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CCS and NCS Prediction Contest winners...

Congratulations to "CCS Fan"  for winning the CCS prediction contest and Andrew Lowe (Berkeley HS track coach) for winning the NCS prediction contest.

Both will receive the Sony Walkman MP3 player seen here on the left for being the high scorers in the respective prediction contests.

The Truth about ‘Peaking’

From the link below
It’s Championship Season and, if you’re a coach, you’re hoping you’ve put your athletes in position to have their best performances during this small window of ‘win or go home’ meets. So at this time of year, I get a lot of questions about peaking.
-What are the best workouts to get athletes to peak?
-How long can you hold a peak?
-What are you favorite peaking workouts for X event group?


CCS and NCS Meet Videos and Coverage...

Great discussion about the 1600m. DQ of Kyle Rae at CCS so I moved this post back to the top of the page.

NCS (Races are archived as part of the live webcast)

NCS girls track:  Trio of East Bay athletes notch multiple wins at Meet of Champions

SJS Masters 2011 Girls 800 M.flv

Xterra Dry Creek Run - June 4th


This is hosted by the Moreau Cross Country Teams (as well as the sponsors) as a fund raiser for MCHS XC planned trip in early Sept. to Hawaii to participate in a race. The race this Saturday is a first time event with 21K & 6K over the Garin Park Course (should be some of the most challenging hills around!).  All the info is provided on the link above. Competitors can even sign up on race day!

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From Golf to NCS MOC Track and Field success

Daniel Milechman of Tamalpais HS and Alex Conner of Sonoma HS both played golf as freshmen during their spring season (Conner played as a sophomore as well) and this past weekend both runners had outstanding efforts at the NCS MOC Track and Field meet.  Milechman improved in each of the last 3 season in the 1600 with a 4th place finish as a sophomore, 3rd place finish last year and an NCS title this year.  

Here is my interview with Milechman following his sophomore season in XC:


Here is an article found in sonomanews.com about Conner's effort this past Saturday as he finished 6th in a very solid 9:25.48.

Long Jumper mystery solved

Tom Jensen, the field event announcer at the State Meet, has solved the mystery.
"Your mystery jumper is McIntyre from Analy.  In the video the jumper has a solid blue jersey with white shoulder striping.  That rules out Foothill, who has white piping down the side.  Then add that the prior jumper was in a black uniform, which rules out Tam, the jumper before Tam is Foothill in blue.  Therefore your jumper is from Analy."
All three of McIntyre's jumps were legal.
McIntyre was jumping during the running of the girl's 100m hurdles.

Follow up to hurdle wind reading issue at NCS MOC...

After much research, I consider the Girls 100 hurdles final as legal!

There was a girl in a blue singlet with black bottoms long jumping in the first flight during the running of that race (video available on the NCS site).  Mike Elliott has looked up the readings for the three girls, whose school colors include blue.  All of their jumps were legal.  To determine the wind in the hurdles you need to reverse the sign of the wind speed.

If we could determine which of the three girls was jumping and what attempt it was, we could come up with an exact reading.

George Kleeman, a USATF and IAAF official, wrote: "Looking at video and pause, it appears as I am sure you know, a white girl with blue top and black bottoms.  Can't tell much else. Time wise it is 3:10 into the video and there is another white jumper, in all black at the beginning at about 0.58 sec into video." 

Does anyone know who the jumpers are?

Brian Henderson and Karen Smith: Would you kindly make a ruling as soon as possible and let me know the result.  It not only affects our MOC meet record, but it also affects the California HS, United States HS, and the World Junior (19 years and under) Lists going into the State Meet.

I will be announcing the State Meet at Buchanan High School in Clovis on Friday and Saturday.  The girl's 100 hurdles should be great as the two fastest hurdlers in the nation will face off: Melia Cox (Long Beach Poly) 13.34 and Trinity Wilson (St. Mary's, Berkeley) 13.37.

