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30 Habits that Will Change your Life

Here is a great list I found online that I thought was good to share.  No better time to change a few things than now.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010 North Coast Section Cross --CC-> Country rankings Division III by Peter Brewer


    Defending NCS champion Petaluma appears to be holding all the cards again this year.  The Trojans return 5 of their 7, led by senior Forrest Schaeffer who was 4th last year.  Schaeffer added a 9:38.09 3200 to his credentials during the track season.  Las Lomas brings back 4 of 7 from their 3rd place squad last year.  Their frontrunner is senior Carl Gracely.  Campolindo also returns 4 from last year’s runner-up team.  Senior Dylan Laucher was 8th at MOC last year, and ran a 4:26.4 1600 and 9:39.97 3200.  Piner moves inot the picture, bringing back 4 sophomores(now juniors) from last year’s team, including ace Luis Luna who was 2nd here last year.and 11th at the State Meet. Luis went on to run 9:16.19 for the 3200.  Acalanes has a strong group returning as well, with junior Tyler Sorenson at the front.
    Individually, Luna (Piner) is at the head of the class.  Schaeffer (Petaluma) and Laucher (Campolindo) are also top candidates.  Eureka has the intriguing pair of Nick Kraus and Robin O’Connell who ran 9th and 10th last year.

1.    Petaluma        the purple-clad harriers are favored again.
2.    Las Lomas     can the Knights challenge for the top?
3.    Campolindo    the Cougars are right in the mix.
4.    Piner               just how far can Luna take this young group?
5.    Acalanes        solid pack.
    Eureka              with a quick 1-2 punch, anything can happen.
    Miramonte       the Matadors are never really out of it.


    Campolindo is the clear favorite here.  Not only do they return 6 of 7 from last year, they had a heck of a track season last year.  Junior Carrie Verdon scorched to a 4:56.77/10:42.87 double last year, Grace Orders ran 5:05.58 and 10:44.89, and Sarah Orders, Sara Mostatabi and Brooke Martini added 11:27.53, 11:31.68 and 11:37.48 respectively.  Acalanes is strong as well, with 6 of 7 returning as well.  Sophomore Kellie Berg is the returning frontrunner, while sister Katie ran 2:15.80 in the 800 in the spring.  Bishop O’Dowd also comes back with just about everyone, with junior Maria Diaz and senior Kaitlyn Spees sharing the top honors.  Defending champion Maria Carillo is 2nd only to Campolindo in top returnees, led by sophomore Lauren Kraus who ran 5:12.08 and 11:17.42 in track.  The Pumas drop off a bit after the first three.  Petaluma is poised to make a return trip to the State Meet with a flock of returning sophomores, led by Francsca Honey.   Dougherty Valley is the defending D-IV champion and brings back 1-6, but the air is a bit more rarified in D-III.  Victoria De Metz in their top runner.  Miramonte returns 5 veterans, and is just a step off the ranking consideration.
    Top 10 finishers and State Meet advancers from last year include Verdon and Orders of Campolindo, senior Shelby Nickles of Dublin, Kraus and Heidi Thiele of Maria Carillo, Kellie Berg of Acalanes senior, Courtney Madson of Novato, and Diaz of Bishop O’Dowd. 

1.    Campolindo         the powerhouse.
2.    Acalanes             can the Dons close the gap on Campolindo?
3.    Bishop O’Dowd  the Dragons are solid.
4.    Maria Carillo     can the Pumas shore up the back end?
5.    Petaluma             a good 1-2; can 3-4-5 close the gap?
    Miramonte             lots of strong veterans.
    Dougherty Valley  can they make the jump to D-III?

Feel free to chime in on this division in the comments section below.

