Wednesday, May 08, 2013

2013 Preliminary California Cross Country Schedule

Below is the schedule for the 2013 Cross Country season.  If you see any errors, additions or can confirm any dates, please email me at  Bold meets are confirmed.

August 2013
8/23 Woodland Run On The Green at Woodland HS (SJS) - Meet Info
8/30 Jaguar Invitational at Eagle Lakes (SJS) - Email Benjamin Trombley
8/31 Oakmont Invitational at Maidu Park, Roseville (SJS) - Email Ryan Nugent
8/31 Dennis Dewitt Inv. at Town Country Park, Madera (CS) Email Rich Parris
TBA Lodi Flame Invitational at Lodi Lake (SJS) Cancelled

September 2013
9/3 Monte Vista Inv at Oak Hill Park, Danville (NCS) Email Mike Davis
9/4 Del Oro Opening Night Invitational at Del Oro HS, Loomis (SJS) Meet Info
9/5 Toro Park Jamboree at Toro Park Salinas (CCS) Email Alan Green
9/6 Whitney Invitational at William Jessup Univ. (SJS) Email Mark Snow
9/7 Cougar Classic at Upper Lake HS (NCS) Email Coach Woods
9/7 Willow Hills Relays at Willow Hill Reservoir, Folsom (SJS)
9/7 Lagoon Valley Classic (12th annual) (SJS)
9/7 Earlybird Invitational at Toro Park, Salinas (CCS) Meet Info
9/7 The Great Cow Run at Cerritos Regional Park (SS) Email Jason Watanabe
9/7 Colton Swarm Invitational (SS) Email Scott Sunderland
9/7 Fastback Shoot-Out at Mt. SAC, 2-mile course (SS)
9/7 Braves Invitational at Norte Vista HS (SS) Meet Information
9/7 Don Bosco Tech Invitational at Santa Fe Dam (SS) Email Salvador Perez
9/7 Stockton Races at American Legion Park (SJS)
9/13 Las Plumas Invitational (NS) Meet Info
9/13 Yreka Elks Invitational at Hreenhorn Park (NS) Email Pam Borg
9/14 Sierra Invitational (SJS)
9/14 Ed Sias Inv at Hidden Valley Park, Martinez (NCS) Email Chuck Woolridge Meet Info
9/14 Lowell Invitational at Golden Gate Park (SFS) - Meet Info
9/14 Chieftain Invitational at Toro Park (CCS) 
9/14 Morro Bay Invitational (SS) Email Chuck Ogle
9/14 Laguna Hills Invitational at Laguna Hills HS (SS) - Meet Info, Email Chris Lynch
9/14 Viking Opener, Santa Rosa (NCS)
9/14 Nevada Union Invitational (SJS) - Meet Info
9/19 Hughson SuperCross (SJS) - Meet Info
9/20 Mt. Shasta Invitational (NS)
9/20 Scott Bauhs Invit'l at Shadow Cliffs Reg'l Park (NCS) Meet Info
9/20/21 Woodbridge-Estancia-Costa Mesa Cross Country Classic at Estancia HS (SS) Meet Info
9/21 Jim White/McFarland Invitational (CE) - Meet Info
9/21 De La Salle/Carondelet Nike Invl at Newhall Park, Concord (NCS) Email Kevin Selby
9/21 Oak Ridge Trojan Invitational (SJS) - Email Mike Ong and Rob Fairley
9/21 Bret Harte Frogtown Invitational (SJS) Email Keith Maurer 
9/21 Farmer Invitational at Hayward HS (NCS) Email Kristy Prasad 
9/21 Ghebray Invit'l at Quarry Lakes Reg'l Park, Fremont (NCS) Email Lee Webb
9/21 Yolo County Championship at Muller Vineyards (SJS) Email Chuck Bruns
9/21 Inside Track Ojai Invitational at Lake Casitas (SS) Email Dave Settem
9/27 Mt. Whitney Invit'l at Mooney Grove Park, Visalia (CE)
TBA Central Park Invitational at Central Park (CCS)
9/28 Nike Pre-Nationals at Portland Meadows, Oregon - Meet Info
9/28 Pacific Tigers Invitational at Elkhorn Golf Course, Stockton (SJS) - Meet Info 
9/28 Stanford Invitational at Stanford Golf Course (statewide) - Meet Info
9/28 Westmoor Ram Invitational at Westmoor HS (CCS) Email Ron Dimaggio
9/28 Lancer Classic at Rancho Jurupa Park (SS) Email Brad Peters

