winning Castro Valley team Anthony Martore 3:10, solo diomande 51.7, Will Weekes 2:02, Ben Eversole 4:22)

Fast heat DMR girls:  (Splits for winning Casa Grande team Dominique Ratto-1200 3:49, Ariel Kubes- 400 1:02, Eva Luu-800 2:23, Jacque Taylor-1600 4:54)

Stanford newspaper coverage...

Gunn's Margerum tops Stanford Invite in long jump

On a related note, check out the following article posted by Jim Crowhurst on the Santa Rosa Press Democrat site:

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Catching up with former Crystal Springs Uplands School and Brown University runner, Nick Neely...

Today we chat with former Crystal Springs Uplands School and Brown University runner, Nick Neely.  Nick graduated from CSUS in 2003 following a successful hs career, juggling multiple sports.  You can see some of his Cross Country and Track and Field accomplishments below which included a sub 15:00 effort on the track during the tail end of his senior season.  Nick went on the run at Brown University and although several of his seasons were curtailed by injuries, his indoor 5000m. time is ranked in the top 10 and he was one of the key members of their Cross Country team.  Nick recently completed his first marathon in 2:24:38 and now has a new goal to shoot for in his next attempt at the distance.

1)  What sports did u participate in before and during high school?
Before high school, I played just about everything, except football (unless Nerf counts). Tennis, soccer, golf . . . and even, for a week, fencing. In high school, I stuck to XC, basketball, and baseball for four years. I also ran a few track races my junior year, and then managed a full season 'round the old oval as a senior.

2)  How did you end up participating in xc and track and field?
Well, as a 7th grader, during my first-year at CSUS, I was a member of Doc Ingersoll's illustrious XC squad. (Doc, sadly, passed away a few year later.) I may have been the 5th-man at one point, but maybe not. As I remember, I was doing the ~ 2-mile "Tea Garden" run--our local, once-a-week time trial through the streets of Hillsborough--in about 16 or 17 or even 18 minutes. Less than 20 minutes, anyhow.

As an 8th grader, I played soccer. I wasn't fast, didn't have any fancy footwork. (I sometimes played goalie, and the others on the team used to say that, trying to save a shot, I fell to the grass like a tree--thump!) I planned on going out for soccer as a 9th grader, but got cold feet--something about playing with the big boys, which seems farcical now, because it was nothing to worry about, and I just was growing into my stride.

Anyway, I went out for XC. Coach Dave Robertson did a bit of convincing, I think. At the end of the first week, we ran Sutter Trail along the Crystal Spring Reservoir, a great place to run. As a newbie, Dave let me out the gates in an earlier wave of runners, before the Varsity-to-be. But they never caught me. Dave told me, afterward, that I'd better get rid of my flat-soled tennis shoes and find a pair of trainers. Within a month, I was the fastest on the team. I had a good training partner in Robby Ocampo, a senior. He was a workhorse, more of a middle-distance guy (or B-ball player, really).

Coach Caruana convinced me to do track as a junior, on the side (I was playing baseball). Sam Kuo was throwing shot put, then--she was the whole CSUS track team then. I ran my first 1600 that season in 4:50 or so, I think. Then at NCS, ran 4:29 in the prelims.

3)  What were some of your highlights in XC during HS?
I made State as a freshman, then failed to do so as sophomore, which was a great disappointment (I had some hip problems, then forgot my "racing shoes" at NCS, which psyched me out). As a Junior, I finished 7th at state, running 16:45-ish at Woodland Park for 5k. As a senior, I won the Stanford Invite D5, NCS at Hayward High in 15:23, and finished 2nd at State in 15:55 (Tim Nelson, now a 27-mid 10ker, won easily). It was all a highlight, but being in the top-5 for time, for all-divisions, as a senior at NCS felt like an achievement. What I remember most? Among other things, falling on my face at the  finish line of the Cowchip Classic as my legs gave out during my first race of my senior year. I hadn't done a single tempo run over the summer--that race was a bit of shock to the system.

4)  What about track and field?
My senior year, I ran 9:55 in my first-ever 3200. A month later, I ran my second in 9:22. Then, I faded *incredibly* hard in the last 200 of the NCS 3200 to miss out on State, nicely bookending my last year of HS running. (I was on pace for about 9:12, but ran a 55-ish final half-lap and collapsed on the line.) But a few weeks later, I went down to LA and ran 14:58 for 5k on the track, qualifying for Junior Nationals.

5)  You juggled baseball and track during your Jr and Sr seasons.  How did you manage to do both sports at the same time?
Looking back, I'm not sure! I went to baseball practice, then around 5:30 would either go for an easy run or head up to San Mateo CC to meet Coach Car for a workout. Sometimes I'd get a run in during the middle of the school day, running around our small soccer field, or heading out into the Hillsborough's namesake hills. Doing both was a blast, but I probably missed out on that last, perhaps most vital, bit of potential in both sports. Such are the choices...

6)  You had an interesting training partner during your senior season in former HMB and current Del Oro coach Kevin Ostenberg.  What were some of the things you learned from running with him?
He was my only workout partner in high school and I admired him for pushing me. He showed me how to pace a workout by the book, something I'm still learning. It was also inspirational to know that I could run competitively for a long time. I don't think I ever properly thanked him for sweating it out there with me: Thanks Kevin! It made all the difference, really.

7)  What were some of the factors that led you to picking Brown University?
I wanted to go to a top-tier academic school, and I wanted to get away from home a bit. I wasn't savvy about recruitment (and didn't have any track times, really, to my name), but had no trouble walking on to the team. The quality of the team was such that I would have to improve a lot to make an impact. It's a D1 school, competition's stiff. I also thought about Amherst, but wouldn't have had anyone to push me there. Mainly, I was drawn to Brown's overall tenor. I wanted to take photography classes at RISD. I was attracted to it's so-called New Curriculum--there are no course requirements.

8)  What were some of the biggest differences for you between hs and collegiate running?
Commitment became imperative. It wasn't enough to just show up at practice and work really hard. It was a lifestyle choice, that was clear. But all four years, I never really was able to sustain that commitment, which is what it would have taken to get to the next level, to a truly national stage. I had some mild successes while in college, but my hesitancy to truly dedicate myself manifested itself in lots of ways, including prolonged injury (bad achilles). It's telling that I ran my best times coming off more casual summer or winter-break training; when I got back to school, I often let myself get distracted and run down.

But it was amazing to run day in day out with others of my ability. I never had that in high school. And many of those guys will remain my closest friends. We hammered workouts, and we had a great time before and after.

It was also cold! If you're serious about running (and from California), you might want to stay West.

