Monday, December 29, 2014

Catching up with Central Valley Christian coach, Scott Kostelyk...

Today we chat with Central Valley Christian coach, Scott Kostelyk. This past Cross Country season, the Central Valley Christian girls won the Division IV state team championship after a 2nd place finish in the Division V the previous season. Despite being a school with only 262 students, CVC was moved up to Division IV this past season courtesy of the Central Section's "competitive equality" protocol. The 2nd place finishing team at state, Bishop Amat, has an enrollment greater than 1,400 students. Competitive equality indeed. Despite the odds, CVC had a tremendous season and with 6 of their top 7 returning next year, look for them to contend for another podium finish in 2015.

1) What is your own athletic background. When did you start getting involved in sports? What sports did you play?
I’ve always played sports recreationally.  I grew up in Indiana, so everyone plays basketball there.  I played golf, ran track and played volleyball in high school.  After that, I received a small scholarship for golf in college.

2) What are some of your own proudest achievements as an athlete (before, during and/or after high school)?  
I once scored 17 points during warm-ups for my 7th grade basketball team.  But seriously, I’m not a great athlete, I just enjoy sports.  I still water-ski avidly, my goal is to barefoot water-ski every summer until I’m in my 60’s (I turn 40 this winter).  I run pretty much daily.  I set my 5k PR in my early 30’s at 17:39, which is good, but not great.

3) Who are the coaches that had the biggest impact on your as an athlete and what did you learn from them that you carry with you to this day?
I had a coach, Dave Veldhorst, in Junior High for basketball, who was a very positive person and role model.  He was always an encourager, and that is the way I try to coach as well.  I have always felt like you get the most out of kids by focusing on the things the kids are doing right.

4) How long have you been coaching at Central Valley Christian? 
15 years now!
What was the state of the program when you first arrived?
We had 4 guys and 2 girls, and we weren’t very good.  But we’ve always had the best kids in the school on the team.

5) Your girls finished in 2nd place last year in Division V. When did a potential podium finish get in your team's radar? 
I think I realized we had a shot at the podium when the twins (Jenna and Jadyn Wilson – both freshmen at the time) committed to running.  Their older sister ran for our team in 2007, and we knew that the twins were great athletes who we hoped we’d be able to turn them into runners too.
What was the biggest challenge during the season?
In 2013 - We had three first year runners with a lot of raw talent, but not much experience (Gabby Satterlee, Jenna Wilson, and Jadyn Wilson).  So developing them was our biggest challenge.  In 2014 – our biggest challenge was being moved up into division 4.  Suddenly instead of having to beat teams that were similarly sized, or somewhat larger than us (we have 262 students at CVC), we were having to beat teams that were 5-6 times larger than us.  Many of the schools we competed against at state have grades that have more students than our school.

6) The Central Section moved your team up to Division IV this season based on the success of the 2013 team. What was your immediate reaction and when do you think you started to focus on your new challenge in a new division?
We were frustrated.  But we have been frustrated for a long time with this system.  Our school’s volleyball team is annually one of the finest in the state.  They have been moved up all the way to division 2 now.  Last year, in volleyball, we lost in the division 3 State Championship game to Valley Christian (San Jose)from the CCS which had 1370 students.  Our girls' soccer team has also been moved up all the way to division 2 as well.  We don’t care what division we compete in at the section meet, but when we go to State, we would like the playing field to be level.  This year, we didn’t really focus on any division until after October 22.  That was when the cross-country advisory committee’s proposal to add an open division to our section championship, which would have allowed some teams to compete in their natural enrollment divisions, didn’t pass.  We didn’t really start focusing on any teams in particular until the week of state.  Our goal this season was to run a 96:00(or even under) as a team, and we knew we would be in contention regardless of what division we were in.  When we ran a 96:50 at the Central Section Championships at Woodward, we thought we could possibly break 96 minutes at the State Meet.  And even then, at the state meet, we didn’t put to much pressure on the girls to finish first.  We just asked the girls to run their best race, and if that meant 1st or 4th we didn’t really care.

