Monday, November 27, 2023

Mike Fanelli RIP

For those of you who knew Mike Fanelli, he sadly passed away Saturday night. An announcement about his passing from his wife is posted at the following link. There will be a memorial for him sometime in January which I am sure will be standing-room only. 

Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Also, a blog post from Tony Reavis HERE.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

California State Meet Results

You can find all the results at this link:

Congratulations to the NorCal NXN qualifiers:
Lucas Cohen Albany (NCS)
Broen Holman Sonora (SJS)
Eli Fitchen-Young Santa Cruz (CCS)
Hanne Thomsen Montgomery (NCS)
Aydon Stefanopoulos Los Gatos (CCS) At-Large Bid

NorCal podium teams and individuals (in order)
Division V Boys
1) Crystal Springs Uplands School (State Champion)
3) University SF

2) Ben Bouie Crystal Springs Uplands School 15:04.6
4) Andrew Burr Sac Country Day School 15:26.7
5) Owen Irving College Prep 15:27.5
6) Sean Green Lick-Wilmerding 15:27.5
10) Tarik Baker Crystal Springs Uplands School 15:34.8

Division I Boys

Division V Girls
1) Crystal Springs Uplands School (State Champion)
3) University SF

1) Elsa Krummel Bay School 18:06.3 (State Champion)
2) Ella Mogannam Lick-Wilmerding 18:11.7
6) Caroline Chang Lick-Wilmerding 18:30.5
7) Lucinda Laughlin University 18:31.0
9) Lucy Peterson Bay School 18:40.4
10) Deirdre Kenny Convent & Stuart Hall 18:43.8

Division I Girls
6) Tatum Olesen Menlo Atherton 17:39.0

Division II Boys
1) Aydon Stefanopoulos Los Gatos 14:58.4 (State Champion)
4) Trey Caldwell De La Salle 15:09.1
5) Alijah Murillo Branham 15:14.7
8) Grant Morgenfeld Palo Alto 15:21.6

Division III Girls
2) Campolindo

1) Hanne Thomsen Montgomery 17:10.2 (3-Time State Champion)
3) Shae Volkmer Campolindo 17:41.9
5) Seelah Kittlestrom Montgomery 17:54.3
8) Amrie Lacefield Montgomery 18:06.4
10) Grace Dunham St. Francis, Sacramento 18:07.8

Division IV Boys
2) Lucas Cohen Albany 14:45.9
3) Broen Holman Sonora 14:46.4
4) Eli Fitchen-Young Santa Cruz 14:49.5
6) Henry Baun Yreka 15:09.8

Division II Girls
2) Whitney
3) St. Francis, Mt. View

7) Evie Marheineke Archbishop Mitty 17:58.6
8) Natalie Arriaza Patterson 17:59.6

Division III Boys
2) Oakdale

3) Josh Chu Ponderosa 14:58.7
4) Jackson Oliveira Oakdale 15:07.9
5) Omar Alsaidi Oakdale 15:09.6
9) Hayden Brooks Ponderosa 15:20.3
10) Mason Oliveira Oakdale 15:23.3

Division IV Girls
4) Olivia Williams Acalanes 17:41.6
5) Ashlyn Boothby Scotts Valley 17:50.0
6) Jesse Redding Colfax 17:50.3
9) Renae Searls Alhambra 17:57.6

Feel free to leave a comment below on many outstanding efforts at yesterday's meet. Biggest surprise? Most outstanding performance? 

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

2023 NCS MOC XC Meet Data (All-NCS team)

Thanks to for posting combined results at these links:

You can check out photos of the team winners from each race on my Twitter account @CCExpress

Feel free to comment below on the most outstanding performances, biggest upsets, and best individual and team races.

