Friday, May 29, 2020

Donations to good causes

Tomorrow, The King's Academy XC and TF coach Matt Tompkins is running a marathon to help raise money for FUNJESES (Guatemalan Orphanage).
You can donate at this link on Facebook:

Four students at my school have been raising money for the Mills-Peninsula Hospital Foundation which will go toward COVID-19 donations that allow for more personal protective equipment for the staff.

KRON posted this article at this LINK detailing their fundraising efforts. You can contribute by visiting their online jewelry store or give directly at this link.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Couple of YouTube vidoes

First is yesterday's Quarantine Clasico thanks to Amador Valley coach Jason Oswalt

Our interview with Leo Daschbach recorded on May 5th

Second is a season recap of the Campolindo Cross Country season thanks to coach Chuck Woolridge

Third is a Cross-Docu-Series thanks to Liberty coach Eric Molford

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Sub 4 minute mile attempt tonight at Oak Ridge HS

I believe a lot of you have heard about this attempt tonight but if not, check out this link:

The competitors for tonight are listed here thanks to Record Timing who will be timing the event:

Live Results will be here:

There will be a live stream of the event which will start around 8pm and I believe the event will go off at 8:30pm. Yes, the live stream is behind a paywall.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Weekly coach's meeting every Saturday at 10am

If any coaches out there are interested, we have continued our weekly coach's meeting every Saturday at 10am. Over the past few weeks, we have used the meetings to discuss how we can be better coaches for our teams. If you want to join us tomorrow, please email me at and I can send you the login info. 

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Amador Valley's John Lester 4:09.87 unofficially

Unofficial splits taken from sub-second video analysis: 62.05 62.56 61.75 63.51
John, who is a junior, ran 1:52.06 at the Dan Gabor Invitational which is the fastest official time in the nation. He has also run a 1:49.36 time trial and may get another opportunity to run another fast 800.

College Committments

I will continue to update this list throughout the year. Please feel free to add others in the comment section below. I know I do not have everyone so please help if you know of other athletes and where they are attending college next fall.

Charlotte Tomkinson Menlo-Duke University
Daylee Dunn Salesian-Fresno State
Juan Pablo Garcia St. Francis MV-University of California Berkeley
Kelli Wilson Monte Vista-Duke University
Claire Yerby Half Moon Bay-University of California Berkeley
Haley Silva St. Francis, Sac-University of California, Berkeley
Kyra Pretre Menlo-Yale University
Aiden Maddison St. Francis, Mt. View-Sacramento State University
Garrett MacQuiddy Westmont-University of California, Berkeley
Euan Cairns St. Francie, Mt. View-Wake Forest University
Kaimei Gescuk Carlmont-Duke University
Michelle Louie Menlo-Middlebury
Jamar Marshall St. Mary's Stockton-Arizona St.
Ryan Mulholland Del Oro-University of Oregon
Austin Vasquez Whitney-University of California Davis
Matt Strangio Jesuit-University of Portland
Chase Gordon Jesuit-University of Southern California
Sophia Karperos Rio Americano-Yale University
Isabella Fauria St. Francis, Sacramento-University of New Mexico
Scott Toney St. Francis, Mt. View-University of Pennsylvania
Colton Swinth Maria Carrillo-Cal Poly SLO
Azjani McGill Monterey-California State Fullerton
Daylee Dunn Salesian-Fresno State University
Malcolm Clemons St. Mary's Berkeley-University of Florida
Sarah Aanenson Bear River-University of Colorado
Lyle Rumon Marin Catholic-Cal Poly SLO
Anthony Guerra Granada HS-Cal Poly SLO
Kendall Mansukhani Half Moon Bay-Baylor University
Jack Gray Amador Valley-Cal Poly SLO
Mia Marsh California HS-University of San Diego
Eleanor Wikstrom Skyline-Harvard University
Lindsey Gigliello Branham-Cornell University
Peter Levine Urban-Cornell University
Rory Smail Maria Carrillo-Cal Poly SLO
Pierce Kapustka Maria Carrillo-George Washington University
Omar Alvarez-Hernandez Maria Carrillo-Chico State
Jasmin Hirth Maria Carrillo-UC Santa Barbara
Caveli Hensley Whitney-UC Davis
Simomme Alunan Urban-NYU
Parker Emerson University-University of Chicago
Sarah Perry Woodside-UC Davis
Zeno Castiglioni Davis-UC San Diego
Matt Teupel St. Ignatius-Renssalaer Polytechnic
Julian Jensen Bishop O'Dowd-Humboldt State University
Paloma Hancock Campolindo-John Hopkins
Alicia Hober Campolindo-Colby College
Amir Barkan Sir Francis Drake-Occidental College
Kayla Penny San Lorenzo Valley Humboldt State University
Kyle Elias Dublin-University of Nevada Reno
Christopher Middleton-Pearson Dublin-Oklahoma State University (NEW)
Tianna Bumbaca-Kuehl San Lorenzo Valley-Mount Marty College (South Dakota)-NEW
Samantha Brackett San Lorenzo Valley-Chico State (NEW)
Zachary Parker Lowell HS-UC Santa Barbara (NEW)
Cole McKain Merced HS-Cal State East Bay (NEW)
Cayden Hein Campolindo-Cal Poly SLO (NEW)
Joey Souto Whitney-Cal Poly SLO (NEW)
Eve Leupold University SF-Scripps College (NEW)
Julia Kenderov University SF-Bates College (NEW)
Zoe Grumbach University SF-Colorado College (NEW)
Andrew Cheng University SF-Swarthmore College (NEW)