9)  Now that you have a chance to reflect back to hs, what do you feel really worked for you in terms of training?
Getting up, gradually, to at least 50 miles of running a week will take many high schoolers to another level, in and of itself. Repeat 1000s also, of course, will help. Kevin and I were doing repeats in about 3:05 if I remember correctly. I think I responded better to longer stuff. Running shorter repeats seems to break me down a little.

10)  What could you have done differently?
Run a bit more mileage, perhaps. I would have also thrown in a distinct long run--12-14 miles. I would have rested more. I would have paid more attention to the small things. These last two items are things I could have done better during college, too.

11)  Following your time at Brown, tell us a little about some of your pursuits and different locations.
I earned a Master's degree in Reno and had a great time running around the city, especially on the bike path along the Truckee River. Then I lived in a cabin in the woods of southern Oregon for the last six months of 2009 as part of a writing residency (where I did no running, but a fair amount of hiking). Now, I'm in Colorado, working for High Country News, an environmental magazine.

12)  What led you to trying out your first Marathon?  How did the race unfold and what time did you end up running?
Well, I've always been a bit faster over longer distances. So taking a stab at marathon seemed like the next logical step. I was confident I could do serious tempo runs on my own (far less enthused in solo track workouts, though I still do some). While studying in Reno, I was able to get in a 2.5 month workout cycle in preparation that included 20 mile runs at a brisk pace (one around 22 miles), tempos of 8-10 miles, and a half-marathon in Phoenix a month before, where I ran 1:10:28. I was averaging about 70 miles/week in 6 days.

The marathon in Austin unfolded awesomely, though I didn't feel very fresh leading up to the race. I started out conservatively, went through the hillier half in 1:13-mid, then ratcheted it down from there to finish 6th in 2:24.38 (5:30 pace). Afterward, I lounged poolside and ate Texas BBQ.

13)  What is the next challenge for you in the Marathon?
I'm still getting my legs under me again after a hiatus from running, but I'm thinking about upping the anty, in terms of training, to shoot for the Olympic Trials standard of 2:19 this fall at a major race, maybe Chicago or NYC. It may be an ambitious goal, and it will certainly take another level of committment, but I've got nothing to lose. We'll see...

14)  What would your advice be for a high school runner who has aspirations of elite running in hs and beyond? 
Take care to rest (i.e. sleep) and eat well, and so on. Working hard during practice is no guarantee of success.

While in college, I was told by an accomplished alumnus that he felt he could really only do two things at a time at an "elite" level. For instance, school and running. Or school and a serious relationship. Or school and partying. (To be sure, some throw school out of the equation.) That's something I've thought about, and have come to believe, but I haven't been able to limit myself to just two things. Not yet. If you're doing 3-4 extracurriculars, though, and you think you're doing them all to the *best* of your abilities, think again. If you have elite aspirations, make running one of those two things.

15)  Anything else you might want to add?
Don't forget to look around on the jog.  I try to notice new things on my regular loops each time I run them. To explore new trails and neighborhoods, to have chance encounters with animals and other interesting sights, is a large part of why I run. When I visit a new city, one of my favorite activites is get out on a run and see the place on my own terms.  

Thanks for reading!

Thank you very much for your time Nick!  AJC

Update #1 today...

Here are the results from the BCL meet (NCS Division V schools) that took place on Tuesday at Kezar Stadium.  That track is FAST (same surface as the 1996 Olympics).  Some excellent times as you will see.

Stanford newspaper articles will be posted later today, more results as well as another athlete interview...

What is the most anticipated race at Stanford this weekend?  Any predictions?

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Considering Eric Hulst, by Larry Eder

Recommended link to a great article that mentions the Crystal Springs Course record holder, Mitch Kingery (pictured to the left in 3rd place).  Kingery was an amazing runner who ran 14:28 on the Crystal Springs course and ran a 2:23:47 marathon in high school as a SOPHOMORE!  Unfortunately San Carlos HS is now closed but his records live on thanks to Bob Rush and Hank Lawson.

You can find it on Larry Eder's blog at

The article itself can be found at this link for those of you finding this link later than today or so:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Palo Alto's MacQuitty runs nation's fastest 800 meters

Senior distance standout clocks a U.S.-leading 1:52.37, breaks 13-year-old school record

Palo Alto High senior Philip MacQuitty has made a career out of running well at long distances. He has become so accomplished that he earned a scholarship to UCLA for this coming fall. That's why MacQuitty's latest achievement seems out of character as the national leader in the 800 meters.

On Saturday at the St. Francis Invitational track and field meet, MacQuitty raced off the final turn and sped home to win the 800 in a sizzling 1:52.37. That makes him the fastest in the nation, overtaking Jason Coupe of Galt (1:52.47) as the best in the U.S.

"Yes, it's a bit odd because I've never really focused on the 800," said MacQuitty, who usually runs the 1,600 or 3,200 but rarely races anything shorter except maybe in a dual meet. "I've always had some natural speed and have been known to have a kick at the end of races."

To view the rest of this article and picture credit, go to the following link:

Program destroyed (More SM Daily Journal coverage of Carlmont situation)

The other shoe has finally dropped for the beleaguered Carlmont long-distance running team. First, Ben Heck, who won the Peninsula Athletic League championship and finished second at Central Coast Section, quit the cross country team before the state championship race and did not go out for the track team.

Now, Jessie Petersen, a cross country standout in her own right and two-time defending CCS 3,200-meter champion, departed the track squad.

All over the heavy-handed and unbending way they - and the other long distance runners - have been treated by a new coaching staff and the school administration which apparently supports it. It appears all those runners who trained under former coach Jeff Gilkey - who was fired late in the 2008 cross country season - are being systematically eliminated from the squad, either through ridiculous contract requests or what is deemed sub-par coaching.

I understand the firing of Gilkey. What he did - entering a runner under the name of another - was wrong. He deserved to be fired. While he may no longer coach the Carlmont school team, a number of Carlmont runners continue to train with Gilkey for his club running team. The Carlmont administration and coaching staff don’t like that, so they tried to foist on the runners a contract which forbids them any kind of outside training or advice. Doing so would result in being kicked off the team.

It appears the coaching staff - and by extension, the school administration - has a vendetta against Gilkey and are taking it out on the kids who just want to run and train to be the best they can be.

How refreshing. In a day and age when many student-athletes are looking for ways to jake it during practice, here is a group that wants to work harder and they are being denied, in the name of keeping them from hurting themselves. There have been rumblings over the years the Carlmont runners put on too much mileage in high school and they have nothing left and break down in college. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but is it possible, in this vast country of ours, that there are cross country and track runners who are far and away better than the kids coming out of Carlmont?