Girls' 1st Team All-NCS
1 Thomsen, Hanne JR 935 Montgomery (NC) 1 17:03.4 --- 5:41.1
2 Volkmer, Shea SR 296 Campolindo (NC) 2 17:29.3 25.9 5:49.7
3 Kittelstrom, Seelah JR 930 Montgomery (NC) 3 17:42.4 39.0 5:54.1
4 Williams, Olivia SR 6 Acalanes (NC) 4 18:02.6 59.2 6:00.9
5 Krummel, Elsa SR 178 Bay School of San Francisco (NC) 5 18:06.1 1:02.7 6:02.0
6 Lacefield, Amrie JR 931 Montgomery (NC) 6 18:13.3 1:09.9 6:04.4
7 Mogannam, Ella SO 793 Lick Wilmerding (NC) 7 18:15.0 1:10.6 6:05.0

Girls' 2nd Team All-NCS
8 Searls, Renae SR 43 Alhambra (NC) -- 18:18.5 1:15.1 6:06.2
9 Nottingham, Carina SO 234 Berkeley (NC) 8 18:24.8 1:21.4 6:08.3
10 Lee, Liana SR 458 Dougherty Valley (NC) 9 18:25.8 1:22.4 6:08.6
11 Laughlin, Lucinda SR 1150 San Francisco University (NC) 10 18:29.7 1:26.3 6:09.9
12 Chang, Caroline FR 789 Lick Wilmerding (NC) 11 18:33.4 1:30.0 6:11.1
13 Kabenina, Kate SR 292 Campolindo (NC) 12 18:37.3 1:33.9 6:12.4
14 Gunderson, Hailey JR 1208 San Ramon Valley (NC) 13 18:41.6 1:38.2 6:13.9

Girls' 3rd Team All-NCS
15 Mallon, Ashlin FR 827 Maria Carrillo (NC) 14 18:45.7 1:42.3 6:15.2
16 Sellers, Hailey FR 262 Branson (NC) 15 18:47.2 1:43.8 6:15.7
17 Barron, Jana SR 595 Granada (NC) 16 18:53.4 1:50.0 6:17.8
18 Ryan, Athena SR 1241 Sonoma Academy (NC) 17 18:54.0 1:49.6 6:18.0
19 Penney, Daisy SR 294 Campolindo (NC) 18 18:57.6 1:54.2 6:19.2
20 Noriega, Sabrina JR 478 Dublin (NC) 19 18:58.4 1:55.0 6:19.5
21 Carr, Audrey SR 853 Marin Catholic (NC) 20 18:58.9 1:55.5 6:19.6

Girls' Honorable Mention
22 Barnes, Ellery SR 1295 Tamalpais (NC) 21 19:01.2 1:57.8 6:20.4
23 Pullen, Sloan JR 295 Campolindo (NC) 22 19:02.0 1:57.6 6:20.7
24 ORR, Charlotte JR 762 Las Lomas (NC) 23 19:02.1 1:58.7 6:20.7
25 Nichol, Sophia SO 1151 San Francisco University (NC) 24 19:06.4 2:03.0 6:22.1
26 Trenam, Gracie SR 831 Maria Carrillo (NC) 25 19:08.2 2:04.8 6:22.7
27 Kreutz, Reilly SR 1039 Petaluma (NC) -- 19:09.0 2:04.6 6:23.0
28 Kenny, Deirdre SR 410 Convent & Stuart Hall (NC) 26 19:12.2 2:08.8 6:24.1

Boys' 1st Team All-NCS
1 Caldwell, Trey JR 440 De La Salle (NC) 1 15:08.3 --- 5:02.8
2 Rattary, Jack JR 375 College Park (NC) 2 15:11.5 3.2 5:03.8
3 Cohen, Lucas SR 36 Albany (NC) 3 15:17.7 9.4 5:05.9
4 Monteleone, Niall SR 501 El Cerrito (NC) 4 15:29.9 21.6 5:09.9
5 Dietz, Olaf SR 237 Berkeley (NC) 5 15:31.2 22.9 5:10.4
6 Green, Sean SR 798 Lick Wilmerding (NC) 6 15:35.9 27.6 5:12.0
7 Messer, Daniel SR 362 Clayton Valley Charter (NC) 7 15:36.2 27.9 5:12.1

