Tuesday, October 29, 2019

An offer for Sonoma and Marin schools

See below an offer from University SF coach, Carin Marrs. You can contact her at the email below.

I’d like to offer any Sonoma or Marin County coaches the option of having their teams practice with or alongside us during this awful time of fires, smoke, power outages and the like. If you want to post this on your site, the info might get put more quickly than me trying to track down coach email addresses.

The air is good in SF (at least yesterday and this morning) and if any team wants to come run a workout with us in the Presidio/Crissy Field Area, it could be fun for everyone and a good chance to get out of those badly affected areas.

I remember last year during the week before NCS, San Lorenzo Valley offered to let us run from their campus in Felton, where the air was pretty good (one of those days when it was AQI 200+ in the city) and that was a really special trip for me and the kids. Not only because we got to run a workout in clean air, but because it was embodied the running community’s generosity and inclusiveness.
I’ve already made this offer to Marin Academy and San Domenico (our two league schools who are shut down through tomorrow) and we may have a few of their athletes at practice today and tomorrow.

If you can think of other ways we can help, my team is eager to do it.

Obviously, coaches could just bring their teams to the city- these are all public spaces- but if we can facilitate it or help out in any way, people can email me at carin.ward@gmail.com.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Top 10 NorCal Teams at Mt. SAC Invitational

1) Bellarmine (CCS) Division I 1:17:15
2) De La Salle (NCS) Division II 1:18:56
3) Amador Valley (NCS) Division I 1:19:21
4) Davis (SJS) Division I 1:20:24
5) Vacaville (SJS) Division II 1:21:48
5) Monta Vista (CCS) Division I 1:22:10
6) College Park (NCS) Division II 1:22:26
7) James Logan (NCS) Division I 1:22:29
8) SF University (NCS) Division V 1:22:33
9) King City (CCS) Division IV 1:22:39
10) Lynbrook (CCS) Division II 1:23:28

1) St. Francis, Sacramento (SJS) Division II 1:34:06
2) University (NCS) Division V 1:38:23
3) Homestead (CCS) Division I 1:38:42
4) Monta Vista (CCS) Division I 1:39:09
5) College Park (NCS) Division II 1:40:06
6) Lynbrook (CCS Division II 1:40:06
7) San Ramon Valley (NCS) Division II 1:41:09
8) Vacaville (SJS) Division II 1:42:02
9) Davis (SJS) Division I 1:43:00
10) Piedmont (NCS) Division IV 1:43:03

If I missed any teams, let me know.

North Coast Section Divisional updates (Teams and Individuals)

Coming up later today...

In the meantime, feel free to comment below on any of the teams and/or individuals in any divisions. What teams are starting to roll? Who are the individuals that are going to potentially get on the podium at state? Who are the podium contending teams?

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

NorCal XC results

BCL East #2 at Athenian HS

WCAL #2 at Golden Gate Park

Mid-Season Mania 3200m Invitational at Campolindo HS

SCVAL #3 at Baylands Park

10/23 meets as reported by www.redwoodempirerunning.com

North Coast Section Top 10 Individuals (boys and girls)

1) Christopher Middleton-Pearson Dublin (Division I)
2) Amir Barkan Sir Francis Drake (Division IV)
3) Patrick Curulla De La Salle (Division II)
4) Colton Swinth Maria Carrillo (Division III)
5) Rory Smail Maria Carrillo (Division III)
6) Cayden Hein Campolindo (Division III)
7) Daniel Trampe Dublin (Division I)
8) Ishaan Jain Dublin (Division I)
9) Anthony Guerra Granada (Division II)
10) Jacob Lehmann-Duke College Prep (Division V)

1) Harper McClain St. Helena (Division V)
2) Audrey Allen Miramonte (Division IV)
3) Kelli Wilson Monte Vista (Division II)
4) Hope Bergmark Amador Valley (Division I)
5) Sophia Zalewski Piedmont (Division IV)
6) Shae Hill Granada (Division II)
7) Emma Yamamoto Las Lomas (Division III)
8) Maya Mason University (Division V)
9) Isabella Alviz College Park (Division II)
10) 8) Ellie Buckley/Alicia Hober Campolindo (Division III)

Sac-Joaquin Section Team Rankings (Boys and Girls)

Boys D1
1) Jesuit
2) Davis
3) Rocklin
4) Lincoln (Stockton)
5) Pleasant Grove

Boys D2
1) Whitney
2) Vista Del Lago
3) Oakmont
4) Granite Bay
5) Vacaville

Boys D3
1) Merced
2) Placer
3) Del Oro
4) Atwater
5) Nev Union

Boys D4
1) Calaveras
2) St Mary’s
3) El Dorado
4) Christian Brothers
5) West Campus