Here are the long jump wind readings provided by official Mike Elliott.
Jumper: Jump 1, Jump 2, Jump 3

McIntyre: +1.1, -1.1, -0.9
Medor: -0.8, -1.3, -0.4
Rasmussen: -1.2, -1.3, 0.0

Direct reading for G-LJ.  Reverse the sign for the wind speed for the G100h

Mike Elliott

Request from Keith Conning

I'm sorry to bother you on Memorial Day, but this is very important to Trinity Wilson (St. Mary's, Berkeley), one of our finest NCS athletes.

I have some individual requests at the end of this e-mail.  Please read all the way to the bottom.

I'm am still trying to find out if the girl's 100 hurdles final race on Saturday had a legal wind, because it would be a new meet record and the second best time in the United States.

G-100H113.34NEW! Cox, Melia (2011) (Long Beach Poly, CA)CA Southern Section Masters(CA), 2011-05-27w(0.5)(#1)
G-100HWIND13.45Williams, Kendell (2013) (Kell, GA)Volunteer Classic(TN), 2011-04-23w(2.3)(#1)

As you know the wind gauge for the girl's hurdles didn't work.  However, the girl's long jump was being contested within a few feet of the track.  The long jumpers were jumping from south to north and the hurdlers were running from north to south.

The first flight of the girl's long jump was held during the hurdles.

I now have the wind readings for the first flight of the long jump.

Jumps in Flight 1 had wind speed measurements ranging from +0.8 to -3.4.   Flight 2, 0.0 to -3.4.  Flight 3, 0.0 to -3.2.

Since the jumpers were going in the opposite direction, you need to turn the readings around.

Thus, the readings on the track were from -0.8 to +3.4 during flight one.

I watched the video of the girls 100 hurdles.
Go to www.cifncs.org, click sports, click track, click live webcast of MOC.
It shows a girl in a blue singlet running down the long jump runway during the hurdles race.
The entries in flight 1 were:
Hendrickson Redwood Colors Red/Gray
Ruiz Healdsburg Colors Cardinal/Black
Smith McKinleyville Colors Red/Black
McIntrye Analy Colors Royal Blue/White
Vujovich Monte Vista Colors Red/Black
Medor Foothill Colors Blue/Gold
Rasmussen Tamalpais Colors Red/Blue
Ketner Amador Valley Colors Red/Black

Can anyone identify the girl on the long jump runway?  Unfortunately, more than one of these schools has blue uniforms.  I know that Tamalpais, Foothill, and Analy use blue as a school color.

Keith Conning's email address is:  KeithConning@aol.com

Saturday, May 28, 2011


GRAND PRIZE:  Sony Walkman MP3 Player

If you would like an opportunity to win the above prize, send in your predictions to albertjcaruana@gmail.com. Please include the top 3 finishers for all events (running and field/boys and girls) as well as your predictions for the team champions along with their scores. If there is a tie, the team champions and scores will break those ties.

Your entries should look like this
Name: John Aki Bua Uganda HS Athlete (or coach/parent etc.)

Listed in order of finish (1st through 3rd)
Girls' 400m. Relay-James Logan, Long Beach Poly, St. Francis
Boys' 400m. Relay-
Girls' 1600m.-Jordan Hasay, Mary Decker, Yunxia Qu
Boys' 1600m.-
Girls' 100m. Hurdles-
Boys' 110m. Hurdles-
Don't forget the field events.

Let me know if you have any questions or have any suggestions for the contest.

The winner will be announced on Sunday, May 29th.

Same contest and prize for NCS MOC (list top 4 in each event).  You will need to turn in your entries to me following the Semis on Friday and before noon on Saturday, May 28th.  

Any questions, let me know.

Albert Caruana

Friday, May 27, 2011

Section Results...

Track and Field:  Pinder going to state competition
Buhach Colony's Hammar 2nd in discus at Masters
Bear River's Nielsen earns trip to state championships in long jump
Vaulter soars to finals

Sonoma's Conner, Summers Maggioncalda at NCS track and field Meet of Champs
Prep roundup:  TL's Cornejo, Drake's Davis earn spots in state track meet
NCS girls track and field:  James Logan High's Ciarra Brewer sets nation's best in girls triple jump with MOC record

http://www.dyestatcal.com/ATHLETICS/TRACK/2011/2011.htm (eventually)
Six earn state track bids
TRACK AND FIELD:  CCS Champions Crowned in Gilroy
TRACK AND FIELD:  Gilroy boys win CCS team title
TRACK:  Serra's Pacheco, Aragon's Crowshaw Star at CCS Finals
TRACK:  M'A's Della Morte Wins CCS Long Jump Title

Live Webcast of NCS MOC today and tomorrow

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Articles before Section Meets...