To read the rest of the article, go to the following link:

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Dublin Distance Fiesta Video...

Courtesy of Campolindo coach Chuck Woolridge and  You may find yourself or your runners in video below.

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

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A family spinning out of control?

Not this one!

Maria Carrillo has a new freshman discus thrower this season but experience will probably not be a problem.  Her name is Kathleen Durand and she has already thrown farther than anyone else this year.  Her 106 foot 10 inch throw to win the Big Cat Invite is also the fifth farthest throw by a freshman ever.  She has now backed up that throw by having the longest toss at Piner Gold Rush Relays at 106-0.
To read the rest of this article, go to the following link:
Thanks to Jim Crowhurst for the link.

Martinez Relays Results...

More results to be posted as I get them.  I tweeted as many of the results as I could from the Dublin Distance Fiesta.

I believe Josh Mercado came back and won the fast heat in the 3200.  

Campolindo won the girls' DMR, as Carrie Verdon got the baton in 3rd place behind Half Moon Bay and Monte Vista.  She clocked a sub 5:10 1600 to anchor for the win.

In the boys' DMR, Bellarmine won the over 2nd place Davis HS as the Bellarmine anchor shot away from his closest pursuers during the 3rd lap.

More to come...

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Dublin Distance Fiesta today...

I will tweet the results from today's fastest heats in the 1600s, 800s, 3200s and possibly the DMRs.  You find those results at

Friday, March 19, 2010

Stanford Invitational High School Accepted Entries posted...

Running Events:

Field Events:

The run is over

Folks, it's time to shut this back and forth bickering down.  Comments will no longer be allowed on this post and I am hiding the existing comments.  

In the best interest of all the kids involved (on the current Carlmont Track and Field team and the others who have chosen not to be on the team), let's move on.  Let's focus on the now and the future instead of trying to find fault in past events.  
Posted in today's San Mateo Daily Journal by Emanuel Lee.  Picture to the left courtesy of Margaret Gallagher and

What’s wrong with wanting to run more miles? That’s what Carlmont High junior Jessie Petersen wanted to know.

Because Petersen was unable to get the Carlmont track coaches to acquiesce on her demands to run additional miles, she quit the team three weeks ago. Sadly, no one will get a chance to watch Petersen attempt a CCS 3,200-meter three-peat this season.

Petersen said Scots coach Sunny Diaz put the runners through the same program, having them run no more than eight miles a week for the first two weeks of tryouts/training. Petersen asked if she could run more but was rebuffed several times.

Realizing there would be no compromise, she quit the team. Petersen isn’t the only athlete on Carlmont’s track team who has quit the team. She said five girls on the long-distance running side are no longer with the team and estimated around 17 boys have quit the program as well.

To read the rest of the article, go to the following link:

Dublin Distance Fiesta Meet Preview

By Dublin HS coach, Chris Williams.

The Dublin Distance Fiesta is finally here!  Nearly 40 schools, 700 athletes, great music and fantastic racing headline this wonderful DyeStatCal Featured meet for the distance runners.  Two special edition t-shirts are up for grabs in every race (four in the fast heat) and a special sombrero to the fastest time of the day in each event can make for some great opportunities to set personal records.  No Distance Fiesta record is safe!

Girls 1600
Meet Record – 5:16.55 – Sammy Hamilton – Half Moon Bay
For the first time in Dublin Distance Fiesta history, a current record holder will try to find off all contenders and keep their crown.  Half Moon Bay’s Sammy Hamilton is one of the marquee names in the Central Coast Section, having a personal best of 5:10.83 and the current Fiesta record holder.  However, there is someone else in this race who has a faster personal record – Livermore’s Natalie Dimits (11:08.19 for 3200 currently 10th in the state) who has a PR of 5:09.57 and is no stranger to the sombrero – her school’s distance medley relay team has won the last two Fiesta’s.  Campolindo’s Sara Mostatabi (5:16.31) and Del Campo’s Haley Nevins (2:23.59 for 800) also bring great speed to this event and will challenge for the first sombreros of the evening.

Boys 1600
Meet Record – 4:17.28 – Erik Olson – Novato
The winner of this race should get the golden sombrero because they are nearly guaranteed to be a force at the CIF State Championships in June.  Two years ago, Arroyo’s Derek Thomas burst onto the state scene with his outstanding victory here and ended taking 2nd at State in the 800.  Last year’s winner Erik Olson of Novato went on to have a magical track season, capping it off with a 8:56.56 in the 3200 at State taking 7th.  Who will it be this year?  Leading the way is CIF State Cross Country Division 4 champion Dan Milechman of Tamalpias.  His PR of 4:19.52 puts him within reach of the meet record and his current season’s 1:57.9 in the 800 is #11 in the state.  He will chased by the dynamic duo from San Ramon Valley – Parker Deuel (4:25.30 - #29 in state) and Simon Graves (4:22.48 PR), Del Campo’s Josh Mercado (4:24.34 - #21 in state), Davis’ Trevor Halsted (12th at CIF State Cross Country Championships D1) and Jesuit’s Adam Kelly-Strong (4:22.22 PR).

Girls 800
Meet Record – 2:17.43 – Tamara Purpura – Lowell
Could Half Moon Bay be the first school in meet history to have two meet records?  This possibility could become a reality with Lauren Irish on the track.  Here PR of 2:18.10 is definitely in range of the record.  She will be pushed by Melissa Chaidez (2:23.18) of Notre Dame San Jose, Campolindo’s Jessie Cahill (5:28.81 for 1600) and Haley Nevins(2:23.59) of Del Campo, who will challenging for her second sombrero of the evening.

Boys 800
Meet Record – 1:54.21 – Sebastian Sam – Oak Grove
San Ramon Valley’s Kevin Griffith is looking to collect his 2nd consecutive sombrero and will make a run at the meet record in defending his win last year.  His PR of 1:53.85 is the 6thfastest returner in the state and his current seasonal best of 1:58.04 is 13th in California.  He will be pushed by teammate Ryan Hammill (1:58.73 PR), Ryan Banwarth (1:57.50) of Davis, and Las Lomas’ KC Green (1:59.9 PR).

Girls 3200
Meet Record – 10:49.64 – Diana George – Livermore
Diana George’s record seems to be safe this year, but don’t tell that to these very talented young ladies.  Davis will be showing their tremendous cross country depth with three trying for four of the t-shirts – Christine Bowles (11:11.16), Hilary Teaford (11:24.69) and Charlotte ter Haar (11:24.92).  They will be pushed by Washington’s Jessica Gerards (11:22.13) and Campolindo’s Grace Orders (11:04.06).  Can one of these girls break the vaunted 11-minute mark?