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Central Coast Section CROSS COUNTRY AT-LARGE TIMES for 2010/2011

If you run your league finals at Toro Park and run the following team

times or better at your league finals, you will qualify as an at-large
entrant to the CCS meet:
DIVISION I      86:58      107:24
DIVISION II     88:07      105:21
DIVISION III    87:40      106:53
DIVISION IV     89:10      111:07
DIVISION V      95:31      114:46

If you run your league finals at Crystal Springs and run the following
team times or better at your league finals, you will qualify as an at-large
entrant to the CCS meet:
                 BOYS       GIRLS
DIVISION I       85:32      106:40
DIVISION II      86:41      104:37
DIVISION III     86:14      106:09
DIVISION IV      87:44      110:23
DIVISION V       94:05      114:02

If you run your league finals at Pinto Lake and run the following team
times or better at your league finals, you will qualify as an at-large
entrant to the CCS meet:
                 BOYS      GIRLS
DIVISION I       82:06     103:14
DIVISION II      83:15     101:11
DIVISION III     82:48     102:43
DIVISION IV      84:18     106:57
DIVISION V       90:39     110:36

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CCS At-Large Marks for 2010 XC...

I will post them once they are approved by the CCS Office.  Thanks to Walt VanZant for computing the data.

Here is a link to the At-Large time for last year to give you an idea until then.

Dyestatcal archives...

Some of you tried to check out dyestatcal the past few days and were redirected to the world wide leader or whatever they call their high school coverage nowadays.  I am just waiting for them to buy me out next :D

Thanks to Davis HS coach Bill Gregg for the following links where you can find past results, pictures etc. (California!) (National)
Forums/Discussion Boards*
*The forums/discussion boards at this URL are archives and disabled, so no new posts allowed.

Also, if you want to use message boards that most closely resemble the old dyestat message boards, check out

Lastly, for those of you that go back to, you can find that archive at the following link:

St. Elizabeth High grad Ashton Purvis named state's Gatorade Girls Track and Field Athlete of the Year

From Contra Costa Times...

Recent St. Elizabeth High graduate Ashton Purvis was named Thursday as the state's Gatorade Girls Track and Field Athlete of the Year.

Purvis was a double champion at the California Interscholastic Federation state championships June 5 at Buchanan High in Clovis. She won the 100-meter dash with a time of 11.17 seconds and the 200 meters in 22.90.
Both marks were then the top times in the nation this season for a high school girl. The 200 mark is still the nation's wind-legal best.
The award, presented in collaboration with ESPN RISE, recognizes athletic excellence along with "high standards of academic achievement and exemplary character demonstrated on and off the track," according to a release from Gatorade.
The Oakland native and University of Miami-bound Purvis now becomes a finalist for Gatorade's National Girls Track and Field Athlete of the Year award.
Also on Thursday, Purvis placed second in the 100 meters of the USA Junior Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Des Moines, Iowa, a meet for athletes 19 and under. She finished in a wind-legal time of 11.39 that was topped only by LSU's Takeia Pinckney (11.30), who was the fourth-place finisher at the NCAA championships earlier this month. Purvis was fifth in the 100 at this meet last year.
Another local star, Trinity Wilson of St. Mary's High, took fourth in the girls 100 hurdles (a wind-legal 13.49), finishing behind three collegiate runners. Wilson will be a junior next school year and was second at the CIF state meet in the event earlier this month. Both Purvis and Wilson competed Thursday for their club team, East Oakland Youth Development Center.

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2010 San Ramon Valley Coach's Clinic

Speakers this year will be Rene Paragas from Saugus HS (his girls have won state XC the past 4 years) and Louie Quintana from Arizona State University (has built a great program there, and he knows a few things about running in California). Nike will also be bringing someone in to speak (unknown at this surprises!).
The details
Saturday August 7th at San Ramon Valley HS Library (Danville, CA 94526 if you are getting directions).

Starts at 9am.

Lunch will be served at the school and it will be great as always after clinic fun downtown with pizza and other stuff until late at night.

More details to come (like rsvp's and if free shoes are going to happen etc).

Please forward this to all your coaching friends.

Tim Hunter
San Ramon Valley HS
Cross Country

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2010 NCS Division I Pre-Season Rankings by Jason Oswalt...

Hot off the presses!  The long awaited NCS Division I pre-season rankings by Jason Oswalt are now here.

