Saturday, May 05, 2012

California Track and Field Newspaper coverage...

Doubles rule at PAL finals (SM Daily Journal)
Apaches shine at league finals (Pasadena Star News)
Records fall at Rio Hondo finals (Pasadena Star News)



Anonymous said...

Curious there seems to be lots more stories on the SS. Is this the direction of this site to compete against espn dyestat? I really enjoy all of your personal interviews with many of the athletes. When was the last interview that was done by espnDS? Can't re-collect any interview they have recent history. Just curious about the direction this site is heading?


Albert Caruana said...

I am just expanding my coverage area. I have enjoyed being able to reach out to the other part of the state as well as some of the better individuals/teams in the US thanks to

Anonymous said...

Hiltz rocks a 4:44 at sccal this weekend. My guess is maxwell was the rabbit and carried her through a fast pace. Classic sit and kick aptos style.

Results besides are unimpressive. A shame they only advance 2 (who will make state) in the 3200. Gibson is worthy to run CCS but now will not even get to run. Amazing how the leagues with such depth like the sccal get screwed. They should just go straight time standards like swimming does now and NCAA does. Seems silly that one league gets 13 min 2 milers in CCS but Gibson runs 11:32 and stays home.

Albert, Hank or anyone else who attends the CCS meeting can you explain why this is considered fair? This is an individual sport and if the CCS determines 24 or 32 or whatever should advance shouldn't it be best athletes in that number?

Gibson has run 11:09 and is ranked 7th in CCS. Heat, wind and she runs 11:30 and stays home.

Please, those who can make this more fair please do something. Top 20 marks from leagues or major invites, a provisional mark. Or do nothing and make a minimum standard. Bottom line parents are pleading for something to be done! This girl had a shot to go to state. Now, season over.

Albert Caruana said...

This is something that I have brought up with multiple coaches at meets during this season. The same goes for cross country. I will post part of your comment above as a post and see what others have to say.

hank said...

Gibson's season is not over. She hit the CCS At-Large time:

so she moves on. SCCAL guarantees Top 2 move on to CCS but if you hit the At-Large mark then you move on as well.


Albert Caruana said...

Correct. She qualified in 1600 but not 3200.

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