7) What are your expectations for your runners during the summer? 
We (my assistant coach Randy VanderTuig) run with the kids 3 days a week, and we expect them to run 2 more days a week on their own.
Any camps?
Biggest motivation for them to run over the summer? 
We (Randy and I) love running, so we try to make it fun and enjoyable for the kids.  We don’t push very hard in terms of speed, but we constantly increase mileage to build base.

8) What does a typical week look like for your runners with a Saturday Invitational? Workouts? Typical mileage? What else do you do aside from running that you feel is just as important to your team's success?
We actually have morning practices most of the time.  It’s so hot here in the valley through October that we feel, to have effective practices, they have to be in the morning.  We meet at 6:15 am, and run at 6:30.  We have a variety of different practices, including typical track workouts, hill repeats, grass tempo runs, and the lighter/recovery days.  We are a very low mileage squad, we probably peak out at 30 miles/week.  But because we are such a small school, we need to keep all of our athletes healthy, so we don’t push the mileage too hard.  But we probably do a much higher percentage of quality miles in a week than most schools.  On top of that, most of our varsity runners are involved in some other sport, whether it be varsity volleyball at the school, varsity tennis, or even club soccer.  Staying healthy is always one of our biggest concerns considering how active the kids are.

9) Who are the coaches that have had the biggest impact on you currently and that you can lean on during the season?
My assistant/co-coach is a very accomplished ultra-marathoner.  He finished 4th in the Angeles Crest 100 this past summer running the 100 mile course in 20 hours 49 minutes.  He is definitely keyed into the nutritional aspect of the kids training.  Randy and I are friends first, and so we work really well together, and we spend quite a bit of time bouncing ideas off each other.

10) Aside from the current Central Section format, how much of an advantage is it for the CS teams to compete at Woodward Park for the state meet? 
Many teams from all over the state come run the Woodward course during the season at either the Clovis Invite, or the RoughRider Invite.  I don’t know if it as much of an advantage that we get to compete at the Woodward course more, as it is an advantage for the kids to sleep in their own beds and eat food in their own kitchens the night before the state meet and even the morning of the state meet.

11) What changes would you like to see to the current state meet format?
I think it’s imperative that we move to a system where the sections send whoever they want to the state meet.  And then, at the state meet, the teams are put into divisions that are set by the state.  So division 1 may be 2400 students and up, division 2 would be 1900-2400 students.  Division 3 would be 1300-1900 students.  Division 4 would be 600-1300 students.  And division 5 could be 0-600 students.  And the CBED numbers don’t matter, they could be altered, but the level playing field does.  Each section using different numbers for divisions makes such a difference in the state meet.  The two most discerning factors to developing a great cross-country team are 1.) School size, and 2.) Committed coaches.  Everyone in cross-country knows this I think, and we need to have the state set divisions before more sections go to a competitive equity model like our section has done.

12) Anything else you would like to add.
Thanks for all your work and your interest in our program.

Thank you very much for your time Scott! AJC

Monday, December 22, 2014

Limitation of Usage of Local High School Tracks


I am writing regarding a disturbing occurrence that has just taken place in the San Mateo Union High School District.  This same ruling could occur at any other high school in the area, in California, or in the United States.

Peter Stein, who is a long-time local runner, brought this to my attention and requested that I send the attached to as many people as possible. If you agree with Pete's comments, it would be greatly appreciated if you could e-mail your response to the individuals listed in his letter.  If enough people show their strong objections, this ruling can possibly be challenged and overturned.  Remember, we live in a democracy, and our collective responses are important in making constructive changes in our society.

Happy holidays to everyone.

Jack Leydig
We Need Your Help

Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 NorCal Cross Country Awards

Now that the 2014 XC season is complete, here are my awards for this past cross country season.
2011 Award Winners
2012 Award Winners
2013 Award Winners
Feel free to share your comments below.