Boys' 2nd Team All-NCS
8 Sagiraju, Arrin JR 466 Dougherty Valley (NC) 8 15:41.1 32.8 5:13.7
9 Werner, Ethan SR 1131 Redwood (NC) 9 15:41.4 33.1 5:13.8
10 Gray, Tanner SR 603 Granada (NC) 10 15:41.9 33.6 5:13.9
11 Irving, Owen SR 388 College Preparatory School (NC) 11 15:49.2 40.9 5:16.4
12 Patel, Asher SR 898 Miramonte (NC) 12 15:53.0 43.7 5:17.7
13 Brandeis, Owen JR 922 Monte Vista (NC) 13 15:53.2 44.9 5:17.7
14 Skarbinski, Isan SO 390 College Preparatory School (NC) 14 15:53.3 45.0 5:17.8

Boys' 3rd Team All-NCS
15 Mullen, Mason SR 241 Berkeley (NC) 15 15:55.6 47.3 5:18.5
16 Mulliken, Will JR 145 Archie Williams (NC) 16 15:56.4 48.1 5:18.8
17 Martinez, Daniel SR 361 Clayton Valley Charter (NC) 17 15:58.3 50.0 5:19.4
18 Singh, Eshaan SR 608 Granada (NC) 18 15:58.6 50.3 5:19.5
19 Mikhael, George JR 605 Granada (NC) 19 15:58.8 50.5 5:19.6
20 McBride, Callum JR 38 Albany (NC) 20 15:59.1 50.8 5:19.7
21 Bellotti, Max SR 22 Alameda (NC) 21 16:00.5 52.2 5:20.2

Boys' Honorable Mention
22 Dunmire, Max SR 1302 Tamalpais (NC) 22 16:01.0 51.7 5:20.3
23 Salter, Heath SO 445 De La Salle (NC) 23 16:01.2 52.9 5:20.4
24 Phillips, Lyle SR 256 Bishop O'Dowd (NC) 24 16:01.2 52.9 5:20.4
25 Stone, Aidan SR 487 Dublin (NC) 25 16:03.0 53.7 5:21.0
26 Letulle, Logan SO 897 Miramonte (NC) 26 16:04.7 56.4 5:21.6
27 Dinan, Damian SR 870 McKinleyville (NC) -- 16:04.8 56.5 5:21.6
28 Hussain, Eshaan JR 280 California (NC) 27 16:07.5 59.2 5:22.5

Teams qualifying both teams to State Meet
Granada (Division II)
Campolindo (Division III)
Maria Carrillo (Division III)
St. Mary's Berkeley (Division IV)
Archie Williams (Division IV)
University (Division V)
Lick-Wilmerding (Division V)

Thursday, November 16, 2023

NCS Section Final Preview

Division I
Girls - (Top 2 teams advance to state meet):

1.    Berkeley
2.    Dougherty Valley
3.    Dublin
4.    California
5.    Castro Valley

Last season, Berkeley finished in 2nd place to secure a state meet berth behind Dougherty Valley. This season, the Yellowjackets will be attempting to win their first section title since they were NCS 3A champions in 1982. Dougherty Valley finished just in front of Dublin in the EBAL final and both teams will contend for that coveted last state meet berth in this division. California and Castro Valley will both try to hold form and finish in the top 5 here.

The individual favorite will be EBAL champion and Dougherty Valley senior Liana Lee. She won the hotly contested EBAL varsity race over several runners who will be here as well looking for a different result. Carina Nottingham of Berkeley will be leading the Yellowjackets from the front and will try to keep Lee in her sights. Other runners who will be in the mix are James Logan’s Hope Ott, Melia Prenton and Sabrina Noriega of Dublin, Illiana Niergarten of Castro Valley, and Alyssa Shah of Dougherty Valley.