Local track and field athletes to compete at Masters
Woodland area athletes begin Masters Meet today
Freshman from CanAm eyes state meet in girls long jump
Track suggestion leads to stellar throwing career for Jesuit's Boals
Granite Bay trio triumphs at today's Masters track meet
Woodland's Landis, relay team advance;  Pioneer's Kershner eliminated from SJS Masters Meet trials

Napa High track trio put it on the line today
Bulldogs sending three athletes to Meet of Champions
Two Saints advance to Meet of Champions
Jumping to Meet of Champions

Local athletes are ready to run, and jump, in section track finals
Hurdlers in spotlight going into CCS finals
Jumper, long-distance runner represent MHS at CCS Finals
State berths at stake at CCS track finals
TRACK AND FIELD:  Walker and Co. in the running for first at CCS Finals

West Valley's Corissa Storms, sophomore Hannah Dorman look to go the distance
Section-event victors look to defend titles at Friday track, field meet

CCS Track and Field Leaders

Monday, May 23, 2011

CCS Track and Field Championship Program...

You can check out all the lanes and flights for this Friday's champion meet at the following link:

Don't forget to turn in your predictions to me at albertjcaruana@gmail.com by midnight, Thursday.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Centipede World Record...

Armen Vartanian (pictured here fourth from the right), Burlingame HS Class of 1997 was part of a record setting centipede team yesterday at the Bay to Breakers.  He writes about the experience below in a blog entry.  The rest of his teammates are names you may recognize as past local high school and collegiate competitors.

The rest of the centipede (13 runners):  Chris Chavez, Charlie Serrano, Jimmy Grabow, Drew Shackleton, Yosef, Ghebray, Giliat Ghebray, Mark Matusak, Stephan Shay, Neville Davey, Mike Sayenko, Marco Anzuras and Tommy Greenless.

Armen's Blog Entry:  

Michael Temple Signs Letter of Intent NDNU

San Leandro resident Michael Temple Signs a Letter Of Intent to run cross country at Norte Dame De Namur in Belmont California.  Michael is a senior at Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward.  His accomplishments include Moreau Catholic High School athlete of the year, Varsity baseball 4 years, Varsity Basketball 1 year and Varsity Cross Country 2 years. Michael has also been a team leader in and outside the classroom and has been a varsity captain 4 times on the Honor Roll all four years.

In the picture is Michael Temple as his mother Ginger Temple.

Pictures from Saturday's WCAL meet courtesy of www.sportsimagewire.com

Catching up with Scotts Valley HS coach, Doug Chase...

Today we chat with Scotts Valley HS head cross country and assistant track and field coach Doug Chase (picture to the left with star runner Vanessa Fraser, now at Stanford University).  He is seen here to the left with his girl's cross country team which finished in 2nd place this past season in Division IV at CCS and 9th at the California State XC meet.  Coach Chase started at Scotts Valley HS in 2008 and is coaching the teams at the school after 33 years at New Trier HS in Illinois.  

1)  What sports did you play before and during high school?  Some highlights?
I participated in the normal pre-high school endeavors, with baseball and basketball being the most prominent until high school.

At Maine West HS in Illinois I ran 4 years of cross country, and was in the top 8 from sophomore year on. I was the captain and the #3 man on the 1966 team, led by Lee LaBadie, which captured 6th in the IHSA state meet. I was also the track captain, running 4:32 in the mile and 9:39 in the two in 1967.  Back in those days, when the "deuce" was in its infancy, 9:39 actually qualified for the state meet in 1967.

2)  What led you into teaching and coaching?
Teaching high school seemed like a natural career for me: I liked being around kids and I enjoyed history.  In fact I'm pretty sure I was always a better teacher than a coach.  Teaching, after all, paid the bills, while coaching was my two hour a day vacation in the "toy department" of the school.  I loved it.  I still love it.

