Sunday, May 30, 2010

NCS Meet of Champions videos...

Flotrack coverage first:

Thanks to University HS runner Ned Tannenbaum for finding these videos online courtesy of and jimtonimarin.

Here is the boys' 4 x 400 which was arguably the best race:

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Northern California Section Results and coverage...

NCS Results

SJS results and coverage:

SF results

Newspaper links to follow as they appear online...

Live NCS Results will be posted on twitter...

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Running events start at 1pm...I will try to post the top 4 and state meet qualifying athletes.

Northern California Sections Finals coverage

CCS Finals (videos added)

SJS Masters

NCS Semi-Finals

SF Trials


OAK (Griffiths of SRV) (Strums article in SJ Mercury News) (Angela Gradiska article) (Local coverage for Palo Alto area) (Another SJ Mercury News article) (Nina Anderson article) (another Anderson article) (Press Democrat-Four already qualify to state) (Ciarra Brewer of James Logan) (Maurice Spikes of St. Mary's) (Santa Cruz Sentinel article) (Taylor Kientzel article) (Register-Pajaronian article) (Manteca miler makes state meet) (Indians' Souza, Ruegg win Masters events) (Jesuit twins article)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Live CCS Results will be posted on twitter...

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I will try to post as many results as I can from Gilroy HS.

Notre Dame's Anderson a favorite in 3,200

Herald Staff Writer
Updated: 05/28/2010 02:41:53 AM PDT

Nina Anderson considered chasing track titles in two events.

Her coaches felt focusing on just one event would be better for the sophomore distance ace.

"She was open to both,'' Notre Dame track coach Mandy Lebow said. "The amount of time she has dropped in the 1,600 opened it up for debate. But we wanted her to focus on just the 3,200.''

Which is what Anderson will do tonight when she sets her sights on a Central Coast Section title in the 3,200-meter run at Gilroy High.

Anderson is one of 18 local athletes taking part in tonight's track and field championships. The top three finishers in each event advance to the state championships.

"She wants a personal record,'' Lebow said. "I would be kind of scared to tell you what I think it's going to be. Nina is going to have a lot of energy bottled up.''

To read the rest of the article, go to the following link:

Need help this Saturday @ Kezar

The San Francisco All City is this Saturday and we could use a few more people who know track. Can promise you lunch and a some gas money.  Need you there at 9:00 for Field events

Let me Know

Andy Leong (Lowell HS Track and Field Coach)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sacrificing Graduation to Race

Unfortunately some track and field athletes have to make some tough decisions at the end of their season.  Here is the story of two athletes from Sacred Heart Cathedral as told by their coach, Andy Chan.

Section Lane Assignments...

NCS Meet of Champions

CCS Finals

SJS Performance List




WOW with Lukas Verzbicas

Courtesy of

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

6 x 400m. (Recovery is when heart rate goes back down to 120BPM)
#1 - 56.6
#2 - 56.6
#3 - 56.1
#4 - 57.2
#5 - 57.3
#6 - 57.7

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brothers finish first and second at CA Community College State Championship...

They finished 1st and 2nd in the steeple at the CA state championships. They're twin brothers Mark and Luke Frazier (formerly of Terra Nova High and now SF City College). This was the first time in Junior College state history that brothers finished 1st and 2nd in any event.

There are some great pics of them going over the final water jump and passing Dahir Mohammed (state leader- 9:13) from Southwestern:

Catching up with San Ramon Valley runner, Kevin Griffith...

Today we chat with one of the premier 800m. runners in Northern California, San Ramon Valley runner, Kevin Griffith.  He is a two time participant at the California state meet in the 800m during his sophomore and junior seasons.  Last year, Kevin just missed making the podium with a 7th place finish at the CA state meet in Fresno.  He has finished 2nd in the 800m. at the NCS MOC and will be the favorite this year going into the two day meet this weekend.  To date, he has recorded PRs in the 800m with a time of 1:52.07 as well as a 4:15.53 in the 1600 at the Sacramento Meet of Champions.

1) How did you get your start in running (track and field/cross country)?
I first ran track with CYO in 6th and 7th grade. I decided that I would give track a go because I was fairly quick on the soccer field. I had a lot of success, and I remember winning the diocese 800 and 400 in 7th grade. I also ran the 4x100 relay with one of my current team mates Ian Padilla Jong. I ran cross country only senior year, with the idea that it would look better towards recruiting and that i would have a stronger distance base for track.

2) What was the first success that you can remember in cross country? track and field?

As I previously mentioned, I had some success during my middle school years with CYO. In high school, I first realized that I had potential in the 800 when I ran a 2:03 after doing solely 400 training. The highlight of my freshman year was seeing my name as #1 freshman in the state on with a 1:57.7. This year in cross country, I first met success at the Scott Bauhs invite, where I placed 2nd in my first 3 mile race.

3) When did you first realize that the state meet was a possibility for you?
I first realized that the state meet was a possibility after EBAL finals sophomore year, after a breakout race of 1:54.7. After that race I had the confidence to be more aggressive, and went on to place 2nd at NCS MOC, thus making it to state.

4) What were some of your highlights from your junior season in both sports?

In my junior year, running at Arcadia in the invitational 800 and running in the state finals race for the 800 at Buchanan were two major highlights. Running on the 4x4 the entire year was also a great experience. I did not compete in cross country that year.

5) When you reflect to your senior season in cross country, what races stand out for you? Team accomplishments?