Most Valuable Runner (boys)-Trevor Reinhart Marin Academy
Most Valuable Runner (girls)-Fiona O'Keeffe Davis

Most Impressive Performance (boys)-Trevor Reinhart at CA State XC Meet/Footlocker Nationals
Most Impressive Performance (girls)-Fiona O'Keeffe at SJS Section Final

Most Impressive Performance (boys' team)-Placer at CA State Meet
Most Impressive Performance (girls' team)-Bella Vista/St. Francis, Sacramento at CA State Meet

Most Inspirational (boys)-Lucas Matison Palo Alto (CCS)
Most Inspirational (girls)-Morgin Coonfield McKinleyville (NCS)

Most Improved Runner (boys)-Sean Kurdy Jesuit (SJS)
Most Improved Runner (girls)-Elizabeth Lacy Menlo School (CCS)

Lifetime Achievement Award (boys)-Chris Foster Los Gatos/Steven Sum Saratoga(CCS)
Lifetime Achievement Award (girls)-Miranda Myers/Peyton Bilo St. Francis, Sacramento (SJS)

Buster Posey (rookie of the year)-Robert Miranda Menlo School (CCS)
Buster Posey (rookie of the year)-Toni Finnane Campolindo (NCS)

Best Robin to Batman (best supporting actor)-Sean Burke Bishop O'Dowd (NCS)
Best Robin to Batman (best supporting actress)-Mary Mon Oewell Redwood (NCS)

Best Three Amigos-Edgar Bonilla, Roman Munoz, Eduardo Orozco King City (CCS)
Best Three Amigas-Brighie Leach, Toni Finnane, Mary Orders Campolindo (NCS)

Boys Coach of the Year (Directing)-Dave Daines King City/Doug Chase Scotts Valley (CCS)
Girls Coach of the Year (Directing)-Melanie Cleland Bella Vista (SJS)

Any other awards?

All-CCS Team

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 Northern California Cross Country Awards

I will post the awards next week. In the meantime, please chime in on your choices. Somebody who should be considered for an award may be off the radar. Thank you in advance for your nominations.

2011 Award Winners
2012 Award Winners
2013 Award Winners
Feel free to share your comments below.

Most Valuable Runner (boys)-
Most Valuable Runner (girls)-

Most Impressive Performance (boys)-
Most Impressive Performance (girls)-

Most Impressive Performance (boys' team)-
Most Impressive Performance (girls' team)-

Most Inspirational (boys)-
Most Inspirational (girls)-

Most Improved Runner (boys)-
Most Improved Runner (girls)-

Lifetime Achievement Award (boys)-
Lifetime Achievement Award (girls)-

Buster Posey (rookie of the year)-
Buster Posey (rookie of the year)-

Best Robin to Batman (best supporting actor)-
Best Robin to Batman (best supporting actress)-

Best Three Amigos-
Best Three Amigas-

Boys Coach of the Year (Directing)-
Girls Coach of the Year (Directing)-

Any other awards?

Monday, December 15, 2014

National: A Cross Country Story

Check out former Bishop O'Dowd runner, Karsten Kaufmann's documentary.
"National: A Cross Country Story" depicts Tommy McGuan and several other members of the Chico State Cross Country team driving 2500 miles across the United States in a matter of days to watch their fellow teammates compete at the NCAA Division II National Championships In Louisville, Kentucky. This film captures the candid vignettes from countless hours spent on the road, stops along the way, as well as insightful interviews from current team members, as well as alumni, reflecting on their past trips stories and experiences. The film also depicts the races themselves.

National: A Cross Country Story from Karsten Kaufmann on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Updates from USATF Jr Nationals thanks to Thomas Benjamin

After taking a week off from the State Championships, Rylee Bowen took the National title in the Girls 15-16 age group at the USATF jr National Olympic Championships today in Myrtle Beach, SC. Her time of 17:40.7 not only was the fastest for her age group but also the fastest girls 5k of the day. The time also was her fastest XC 5k of the season.

Lauren Jacob also had a great time of 18:06 to finish 6th in the race.

The Buffalo Babes also took the National team title in the 17-18yr age group featuring runners from SJS (Jenica Dodge,Regina Nyareso & Laura Cox), NCS (Shaz Breedlove), CCS (Emily Aiken) and Lindsey Adams from Douglas HS in Nev.