Friday, May 15, 2020

Jim Ryun wins Kansas State Championship Mile race in 3:58.3

Still the fastest mile against only HS competitors.

Thursday, May 07, 2020

Section auto team qualifiers now posted on CIF site

Changes from 2019
Boys Division III: NS +1/SJS -1

Girls Division IV: SJS +1/CS -1
Girls Division V: SDS +1/SS -1

Northern California Track and Field records through 2020 season

Best overall marks in all events for the following sections updated through 2019 Track and Field season:

100 Kenny O'Neal Skyline (OAK) 10.34 2004
200 Calvin Harrison North Salinas (CCS) 20.57 1993
400 Calvin Harrison North Salinas (CCS) 45.25 1993
800 Pete Richardson Berkeley (NCS) 1:47.31 1981
1600 Cooper Teare St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS) 3:58.76 2017
3200 German Fernandez Riverbank (SJS) 8:31.42 (converted time) 2008 (California record)
110 Hurdles (39") Kevin Craddock James Logan (NCS)13.39 2004
300 Hurdles David Klech California (NCS) 35.45 2006
4 x 100 Relay Skyline (OAK) 40.78 1995
4 x 400 Relay Berkeley (NCS) 3:08.94 1981
Long Jump Ken Duncan McClatchy (SJS) 26'2.25" 1972
Triple Jump Ken Frazier Mission (SF) 52'4.75" 1981
High Jump Maurice Crumby Balboa SF (1983)/Darius Carbin Mt. Pleasant CCS (2016) 7'4.5" (California record)
Pole Vault Sondre Guttormsen Davis (SJS) 18'2.5" 2018
Shot Put Nathan Esparza Amador Valley (NCS) 69'4.75" 2016
Discus Dave Porath Atwater (SJS) 209'6" 1978

Other Events
1500 German Fernandez Riverbank (SJS) 3:44.8 (en route to longer race)
Mile Cooper Teare St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS) 4:00.16 2017
3000 German Fernandez Riverbank (SJS) 7:59.83 2008 (national record)
5000 Eric Mastalir Jesuit (SJS) 14:01.40 1986 (California record)
6 miles Rod Berry Redwood (NCS) 29:13.2 1977
10000 Brett Gotcher Aptos (CCS) 30:18.41 2002
Marathon Mitch Kingery San Carlos (CCS) 2:23:47 1973 (California record)
2000 Steeplechase Steve Guerrini Santa Rosa (NCS) 5:43.9 1991 (California record)
3000 Steeplechase Steve Guerrini Santa Rosa (NCS) 9:22.13 1991
110 Hurdles (42') Kevin Craddock James Logan (NCS) 13.74 2004 (national record)
400 Hurdles David Klech California (NCS) 50.35 2006
4 x 200 Relay Berkeley (NCS) 1:25.1 1981
4 x 800 Relay De La Salle (NCS) 7:41.35 1997
4 x 1600 Jesuit (SJS) 17:22.6 1986
1600 Sprint Medley Relay Berkeley (NCS) 3:21.1 1981
Distance Medley Relay Jesuit (SJS) 9:56.3 1986 (California record)
Decathlon Tom McGraw Los Gatos (CCS) 6971 1981