Boys 3200
Meet Record – 9:22.07 – Garrett Rowe – Mountain View
Here is another meet record that seems to be in danger.  Josh Mercado of Del Campo has gotten his season off to a blazing start having run 4:24.34 (21st in state) and 9:29.00 (14th in state) and looks to be the favorite.  Teammate Robert Pflasterer (9:44.56) and San Ramon Valley’s Sean Colaco (4:19.23 PR) looks to win some t-shirts while two with great cross country credentials Davis’ Grayson Hough (19th at CIF State Cross Country Championships D1) and San Rafael’s Trevor Ehlenbach (13th in D4) look to challenge that sub 9:30 mark!

Girls Distance Medley Relay
Meet Record – 12:35.87 – Livermore
There will be new queens of the DMR this year as two-time defending champion Livermore will not be running it this year.  Their record sure doesn’t seem to be safe with the quality of teams.  Campolindo, with the likes of Carrie Verdon (5:09.57 – 11:01.85 – 9th in Division 3 at CIF State Cross Country Championships), Olivia Warren (2:17.58 – 5:16.91) Grace Orders (11:04.06), Sara Mostatabi (5:16.31) and Emily Brennan (2:21.95), has plenty of depth to choose from for coach Chuck Woolridge and looks to be the heavy favorite.  There are three other teams lurking in the distance, however, that can give Campolindo a push.  Davis has some options as well with Juliana Green (2:20.65 – 5:03.77), Christine Bowles (5:16.83) and Hilary Teaford (2:27.04 – 5:18.98).  Half Moon could break the team record for total sombrero’s in a meet with Sammy Hamilton (2:23.94 – 5:10.83) andLauren Irish (2:18.10) already having run a near sub 13-minute (13:04.15) DMR at the San Rafael Twilight Relays.  Coach Mike Davis of Monte Vista is no stranger to the sombrero as his boys team is the current meet record holder.  His girls team of Nicole Aha (5:16.43), Mikaela Hammitt (2:15.93) and Kyla Aiuto (2:23.83) will be running this fresh so they will be in the mix.

Boys Distance Medley Relay
Meet Record – 10:30.69 – Monte Vista
Two years ago, we saw a very heroic performance out of Petaluma’s Sterling Lockert, who 30 minutes after setting the then meet record in the 3200 jumped onto the track to anchor Petaluma when they took a close second to the current meet record holder Monte Vista.  Will we see another performance like that?  Tamalpias might be able to provide that kind of excitement with Dan Michelman (1:57.9 – 4:19.52 – State Cross Country Champion D4) and Emil Barkovich (4:29.69) on their squad doubling back from the 1600.  Bellarmine, always very strong in the distances, have the likes of Kyle Rae (4:23.82) to give them a great chance.  Coach Eddie Salazar’s Livermore team will look to extend his streak of DMR victories after they won the last two girls DMRs.  Cross country powerhouses Monte Vista (seasonal best 10:48.27 7th in California) with Elliott Killich (1:57.81) and Campolindo withDylan Laucher (9:39.97) also look to bring home the sombreros.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Top CCS Marks to date...

Posted on SJ Mercury News website at the following link:

Track and field
Top CCS marks and times
(C=converted from yards)
100 — Kennedy (St. Ignatius) 10.97, Jones (Palo Alto) 10.97, Favors (Gunderson) 10.99, Wilson (Serra) 11.14, Moore (Sacred Heart Cathedral) 11.16, Schuller (St. Ignatius) 11.26, Keyser (Carmel) 11.26, Eke (Gunderson) 11.35, Smart (Oak Grove) 11.35, Halsted (Mountain View) 11.39.
200 — Montgomery (Bellarmine) 22.30, Favors (Gunderson) 22.59, Chapman (Bellarmine) 22.87, Moore (Sacred Heart Cathedral) 22.96, Ramirez (St. Francis) 22.97, Davidson (St. Francis) 23.02, Smart (Oak Grove) 23.12, Holmes (Jefferson) 23.21, Keyser (Carmel) 23.24, Ngo (Silver Creek) 23.28.
400 — Montgomery (Bellarmine) 49.09, Holmes (Jefferson) 50.68, Nguyen (Milpitas) 50.71, Favors (Gunderson) 50.84, Rios (Sobrato) 50.89, Chapman (Bellarmine) 51.19, Teerlink (Saratoga) 51.31, Rutner (Mountain View) 52.48, Jackson (Sobrato) 53.30, Safai (Los Altos) 53.32.
800 — Strum (Pioneer) 1:57.29, Rae (Bellarmine) 2:00.59, Rios (Sobrato) 2:00.75, Torres (SLV) 2:01.74, Kpachavi (Woodside Priory) 2:02.15, Shishler (SLV) 2:02.62, Hetke (SLV) 2:02.91, Montenegro (Fremont) 2:03.29, Schrier (St Francis) 2:03.32, Safai (Los Altos) 2:03.71.
1,600 — Strum (Pioneer) 4:22.06, Rae (Bellarmine) 4:25.15, Hetke (SLV) 4:26.03c, Waschura (Woodside) 4:27.74, Geiken (Los Gatos) 4:28.92, Signore (Lynbrook) 4:29.59, Rowe (Mt View) 4:30.06c, Summers (Gunn) 4:32.35c, Reyen (Carlmont) 4:33.05, Plazolo (Willow Glen) 4:33.59.
3,200 — Rowe (Mountain View) 9:09.16c, Strum (Pioneer) 9:36.64, Summers (Gunn) 9:42.41c, Hetke (SLV) 9:45.57, Bishop (Monta Vista) 9:46.87, Plazolo (Willow Glen) 9:47.45, Guzman (San Benito Hollister) 9:53.08, Palaniuk (York) 9:53.31, Castillo (San Benito) 9:53.93, Roa (N. Monterey) 9:54.08.
110 HH — Alsagoff (San Jose) 15.88, Kubozono (Cupertino) 16.00, Pfeiffer (Pacific Grove) 16.48, Wang (Independence) 16.48, Wilhelm (N Monterey) 16.57, Vaughn (N. Monterey) 16.62, Donnelly (Palma) 17.18, Curry (Evergreen Valley) 17.24, Grimm (Los Altos) 17.28.
300 IH — Kubozono (Cupertino) 40.71, Alsagoff (San Jose) 41.56, Pfeiffer (Pacific Grove) 41.57, Stine (Los Altos) 42.04, Favors (Gunderson) 42.44, Wang (Independence) 43.39, Barthelemy (Gunn) 43.52, Heinen (Bellarmine) 43.56, Lemak (Mt View) 43.65, Li (Cupertino) 43.68.
400 relay — Serra 43.20, Bellarmine 43.26, Oak Grove 44.00, St. Ignatius 44.12, Gilroy 44.20, St Francis 44.38, Westmont 44.87, Mt View 44.93, Jefferson 44.97, Hillsdale 45.38.
1,600 relay — Bellarmine 3:26.34, San Benito Hollister 3:29.24, Mtn. View 3:31.12, Mitty 3:32.96, St. Ignatius 3:34.51, Pioneer 3:34.94, St Francis 3:35.65, Los Gatos 3:35.69, Sacred Heart 3:38.50, Westmoor 3:39.30.
High jump — Christofferson (St. Ignatius) 6-5, Bello (St. Ignatius) 6-3, Johnson (Mountain View) 6-2, Greathouse (Los Altos) 6-00, Sarver (Fremont) 6-00, Nigro (Palo Alto) 6-00, Bajtos (Bellarmine) 6-00, Du (Palo Alto) 5-10, Hueschen (Palo Alto) 5-10, Hughes (Mt View) 5-10, Dorsey (Monterey) 5-10.
Long jump — Kennedy (St. Ignatius) 22-07, Marshall (Valley Christian) 21-08, Pfeiffer (Pacific Grove) 21-4.75, Ancheta (Yerba Buena) 20-08.25, Chapman (Bellarmine) 20-05, Halstead (Mt View) 20-05, Wilson (Serra) 20-04, Murphy (Serra) 20-2.25, Yeh (Carlmont) 20-2.25, Regua (Pioneer) 20-01.
Triple jump — Navarro (Oak Grove) 43-07, Strehlow (Wilcox) 43-01, Olivarez (Watsonville) 42-05, Winter (Willow Glen) 42-03.25, Hipol (Mt Pleasant) 41-10.5, Weitzel (Scotts Valley) 41-08.5, Uboh (Willow Glen) 41-05.25, Benedictos (N Salinas) 41-03.5, Mitchell (St Francis) 41-03, Gbondo (Oak Grove) 41-03.
Discus — Martinez (San Benito) 152-01, Winter (Willow Glen) 150-00.5, Nwuzi (Silver Creek) 145-01, Koukoutsakis (Mt View) 139-02, Parks (Santa Teresa) 139-00.5, Casas (N Monterey) 135-01, Sheehan (Los Altos) 134-11, Esteban (Bellarmine) 132-09, Jones (Gunn) 131-09, Miranda (Silver Creek) 130-05.
Shot put — Parodi (Serra) 49-09.5, Casas (N Monterey) 49-00.5, Clarke (Saratoga) 48-00.75, Koukoutsakis (Mountain View) 47-10.5, Navarro (Oak Grove) 47-09.75, Pohahau (Wilcox) 46-09, Likio (Wilcox) 45-02.5, Ramos (San Benito Hollister) 44-06, Martinez (San Benito) 43-02, Irving (Monterey) 43-00.5.
Pole vault — Toney (St Francis) 15-01, Berthet (Los Gatos) 14-00, Rayburn (N Monterey) 14-00, Thompson (N Monterey) 13-00, Williams (Westmoor) 13-00, Kuwatani (St Ignatius) 12-00, Potter (Willow Glen) 12-00.
100 — Duxbury (Mitty) 12.66, Auzeene (St Francis) 12.73, Wright (Presentation) 12.75, Lockwood (Mitty) 12.95, Palacio (Mitty) 13.02, Rienecker (Pioneer) 13.07, Krosse (Woodside) 13.07, Gray (Milpitas) 13.08, Li (Los Altos) 13.11, Spence (Hillsdale) 13.19.
200 — Duxbury (Mitty) 25.66, Kimmey (Los Gatos) 26.18, Padilla (St Francis) 26.21, Lockwood (Mitty) 26.31, White (Presentation) 26.35, Drennan (Willow Glen) 26.58, Wright (Presentation) 26.61, Palacio (Mitty) 26.75, Spence (Hillsdale) 26.86.
400 — Gradiska (Pinewood) 57.71, Wickliffe (Wilcox) 1:00.30, Bellegarda (Saratoga) 1:00.84, Kimmey (Los Gatos) 1:00.98, Sakellar (Monta Vista) 1:02.15, Mclin (Monterey) 1:02.30, Gordon (Santa Clara) 1:02.43, Andrew (Mt View) 1:02.49, Drennan (Willow Glen) 1:02.79, Delgado (North Monterey County) 1:02.87.
800 — Gallagher (Gunn) 2:16.90, Rintala (Mitty) 2:20.41, Parmeshwar (Leland) 2:20.99, Knapp (Los Gatos) 2:21.83, Skokowski (Castilleja) 2:22.51, Robinson (Gunn) 2:24.36, Pappas (Mt View) 2:25.80, Rye (Los Altos) 2:27.07, Ussat (SLV) 2:27.64, Yee (Lynbrook) 2:28.47.
100 LH — Unadia (Gilroy) 16.03, Randazzo (Evergreen Valley) 16.07, Rienecker (Pioneer) 16.51, Nance (Evergreen Valley) 16.51, Planell (Los Altos) 16.59, Quaglia (St Francis) 17.42, Nessick (Santa Teresa) 17.43, Grayson (N Salinas) 17.48, Organ (Mitty) 17.68, Fkiaras (Leland) 17.81, Carter (Mt Pleasant) 00.00.
300 LH — Gordon (Santa Clara) 46.03, Wright (Presentation) 47.61, Hendrick (Carmel) 47.93, Muegge (Carmel) 48.56, Wood (Mitty) 48.58, Randazzo (Evergreen Valley) 48.77, Dobbins (Woodside) 49.47, Madigan (St Francis) 50.29, Organ (Mitty) 50.34, Unadia (Gilroy) 50.43.
1,600 — Robinson (Gunn) 5:10.89c, Diaz (Leigh) 5:19.23c, Katz (Los Gatos) 5:20.17, Knapp (Los Gatos) 5:20.32, Castro (Los Gatos) 5:22.81, Huang (Lynbrook) 5:23.22, Tsolis (Presentation) 5:24.55, Roemer (St Francis) 5:24.71, Rivera (Willow Glen) 5:25.18, Hastings (Hillsdale) 5:27.22.
3,200 — Garcia (Evergreen Valley) 11:11.13, Katz (Los Gatos) 11:30.56, Dohner (Gunn) 11:36.20, Hicks (Los Altos) 11:28.72c, Grgeory (Woodside Priory) 11:33.51, Castro (Los Gatos) 11:39.28, Higgins (Palo Alto) 11:41.24, Garcia (Valley Christian) 11:43.50, Lira (Valley Christian) 11:45.87, Rivera (Willow Glen) 11:46.41. Petersen (Carlmont) 11:06.15,
400 relay — Mitty 49.53, Mt Pleasant 49.70, St Francis 50.04, Presentation 50.64, Wilcox 50.84, Los Altos 50.85, Gunderson 51.84, Homestead 52.82, Gunn 52.98.
1,600 relay — St Francis 4:06.68, Presentation 4:11.14, Los Altos 4:13.17, Mitty 4:14.94, Los Gatos 4:15.53, Mt View 04:17.99, San Benito Hollister 04:18.95, Gunn 04:19.32, Mt Pleasant 04:24.00, Evergreen Valley 04:25.70.
High jump — Evans (Leigh) 5-6, Armstrong (Live Oak) 5-4, Unadia (Gilroy) 5-2, Miyashita (Aptos) 5-2, McDonald-O-Brien (St. Ignatius) 5-2, Maggioncalda (Gunn) 5-2, Plascencia (Watsonville) 5-2, Planell-Cruz (Los Altos) 5-1, Ruiz (N. Salinas) 5-0, Castro (San Benito) 5-0.
Long jump — Rogers (Prospect) 18-3, Margerum (Gunn) 18-2, Nguyen (Saratoga) 17-6, Planell-Cruz (Los Altos) 16-11, Carter (Mt. Pleasant) 16-9, Foster (Gilroy) 16-5.75, Artadi (Mitty) 16-5.5, Auzeene (St Francis) 16-5.25, Reinecker (Pioneer) 16-3.5, West (Independence) 16-3.
Triple jump — Carter (Mt. Pleasant) 37-00, Evans (Leigh) 36-11, Walker (Mt. Pleasant) 36-8, Leath (Mt. Pleasant) 36-3, Nguyen (Saratoga) 34-11, Suarez (Alisal) 34-5, Nicolas (Mt. Pleasant) 32-10, Chin (Leland) 32-9, Li (Los Altos) 32-8, de Geus (Mountain View) 32-03.
Discus — Guzman (Los Gatos) 121-8, Chung (Cupertino) 118-7, McKee (Santa Teresa) 118-6.5, Rowe (Mountain View) 117-1, Currier (Monte Vista Christian) 108-0, Ekong (Hillsdale) 105-9, Langi (Sequoia) 98-6, Ocampo (San Benito) 97-0, Chug (Sacred Heart) 96-6, Chen (Westmoor) 94-9.
Shot put — McKee (Santa Teresa) 42-8, Hardiman (Wilcox) 36-8.5, Logan (Los Altos) 34-9.5, Chung (Cupertino) 34-8, Sandoval (Gilroy) 34-2, Langi (Sequoia) 33-9, Guzman (Los Gatos) 33-7, Pale (St Francis) 32-7.25, Alnas (San Benito Hollister) 32-4.5.
Pole vault — Stone (Los Gatos) 12-0, Ang (Gunn) 10-8, Coelho (San Benito) 10-4, Hendel (Westmont) 10-3, Lam (Carlmont) 10-0, Vinson (Aptos) 10-0, Bolton (Homestead) 9-8, Flynn (Carlmont) 9-6, Kadam (Mt. Pleasant) 9-2, Collins (St. Ignatius) 9-0, Lackides (SLV) 9-0.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2010 Dan Gabor Awards