My actual origins as a coach can be traced to a very fulfilling  4 years competing at Carleton College in Minnesota.  I was the cc team captain in 1970 and ran in 3 NCAA "small college" cross country meets from 1968-70.  I also captained the track team, and typically ran the 880 and mile (no metric back in the dark ages). To my dismay I never won a Midwest Conference title in either, placing 2nd in each race in 1971.  I did run in the NCAA track finals in 1970 in St Paul, MN, placing 5th to earn "small college"  All-American status. But it was at Carleton that I began to appreciate our sport and the people who labor at it.  I began to understand the notion (I've put this on team t-shirts since) that running isn't as much a sport as a lifestyle.  A lifestyle, I might point out, that frequently changes lives. I've seen it, and it keeps me coming back.

3)  Who do you consider your teaching and coaching mentors and what were some of the most important lessons you learned from them?
I was blessed with excellent high school coaches, Bill Barringer and Joe Jobst, who valued wide participation and steadfast commitment.  But I grew the most in college, running for Bill Huyck.  His leadership was casual, but he was a great teacher who taught all his athletes a lot about goal-setting, hard work and commitment.  At Carleton we didn't just throw those words around: we lived them. I also began to appreciate  the value of teammates: I learned as much from them as from my coaches. I still communicate with those guys, even 40 years later.

4)  What were some of your challenges during your first few years of coaching?  What are the biggest changes for you as a coach from then to now?
At first it was a challenge to separate their training from my running. Regrettably, I think I sometimes wrote workouts so I could participate.  Old age took care of that temptation a long time ago.

5)  You coached at New Trier HS in Illinois for over 30 years.  What sports did you coach and what were some of your accomplishments there?
I coached and taught at New Trier for 33 years. I was the head boys cross country coach for 31 years; head boys track for 21, although I always saw myself more as a distance coach and track "administrator". I never coached the girls.  I had excellent assistant coaches, all of whom were on the faculty, and all of whom stuck around for a while.  We had great continuity, and I think that contributed to our success.  When I retired from teaching I was more or less required to stop coaching as well.  It was not my choice, but a district rule.

As for accomplishments, we had more than our share of conference/sectional championships and sent a number of teams and individuals to the state championships. New Trier was a large school, so we achieved some success because of our size.  But looking back I'm proudest of the fact that we had an open, participatory program.  If a boy came to practice and worked hard, we would get him a uniform/sweats, we'd coach him with enthusiasm and we would get him into meets, regardless of his ability.  To do this we sometimes double or even tripled up, sending our athletes, and some of the coaches, to 2-3 different meets on selected weekends. (we used to call them "3-meet weekends")  For the last 4 years I was there, we even had an 8-10 man "marathon team"--guys who trained alongside our distance runners, but who were focusing on a May or June marathon/half-marathon.  (we had to keep our head down on that one, since all the boys were on the track roster, but never ran a track race because of "coaches decision": though it was legal, the physical education department was not always supportive of our efforts)

6)  After all those years in Illinois, how did you end up in Scotts Valley, CA?I moved to Soquel in May, 2007 after retiring from NT the previous June. My wife also retired, so the plan was to live the CA lifestyle: play some tennis, run, bike and hike whenever and wherever we felt like. To do so was a sacrifice: we left lifelong friends, and our two children, back in the midwest. But if I hadn't moved, then retirement would have been miserable.  I really liked working at New Trier: I used to kid people that I had the best job in America. I just had to "get out of town" or I would miss it too much. So I had no other plans except to view California as a new adventure.

7)  What led you to coaching at Scotts Valley HS?
I answered an ad in the paper two weeks after I arrived in CA.  Go figure.

8)  You are now an off campus coach.  Biggest changes from being able to coach at the same school you teach?   
It used to be very satisfying to have student athletes in class or in advisory, and of course I don't have that now.  I think getting to know kids in two different environments enhanced the experience for both the students and me.  But that ship has sailed...

9)  Your girls' cross country team finished in 2nd place this past season in Division IV.  what were some of the keys for their success?
Just the usual stuff.  Intelligent and skilled athletes, with solid upperclass leadership, and hard work.