100 Ashton Purvis St. Elizabeth (NCS) 11.17 2010
200 Tania Woods Skyline (OAK) 22.88 1999
400 Kathy Hammond 52.1 Mira Loma (SJS) 1969
800 Ann Regan Camden (CCS) 2:04.37 1977
1600 Alex Kosinski Oak Ridge (SJS) 4:38.15 2007
3200 Laurynn Chetelat Davis (SJS) 9:52.51 2008
100 Hurdles Vashti Thomas Mt. Pleasant (CCS) 13.03 2007
300 Hurdles Leslie Maxie Mills (CCS) 40.18 1984
4 x 100 Relay Berkeley (NCS) 45.13 1981
4 x 400 Relay James Logan (NCS) 3:37.85 2004
Long Jump Jamesha Youngblood Hercules (NCS) 21'0" 2007
Triple Jump Brittany Daniels Merrill West (SJS) 44'11.75" 2004 (national record)
High Jump Wendy Brown Woodside (CCS) 6'2.25" 1984/Julie Broughton Woodland (SJS) 6'2.25" 1989
Pole Vault Tori Anthony Castilleja (CCS) 14'1.25" 2007
Shot Put Elena Bruckner Valley Christian SJ (CCS) 54'7" 2016 (California record)
Discus Suzy Powell Downey (SJS) 188'4" 1994

Other Events
1500 Francie Larrieu Fremont (CCS) 4:16.8 1969
3000 Cory Schubert Del Mar (CCS) 9:11.80 1983 (California record)
5000 Caitlin Chock Granite Bay (SJS) 15:52.88 2004
10000 Roxanne Bier Independence (CCS) 34:54.8 1978
Marathon Heike Skaden Encina (SJS) 2:43:00 1980 (California record)
2000 Steeplechase Rylee Bowen Sonoma Academy (NCS) 6:41.26 2015 (California record)
3000 Steeplechase Jenny Aldridge Maria Carrillo (NCS) 10:49.63
400 Hurdles Leslie Maxie Mills (CCS) 55.20 1984 (California record)
4 x 200 Relay Mt. Pleasant (CCS) 1:39.14 2007/James Logan (NCS) 1:36.41 2006 Indoors
4 x 800 Relay Santa Cruz (CCS) 9:08.84 2018
4 x 1600 Relay Davis (SJS) 20:03.24 2014
800 Sprint Medley Relay Berkeley (NCS) 1:42.08 2000
1600 Sprint Medley Relay Piedmont Hills (CCS) 3:59.65 2014
Distance Medley Relay San Lorenzo Valley (CCS) 11:41.28 2000
4 x 100 Hurdles Relay Vacaville (SJS) 57.17 2014 (California record)
Heptathlon Shevell Quinley Merrill West (SJS) 5266 2005

Any errors? Let me know.

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

History of girls Redwood Empire 800m

Thanks to Jim Crowhurst, you can check the history and top performances in the girls' 800m out of the Redwood Empire at this LINK.

Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Former Westmont HS runner Jason Gomez has transferred to Iowa St

Monday, May 04, 2020

Fastest dual meet 3200m/2 mile runs for boys

The following is a question from Jim Crowhurst. Anybody know of a faster dual meet time?
While I was researching our areas fastest 3200m times I became curious about something.

We had a good runner in our area, now 13 th best performance for use. 
Who I noticed had two fast times in dual meets and on dirt tracks.

I was wondering how many other California boys have beat his dual meet time of 9:22.77 
in a one on one dual meet. Who knows of some?

9:12.12* Bob Waldon, Montgomery, 9:15.1y 5/28/66 NCS MOC
9:13.02* Bob Waldon, Montgomery, 9:16.0y 1966 8 th State
9:14.51* Bob Waldon, Montgomery, 9:17.5y 5/21/66 NCS Div III
9:17.09* Bob Waldon, Montgomery, 9:20.1y 5/29/65 NCS MOC
9:20.77* Bob Waldon, Montgomery, 9:23.8y 1966 NBL Finals
9:21.37* Bob Waldon, Montgomery, 9:24.4y 6/5/65 4 th State
9:22.77* Bob Waldon, Montgomery, 9:25.8y 1966 vs Santa Rosa
9:23.67* Bob Waldon, Montgomery, 9:26.7y 1966 vs Hogan

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