Thanks to Chuck Woolridge of Campolindo HS and

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Dublin Distance Fiesta Time Schedule

Dublin Distance Fiesta
Saturday, March 20, 2010
Dublin High School, Dublin, CA

Event Schedule

2:45 Girls 1600 Heats 1-6
3:30 Boys 1600 Heats 1-12
4:55 Girls 800 Heats 1-6
5:20 Boys 800 Heats 1-15
6:20 Girls 3200 Heats 1-2
6:55 Boys 3200 Heats 1-6
8:25 Girls Distance Medley Relay
8:45 Boys Distance Medley Relay

Distance Fiesta Meet Records
Event Name School Time

Girls 1600 Sammy Hamilton Half Moon Bay 5:16.55
Boys 1600 Erik Olson Novato 4:17.28
Girls 800 Tamara Purpura Lowell 2:17.43
Boys 800 Sebastian Sam Oak Grove 1:54.21
Girls 3200 Diana George Livermore 10:49.74
Boys 3200 Garrett Rowe Mountain View 9:22.07
Girls Distance Medley Relay Livermore Livermore 12:35.87
Boys Distance Medley Relay Monte Vista Monte Vista 10:30.69

Northern California High School Track Leaders (Updated)

Northern California High School Track Leaders 

Through March 16, 2010
by Keith Conning
Web Site:
You can find boys and girls top marks at the following link:

Newark Memorial Cougar Invitational Results (3/13/2010)

Posted under an older date so not to take up the whole front page.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dublin Distance Fiesta Heat Sheets

You can find the Dublin Distance Fiesta Heat Sheets at the following link:
Dublin Distance Fiesta Heat Sheets 2010

From NCS Office regarding two Cross Country proposals...

Two updates regarding a couple of items that went to our Sports Advisory Committee last week:

The EBAL proposal for NCS divisional restructuring failed (2-22-6). The EBAL did not wish for this item to go forward to the Executive Committee and Board of Managers.

The BAC proposal to delay movement to a higher division (one year) failed (4-21-5). The BAC did not wish for this item to go forward to the Executive Committee and Board of Managers.

A full PDF of the minutes can be found here:

The adopted 2010 NCS cross country divisions can be found here:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Northern California High School Track Leaders Men

Northern California High School Track Leaders 

Through March 15, 2010
by Keith Conning
Web Site:

Section: CC=Central Coast, NC=North Coast, NO=Northern, OK=Oakland, SF=San Francisco, SJ=Sac-Joaquin

Mens 100 Meter 
Time Wind Name Grade School City Section
10.86 -0.7 R.J. Frasier 12 Jesuit SJ
11.00 1.0 Jalen Sauinders 12 Pleasant Grove SJ
11.02 -0.9 Ali Roosevelt 11 St. Mary's NC
11.12 -0.7 Joseph Ruffaine 12 Jesuit SJ
11.15 0.1 Sean Combs 12 Deer Valley NC
11.15 1.0 Myron Baldoz-McArn 12 El Camino SJ
11.22 -0.9 Darquis Rucker 12 Skyline OK
11.29 -0.9 Derrick Henry 12 Skyline OK
11.31 -0.4 Najee.Hope-lovett St..Mary's NC
11.33 2.0 Adam Richards 12 Woodcreek SJ
Wind Aided
10.75 NWI George Atkinson Granada NC
10.88 NWI Josh Atkinson Granada NC
10.91 NWI Devon Marman Lincoln CC
10.97 NWI Mike Kennedy St. Ignatius CC
10.97 NWI Daniel Jones Palo Alto CC
10.97 NWI Jalen Saunders 12 Pleasant Grove SJ
10.99 NWI J'tier Favors Gunderson CC
11.08 NWI Ali Roosevelt 11 St. Mary's NC
11.12 2.9 Derik Delonzor 12 Dougherty Valley NC
11.14 NWI Erich.Wilson Junipero.Serra CC