You can find his data and predications at the following link:

Feel free to comment on the above predications.  Any other teams deserve to be added?  What runners are going to be the biggest surprises?  Who are the impact freshmen?  Who is the best coach in this division?

Thanks again to Jason for his work on these predictions.

Coming up next...

Pre-Season Rankings for NCS Division V and I...

Top CCS Girls' teams 15-11 will be posted tomorrow...

Hoping to start posting some SJS and NS pre-season rankings as well...

More interviews with some of the rising stars in Cross Country in Northern California...(who would you like to have interviewed?)

Other ideas?

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Barefoot running gains a following

By Laura Casey
Contra Costa Times
Updated: 06/21/2010 11:43:08 AM PDT

MAYBE YOU'LL see Michae Legault of Pleasant Hill in shoes on special occasions.
But you certainly won't see him running in shoes.
The former track and cross-country coach has been a barefoot runner for seven years. He runs the Iron Horse Trail barefoot, runs around Concord Community Park barefoot; he even works barefoot.
Legault says running shoes, especially those with a wedge at the heel, are useless, even dangerous. He prefers running feet unshod and, like many across the country, he believes going barefoot is the best way to run.
Legault found this out after years of looking for a flat-foot running shoe and getting a black toenail during a marathon. Two miles before the finish line, he took off his shoes and completed the run.
"I thought 'This rocks' and stopped looking for my flat shoe," the 50-year-old contractor says.
To read the rest of the article, go to the following link:

Sunday, June 20, 2010

History of Division break downs. - 2009

Courtesy of, Hank Lawson, Ernie Lee (Gunns HS) and Walt VanZant (Wilcox HS).

Some people have asked about how the divisions are determined so here are a couple of explanations by Ernie and Walt.

Here's a chronology of how the divisions for the State meet have been determined 
(as far as I recall, my memory may be suspect on some details):

1. At the beginning, the divisions were split on a statewide level. That is, 
all sections had the same enrollment cut-offs (with all SF, O, and LA schools 
in the largest schools division). Pretty soon, however, there were large 
disparities within sections where sections like the CCS would have a large 
imbalance in terms of the number of schools in each division. This led to....

2. Allowing schools to "opt up" in division. That is, a school could move up 
into a larger schools division as long as it did so by a certain date (sometime 
in October). The thought would be that the best schools would move into Division 1. 
But what ended up happening (particularly in the CCS where the top schools were 
generally not the largest schools) was that schools would cherry-pick divisions 
to try to win CCS or qualify for the state meet. This seemed to hurt competition 
within a section, so that led to....

3. The CIF banned "opting up", but allowed each section to determine the enrollment 
cut-offs between divisions within a range. This was very good in maintaining competitive 
balance within each section. However, as the disparity of school sizes between sections 
continued to grow, the ranges started to limit the sections. In particular, Division 1 
in the SS started becoming much bigger than the other divisions. Which led us to...

4. The current set-up, where each section could pretty much align the divisions however 
they want (with the exception of "protecting" the smallest division).

Coach Ibarra commented above about the State meet being the meet that mattered most. 
Whether you agree or not, note that ALL of the changes in the past have been geared 
towards improving competitive balance at the individual section level.

-ernie lee.
Gunn Cross Country.

There has been extensive coverage of the CCS cross country division splits in recent 
days. So, I thought that I would provide background information that I received when 
attending the 2008 post-season cross-country sports committee meeting. Although some 
(and maybe many) might disagree with the decision of the committee that recommended 
the present division split system, the committee members had knowledgeable and 
experienced individuals who carefully considered the subject when making their decision.

In May of 2008 the CIF Federated Council decided to allow the individual sections to 
determine placement of their schools for volleyball, basketball, and cross country.