Boys - (Top 2 teams advance to state meet):

1.    Dublin
2.    Dougherty Valley
3.    California
4.    Berkeley
5.    James Logan

In 20222, Berkeley ended Dublin’s run of 5 straight section titles with an inspired run on the Hayward HS course. This year, Dublin will battle a very familiar foe in league rival Dougherty Valley. They were separated by only 2 points at the EBAL final as Dougherty Valley finished in 4th place with 102 points followed by Dublin in 5th at 104. We should have an equally competitive race here as both teams chase a section team title. California appears to be the next best team ahead of the defending champion, Berkeley whose lead runner Olaf Dietz has been absent from races since October 11th and could give his team quite a boost if he competes. 

The favorite to win the individual title will be Dougherty Valley senior Arrin Sagiraju. He finished in 3rd place in the uber-competitive EBAL championship meet. He also recorded the fastest 3200 at the Campolindo Mid-Season Mania 3200 Invitational with a personal best 9:10.21. Berkeley senior Mason Mullen won his league’s individual title. Teammate Olaf Dietz won the section title here last year but has missed the last several meets. Other runners that will have a strong impact on who wins the team title here include Aidan Stone of Dublin, Noor Tozul Ahmad of Dougherty Valley, Rahul Dutta and Tristan Gan both of Dublin, Eshaan Hussain of California and Rishi Murumkar of James Logan.  

Division II 
Girls - (Top 3 teams advance to state meet):

1.    Monte Vista
2. San Ramon Valley
3/4. Granada/Redwood
5. Amador Valley

We should have some very competitive races today and this race will not disappoint. Monte Vista won last year’s section final to break up Granada’s streak of 6 section titles in a row. The San Ramon Valley girls won this year’s EBAL title just edging Monte Vista 51-55. Granada finished in 3rd place and was within striking distance of both teams and is always a threat come section times in this division. Redwood won the MCAL title over a solid Tamalpais and Archie Williams teams and could be in the mix if any of the top 3 teams have an off day. The Amador Valley girls have been tested all year in the EBAL and will be seeking a top 5 finish.

San Ramon Valley junior Hailey Gunderson finished 2nd to Liana Lee of Dougherty Valley at the EBAL race. Monte Vista’s Alexandra Powell and Granada’s Jana Barron will also be in the mix and will have a huge impact on the team battle.  Monte Vista’s Peyton Dolan and Allie Turns will also be part of the front pack and could make this another runaway for Monte Vista. 

Boys - (Top 4 teams advance to state meet): 

1. Granada
2. Amador Valley
3. De La Salle
4. Redwood
5. College Park/Monte Vista

The Granada boys finished in 2nd place at the state meet last year and qualified for NXN for the first time in school history. They have a different lineup this year but are still potent here following another EBAL league title. Amador Valley appears to be the next best team as they chased Granada to a 2nd place finish in one of the best leagues in Northern California. De La Salle is led by the individual favorite Trey Caldwell and it’s always a huge advantage to start the team scoring with a 1. Redwood usually comes into this meet under the radar but don’t count them out as one of the state meet contenders. College Park and Monte Vista will need an inspired run from their entire lineups to break into the top 4.

De La Salle junior Trey Caldwell cruised at the Roughrider Invitational checking out the state meet course and then unleashed an impressive victory at the legendary Mt. SAC Invitational. He will be the strong favorite here. Redwood senior Ethan Werner appears to be rounding into shape. Niall Monteleone of El Cerrito is in a different division this year and will be a contender here. College Park senior Jack Rattary won the Diablo Athletic League final and was the only runner in that race to dip under the 16-minute mark on the tough Hidden Valley Park course. Other runners in the mix include Daniel Messer of Clayton Valley, Eshan Singh of Granada, and Arran Gill Gulati of Amador Valley.