Mens 200 Meter 
22.32 0.1 Joseph Ruffaine 12 Jesuit SJ
22.36 0.1 Evan Favors 12 Monterey Trail SJ
22.43 0.1 Jordan Magnusson 12 Roseville SJ
22.44 -1.2 Ali:Roosevelt St.:Mary's NC
23.14 -1.2 Najee Hope-lovett St. Mary's NC
23.17 0.1 Quincy Forte 11 Vacaville SJ
23.20 1.2 Curtis Shirey 11 Franklin, Elk Grove SJ
23.23 1.0 Kalyn Boozer 12 Franklin, Elk Grove SJ
23.26 0.1 Blakelyn Birks 12 Vacaville SJ
23.39 1.7 Aaron Dewatteville 12 Oak Ridge SJ
Wind Aided
21.98 NWI George Atkinson Granada NC
22.08 NWI Josh Atkinson Granada NC
22.32 NWI Ali Roosevelt 11 St. Mary's NC
22.57 NWI Thomas Kozel 12 Healdsburg NC
22.61 NWI Devon Marman Lincoln CC
22.69 NWI Najee Hope-Lovett 12 St. Mary's NC
22.69 NWI Time Alexis 12 St. Ignatius CC
22.77 NWI Jalil Jack 12 Mt. Diablo NC
22.80 3.7 Angelo Pasquale 11 Del Oro SJ
22.87 NWI Andre Chapman 11 Bellarmine CC

Mens 400 Meter
49.2 Devante Dubose 12 Bishop O'Dowd NC
49.60 Chance Moses 11 St. Mary's NC
49.63 Juquelle Thompson 11 Stagg SJ
49.95 Dan Davis San Ramon Valley NC
50.26 Justin Montgomery 11 Bellarmine CC
50.30 Carl Horsley 12 Skyline OK
50.39 Kollie Sebastine 12 Deer Valley NC
50.45 R.J. Frasier 12 Jesuit SJ
50.55 Eddie Gillies 12 Oakland Technical OK
50.68 Myles Holmes 10 Jefferson CC

Mens 800 Meter 
1:52.47 Jason Coupe 12 Galt SJ
1:55.73 Toshi Kellogg Acalanes NC
1:57.29 Nathan Strum Pioneer CC
1:57.9 Dan Milechman 11 Tamalpais NC
1:58.04 Kevin Griffith San Ramon Valley NC
1:59.19 Ashraf Mathkour Miramonte NC
1:58.21 Reesey Byers 12 Santa Rosa NC
1:59.74 Sean Gomez 11 Beyer SJ
1:59.78 Brett Cantrell Acalanes NC
1:59.8 Eric Olson 12 Novato NC

Mens 1600 Meter 
4:20.4 Erik Olson 12 Novato NC
4:20.78 Reesey Byers 12 Santa Rosa NC
4:22.06 Weston Strum Pioneer SJ
4:23.87 Jason Coupe 12 Galt SJ
4:24.17 Chris Kigar 11 El Camino SJ
4:24.34 Josh Mercado 12 Del Campo SJ
4:24.43 Toshi Kellogg 12 Acalanes NC
4:25.14 Kyle.Rae Bellarmine CC
4:25.30 Parker Deuel San Ramon Valley NC
4:26.59 Amjed Aboukhadijeh 12 Oak Ridge SJ

Mens 3200 Meter 
9:23.19 Ben Eversole Castro Valley NC
9:24.02 Josh Macdonald 12 Redwood Christian NC
9:27.0 Erik Olson 12 Novato NC
9:27.12 Chris Kigar 11 El Camino SJ
9:29.00 Josh Mercado 12 Del Campo SJ
9:31.01 Parker Deuel San Ramon Valley NC
9:36.24 Dan Maxwell St. Mary's NC
9:39.75 Will Melton Northgate NC
9:39.97 Dylan Laucher Campolindo NC
9:41.04 Simon Graves San Ramon Valley NC

Mens 110 Meter Hurdles 
14.30 1.6 Noah Blue 12 Skyline OK
14.56 -0.2 R.J. Frasier 12 Jesuit SJ
15.02 1.6 Kelechi Nwadibia 12 Bear Creek SJ
15.05 1.0 DrewiAhmann 12 PleasantiGrove SJ
15.45 1.0 Alex:Jungsten 12 Casa:Roble SJ
15.61 1.0 Kevin Nielsen 11 Granite Bay SJ
15.61 -0.2 Nick Martinez 10 Elk Grove SJ
15.65 0.7 Casey Wheeler 10 Del Oro SJ
15.72 0.7 Mike;Mathews 10 Woodcreek SJ
16.02 -1.0 Roderick Giles 12 Monterey Trail SJ
Wind Aided
14.86 NWI Alan Williams 11 Bishop O'Dowd NC
14.93 NWI Kenneth Walker III 10 Freedom NC
14.98 NWI Ikem Okwudiafor Mission San Js NC
15.49 NWI Jeremy Thompson 12 Maria Carrillo
15.61 NWI Kyle Lambert 12 Merrill West SJ
15.61 NWI Drew Ahmann 12 Pleasant Grove SJ
16.00 NWI Mike Mathews 10 Woodcreek SJ
16.00 NWI Ryo Kubozono Cupertino CC

Mens 300 Meter Hurdles 
38.19 Noah Blue 12 Skyline OK
38.81 R.J. Frasier 12 Jesuit SJ
39.73 Derek Nelson 12 Davis SJ
40.20 Jeremy Thompson 12 Maria Carrillo NC
40.34 Tyler Baker 12 Maria Carrillo NC
40.71 Ryo Kubozono Cupertino CC
41.11 Roderick Giles 12 Monterey Trail SJ
41.13 Kenneth Walker III 9 Freedom NC
41.14 Patrick Ramanand 12 Seaside CC
41.30 Gabriel Vazquez 12 Elk Grove SJ