The Executive Committee of the CCS unanimously supported the CCS president’s 
recommendation to from a “Blue Ribbon” Committee to research and suggest various 
methods of splitting the divisions in the CCS for the three sports in issue. 
Assistant Commissioner Steve Filios was put in charge of this committee. Ten members 
were placed on the committee, including –

John Detar of Thomas More   Doc Scheppler of Pinewood
Jeff Lamb of Milpitas       Stu Waters of Soquel
Chris Hansen of Leland      Kevin Donohue of Serra
Bill Daskarolis of Aragon   Roger O’Sullivan of NMC
Terry Ward of Bellarmine    Rich Young of Serra

The Committee considered the following items –

1. Review of current system.
2. What are other sections doing?
3. How does our section membership compare with other CIF sections?
4. What is best for our section considering our membership?
5. What proposals might accomplish our section philosophy while
maintaining competitive equity in State competitions.

The Committee spent a considerable amount of time reviewing information in order to come 
up with a philosophy when determining how to split its divisions. The philosophy was as follows:

1. All division championships in the CCS are important and valid.
2. Altering the division placement to insure success in a state championship or to insure 
that the strongest teams/programs are grouped into a single division are not a primary 
3. Division placement should be based on fairness and equity for all member schools 
eligible for post-season play.

The original proposal was to split all five divisions equally. This proposal was presented 
to the volleyball, basketball, and cross country sports committees, the Athletic Directors, 
the League Commissioners, and the Executive Committee of the CCS for their comments.

The final decision was to split divisions 1 through 4 evenly and all schools with enrollment 
of 500 or less would be placed in division 5.

Walt VanZant
Wilcox HS

Thursday, June 17, 2010

2010 CCS Division Placement and State Meet XC Entries



Some of the teams that have moved in CCS from 2009 to 2010:
Moving up to Division I:  Gunn and Fremont
Moving down to Division II:  Mount Pleasant
Moving down to Division III:  Pajaro Valley
Moving down to Division IV:  Archbishop Riordon

Moving up to Division I:  Palo Alto and Leland
Moving down to Division II:  Woodside and Mt. Pleasant
Moving down to Division III:  Mills
Moving up to Division III:  Santa Cruz and Soledad
Moving down to Division IV:  Gunderson and Notre Dame-Belmont
Moving down to Division V:  Santa Catalina

2010 CA State XC Team Entries

At the state level, here are the changes from 2009 to 2010:
CCS lost a spot in Division III (from 4 to 3) and in Division IV (from 3 to 2).
NCS gained the spot in Division IV (from 3 to 4).
SJS gained the spot in Division III (from 2 to 3).

SJS lost a spot in Division I (from 3 to 2).
SS lost a spot in Division V (from 7 to 6).
CS gained the spot in Division I (from 2 to 3).
NCS gained the spot in Division V (from 4 to 5).

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Latest Northern California distance star...

This past Saturday at the Golden West Invitational, a result that may have been missed by most is the following.

4    Carroll, Clare                     8      Cavitt Jr. Hs               5:08.59

That's right, an 8th grader running with the big girls and finishing a competitive 4th.  So who is this latest phenom?  After doing a little research, I found the following article.  You can read all about Clare Carroll (she is the one on the right) at the following link:

Clare Carroll - PAL Roseville Express Distance Star

Any other young running stars out there that I haven't heard of yet?  Where are the next impact runners going to high school next year?

Monday, June 14, 2010

100th Dipsea Race

Yesterday's historic 100th running of the Dipsea race gave us a record breaker as 8 year old Reilly Johnson (pictured to the left courtesy of the Dipsea official site- won her first individual title as well as the coveted black shirt.  

You can find preliminary results of the race at the following link:

You can find lots of familiar names in the results including current high school runners as well as their parents.

The top high school runner was John Lawson of Drake who finished 9th overall.  The top high school girl was Jacque Taylor of Casa Grande who finished 31st overall.

For more coverage of the race, go to the Marin Independent Journal's coverage of the race at the following link:

Who out there ran the race?  Comments?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tactics at Championship Races by SHC coach Andy Chan...

The tactics at championship distance races are often very different from the tactics you will see at a non-championship race. At championship races the goal is to win the race. The time is secondary. 

It is rare that you see someone lead a distance championship race from the very beginning and they stay in front to win the race. This usually happens only when the person leading is far superior to all the others in the field. 