This sport is not "rocket science"...  It was a particularly satisfying season for us: for the girls, because they really were in the vanguard of a transformation in the culture of distance running at the high school, and for me, because I had never coached girls before and didn't know what to expect once the girls had to perform in the crucible of CCS and State.

10)  From your experience in coaching cross country and track and field in another state for many years, what do you think California could do differently in both sports that would benefit both sports?
--I think CA needs a class system for track and field.  Perhaps not as extensive as in cross country, but it is not fair to have Scotts Valley or San Lorenzo Valley with 750 students competing against the huge schools over the hill or in the rest of the state.  The CIF defense is that track is an "individual sport", but then they keep team scores.  Makes you wonder.

--The "waterfall start" used in most meets is unfair to runners in the 1600/3200.  The "run up" to the line becomes a race, people are "hooked" and the #1 and #2 seeds, even when they start briskly, frequently get the whole field to cave in on them in the first several steps.  Of course they use the waterfall in college and in the Olympics for the 1500, steeple and 5000, but in each case the start has 100 meters until the first turn.   The alternative is to run the first turn in alleys (4 for an 8-lane track) where all runners get an equal chance to get to the cut line, and the faster runners will have had the chance to separate themselves from the others before anyone cuts to the pole once the stagger is made up.  That's among the reasons why the 4 x 400 is now run in a 3-turn stagger.

--As a distance coach, I love the 4 x 800, which was a conference and state series event in Illinois.  Of couse there are reasons not to run it, especially from small schools (like Scotts Valley) who would have a difficult time finding enough athletes to fill it.  But relays do broaden student participation, and it is a very entertaining race.

11)  On the other end, what is working in both sports in CA?
--the prevalence of electronic timing is terrific.  My old school, New Trier is hosting their league championship this Friday, and they will still use hand-timing.

--the very detailed online dissemination of data like results and entry info is terrific, and is of course related to electronic timing.  You don't have to work very hard to get informed about the competition.  It's fun to be a fan of the sport here...and certainly your blog is a part of that.

12)  Anything else you would like to add. 
I've said enough.  Thanks, Albert, for letting me vent.

Thank you very much for your time Doug!  AJC

Sunday, May 15, 2011

MCAL Results (NCS)

More Newspaper coverage of championship meets...

Prep track: Terra Linda boys, Redwood girls win MCAL titles

Monday, May 09, 2011

Lea Wallace Workout Wednesday

Former Napa HS star and current Sacramento State runner Lea Wallace makes an appearance on flotrack in their Workout Wednesday.  She is currently ranked 2nd in NCAA in both the 800m. and 1500m. with 2:02.95 and 4:11.31 respectively.

The workout below is 3 x (250m./1 minute rest/150) with full rest between sets.

(I am not sure what happened to the video.  Looks like it was taken down by flotrack for some reason.)

Healdsburg High Grad wins Sonoma Human Race

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Timer needed for League Championship Meet

The Coastal Mountain Conference has asked me to put out the word that they are desperatily in need of someone with the equipment and ability to time their league finals.

This is a paid spot but I have not heard how much.

If you can or know of someone who might be able to do this please contact me at
 jimcrowhurst@comcast.net or Lin Barrett hoopster@mcn.org as soon as possible.

Saturday, May 14, 2011
Site: St. Helena High School
1401 Grayson Avenue
St. Helena, CA 94574.

Running Trials 10:00 AM
4:55 p.m. VB 4 x 400m Relay

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Granada HS situation continued...

From the May 4th Contra Costa Times and the following link:

Correct mistake
My daughter has worked side by side with the Atkinson twins with coaches Dean and Barney for several years with the Granada High School track team. The two boys and two coaches did not work or behave any differently this year than the previous ones. The only thing coach Dean and coach Barney did wrong this season was occupy the same air space that the new co-head coach, Carly Graham, wanted.
She started harassing them from the moment she stepped out on our track. It has been painfully obvious to the other athletes and adults in attendance. It was stated to me at one point "Coach Graham just needs the opportunity to work with some talented athletes to shine."
If the reporter had investigated further, he would have found out she behaved this exact same way last year at Amador High School. I'm guessing that's why she's not there anymore. Would any Amador parents or coaches like to comment? The overall sprint team had lower times this past week than the entire season with Dean and Barney gone. This was not done for the benefit of the athletes involved, but for personal gain of another coach.
The Livermore School District needs to stop this and call a spade a spade. It was a mistake for the athletes when Graham was hired and they need to correct it.
Margo Bateson
Livermore Granada High parent and volunteer


Montgomery HS runner Julie Nacouzi finished 3rd running 3:10:31 (7:16 pace per mile).  The time qualifies her for the Boston Marathon.