Also local Mid school standouts Izzy Fauria and Madison Denny finished 4th & 9th respectively in the girls 11-12 race.

Rylee’s 13 yr. old sister kate finished 23rd out of 384 girls in the 13-14 age grp. race while her 7yr old sister Taylin finished in the top 15% in the girls 7-8 yr. old age group

I probably missed some others. The complete results can be found at:

2014 All NorCal High School XC Teams - Boys & Girls

Now that the Cross Country season is officially complete, it's time to look back and reflect on the accomplishments of NorCal runners. Feel free to comment on what runners you feel belong on the All NorCal HS XC Teams for the 2014 season. Who are the NorCal runners of the year? Who are the best runners in each section (NS, NCS, SJS, OAK, SF and CCS)? Who are the best runners by grade? The team will be posted around Christmas time.

As a reminder, here is last year's team:

2014 Footlocker Nationals results

Place Time Bib Name Grade Region School City State
1 17:13 31 Anna Rohrer 12 Midwest Mishawaka H.S. Mishawaka IN 
2 17:23 21 Ryen Frazier 12 South Ravenscroft School Raleigh NC 
3 17:29 41 Makena Morley 12 West Bigfork H.S. Bigfork MT 
4 17:33 22 Paige Hofstad 11 South New Braunfels H.S. New Braunfels TX 
5 17:47 12 Hannah DeBalsi 11 Northeast Staples H.S. Westport CT 
6 17:48 24 Libby Davidson 10 South E.C. Glass H.S. Lynchburg VA 
7 17:51 34 Audrey Belf 12 Midwest Seaholm H.S. Bloomfield Hills MI 
8 17:52 44 Annie Hill 9 West Glacier H.S. Kalispell MT 
9 17:56 23 Gabriella Karas 10 South Martha Layne Collins H.S. Simpsonville KY 
10 18:01 43 Elizabeth Lacy 12 West Menlo School San Mateo CA 
11 18:04 32 Lauren Gregory 10 Midwest Fort Collins H.S. Fort Collins CO 
12 18:06 33 Maryjeanne Gilbert 11 Midwest Peoria Notre Dame H.S. Peoria, Ill. IL 
13 18:07 37 Annie Frisbie 12 Midwest River Falls H.S. River Falls WI 
14 18:08 42 Caroline Pietrzyk 12 West Malibu H.S. Malibu CA 
15 18:08 35 Stephanie Jenks 11 Midwest Linn-Mar H.S. Aurora IA 
16 18:14 19 Gabrielle Richichi 12 Northeast New Fairfield H.S. New Fairfield CT 
17 18:16 18 Kelsey Potts 11 Northeast Mount Lebanon H.S. Pittsburgh PA 
18 18:19 11 Brianna Schwartz 12 Northeast Shaler Area H.S. Pittsburgh PA 
19 18:20 36 Hannah Long 12 Midwest Eureka H.S. Pacific MO 
20 18:20 25 Weini Kelati 9 South Heritage H.S. Leesburg VA 
21 18:23 40 Morgan Florsheim 11 Midwest Shorewood H.S. Shorewood WI 
22 18:26 45 Toni Finnane 12 West Campolindo H.S. Moraga CA 
23 18:28 13 Emma McMillan 11 Northeast Barrington H.S. Barrington RI 
24 18:28 27 Emma Grace Hurley 11 South Fellowship Christian School Roswell GA 
25 18:31 17 Marissa Sheva 12 Northeast Pennridge H.S. Sellersville PA 
26 18:33 46 Bryn Morley 9 West Bigfork H.S. Bigfork MT 
27 18:34 26 Ciara Donohue 12 South Loudoun Valley H.S. Purcellville VA 
28 18:37 28 Kathleen Mansure 12 South Watauga H.S. Boone NC 
29 18:40 47 Claire Graves 10 West Citrus Valley H.S. Highland CA 
30 18:45 39 Amy Davis 12 Midwest Madison Edgewood of the Sacred Heart Madison WI 
31 18:45 16 Anna Flynn 11 Northeast The Ursuline School New Rochelle NY 
32 18:58 29 Logan Morris 11 South Spartanburg Christian Academy Inman SC 
33 18:58 50 Kimberly Coscia 12 West South Torrance H.S. Torrance CA 
34 19:07 20 Eve Glasergreen 12 Northeast North Hunterdon H.S. Clinton NJ 
35 19:16 49 Grace Ling 12 West Lynbrook H.S. San Jose CA 
36 19:26 30 Abby Gray 11 South Alamo Heights H.S. San Antonio TX 
37 19:38 15 Erin Dietz 12 Northeast Bedford H.S. Bedford MA 
38 19:49 48 Kendall Derry 11 West Bella Vista H.S. Fair Oaks CA 
39 19:51 38 Sarah Kettel 11 Midwest Capital Homeschool H.S. Brighton MI 
40 20:26 14 Madeleine Davison 11 Northeast North Allegheny Senior H.S. Wexford PA 