A common championship race strategy is to let someone else lead and to try to kick by them for the win late in the race (this tactic is known as “sit and kick”). The faster your kick, the more this strategy will work for you. However, the problem with this tactic is that as the level of competition goes up, everyone thinks they have the best kick. If you watch the NCAA men’s 800 final on Friday, June 11 (5:40 P.M. west coast time with free streaming video from CBS Sports and NCAA TV) look for Oregon’s Andrew Wheating and Virginia’s Robby Andrews. Both have outstanding kicks so I expect you will see both sit back early in the race and then there will be a big kick at the finish. Wheating himself said, “it’s definitely going to be a case of who’s got the mightier kick.” 

To read the rest of Andy's post on his blog, go to the following link:

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

North Coast Section (NCS) Divisions for 2010...

Some of the more notable changes:
College Park moves up to Division I
San Ramon Valley moves down to Division II
Dougherty Valley moves up to Division III
San Francisco University boys move up to Division IV

Any other movements that may effect any of the divions?  

The first group of pre-season NCS rankings will be posted sometime next week.  If you would like to contribute to the pre-season rankings or would like to post your own set of rankings, let me know.  My email address is

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Pre-Season Cross Country Rankings in the works...

I will start to post next week.

In the meantime, feel free to comment below on the teams on the rise, contenders and anything pertaining to the upcoming cross country season.

What runners improved the most this past track season?  What teams made the biggest strides?  Who are the state contenders next year (team and individual)?

Monday, June 07, 2010

Catching up with Jesuit HS sprinter/hurdler, R.J. Frasier...

Today we chat with R.J. Frasier of Jesuit HS who helped his school win the team crown at the recently completed California State Track and Field meet.  Along with teammates in the high jump, shot put and discus, RJ finished in 5th place in the 100 and recorded one of the Northern CA victories as he dominated the 300m. Hurdles.  R.J. (pictures to the left by Carl Costas of the Sac Bee in an article linked below) will be headed down south next year as he turns his full attention to Track and Field.

1. What sports have you participated in since you first started competing?

Wrestling, football, baseball, basketball and track and field. I started focusing on football and track during my sophomore year of high school.

2. How did you get involved in track and field?
I saw some kids running around the track and I asked my Dad if I could do that and the rest is history.
3. What were some of your earlier successes in the sport?
When I was young i was 4th in the nation in the long jump,

4. What were some of your accomplishments last year as a junior?
 Last year as a Jr, I took 5th in the state in the 300 hurdles and I anchored the 400m. relay to 4th place.

5. Going into this season, what were some of your goals?
My goal was to win state in as many events as possible.

6. Tell us a little about your coach and what he has meant to you in terms of helping you with your events.
My coach (Rod Jett) helped a lot because he is a hurdler and knows what makes people better. We watched film together and he pointed out all of my flaws.

7. Since you do multiple events, what does a typical week look like for you in terms of your training?
My week is usually very hard.  At the time, it can be frustrating because I do a little something for each event on different days but I have to pick one to focus more on

8. What are some of your toughest workouts that you did this past season?
The toughest workouts have been doing hurdles back in fourth which is llike running 25 hurdles in a set. Doing that 5 times and running repeat 300 efforts have been hard as well.

9. Jesuit HS was the boys' team champions at the CA State meet this past weekend. When did you and your teammates realize that your team has a shot at winning the team title?
We knew that we had a shot the whole season but it didnt really dawn on us until we got close to the state meet how close we were, and how serious it is.

10. Tell us a little about each of your races and what you will remember the most about this past weekend.
My 100 I just ran but did not run as fast as I would have liked to. My 300 hurdles was one of passion and determination, I knew that we needed 10 points to lock away the team tittle. The race was not very good technically but I was happy getting the win.

11. What college will you be attending next year and how did you end up deciding to go to that college?
I will be going to UCLA and while they were recruiting me i really liked their plans for the program and how serious they were about winning. The campus is absolutely beautiful and it is the number 2 public University in the nation.