October 2013
10/5 Artichoke Invitational at Half Moon Bay HS (CCS) Meet Info
10/5 Del Oro 4000 at Del Oro HS, Loomis (SJS) Meet Info
10/5 Palos Verdes Invitational at Palos Verdes HS (SS) Meet Info
10/5 Staub/Barnes Inv @ Crescenta Valley Park, La Cres. (SS)
10/5 Brea Invitational at Carbon Canyon Regional Park (SS) Email Jeremy Mattern
10/5 Pacific Grove Inv at Pacific Grove HS (CCS) Meet Info
10/5 Wildfire Invitational at Foresthill HS/Old Foresthill Sawmill (SJS) Email Jeff Gallero
10/11 West Valley CoEd Inv at West Valley HS, Cottonwood (NS) Email Scott Fairley
10/12 Clovis Invitational at Woodward Park, Fresno Meet Info
10/12 Castro Valley Trojan Invitational at Canyon MS (NCS) Email Peter Brewer
10/12 Serra Invitational @ Crystal Spring Course, Belmont (CCS) Meet Info
10/12 Inland Empire Challenge at Glen Helen Reg'l Park (SS)
10/12 Woodlake Invitational (CE)
10/12 Yoshaany Rahm Invitational at Ukiah HS (NCS) Email Chad Raugewitz
TBA Mudville Invitational at Stockton Soccer Complex, Stockton (SJS)
TBA River Valley Falcon Invitational at Riverfront Park, Marysville (SJS)
10/15 Jim Tracy Cross Country Challenge, Lindley Meadow, Golden Gate Park (NCS)
10/17 Crystal Springs Center Meet at Crystal Springs Course (CCS) Email Bill Daskarolis
10/18 McDonald's RoughRider Invit'll @ Woodward Park (CE) Email Jon Steinmetz
10/18/19 Monterey Bay Invitational at Toro Park (CCS) Email Alan Green
10/19 Rockin' Rubidoux Invitational (SS) 
10/19 Orange County Champs at Irvine Reg. Park (SS)
10/19 Bella Vista Bronco Invitational at Willow Hills Course, Folsom (SJS) Meet Info
10/24 Crystal Springs Center Meet at Crystal Springs Course (CCS) Email Bill Daskarolis
10/25/26 Mt. SAC Invitational @ Mt. SAC, Walnut (statewide) - Meet Info
10/26 Dog Days of Fall Invitational, Cajon (SS)

November 2013
11/7 Madera South Invitational at Lions Town and Country, Email Rich Parris/Marty Bitter
11/16 Southern Section Prelims at Mt. SAC (SS) 
11/16 Central Coast Section Finals at Crystal Springs Course, Belmont (CCS)
11/20 San Francisco Section Finals at Golden Gate Park (SFS)
11/20 Oakland Section Finals at Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland (OAK) Tentative
11/21 Central Section Finals at Woodward Park, Fresno (CE)
11/23 Los Angeles City Section Finals at Pierce College (LAS)
11/23 North Coast Section Meet of Champions at Hayward High School (NCS)
11/23 San Diego Section Championships at Balboa Park, San Diego (SDS)
11/23 Southern Section Divisional Championships at Mt. SAC (SS)
11/30 CIF State Championships at Woodward Park, Fresno (statewide)

December 2013
12/7 Footlocker West Regional at Mt. SAC (Statewide) - Meet Info
12/7 Nike Cross Nationals at Portland, Meadows - Meet Info
12/14 Footlocker National Championship at Balboa Park - Meet Info


Anonymous said...

So excited for 2013 XC!

Nils said...

The Great Cow Run! Awesome! We're NCS but I hope that there will be video of the GCR when it happens!

Anonymous said...

Do you know if St. Ignatius girls will move back to DII?

Anonymous said...

Yes, according to the cbeds on the CCS website and released at the coaches meeting at the end of year evaluation.

Anonymous said...

Is there any particular reason State Meet is so late this year? (Or is this not a late date)

Anonymous said...

State is always the Saturday after thanksgiving.

I wish it was the Saturday before thanksgiving. I know they say it is due to travel but every person I know complains about it on this weekend due to the holidays. I think it is a bogus excuse, otherwise State track is on Memorial Day weekend, state basketball is during spring break, spring football is the weekend of Christmas.

Matthew Tompkins said...

I think it would be extremely beneficial for coaches, and athletes to have the meet moved to the week BEFORE Thanksgiving. It disrupts too many plans for families and athletes to have it Thanksgiving weekend.

We coach enough and travel enough on weekends anyways at least give the athletes this national holiday weekend to spend with friends and family.

Also hotels are hard to find if you don't book early. I book 6 months in advance just to make sure I have good adequate housing for my teams/athletes.

I have had athletes fly in Sat. morning. Others miss the meet because they are visiting family in England, the list goes on and on!

BiggerPicture said...

If you move the State Meet then it changes everything in the State schedulewise because everything will have to be moved back 1 week. Every big invitational is scheduled for a certain date such as 3rd Saturday in October. The one advantage is CCS won't have that stupid 2 week break between Finals and State.

Anonymous said...

Meets change dates all the time. That is not a problem at all.

Anonymous said...

I don't try to dislike track as a sport, and do enjoy parts of it - Ashton Eaton really is an amazing athlete. Cross Country is just more fun/more team oriented and the meets are shorter!!!

Bring it on - 2013 will be great.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me about the Scott Bhah's race course in Pleasenton?

Coach Ozzie said...

The Scott Bauhs Meet is held at Shadow Cliffs Regional Park. It has been measured anywhere between 2.95 and 3 miles, but it is probably about 2.99 miles in reality. It starts and ends on a grass field, but most of the race is on packed dirt trails. There are a few moderate hills throughout the course, but no major climbs. The longest climb comes about 1.25 miles into the race where you hit an extended gradual climb, which then becomes steep at the end. The last 3/4 of a mile is flat or downhill, with much of it on a straight, flat path so athletes can see who they are chasing. The course times seem to fluctuate more than the average course with changes in temperature. I can't really explain that, but just making an observation based on different meets. If it is warm it tends to run much slower than when it is cool. Hopefully this answers your questions. If not, feel free to email me at

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