Mens 4x100 Meter Relay
42.80 Skyline OK
43.01 DeLaSalle NC
43.03 St. Mary's NC
43.20 Junipero Serra CC
43.20 San Ramon Valley NC
43.21 Monterey Trail SJ
43.26 Bellarmine CC
43.45 Deer Valley NC
43.49 Freedom NC
43.61 Bishop O'Dowd NC

Mens 4x400 Meter Relay
3:23.69 Deer Valley NC
3:24.75 San Ramon Valley NC
3:25.4 Bellarmine CC
3:27.97 St. Mary's NC
3:28.44 DeLaSalle NC
3:28.98 Atwater SJ
3:29.24 San Benito CC
3:29.32 Galt SJ
3:30.15 Del Oro SJ
3:30.50 San Benito CC

Mens High Jump 
6' 8" Maurice Spikes 12 St. Mary's NC
6' 4" Nate Madsen Oakdale SJ
6' 4" Adam Wenig 11 Monte Vista NC
6' 4" Will Findlay 11 Oak Ridge SJ
6' 4" Matt Redden 11 Oak Ridge SJ
6’ 4" Nick Ridge 12 Jesuit SJ
6' 3" Alan Williams 11 Bishop O'Dowd NC
6' 3" Will Bello St. Ignatius CC
6' 2" Bryan Christofferson 12 St. Ignatius CC
6' 2" Bradford Reiler Galt SJ
6' 2" Ron Harvey 12 San Ramon Valley NC
6' 2" Kevin Nielsen 11 Granite Bay SJ
6' 2" Aidan O'Donnell, 11, Analy NC
6’ 2” Billy Eng 11 Heritage NC
6’ 2” Tosh Semlacher 12 Jesuit SJ

Mens Pole Vault 
15’ 1” Shawn Toney St. Francis, Mountain View CC
14' 7" Brian Hanson 12 Oak Ridge SJ
14’ 0” Benjamin Berthet Los Gatos CC
14' 0" Keith Rayburn North Monterey CC
13' 6" Colin Barber 10 San Ramon Valley NC
13' 6" Ian Rock 11 Davis SJ
13’ 6” Alex Garcia 12 Pioneer SJ
13’ 6” Alex Kalish Campolindo NC
13’ 3” Kyle Maxwell 12 Atwater SJ
13' 0" Anderson Golden Valley SJ
13' 0" Jason Thompson North Monterey CC
13' 0" Garcia Pioneer SJ
13’ 0” Justin Ellerbee 11 Rocklin SJ

Mens Long Jump 
21' 8" 0.5 Jory Rucker 12 Franklin, Elk Grove SJ
20''10" 0.5 Taylor Thomas 12 Deer Valley NC
20' 5.50" 0.7 Kevin Nielsen 11 Granite Bay SJ
20' 3" 0.4 Roderick Giles 12 Monterey Trail SJ
19' 8.50" 0.1 John Park 11 Granite Bay SJ
19' 5" 1.1 Curtis Shirey 11 Franklin, Elk Grove SJ
18' 10.50" 0.4 Jonathan Strong 12 Oak Ridge SJ
18' 8.50" 0.1 Alex Mcafee 10 Jesuit SJ
18' 5.50" 0.2 Nick Lewis 11 Deer Valley NC
18' 4.50" 1.1 Bobby Braman 11 Oak Ridge SJ
Wind Aided
22' 7" NWI Mike Kennedy St. Ignatius CC
21' 10.50" NWI Haran Piggee 11 Galt SJ
21' 9.25" NWI Myron Baldez El Camino SJ
21' 7" NWI Jeremy Thompson, 12, Maria Carrillo NC
21''5" NWI Sean Cook Redwood NC
21' 2.50" NWI Andrew Moore 12 Foothill NC
21' 1.50" NWI Matt Stroud 11 Antelope SJ
20' 11.25" NWI Jordan Minteiro McClatchy SJ
20' 10.5" NWI Knapps Sierra SJ
20' 10.25" NWI Jack Phouminavong 11 Bear Creek SJ

Mens Triple Jump 
42' 4" -1.2 Ian Rock 11 Davis SJ
42' 1" 1.2 John Park 11 Granite Bay SJ
41' 2" -1.7 Taylor Thomas 12 Deer Valley NC
41' 1" -1.4 Jory Rucker 12 Franklin, Elk Grove SJ
40' 11" -1.2 Roderick Giles 12 Monterey Trail SJ
40' 6" -1.3 Jonathan Strong 12 Oak Ridge SJ
39' 9" -1.5 Omie Hartman 9 Monterey Trail SJ
38' 9" -1.2 Zane Westmoreland 10 Jesuit SJ
38' 8" -1.2 Diontae Miller 12 Inderkum SJ
38' 6" -1.2 Matthew Austin 10 Davis SJ
Wind Aided
44' 8.5" NWI Trentan Trammell Bishop'O'Dowd NC
44' 7" NWI Allen Williams Bishop O'Dowd NC
44' 2" NWI Jack Phouminavong 11 Bear Creek SJ
44''1" NWI Brett Crider 12 Placer SJ
43' 8" NWI Doug Vernon 10 Folsom SJ
43' 6.50" NWI Alan Williams Bishop O'Dowd NC
43' 1" NWI Ricky Strehlow Wilcox CC
42' 9.25" NWI Ikem Okwudiafor 12 Mission San Jose NC
42' 8" NWI Jack Champion 10 Washington NC
42' 7.25" NWI Andre Rawls 12 California NC

Mens Shot Put 
58' 3" Jeremy Hines 12 Jesuit SJ
54' 8.5" Alberto Millan 12 Livingston SJ
53' 5" Stephen Boals 11 Jesuit SJ
53' 0" Scott Esparza Amador Valley NC
52’ 9" Josh Hines 12 Jesuit SJ
51' 11" Stephen Burke 12 Monte Vista NC
51' 0.50" Zach Coniglio 12 Alhambra NC
50' 10.25" Brock Hekking 12 Vacaville SJ
49' 9.50" Ben Parodi Junipero Serra CC
49' 4.25" Jacob Eckel Castro Valley NC

Mens Discus Throw 
162' 4" Scott Esparza Amador Valley NC
161' 2" Stephen Boals 11 Jesuit SJ
159' 9" Zach Coniglio 12 Alhambra NC
159' 8" James Kinloch 11 Granite Bay SJ
156' 11" Jeremy Hines 12 Jesuit SJ
156' 6" Jt Castillo Lincoln, Lincoln SJ
155' 2" Travis Baker 11 Santa Rosa NC
153' 3" Albert Millan 12 Livingston SJ
152' 1" Frankie Martinez San Benito CC
151' 8" Eric Mason Castro Valley NC

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