Looking back at cross country, many races stand out. I would say that the Lowell Invite (where we took 7 of the top 10 spots), and the race at NCS were the team's best races.  As a team, we raced well together by staying close and paced off one another. That is an accomplishment in it's own right.

6) What have been some of your highlights so far this season in track?

This year's track season has been filled with great memories. Breaking the school record in the 800 at a dual meet and breaking Scott Bauhs mile school record are two major individual accomplishments I am proud of this season. Arcadia was definitely the funnest meet of the year. I ran in three very successful relays and in the invite 800. The 4x400 was the standout race of the night where we went sub 3:20 for the first time, broke the school record by winning the seeded race, and got interviewed after by Nike!

7) Why do you think SRV does so well in xc and track and field?

 I believe that xc and track have been so successful this year due to our incredible camaraderie. During cross country season, the team was very close together and driven by a common unifying goal. We strove to win EBAL and NCS, and pushed eachother in a positive manner every practice. As for track, the team has an incredible work ethic and we are all close friends outside of school (which makes a huge difference). The track team is incredibly motivated and we spend time together often, whether it's taking ice baths or just hanging out.

Above all else, coach Hunter and Stevens have kept us focused and prepared to take on one race at a time. They also have done an incredible job of structuring workouts so that the team is peaking during the right times of the season.

8) What are some of your key track and field workouts for you? What does a typical week look like for you?

Some key workouts that i enjoy are 200, 300, 400, and 800 repeats; usually fast or at VO2 max pace. A typical week consists of:
monday: 6-8 mile run or 200 repeats with sprinters
tuesday: distance workout day
wednesday: light 3-4 mile run and handoffs
thursday: lighter workout day or dual meet race day
friday: 20 minute run and handoffs
saturday: distance workout day or invitational race day
sunday: light 3-4 mile run and spending a few hours at the gym

9) Where are you going to college and how did you end up deciding to choose that college?
 I will begin attending UC Davis on August 22nd! I chose Davis amongst many other offers because it is a great place to compete at a high level for track, but at the same time pursue my academic goals in a less stressful environment than many other schools. I plan to study materials science. Davis also has weather that is favorable over many other locations.

10) As you were first starting out in high school, what runners did you consider to be your mentors (from SRV or other teams)?
In high school I was greatly inspired by the seniors and juniors that were present my freshman year. Cameron Walters (who i also played soccer with) was an incredible person and a 49 second 400 meter runner. He was the epitome of a hard working individual, and I was influenced greatly by this. Jason Silva was a junior when I first came to San Ramon Valley and would be my distance training partner for the next two years. He was very friendly, motivated, and a leadership figure. Jason mentored me in everything distance related.

11) For younger runners, what would you tell them are the keys to being a successful runner?

Keys to success would include: training hard, listening to your coaches, eating well, staying rested, racing to win no matter the competition, and staying hydrated.

12) Anything else you would like to add.

Lastly, I would like to say be happy with your performances but never be satisfied. Race with heart.

Thank you very much for your time Kevin!  AJC

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Photo of the Week

Courtesy of Hank Lawson.  The scene takes place before the 2nd heat of the girls' 3200m.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The best meet that isn't

From Jim Crowhurst and the Press Democrat
You may have noticed on my site that I do next to no opinion pieces.

This will be one of the few negative stories about the sport I love.

What brings all this on? The NCS/Redwood Empire Championships.
This meet is unlike any other I know of. This is where the top runners in the area all must
gather to compete, to advance on toward State, yet the best never run against each other.
Check out the heat assignments and look at what could have been.

If you are unfamiliar with how this meet is run, I'll try to explain. The top 6 from the 4
leagues that compose what the NCS calls the Redwood Empire, come together to see which 7 kids
in each event move on to the NCS MOC. In most of the running events, the kids are broken up
into 3 balanced heats. So the 3 fastest 100 runners are all in separate heats and so on.
They run the heats and then call the heat winner with the fastest time the champion. And the
top 7 times go on. They even do team scoring on the meet and hand out a pennant. This is all 
done so that the meet can be done in one day.

So, if you're in one of the three 800 heats, forget about running a tactical race. Only the
winner is assured of going on. And should one sprint heat have a head wind and another a tail, 
oh well, thats the breaks.

Ok I'm done ranting for the year.

Just so you know the NCS 1A meet on Saturday will be at Montgomery High. It will also be a
one day meet but they will run trials in the morning and true finals in the afternoon. This of 
course, is a killer for the sprinters, but at least it's not a meet on paper rather than on the track.

Opps I'm ranting again.

If you want to say "Hi" I'll be selling t-shirts at the 1A meet.

Jim Crowhurst
Totally agree with Jim in regards to the seeding of the Redwood Empire meet.  I am not sure why the best runners are separated in that fashion.  There is no reason why you can't have a slow and a fast heat if you are going to have multiple heats.  That way you can have fair competition for the coveted 7 spots that automatically advance to the NCS MOC.  

As for the trials at the Class A Meet.  The top sprinters cruise the trials so it's not that big of a deal for them.  Since only 3 advance to the NCS MOC from that meet, it's necessary that the athletes with a shot to advance go head to head.

No question that for the majority of my athletes, the NCS Class A meet was their favorite meet of the season.  It is very much sorely missed now that we are in CCS.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Club sports add challenges to school athletics

Upsurge of private clubs for specific sports creates both opportunities and questions for high school sports teams

Monday, May 10, 2010

Kellan O'Donnell's high jump technique analyzed by... and readers

You can check out the board discussions on both sites at the following links:


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