5.00 Kilometers - December 13, 2014 - Morley Field - Balboa Park - San Diego, CA 
Team Results Points 
1 South 4 1 2 4 6 9 20 23 26 
2 Midwest 4 4 1 7 11 12 13 15 19 
3 West 5 6 3 8 10 14 21 25 27 
4 Northeast 7 8 5 16 17 18 22 24 28

Friday, December 12, 2014

Footlocker National Finals Live Webcast link

Girls race at 9:15am. Boys race at 10am.

Just as a reminder, here are the NorCal competitors at tomorrow's meet:
Trevor Reinhart Marin Academy
Colin Burke Bishop O'Dowd

Elizabeth Lacy Menlo School
Toni Finnane Campolindo
Kendall Derry Bella Vista
Grace Ling Lynbrook

Here is a link to rankings (boys and girls) as well as previews for boys and girls (only boys so far):

Any predictions for the race? How will the 6 athletes above fare tomorrow? How many former NorCal runners can you name that have won this meet (without looking it up)?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

North Coast Section Cross Country Post-Season Notes

Couple of notable points from last night's meeting:

With Hayward taking on renovations next year, there is a chance that the Hayward HS course could be altered. The plan for now is to use Hayward HS but that is not set in stone.

The CBEDs for next year are almost complete although there are still schools with missing data. At this point, the following schools will be in a new division next fall.

Division I-College Park, Dublin and Santa Rosa all moved up from Division II.
Division II-Concord up from Division III.
Division III-Piner and San Rafael both up from Division IV.
Division IV-St. Helena up from Division V.

Monday, December 08, 2014

State Meet Statistics Courtesy of Bellarmine Coach, Patrick McCrystle

Tori Tyler and Kaitlin Gregg Goodman both qualify for 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials

Former Gunn HS runner Tori Tyler and former Davis HS runner Kaitlin Gregg both qualified for the 2016 Olympic Trials race with their efforts yesterday at the California International Marathon (CIM). Tyler ran 2:38:48 to finish in 6th place in the 24-29 division. Gregg placed 7th in the same division running 2:39:29. They were 8th and 9th respectively overall. Their times both dip under the B standard which is 2:43 and allows them the enter the trials race. For more information on the A and B standards, go to this link.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

6 NorCal qualifiers to Footlocker National Meet in San Diego

In girls race:
3rd Place Elizabeth Lacy Menlo School (CCS)
5th Place Toni Finnane Campolindo (NCS)
8th Place Kendall Derry Bella Vista (SJS)
9th Place Grace Ling Lynbrook (CCS)

In boys race:
2nd Place Trevor Reinhart Marin Academy (NCS)
10th Place Colin Burke Bishop O'Dowd (NCS)

At NXN, Fiona O'Keeffe of Davis (4th place) and Chloe Hansel of Las Lomas (51st place) out of 199 runners:

NXN Live Webcast and Footlocker West Region Information

NXN RACE SCHEDULE - Saturday, December 6, 2014 - Glendoveer Golf Course, Portland OR
9:30am: Webcast Starts
10:05am: Girl's Championship Race
11:35am: Boy's Championship Race
12:45pm: Community Race
* Awards to follow each race
* Schedule subject to change

Footlocker West Region at Mt. SAC

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

HOKA One One & Cross Country Express present The 7th Annual NorCal Distance Coaches’ Collaborative Roundtable

We are at 36 coaches. If you email Chris at the email address below, we will put you on a waiting list and you may attend the roundtable in the event of a drop out.

