Friday, May 25, 2012

CCS Prediction Contest

DEADLINE IS TODAY by 4PM-Email them to
GRAND PRIZE:  Sony Walkman MP3 Player

If you would like an opportunity to win the above prize, send in your predictions to Please include the top 3 finishers for all events (running and field/boys and girls) as well as your predictions for the team champions along with their scores. If there is a tie, the team champions and scores will break those ties.

Your entries should look like this
Name: John Aki Bua Uganda HS Athlete (or coach/parent etc.)

Listed in order of finish (1st through 3rd)
Girls' 400m. Relay-James Logan, Long Beach Poly, St. Francis
Boys' 400m. Relay-
Girls' 1600m.-Jordan Hasay, Mary Decker, Yunxia Qu
Boys' 1600m.-
Girls' 100m. Hurdles-
Boys' 110m. Hurdles-
Don't forget the field events.

Let me know if you have any questions or have any suggestions for the contest.

The winner will be announced on Sunday, May 27th.

Any questions, let me know.

Albert Caruana

Here is a link that should help you:


Anonymous said...

pmccrystle said...

For all you contestants, the following news may eb important: Travis McHugh was injured running the 400 last Saturday and will not be able to compete Friday night. And, as per the Merc this morning, Nick Makarov reaggravated an injury, so the BCP 4x100 and 4x400 are not at full strength. Good luck to all competitors and good health to all!

Coach Small said...

Sorry to hear Patrick... Your boys were rolling this year! The good news is you have an opportunity for someone to step up and surprise you.

Best of luck this Friday!

Anonymous said...

Nice. I wish someone would write one of those awesome prediction/summations for NCS.

Anonymous said...

People still use Mp3 walkmans these days?

Albert Caruana said...

The winner will.

Anonymous said...

Who won coach? I know that it probably wasn't me because I was pretty off on some events!!

Albert Caruana said...

I am still counting. Will get this figured out by Friday.

hank said...

Darrin - you really need another Walkman?


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