Division III 
Girls - (Top 4 teams advance to state meet):
1. Campolindo
2. Maria Carrillo
3. Montgomery
4. Las Lomas
5.    Newark Memorial/Northgate

The Campolindo girls have won the last 9 contested section titles starting in 2013. They are strong favorites to win again this year and their 10th straight victory would tie them for the section record with the University girls who achieved the same feat from 1995 to 2004. Campolindo is also tied with University for most section titles in history with 19 so this year may be the tie-breaker for that continuing battle. The next most impressive team might be the Montgomery girls who will have three of the best runners in the field. League mate Maria Carrillo has an even better five and should finish behind Campolindo. The last state meet spot should go to either Las Lomas, Newark Memorial or Northgate. 

The Campolindo girls are the 2-time defending state champions as is Montgomery junior Hanne Thomsen. She is on track to tie former Montgomery runner Sarah Hall’s four state individual titles as she chases state title #3 this season. For you trivia buffs out there, the other two runners who also won 4 state titles were Sarah Baxter of Simi Valley and Jordan Hasay of Mission Prep. Campolindo’s Shea Volkmer is the 2nd best runner in this field and will also be one of the top runners at the state meet. The next two Montgomery runners, Seelah Kittlestrom and Amrie Lacefield, will also be near the front of the field giving their team quite the punch up top. Other runners that will contend for an individual medal will be Kate Kabernina and Daisy Penny both of Campolindo and Maria Carrillo freshman, Ashlin Mallon.

Boys - (Top 4 teams advance to state meet):
1. Campolindo
2. Maria Carrillo
3. Tamalpais
4. Newark Memorial
5. Santa Rosa

Unlike the girls’ Division III race, the boy’s version seems to be wide open with multiple teams capable of claiming the section team title. The contenders are as follows. Campolindo has won the last two section titles and will contend for another section title. Since 2013, Campolindo has won 7 section titles with Maria Carrillo taking the other 2 titles. Maria Carrillo dominated their league scoring 20 points and will certainly contend here. Tamalpais won the MCAL and seem to be on a roll as they head into this meet. Newark Memorial has been a contender the last few years and still has the firepower to have a major impact in this division. Santa Rosa finished in 2nd behind Maria Carrillo at their league final and will certainly be in the hunt for a top 4 finish.
The race for the individual title should also have multiple contenders. Maria Carrillo junior Jack Wilson won the NBL Oak title and has been impressive at multiple individuals. Newark Memoria senior Sid Patel also won his league championship race finishing just a few seconds ahead of teammate Michael Telez. Tamalpais will have its own dynamic duo with Max Dunmire and Lucas Roark. Dunmire finished an impressive 2nd behind Redwood’s Ethan Werner at the MCAL league final. 

Division IV 
Girls - (Top 3 teams advance to state meet):
1. Acalanes
2. Archie Williams
3. St. Mary’s, Berkeley
4. Piedmont
5. Bishop O’Dowd

Several teams at this meet did not win their league titles but are definitely in the hunt for a section title. One such team is Acalanes. They chased one of the best teams in the state, Campolindo, in multiple league meets and should be the favorite here. Archie Williams finished a competitive 3rd place in the MCAL final and will be looking for a top 3 finish ahead of TCAL champion, the St. Mary’s, Berkeley team. Piedmont and Bishop O’Dowd both competed in the same league and appear to be just a step behind the top 3 teams at this moment.

The race for the individual title should be a good one. 2021 section champion Olivia Williams of Acalanes will attempt to fend off 2022 individual champion, Renae Searls of Alhambra. In their last race, Williams finished just a bit ahead of Searls in the Diablo Athletic League championship race. Other runners at the front of the field will include Ani Stieg and Alyssa Silverstein of Archie Williams, Reilly Kreutz of Petaluma, Audrey Carr of Marin Catholic, and Annika Punz of St. Mary’s, Berkeley. 