12. What is your advice for younger athletes who have aspirations of reaching the level you reached this past season?
All I can say is stay hungry but most importantly stay humble and be grateful for all the success that will come your way

Thank you very much R.J. for your time!  AJC

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Northern CA qualifiers to CIF state final today...

Licensed to - Contractor License         HY-TEK's Meet Manager
        CIF State Track and Field Championships - 6/4/2010 to 6/5/2010         
                             Presented by Farmers                              
                         Buchanan High School - Clovis                         
Event 1  Girls 4x100 Meter Relay
    School                                              Prelims  H#
  6 St. Mary's  /nc        NC                             47.18q  3 
  7 Mt. Pleasant /cc       CC                             47.28q  1 
Event 2  Boys 4x100 Meter Relay
    School                                              Prelims  H#
  4 Rodriguez/sj        SJ                                41.27q  2 
  9 Grant /sj              SJ                             42.01q  3 
Event 3  Girls 1600 Meter Run
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims 
  1 Jacque Taylor             12 Casa Grnd/nc           4:59.20Q 
  4 Allison Sturges           10 MountainV/cc           5:01.51Q 
 11 Emily Shearer             12 Acalanes/nc            5:04.18q 
 12 Alycia Cridebring         12 Cllg Prk/nc            5:04.25q 
Event 4  Boys 1600 Meter Run
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims 
  1 Erik Olson                12 Novato/nc              4:15.39Q 
  3 Hugh Dowdy                12 Petaluma/nc            4:15.77Q 
  4 Philip MacQuitty          12 Palo Alto/cc           4:17.94Q 
 12 Robert Pflasterer         11 Del Campo/sj           4:20.74q 
Event 5  Girls 100 Meter Hurdles
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims  Wind H#
  1 Trinity Wilson            10 St Mary's/nc             13.46Q  2.5  1 
  5 Hannah Goranson           12 Valley Christian         13.84q  2.0  2 
  8 Katie Nelms               12 Leland/cc                14.24q  3.4  3 
Event 6  Boys 110 Meter Hurdles
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims  Wind H#
  4 Chris Mamon               12 Benicia/sj               13.95q  2.7  3 
  5 Kenneth Walker   lll      10 Freedom /nc              14.12q  2.4  2 
  9 Dante Thomas              12 Fairfield/sj             14.27q  3.0  1 
Event 7  Girls 400 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims  H#
  4 Chizoba Okodogbe          12 Deer Vlly/nc             55.29Q  1 
  5 Thandi Stewart            12 James Logan              54.61q  4 
  6 Iesha Hardiman            10 Wilcox/cc                55.36q  2  
Event 8  Boys 400 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims  H#
  6 Khalid Jones              12 James Logan              48.60q  3 
  9 Devante Dubose            12 B. O'Dowd/Nc             49.08q  2 
Event 9  Girls 100 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims  Wind H#
  1 Ashton Purvis             12 St. Elzbt/nc             11.22Q  1.6  4 
  6 Strangenae Campbell       11 Pinole V/Nc              11.66q  1.9  1 
Event 10  Boys 100 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims  Wind H#
  5 R.J. Frasier              12 Jesuit/sj                10.46q  2.0  2  10.452
Event 11  Girls 800 Meter Run
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims 
  8 Jenna Davis               12 Valley Christian       2:12.30q 
Event 12  Boys 800 Meter Run
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims 
  2 Nathan Strum              12 Pioneer/ cc            1:51.62Q 
  3 Kevin Griffith            12 San Ramon/nc           1:51.89Q 
Event 13  Girls 300 Meter Hurdles
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims  H#
  2 Katie Nelms               12 Leland/cc                42.99Q  4 
  5 Thandi Stewart            12 James Logan              41.36q  3 
  7 Daje Pugh                 10 Fairfield/sj             43.11q  1 