Amador Valley High School
1155 Santa Rita Road
Pleasanton, CA 94566
Saturday, January 10, 2015
  • Session I: 9am-12pm
  • Lunch: 12pm-1pm
  • Session II: 1pm-4pm
Roundtable Leaders
  • Chris Puppione – Clinic Co-Director
    • Cardinal Newman High School
    • USATF Level III National Coach
  • Jason Oswalt – Clinic Co-Director
    • Amador Valley High School
    • USATF Level II National Coach
Roundtable Features
  • Everyone is a clinician, everyone is a student.
  • Roundtable topics selected by attendees in advance via email.
  • All attendees receive “A Packet of Nuggets”—a compilation of coaching gems from each attending coach.
  • Attendees will also receive a collection of training programs submitted by the other coaches in attendance.
  • Cost for the roundtable discussion is FREE.
  • Event is open to the first 30 coaches to register.
  • HOKA One One will give away two pairs of shoes in a drawing.
Contact Chris Puppione ( to register for the event, as well as to receive further information. This event is for HIGH SCHOOL COACHES ONLY.
Please contact Chris ASAP as spots will fill up fast. Some of the best coaches in California will be at this Roundtable. Don't miss out.

December 1, 2014

Dear Coaches,
Now that cross country season is almost in the books and the track and field season looms on the not-so-distant horizon, we would like to invite you to join us for a clinic unlike any other in the state of California.
On January 10, 2015, we will be hosting The NorCal Distance Coaches Collaborative Roundtable in Pleasanton, CA at Amador Valley High School. The event is scheduled to kick-off at 9am and will be attended by many of the finest coaches from our part of the state. This clinic is unique in format and concept.
Many of us have attended clinics over the years, and although we have been lucky enough to hear some great speakers, the part most of us look forward to is the aftermath—sitting around with your peers, swapping stories, discussing training ideas, asking questions, all while enjoying some good food and drink.
We have decided to get rid of the lectures and ditch the conventional while getting straight to the good stuff—some high-energy shop talk with some of our sport’s finest coaches in a relaxed environment full of friends and soon-to-be friends.  At this event, the attendees will choose the topics. Whether you want to rehash the last cross country season or talk about the track season ahead, you tell us and we will put it on the agenda.
Limited to the first 30 coaches to sign-up via email, this roundtable discussion is completely based on the contributions of all attendees.
Here is how it works:
  1. Coaches are asked to email Chris Puppione ( to sign-up for the event.
  1. Upon receipt of your email, Chris will ask you to submit the following for the clinic by Sunday, December 28, 2014:
    1. Topics and ideas you would like to discuss or gain knowledge about at the clinic (training, recruiting, nutrition, state of the sport, etc.)
      1. This is an absolute necessity, as these suggestions will function as our agenda for the day.
    2. A 1-3 page installment (or “nugget of knowledge”) describing something you do with your athletes that you feel is key to your program’s success (i.e. a particular workout, coaching philosophy, mental training, etc.)
      1. All coaches are expected to contribute with this—consider it as Part I of your entrance fee!
      2. These “nuggets” will be compiled and all attendees will receive the full collection of notes at the clinic in both print and digital formats.
    3. A copy of your training plan and notes from the past cross country season or the upcoming track season.
      1. This is Part II of your entrance fee, and coaches are to submit these so that they may be shared with other attendees for review, critique, and to foster discussion of training methods.
      2. These training programs will be sent out to all attendees in digital format, and you are asked to print them out prior to the roundtable and make notes on them for discussion purposes.
      3. By submitting your training ideas or plans in advance, you can have your season’s training discussed by some of our sport’s greatest coaches, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.