Boys - (Top 3 teams advance to state meet):
1. Miramonte
2. St. Mary’s Berkeley
3. Albany
4. Archie Williams
5. Bishop O’Dowd

When the divisions were realigned for this section, the goal was the have competitive teams at the state level throughout every division. We certainly have that in this division and we should see quite a battle here. The Miramonte boys halted Campolindo’s streak of league titles and appear to be the slight favorite here. St. Mary’s just edged Albany at their league final by a point and the bigger field here will certainly reward the better pack. Albany is strong up front and could be dangerous with an inspired run from their supporting cast. Archie Williams coach Robyn Berry has done a masterful job peaking her groups for strong November runs. Bishop O’Dowd is definitely in the hunt for a state meet qualifying spot and could break into the top 4 with a strong run here.

The individual favorite will be Albany senior Lucas Cohen. He has proven to be a fearless frontrunner and will not be afraid to set a pace that others can’t sustain. He ran 14:46 on a tough Point Pinole course to claim the TCAL crown. Miramonte senior Asher Patel will lead the way for his team and will be one of the individuals in the hunt for a top finish. Other runners in the mix will be Albany’s Callum McBride, Acalanes’s Logan Farzan and St. Mary’s Collin Kopchick.

Division V 
Girls - (Top 5 teams advance to state meet): 
1. Lick-Wilmerding
2. University
3. Athenian
4. Bay School
5. Convent & Stuart Hall

Lick-Wilmerding and University have had quite a rivalry over the past two decades at their league, section, and state meet competitions. This year is no different as both schools field two of the best teams in the state. Lick-Wilmerding currently holds the upper hand after claiming another BCL West title. The University girls have proven to be great competitors at this meet in the past including 19 section titles. With five teams qualifying, this race will be deep as typically more than 30 teams will toe the starting line. The next best team is Athenian. They easily won the BCL East title with a very solid pack. Bay School appears to be the 4th ranked team and will have an advantage with their two front runners. Convent & Stuart Hall should lock up the last spot for the state meet.

The favorite to win the individual title will be Bay School senior Elsa Krummel. She has proven to be one of the top runners at the state level in this division. Her main competition should come from College Prep senior Talia Green and Lick-Wilmerding sophomore Ella Mogonnam. Athena Ryan of Sonoma Academy won the Coastal Mountain Conference and was a state meet qualifier in the 1600 last spring. University will be led by Lucinda Laughlin and Sophia Nichol. A wild card in the field if she competes is Convent & Stuart Hall runner Sienna Faidi who finished in 2nd place at the state meet last year. Branson’s freshman Hailey Sellers finished a strong 2nd at the MCAL championship meet and will be another standout runner here.

Boys - (Top 5 teams advance to state meet):
1. University
2. College Prep
3. Lick-Wilmerding
4. Convent & Stuart Hall
5. San Domenico/Bay School

This should be the battle between East vs West. College Prep won the BCL East title steamrolling the rest of their league scoring 22 points while University won the tougher BCL West race without one of their top runners. Lick-Wilmerding seems like the next-best team and will be led by one of the top individuals in the field, Sean Green. Convent & Stuart Hall will need the return of front-runner Malcolm Oakes to be in solid shape to qualify for the state meet. The last spot should be a battle between San Domenico and Bay School as they were only separated by 2 points at their league final.

Oakes has been the most impressive runner this fall but missed his league final race with a foot issue. Green won the BCL West title while College Prep senior Owen Irving won the BCL East title dipping under 14 minutes on the 2.6 mile Joaquin Miller Park course. Ben Jones is the lead University runner and will be back here after not running at his league final due to an injury. Lucas Chang of Bay finished in 2nd place in the BCL West final behind Green. Other runners in the mix are Devin Price of San Domenico and Stefan Langridge of International FAIS. Outside of the BCL schools, Kaeden Anderson of Healdsburg and Damian Dinan of McKinleyville could also contend for those 5 individual qualifiers to the state meet.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

NCS mid-season Rankings (Boys and Girls Teams)

There will be an update of the following list later today. For now, feel free to comment in the section below.

