Friday, May 25, 2012

NorCal Section Results...


Anonymous said...

what's wrong with the NCS site? Nothing comes up with I click the events? I'm I doing something wrong?

SJS Fan said...

Looks like day one is posted on day two as best as I can tell.

Coach Tim said...

Why does the CCS give the top qualifiers in the 800m lane 8? I have never seen this before at any level of track and field.

Also, it might just be me, but I've never seen more 800m races run with a waterfall start than I have this season. Heats of 12, 15, even 20(!). Whatever happened to the 1-turn stagger, alleys, or even 2-per-lane?

Albert Caruana said...


The fastest athletes are put on the outside so they have a better chance to run freely without having the entire field collapse on them if the field was seeded from inside to outside (fastest to slowest).

I totally agree with the waterfall 800s. It's usually a recipe for disaster. At the very least use a double alley.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great race(s) by the CCS distance ladies... this group is one of the strongest in the country and should do very well at state. But come on, the boys are a joke right now.. 9:20+ qualifies for state?? How embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

The NCS site is only showing the Day 2 Finals heats, not the Day 1 Prelims results. Who can fix that?

Albert Caruana said...

Nothing embarrassing about making state no matter the time.

2 years ago, Elias Gedyon won the state meet 1600m. in 4:21.12. I am pretty sure he wasn't embarrassed about winning in that time.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to know with whom you are attempting to communicate. Who is anonymous said? The CCS girls up front have great talent. The boys not as much this year but their is good depth and some young runners. They are not a joke and I saw some courageous running from them. These athletes don't perform solely for your vicarious life.

grep brock said...

Sorry, the previous comment was made by Greg Brock, Santa Cruz High School coach.

Coach Small said...

Coach Tim, this is the same at the CA State meet for all distance races, the fastest seed is on the outside.

As for CCS the 3200 I thought it was impressive on both sides. CCS is sending 2 boys who have a shot at sub 9 and a kid who had a break through race. I'd say that's not too shabby!

Anonymous said...

I miss the days when you would run 9:14 at CCS and not make it because you weren't in the top 3 and barely missed the auto. Sucks for that 4th place finisher, but spoke to the amount of quality at the top.

On a positive note though, the CCS ladies are going to make a huge statement at the state meet... it will be nice to finally see some CCS representation at the top!

Coach Small said...

5 boys this year have run 9:13 or under in the CCS. Two of those 5 are advancing. So I'm a bit confused at what you're getting at. Are you commenting on the depth of the 3200 for the season or that you are not happy with the times on Championship night?

The first mile was slightly over 4:40 which was clearly strategic, then the surges came. Look at the regional results for NCAA this weekend, Chris Derek ran 30+ on Thursday in the 10k to move on to Nationals. It's not a time trial with rabbits, it's a race.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 2:23 pm ... who do you see on the girls side making a "huge statement" at the state meet? Outside of Nikki Hiltz, that is.

Rob Collins said...

I'll Just Make a Slight Comment here, Nick Hicks Ran to plan and Ran a Great Race to Move On to State! We Knew what was going to Happen up Front and we Knew what was going to happen in the Next Group. The Spot was Open And We took advantage of it! Plus Also some people underestimated Nick And I didn't, Knowing that he actually had a Pr in the 3000m at 8:40 up at the Centennial Invite in Portland in the end of April, which convert to a 9:17-18's!

Anonymous said...

NCAA Regionals in Austin, Texas is not the same as CCS in Gilroy, CA.

Likewise, the 10,000 is not the same as the 3200.

2 cents said...

Pretty sure Anna Maxwell has the potential to be "up there" at the state meet. And Allison Sturges who has been on the podium before should be in the mix as well.

Albert Caruana said...

Allison Sturges will not be competing at the state meet. She gave up her spot.

Coach Small said...

You're right, it's bigger! The concept is you race the race, not the clock. With McCabe, Foster in the race you have to run your race and pray it works to your favor. Well it paid off, Hicks ran his race and earned the third spot.

By the way have you seen the NCS results Mr. Anonymous?

Btw, you never addressed what your issue was here?

I'll work on it later but it would be interesting to chart the time of third place over the last 20-30 years.

Anonymous said...

Why is Sturges not competing at CCS?

Also, I think the previous poster meant that the conditions in Austin, Texas are far more brutal than in California...

Albert Caruana said...


pmccrystle said...

Hey Josh (and 9:51/2:23 anon): So, I looked it up...I think the nostalgia of 2:23 anon is for a very specific window of time, and he/she must be a disco fan, given the following stats: (And, congrats to SLV and Hicks for qualifying with a great race!)
All 3rd place 3200/2-mile times in CCS, 1966-2012, thanks Hank for the treasure trove that is your website!!
1966- 9:33.6
67- 9:39.7
68- 9:14.4
69- 9:26.8
70- 9:31.8
71- 9:19.6
72- 9:14.9
73- 9:12.6
74- 9:15.1
75- 9:13.6
76- 9:17.8
77- 9:12.83
78- 9:18.3
79- 9:15.1
80- 9:14.92
81- 9:05.8
82- 9:29.6
83- 9:16.4
84- 9:23.3
85- 9:22.6
86- 9:16.0
87- 9:31.5
88- 9:28.1
89- 9:28.1
90- 9:30.9
91- 9:31.1
92- 9:25.51
93- 9:39.02
94- 9:20.6
95- 9:22.21
96- 9:26.55
97- 9:28.27
98- 9:22.60
99- 9:23.16
2000- 9:21.68
01- 9:19.12
02- 9:33.78
03- 9:25.42
04- 9:05.36
05- 9:23.87
06- 9:22.36
07- 9:13.18
08- 9:11.86
09- 9:10.93
10- 9:25.69
11- 9:15.50
12- 9:24.28

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