Event 14  Boys 300 Meter Hurdles
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims  H#
  1 R.J. Frasier              12 Jesuit/sj                36.93Q  1 
  4 Dante Thomas              12 Fairfield/sj             37.26q  1 
Event 15  Girls 200 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims  Wind H#
  1 Ashton Purvis             12 St. Elzbt/nc             23.10Q  2.5  1 
  6 Strangenae Campbell       11 Pinole V/Nc              23.95q  2.5  1 
Event 16  Boys 200 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims  Wind H#
Event 19  Girls 4x400 Meter Relay
    School                                              Prelims  H#
  4 Deer Valley /nc        NC                           3:49.11Q  4 
Event 20  Boys 4x400 Meter Relay
    School                                              Prelims  H#
  7 St. Mary's  /nc        NC                           3:16.21q  1 
  8 San Ramon Vlly/nc      NC                           3:16.78q  2 
Event 21  Girls High Jump
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims           
  1 Sarah Vaughn              12 Oak Ridge/sj           5-06.00q     1.67m  1-0
  9 Sarah Una Dia             12 Gilroy/cc             J5-06.00q     1.67m  3-2
 11 Adrienne Johnson          12 Carondelt/nc          J5-06.00q     1.67m  3-3
Event 22  Girls Pole Vault
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims           
  1 MacKenzie Landry          11 Del Oro/sj            11-09.00q     3.58m  1-0
  4 Katie Zingheim            11 Granite B/Sj         J11-09.00q     3.58m  1-1
Event 23  Girls Long Jump
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims  Wind          
  6 Mariah Rogers             12 Prospect/ cc          18-10.00q  2.2     5.74m 
     18-00.25(3.6) 18-10(2.2) 18-02.50(3.2)         
  7 Tessa Runels              11 James Logan           18-02.25q  5.6     5.54m 
     18-02.25(5.6) FOUL(3.0) 16-03.50(1.9)         
  8 Bonny Rivers              12 Harbor/cc             18-00.50q  3.3     5.49m 
     18-00.50(3.3) 18-00(3.9) FOUL(3.2)                
Event 24  Girls Triple Jump
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims  Wind          
3 Ciarra Brewer             11 James Logan           40-07.00q  2.0    12.36m 
     40-07(2.0) PASS      PASS              
  4 Cydney Leath              10 Mt Plsnt/cc           39-07.25q  2.5    12.07m 
     FOUL      39-07.25(2.5) PASS              
  5 Sasha Wallace              9 Hly Nms/nc            39-05.25q  3.3    12.02m 
     FOUL(1.7) 38-06.75(0.9) 39-05.25(3.3)                
  8 Shanique Walker           11 Mt Plsnt/cc           38-10.50q  0.9    11.84m 
     38-06.25(1.2) 38-10.50(0.9) 38-06(0.8)             
Event 25  Girls Shot Put
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims           
  3 Chioma Amaechi            12 Lincoln/sf            44-09.75q    13.65m 
      41-00.25  44-09.75  44-02.75                   
  6 Anamanu Folau             12 Florin/sj             43-10.25q    13.36m 
      38-11.25  43-10.25  42-10.75                      
 10 Jillian Weir              12 Homestead/cc          42-05.00q    12.92m 
      42-05  39-02.50  41-03.25              
Event 26  Girls Discus Throw
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims           
  3 Rebecca Hammar            11 Buch. Col/sj            150-05q    45.84m 
      140-04  133-05  150-05                    
  6 Brianna French            11 Vacaville/sj            144-03q    43.96m 
      136-03  144-03  FOUL                      
  9 Jillian Weir              12 Homestead/cc           J139-02q    42.41m  2nd...123-03
      139-02  123-03  107-09               
Event 27  Boys High Jump
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims           
  1 Noel Frazier              10 Calfrnia/nc            6-07.00q     2.00m  1-0
  3 Maurice Spikes            12 St Mary's/nc          J6-07.00q     2.00m  3-3
  4 Tosh Semlacher            12 Jesuit/sj             J6-07.00q     2.00m  3-4
Event 28  Boys Pole Vault
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims           