NCS Division I Boys
1. Dublin
2. Dougherty Valley
3. California
4. Berkeley
5. San Leandro

1. Arrin Sagiraju Dougherty Valley
2. Olaf Dietz Berkeley
3. Mason Mullen Berkeley
4. Aidan Stone Dublin
5. Rahul Dutta Dublin
6. Noor TozulAhmad Dougherty Valley
7. Eshaan Hussain California
8. Rishi Murumkar James Logan

NCS Division I Girls
1. Berkeley
2. Dougherty Valley
3. Dublin
4. California
5. Castro Valley

1. Liana Lee Dougherty Valley
2. Carina Nottingham Berkeley
3. Melia Prenton Dublin
4. Sabrina Noriega Dublin
5. Iliana Niergarten Castro Valley
6. Alyssa Shah Dougherty Valley

NCS Division II Boys
1. Granada
2. Amador Valley
3. De La Salle
4. Monte Vista
5. Redwood/College Park

1. Trey Caldwell De La Salle
2. Ethan Werner Redwood
3. Niall Monteleone El Cerrito
4. Jack Rattary College Park
5. Daniel Messer Clayton Valley
6. Eshan Singh Granada
7. Jacob Camacho Amador Valley

NCS Division II Girls
1. Monte Vista
2. Granada
3. San Ramon Valley
4. Amador Valley
5. Redwood

1. Alexandra Powell Monte Vista
2. Jana Barron Granada
3. Hailey Gunderson San Ramon Valley
4. Peyton Dolan Monte Vista
5. Allie Turns Monte Vista

NCS Division III Boys
1. Campolindo
2. Santa Rosa
3. Maria Carrillo
4. Newark Memorial
5. Tamalpais

1. Jack Wilson Maria Carrillo 
2. Sid Patel Newark Memorial
3. Nick McAuley Novato
4. Alex Thomasson Campolindo
5. Max Dunmire Tamalpais
6. Robert Benard Northgate
7. Nicholas Knisley Northgate

NCS Division III Girls
1. Campolindo
2. Maria Carrillo
3. Montgomery
4. Las Lomas
5. Northgate

1. Hanne Thomsen Montgomery
2. Shea Volkmer Campolindo 
3. Seelah Kittlestrom Montgomery 
4. Amrie Lacefield Montgomery 
5. Kate Kabenina Campolindo 
6. Ashlin Mallon Maria Carrillo 
7. Daisy Penny Campolindo

NCS Division IV Boys
1. Miramonte
2. Albany
3. St. Mary's
4. Archie Williams
5. Bishop O'Dowd

1. Lucas Cohen Albany
2. Asher Patel Miramonte
3. Will Mullikan Archie Williams
4. Callum McBride Albany
5. Javin Schmitt St. Mary's

NCS Division IV Girls
1. Acalanes
2. Piedmont
3. Archie Williams
4. St. Mary's
5. Bishop O'Dowd

1. Renael Searls Alhambra
2. Olivia Williams Acalanes
3. Alyssa Silverstein Archie Williams
4. Reilly Kreutz Petaluma
5. Annika Punz St. Mary's

NCS Division V Boys
1. SF University
2. College Prep
3. Lick Wilmerding
4. Stuart Hall
5. San Domenico

1. Malcolm Oakes Convent & Stuart Hall
2. Owen Irving College Prep
3. Sean Green Lick Wilmerding
4. Devin Price San Domenico
5. Allister Adair SF University

NCS Division V Girls
1. SF University
2. Lick Wilmerding
3. Convent
4. Bay School
5. Athenian

1. Elsa Kummel Bay
2. Athena Ryan Sonoma Academy
3. Lucinda Laughlin SF University
4. Talia Green College Prep
5. Lucy Peterson Bay

Sunday, November 12, 2023

NorCal Section Results

Central Coast Section at Crystal Springs course

Sac Joaquin Section at Willow Hills Reservoir

Northern Section

North Coast Section (live results)

San Francisco Section

Oakland Section

More to come this week.

