Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Stanford Invitational Entries now posted


You can find the complete meet preview at Feel free to comment below on any of the events and/or athletes that will be participating this weekend. (UPDATED)

All meet info can be found at this link (scroll down):

What has been the most impressive performance so far in the meet? Biggest surprise? 

Monday, March 26, 2018

Tents at track meets

This is a public service announcement.

When you go to track meets, tents are placed at the highest part of the bleachers against the back which is usually a fence. This way, nobody behind you gets their view blocked. If you get to a meet early, there are plenty of spots to place your tent. If you arrive there alone, other coaches, athletes, and parents can help you get your tent up. You should also be aware that if the press box is being used for the meet for announcing, they typically don't want tents in front of them.

If you get to a meet late, it's possible that all the spots at the upper part of the bleacher on the homestretch side are already taken. You now have a couple of options. There might be a spot for your tent on the backstretch. If not, you can then put your tent on the ground next to the bleachers and sometimes there are grassy areas that are available.

If you arrive late, you CANNOT put your tent in front of another tent (even if a parent from that team said it's OK). You are now blocking the view of someone who got to the meet earlier than you. Notice the tents in the photo above that are placed incorrectly and blocking the view of teams that are above them. 

I, personally, get up early in the morning and bring any kids that need a ride to the meets in plenty of time in the morning to place our tent on the homestretch side of the bleachers at the top. If you show up late and place your tent in front of my tent, you might not get a nice reaction from me. Sorry in advance. Guess it's just one of my pet peeves.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Recap of the Dublin Distance Fiesta

You can find that recap at this LINK. Also included are the sombrero races as well as lots of interviews with some of the top athletes from the meet.

You can also find more videos from the meet courtesy of Jesuit coach, Walt Lange at this LINK.

If you were at the meet, what do you feel was the best race of the day? Biggest surprise? Most impressive performance? Anything else?

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Northern California Weekend Invitational Results

Dublin Distance Fiesta (Multiple sections)
Results LINK
Videos and Interviews from meet at this LINK.
Coverage from Redwood Empire Running can be found here at this LINK.

St Francis Invitational (CCS)
Results LINK

Lancer Invitational (SJS)
Results LINK

Jaguar Relays (SJS)
Results LINK

Husky Invitational (SJS)
Results LINK

Merced County Track and Field Championships (SJS)
Results LINK

Friday, March 16, 2018

In Dedication ­ Bob Shor & Santa Rosa

If you have a moment today, please read the letter to the left. You can also find a copy of that letter at this LINK. For those of you that did not know Bob, he was a kind human being that had a loud booming voice and an even louder gun. He always made the time to come say hi at any meet that I attended. Just like Chris, I have my own story about how he traveled from Santa Rosa to the College of San Mateo and also just wanted to charge me for the cost of the shells for starting our meet. 

He is missed by a lot of people. 

The following was posted on my site after he passed away last year.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dublin Distance Fiesta Meet Preview

You can find the preview of the Dublin Distance Fiesta at this LINK. If you catch any errors, let me know. If I left out an athlete or two that you feel deserves mention, please let me know in the comment section below.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Dublin Distance Fiesta Meet Info

You can find all the information you need for this meet at this link:

The time schedule has been posted here:

Heats now posted (NEW)

According to meet director Chris Williams, this is now the LARGEST DISTANCE MEET in the United States based on the total number of entries.

A preview of the meet will be posted Thursday morning. Some very impressive fields in all the sombrero races including a rematch of last year's boys' 800m state final.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Northern California Invitationals

A couple of marks from NBNI for NorCal athletes:
Jett Charvet Heritage 1:50.91 (800) 1st
Jason Gomez Westmont 1:51.86 (800) 5th
Maddy Denner Oak Ridge 4:54.66 (mile) 9th
Robert Miranda Menlo 4:17.57 (mile) 15th

K-Bell Invitational at Los Gatos HS
Results LINK
Post Meet Write-up LINK

The King's Academy Invitational at The King's Academy
Live Results LINK

Wolfpack Relays at Merrill West HS
Live Results LINK

Marsh Creek Invitational
Results LINK

Martinez Relays at Alhambra HS

Wildcat Relays at Watsonville HS
Results LINK

If you have any updates about any of the meets above or others, feel free to add them in the comment section below.

Thursday, March 08, 2018

K-Bell Invitational Entries

Boys: LINK
Girls: LINK

Most competitive event? So far, the boys' 1600 meters has been called out. Any others?

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

K-Bell Invitational Update

1) This year, thanks to a generous loan of an official scale from Jim Marheineke and the Serra track program, we will weigh all implements prior to competition.  Athletes and coaches, please look for the weigh-in station upon arrival at LGHS on Saturday morning.

2) This year, thanks to a generous loan from Steve Nelson and the SJCC track program, we will have enough wind gauges to take a reading for every heat of the 100/200/HH and all LJ and TJ attempts!  Both the implement weigh-ins and the wind readings will allow all marks at K-Bell to be eligible for use as entry marks for Arcadia as well as State leader lists.

3) A reminder that while K-Bell is a long and large meet, 100% of proceeds go to charity. The Kiwanis use half the proceeds to fund their second chance education fund/mentoring program for young adults in Santa Clara county trying to restart their education, and Bellarmine’s half of the proceeds go directly to tuition assistance; BCP gives out 4.4 million annually in tuition assistance in the hopes that all students who want to can attend the school. So, we appreciate your patience as we try to get as many young student-athletes as possible on the track, runway, and ring during the day!!

Peace, good luck and good health,
Patrick McCrystle
Head Coach Track and Field/Cross Country

Bellarmine College Prep

Friday, March 02, 2018

Northern California Track and Field meets this weekend

Dan Gabor Sprint and Distance Festival
You can check out a preview of the meet which includes a meet program, time schedule as well as a link to live results at this LINK.

Sacramento State Classic: Results LINK

Willow Glen Invitational: Results LINK

Steve March Relays: Results LINK

Sunset Invitational: Results LINK

Dean Andreesson Classic

Rustbuster Invitational

St. Ignatius F/S Invitational

Vallejo Relays

Big Cat Invitational: Boys results LINK/Girls results LINK

Santa Cruz Coast Relays: Results LINK

If there are other meets that are taking place this weekend that are not listed above, please let me know. Results will be posted once I find them online.

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