Overall Results:

It's not often that high school runners run marathons these days compared to the high mileage era during the 60s and 70s.  It's still mind boggling to think that the Crystal Springs course record holder, Mitch Kingery, ran a 2:23:47 as a sophomore in high school.  5:27 per mile!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Northern California newspaper articles...

This is pretty serious considering Mr. Harrison is still in jail from an incident that took place during the Arcadia Invitational weekend.
Former GHS track coach pleads not guilty (MorganHillTimes.com)

Deer Valley's White peaking at right time (InsideBayArea.com)


  • Allen Williams, Bishop O'Dowd boys track and field -- The senior took home two individual championships at the Sacramento Meet of Champions on April 30, winning the 110-meter high hurdles in 14.3 seconds, then winning the triple jump with a mark of 46-41/4.
  • Trinity Wilson, St. Mary's girls track and field -- The junior won two events at the Sacramento Meet of Champions, winning the 100-meter high hurdles in 13.92 seconds and then claim the 200-meter event with a time of 24.70 seconds
  • All CCS League results...

    can be found at Hank Lawson's site at the following link:

    So far, he has posted BVAL, SCVAL, PAL and WBAL results.

    Always interesting to find out who is competing in what event and who's season has ended abruptly.  Changes will be made going into CCS but the post season is definitely upon us.

    Best of luck to all the competitors and their coaches.

    Tuesday, May 03, 2011

    Boys Prep of the Week: Carroll Oliver

    ***The 5 Star High Jump Camp**

     *** The 5 Star High Jump Camp ** is back and will be held on June 16th & 17th at Saint Mary's High School in Berkeley.

    Once again, it is designed for intermediate and advanced high jumpers who are looking to break through. The 2 day camp will cover all aspects of high jumping...the approach, take-off and layout... as well as general and high jump specific plyometrics, drills, and specific weight-training exercises.

    Video will be taken of every athlete and an analysis of the video will be used to provide the best possible recommendations for each jumper. Athletes will be presented with an individualized instructional manual and DVD, complete with written evaluations, analysis and recommendations for each person.

    The camp will be limited to 8 - 10 jumpers to insure that every athlete is afforded specialized time with the coaches. Admission to the camp is on a first come - first serve basis. All participants must fill out a questionnaire and sign a liability waiver.

    The camp is being run by former U.C. Berkeley All-American (and school record-holder - 7'5¾") Jeff Rogers, who is currently the coach at Saint Mary's High School . Coach Rogers' former pupil, 2004 California State Champion and 4 time NCAA All-American Ed Wright, will be the other camp clinician. For
    more information about the camp and the clinicians, go to http://sites.google.com/site/5starhjcamp/

    - Jeff Rogers
    St. Mary’s - Berkeley

    Final BCL Meet Results

    Once again some very impressive results from Division V schools league at San Francisco City College on Monday.

    Monday, May 02, 2011

    Pictures and videos from the Sacramento Meet of Champions

    If you have a facebook account (who doesn't these days?), go to the following link to find pictures and videos from this past Saturday's Sacramento Meet of Champions:

    Shameless plug for Cross Country Express on Facebook as well while you are visiting the page above:
    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cross-Country-Express/295712643899 (Click LIKE)

    Sunday, May 01, 2011

    Payton Jordan Invitational Coverage

    Flotrack will be all over this invite today.  If you are near Palo Alto and are a distance fan, it will be worth your while to attend this meet.  If you are not, you can check out live broadcast of the meet here:

    Payton Jordan LIVE results:

    Olympic Standards (A and B):

    Payton Jordan Meet Schedule:

    Flotrack Payton Jordan Home Page:

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