Who was the most impressive individual yesterday? What about team? Who are the teams and individuals that will contend at the state meet?

Thursday, November 09, 2023

RIP Darryl Beardall

Former Santa Rosa HS runner and Dipsea winner and local running legend sadly passed away. You can read all about him at this LINK thanks to

If you can, please donate to his GoFundMe which you can find at this LINK.

Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Mid-Season CCS Cross Country Rankings

I will update this list later today. Feel free to comment on any of the races that will take place this Saturday at the world famous Crystal Springs course.

Division I Teams

Boys (Top 2 teams advance to state)

1. Bellarmine
2. Menlo Atherton
3. Mt. View
4. Milpitas
5. Carlmont
6. Alisal

Girls (Top 2 teams advance to state)

1. Menlo Atherton
2. Carlmont
3. Mt. View
4. Evergreen Valley
5. Hollister
6. Alisal

Division II Teams

Boys (Top 3 teams advance to state)

1. Palo Alto
2. Los Gatos
3. Los Altos
4. Branham
5. St. Francis

Girls (Top 3 teams advance to state)

1. Los Altos
2. St. Francis
3. Los Gatos
4. Palo Alto
5. Archbishop Mitty

Division III Teams

Boys (Top 3 teams advance to state)

1. St. Ignatius
2. Sacred Heart Cathedral
3. Willow Glen
4. Woodside
5. Pioneer

Girls (Top 2 teams advance to state)

1. Sacred Heart Cathedral
2. St. Ignatius
3. Willow Glen
4. Burlingame
5. Aptos

Division IV Teams

Boys (Top 3 teams advance to state)

1. Scotts Valley
2. Riordan
3. King City
4. Santa Cruz
5. Harker

Girls (Top 3 teams advance to state)

1. Scotts Valley
2. Carmel
3. King City
4. Santa Cruz
5. San Lorenzo Valley

Division V Teams

Boys (Top 3 teams advance to state)

1. Menlo
2. Crystal Springs
3. Nueva 4.     Monte Vista Christian 5.     Pacific Collegiate

Girls (Top 3 teams advance to state)

1. Crystal Springs
2. Castilleja
3. Nueva
4. Menlo
5. T.B.A.

Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Sac-Joaquin Section Rankings before Sub-Sections



Division I
1. Davis
2. McClatchy
3. Lincoln, Stockton
4. Oak Ridge
5. Turlock

Division II
1. Jesuit
2. Whitney
3. Rocklin
4. Vacaville
5. Bella Vista
6. Granite Bay

Division III
1. Oakdale
2. Ponderosa
3. Sierra 
4. Kimball
5. Patterson

Division IV
1. El Dorado
2. Union Mine
3. Christian Brothers
4. West Campus
5. Linden/Galt

Division V
1. Vacaville Christian Academy
2. Bear River
3. Central Catholic
4. Bret Harte
5. Sacramento Country Day


Division I
1. Oak Ridge
2. Pleasant Grove
3. Davis
4. Turlock
5. Franklin Elk Grove

Division II
1. Whitney
2. Granite Bay
3. River Valley
4. Lodi
5. Vacaville

Division III
1. St. Francis, Sacramento
2. Placer
3. Del Oro
4. Oakdale
5. Sierra
6. Ponderosa

Division IV
1. Colfax
2. Christian Brothers 
3. St Mary's
4. Union Mine
5. El Dorado

Division V
1. Bret Harte
2. Central Catholic
3. Vacaville Christian Academy
4. Bret Harte
5. Golden Sierra

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