    4. All submitted information must be sent in either MS Word or MS Excel docs so that they can be easily formatted for compilation.
  1. A running tally of coaches who commit to attending the roundtable will be maintained on Albert’s website ( so everyone can prepare any specific questions that they may have for their fellow coaches.
  1. Prior to the event, Chris and Jason will release a schedule that will outline the topics for the day so that each coach attending may come prepared to participate and contribute.
  1. THERE ARE NO LECTURERS AT THIS EVENT. We are not presenting a seminar—this is an opportunity to expand the discussion and for everyone to be a student and a teacher.
  1. Attending coaches are encouraged to bring any information they wish to discuss or share to the event. We will have overhead projectors, LCD projectors, as well as AV equipment—bring it all.
  1. Also, we would like all coaches in attendance to bring their laptop computers with them, as we will be using internet connections to access information during discussion periods. Please be sure to have your flash drive or memory stick with you so you can steal/borrow info from other coaches.
  1. Sign-in on January 10th will begin at 8:30am with the roundtable beginning promptly at 9am. We will section the day into topics picked by our attendees.
  1. We will break for lunch at noon, and then reconvene for further discussion starting at 1pm. The indoor portion of the roundtable ends at 3pm.
  1. New to the event this year, we will head to the track during the final hour to allow for demonstrations of drills, general strength routines, etc. We will conclude at 4pm.
  1. While this is an open discussion, Chris and Jason will serve as leaders for the event.
  1. These coaches will act as guides for the discussion, keeping the roundtable focused while moving the group through the agenda and moderating input from all coaches. They will offer their insights as well, but they are not clinicians or panelists.
  1. On the day of the event, all attending coaches will receive the following:
    1. “A Packet of Nuggets”—a compilation of coaching gems from all attendees
    2. A collection of all attendees training programs
    3. Great conversation with amazing colleagues
It is our belief that this collaborative roundtable will be of great benefit for all coaches—rookies and veterans alike. Please join us for this amazing event by emailing your registration to Chris Puppione (
Be a part of the excitement—be a part of the conversation. Join us January 10, 2015 at Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton, CA for The 7th Annual NorCal Distance Coaches’ Collaborative Roundtable.
Yours in running,
Chris Puppione
Jason Oswalt
List of Attendees
  1. Chris Puppione Cardinal Newman High School
  2. Jason Oswalt Amador Valley High School
  3. Albert Caruana Crystal Springs Uplands School
  4. Craig Lee Archbishop Mitty High School
  5. Jeff Gardiner Lick-Wilmerding High School
  6. Pat McCrystle Bellarmine College Preparatory
  7. Andrew Lowe Berkeley High School
  8. Josh Small Valley Christian San Jose
  9. Andrew Hutchinson Crystal Springs Uplands School
  10. Gus Ibarra North Monterey County High School
  11. Jeanine Holmlund Piedmont High School
  12. Matt Wilkinson Justin-Siena High School
  13. Chris Williams Dublin High School
  14. Francisco Cornejo Palma High School
  15. Nino Hernandez Alameda High School
  16. Marty Beene Alameda High School
  17. Walt Lange Jesuit High School
  18. Harold Kuphaldt Bella Vista High School
  19. Eric Morford Liberty High School
  20. Peter Brewer Northgate High School
  21. Ruth Seabrook Northgate High School
  22. Sean Kohles Skyline High School
  23. John Hotchkiss Mission San Jose High School
  24. Craig Stern Albany High School
  25. Vince Sturgis Benecia High School
  26. Tim Fitzpatrick Marin Catholic High School
  27. Doug Chase Scotts Valley High School
  28. Paul Nolan Albany High School
  29. David Okikawa Bishop O'Dowd
  30. Tony Fong St. Joseph Notre Dame
  31. David Bayliss San Ramon Valley High School
  32. Jamal Cooks Bishop O'Dowd
  33. Chuck Woolridge Campolindo High School
  34. Tim Hunter San Ramon Valley High School
  35. Jack Coakley College Preparatory School
  36. John Pelster De La Salle High School

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