  1 Kyle Maxwell              12 Atwater/sj            15-03.00q     4.64m  1-1
  4 Ian Rock                  11 Davis /sj            J15-03.00q     4.64m  2-1
  5 Brian Hanson              12 Oak Ridge/sj         J15-03.00q     4.64m  2-2
 10 Benjamin Berthet          12 Los Gatos/cc          14-09.00q     4.49m  1-0
Event 29  Boys Long Jump
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims  Wind          
  3 Chris Mamon               12 Benicia/sj            23-04.25q  3.6     7.11m 
     22-11.25(1.3) 22-07.75(3.3) 23-04.25(3.6)         
  4 Terrell Wallace              El Cerrto/nc          23-03.75q  2.7     7.10m 
     20-04.50(1.5) 23-03.75(2.7) 22-02(3.5)                 
  7 Evan Grimes               12 Antioch/nc            22-09.50q  3.7     6.94m 
     FOUL      22-09.50(3.7) 21-10.75(5.6)         
  8 Mike Kennedy              12 St Ignts/cc           22-08.75q  2.9     6.92m 
     22-01.75(4.2) 22-01.50(1.7) 22-08.75(2.9)                  
Event 30  Boys Triple Jump
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims  Wind          
  1 Jovon Cunningham          11 Enterpris/no          49-11.75q  1.1    15.23m 
     44-04.25(3.4) 49-03(2.4) 49-11.75(1.1)                
  5 James Williams            12 Enterpris/no          48-03.00q  1.7    14.70m 
     47-05.75(6.6) 48-03(1.7) FOUL(2.8)                
  8 Taylor Kientzel           12 Santa Crz/cc          47-08.25q  4.9    14.53m 
     FOUL(6.1) 47-08.25(4.9) 46-01.50(0.9)         
  9 Brett Crider              12 Placer/sj             47-04.75q  2.2    14.44m 
     46-11(4.1) 46-05.25(2.3) 47-04.75(2.2)             
Event 31  Boys Shot Put
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims           
  4 Albert Millan             12 Livingstn/sj          58-03.50q    17.76m 
      55-07.75  57-10.50  58-03.50               
  6 Stephen Boals             11 Jesuit/sj             57-07.75q    17.57m 
      54-08.50  56-01  57-07.75         
  7 Jeremy Hines              12 Jesuit/sj             56-11.00q    17.34m 
      56-11  FOUL  FOUL         
  8 Zach Coniglio             12 Alhambra /nc          56-00.50q    17.08m 
      56-00.50  FOUL  FOUL         
Event 32  Boys Discus Throw
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims           
  6 Markus Sanders            12 Pitman /sj              180-06q    55.01m 
      FOUL  180-06  150-08            
  7 Cj Nuwzi                  12 Silver Cr/cc            175-11q    53.61m 
      151-10  163-03  175-11                    
  9 Jeremy Hines              12 Jesuit/sj               171-08q    52.32m 
      171-08  FOUL  FOUL                   

Friday, June 04, 2010

Videos from today's California State Track and Field trials...

Courtesy of

California State Meet Video Coverage...

For those of you that are unable to make the drive to Fresno, check out the following link for coverage by this weekend.  I am sure they will have videos of all the races as well as interviews with some of the top athletes.

Best of luck to all competitors and coaches this weekend.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Real Time State Track and Field Results...

Jesuit's R.J. Frasier seeks state track gold

The CIF State Track & Field Championships are littered with the ruined reputations of area high school sprinters unable to keep pace with their Southern California counterparts.

Jesuit's R.J. Frasier just might be the exception. The senior ranks among the favorites in the 300-meter intermediate hurdles and the glamorous 100-meter dash at this week's meet in Clovis.

Frasier was 3 the last time a local runner, Jim McGee of Sacramento High School in 1996, won the 100 in the state finals. There has never been an area champion in the 300 hurdles, an event in which Frasier placed fifth at last season's finals.

To add intrigue, Frasier is leading a contingent of Jesuit athletes hungry to win the area's first boys state team championship since Sacramento High in 1972.

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