Monday, May 28, 2018

Club Teams dilemma for high school pilots

An interesting article that I found in the rabbit hole aka from 1978. Still an issue to this day with club coaches poaching athletes from good coaches with the promise of fast times and college scholarships. 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

2018 California Track and Field Meet

Performance lists:

State info:

There will be a state preview coming up on Wednesday. In the meantime, feel free to discuss any events and what NorCal athletes will have a shot to either win or at least get on the podium (top 6 finish). 

NorCal Section meets videos

From SJS meet, here is the girls' 1600 race with a fantastic battle between Olivia O'Keeffe and Maddie and Elena Denner.

You can check out other SJS videos here:

More videos will be posted momentarily.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

NorCal Section meets today

Results will be posted as soon as I find them. Please feel free to comment below on any of the outstanding performances below.

Sac-Joaquin Section
All results posted here:

North Coast Section
Tri-Valley Results:
You can also find Class A and Redwood Empire results at this link:

You can also find more results at this link:

Who was most impressive yesterday? Biggest surprise as in positive or negative?

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Northern California Section Meet Info

Central Coast Section


North Coast Section

  • Meet Bulletin (includes meet schedule) -
  • Performance Lists, Meet Program & Results -
  • Parking - We are asking that everyone that arrives before 11:00 AM to park in the Dublin High School parking lot along VILLAGE PARKWAY and NOT in the parking lot along Brighton Drive.  Our DHS senior recognition ceremony is happening in the sports complex next to the track and field stadium until 11:00 AM and we would like to reserve the Brighton Drive parking lot for that.  There is also overflow parking available at the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder-day Saints along Village Parkway directly next to the DHS Village Parkway parking lot.  We appreciate your cooperation and apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Chris Williams

Sac-Joaquin Section
All info including bulletins and results can be found at this link:

If you have other info that can be added for any of the NorCal sections, please email me at

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

University XC & TF coach Carin Marrs & St. Ignatius long jumper Alex Enos honored by San Francisco Italian Athletic Club

You can read about those honored including Coach Marrs (Ron Counts photo) and Alex Enos at Monday's ceremony at this LINK.

Coach Marrs also took some members of her University HS Track and Field team to the Dogwood Track Classic in Virginia which took place on May 4th and 5th. You can read all about her team's experience from a local newspaper at this LINK. Among the highlights for the Red Devils was the 7:56.98 4 x 800m time by the UHS boys.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Clayton Valley senior Aiden Jackman may be done for rest of season

The leading hurdler in California will not compete in the hurdles the rest of this season. He ran 13.98 at the Arcadia Invitational but it appeared to me that he had hurt himself in that race. He also ran 37.47 in the 300 hurdles later in the meet to finish in 2nd place in both races. At the Stanford meet, Jackman (Chase Bryson photo to the left) ran 52.85 to win the 400-meter hurdles which at the time was the leading mark in the nation.

Clayton Valley has an unbelievable pool of talent this year including the leading 400-meter runner in the state, Cameron Reynolds at 47.09. At their league meet, CV also had two more 400 runners (Bryson Benjamin at 49.37 and Justin Lowe at 49.44) going sub 50. Their 1600m relay should be quite good even without Jackman.

The last NorCal hurdler to win the 300m hurdles at the state meet was Marquis Morris of DLS in 2014. The last NorCal hurdler to win the 110m hurdles was also Marquis Morris in 2013.

I wrote a similar article at MileSplitCA which you can find at this LINK.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Saturday, May 12, 2018

WCAL varsity boys 3200

Event 35  Boys 3200 Meter Run Varsity
        Meet: ! 9:14.60  1981        Chris Paredes, Bellarmine                 
         CCS: # 8:52.11  1981        Jessie Torres, Independence               
       State: * 8:34.23  2008        German Fernandez, Riverbank               
    National: $ 8:34.23  2008        German Fernandez, Riverbank               
                9:39.48  @ CCS Qualifiying
    Name                    Year School                  Finals                  H#
  1 Beaudoin-Rousseau, Meika  12 Bellarmine P           9:27.05 @                 1 
  2 Eng, Eric                 11 St Francis (           9:28.22 @                 1 
  3 Kumar, Shyam              12 St Francis (           9:29.17 @                 1 
  4 Karur, Naren              12 St Francis (           9:29.69 @                 1 
  5 Colonna, Colton           11 St Francis (           9:30.97 @                 1 
  6 Garcia, Juan Pablo        10 St Francis (           9:32.64 @                 1 
  7 Gade, Neerav              12 Bellarmine P           9:37.24 @                 1 
  8 Topper, Nolan              9 Bellarmine P           9:37.66 @                 1 
  9 Skahill, Daniel           11 St Francis (          x9:55.35                   1 
 10 D'Orfani, Ross            11 Bellarmine P           9:57.89                   1 
 11 Makhni, Devin             11 Archbishop M           9:59.83                   1 
 12 Farruggio, Matthew        11 Sacred Heart          10:04.34                   2 
 13 Maddison, Aiden           10 St Francis (         x10:14.94                   1 
 14 Upchurch, James           12 Archbishop R          10:15.06                   2 
 15 O'Brien, Sean             12 Junipero Ser          10:18.82                   2 
 16 Diab, Sam                 11 Bellarmine P          10:20.11                   2 
 17 Doheny, Sean              12 St Ignatius           10:35.94                   2 
 18 Ocbai, Yonatan            12 Sacred Heart          10:37.42                   2 
 19 Possa, Ryan               11 Junipero Ser          10:40.32                   2 
 20 Hijab, Rami               12 Junipero Ser          10:41.18                   2 
 21 Strella, Charlie          11 Sacred Heart          10:42.64                   2 
 22 Vallecillo, Alexander     12 Archbishop R          10:43.18                   2 
 23 Moore, Nathanael          11 Valley Chris          10:56.40                   2 
 24 DeBenedetti, Lucas        11 Archbishop M          10:56.88                   2 
 25 Wu, Lawrence              11 Sacred Heart          11:13.45                   2 
 26 Lum, Jack                 11 St Ignatius           11:18.18                   2 
 27 Wong, Marc                11 Sacred Heart          11:24.06                   2 
 28 Laughlin, Andrew          11 St Ignatius           11:35.22                   2 
 29 Garate, Sebastian         12 Archbishop M          12:04.66                   2 
 30 Hsu, Tom                  11 St Ignatius           12:42.05                   2 
 31 Saran, Raghav             11 Valley Chris          12:52.37    

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Northern California Top 10 Track and Field athletes

You can check out my top 10 list of all California Track and Field athletes at this link:

Check out how many NorCal athletes made the list and feel free to comment below on who I missed.

If we were to pick out the top 10 track and field athletes from Northern California regardless of event or sex, who would make your list? I will add names as they are listed below and eventually come up with a list 1 through 10. 

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