Boys D5
1) Colfax
2) Woodland Christian
3) Waterford
4) Big Valley Christian
5) Capital Christian

Girls D1
1) Oak Ridge
2) McClatchy
3) Davis
4) Woodcreek
5) Cosumnes Oaks

Girls D2
1) St Francis
2) Vista Del Lago
3) Whitney
4) Rio Americano
5) Vacaville

Girls D3
1) Del Oro
2) Oakdale
3) Nevada Union
4) Merced
5) Placer

Girls D4
1) El Dorado
2) Christian Brothers
3) Ripon
4) St Mary’s
5) Hughson

Girls D5
1) Colfax
2) Foresthill
3) Central Catholic
4) Vacaville Christian
5) Capital Christian

Boys overall
1) Jesuit D1
2) Davis D1
3) Whitney D2
4) Rocklin D1
5) Vista Del Lago D2

Girls overall
1) St Francis D2
2) Oak Ridge D1
3) Vista Del Lago D2
4) Whitney D2
5) McClatchy D1

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Catching up with Dublin HS senior, Christopher Middleton-Pearson

Pretty cool interview with one of the best runners in the state. Unfortunately, Chris was sick at Clovis and we didn't get to see his best effort but look for him to be among the top individuals as he leads one of the top boy's teams in the nation, Dublin HS.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

NorCal Cross Country Rankings (1st Edition)

Boys' Teams
1) Bellarmine (CCS) Division I
2) Dublin (NCS) Division I
3) Maria Carrillo (NCS) Division III
4) Jesuit (SJS) Division I
5) Davis (SJS) Division I
6) De La Salle (NCS) Division II
7) Campolindo (NCS) Division III
8) St. Francis MV (CCS) Division II
9) Scotts Valley (CCS) Division IV
10) Amador Valley (NCS) Division I/Whitney (SJS) Division II

Boys' Individuals
1) Matt Strangio Jesuit (SJS) Division I
2) Christopher Middleton-Pearson Dublin (NCS) Division I
3) Colin Peattie Bellarmine (CCS) Division I
4) Daniel Hernandez Vacaville (SJS) Division II
5) Amir Barkan Sir Francis Drake (NCS) Division IV
6) Spencer Pickren Jesuit (SJS) Division I
7) Colton Swinth Maria Carrillo (NCS) Division III
8) Patrick Curulla De La Salle (NCS) Division II
9) Kellen Steplight Vacaville (SJS) Division II/Austin Vasquez Whitney (SJS) Division II
10) Aidan McCarthy Amador Valley (NCS) Division I/Jacob Lehmann Duke College Prep (NCS) Division V

Girls' Teams
1) St. Francis, Sacramento (SJS) Division II
2) St. Francis, MV (CCS) Division II
3) Menlo (CCS) Division IV
4) Oak Ridge (SJS) Division I
5) Vista del Lago (SJS) Division II
6) Rio American (SJS) Division II
7) Campolindo (NCS) Division III
8) Amador Valley (NCS) Division I
9) Redwood (NCS) Division II
10) Granada (NCS) Division II/Maria Carrillo (NCS) Division III

Girls' Individuals
1) Alexandra Klos Vista del Lago (SJS) Division II
2) Harper McClain St. Helena (NCS) Division V
3) Riley Chamberlain Del Oro (SJS) Division Division III
4) Hope Bergmark Amador Valley (NCS) Division I
5) Cate Joaquin St. Francis, Sacramento (SJS) Division II
6) Isabella Fauria St. Francis, Sacramento (SJS) Division II
7) Audrey Allen Miramonte  (NCS) Division IV
8) Eleanor Wikstrom Skyline (OAK) Division I
9) Lauren Soobrian Los Altos (CCS) Division I
10) Tatiana Cornejo St. Francis, Sacramento (SJS) Division II

As always, I listen and will make changes if I made a mistake in terms of where the above teams are ranked. Please show proof of recent results. I do however try to project a bit so some teams may be ranked based on potential down the road. Did I leave anybody out that deserves to be ranked?

Former NorCal HS'ers at Chicago Marathon

Brendan Gregg (Davis HS) 2:11:38 for 16th place
Diego Estrada (Alisal HS) 2:11.54 for 19th place
Jennifer Bergman (Valley Christian SJ) 2:34:37 for 14th place
Megan Gentes (Del Oro) 2:41:03 27th place
Nicole Lane (El Molino HS) 2:42:24 36th place

If you know of others, please add them in the comment section below.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Northern California results

WBAL #1 results at Crystal Springs course (CCS) NEW
Aragon Crystal Springs Center Meet results at Crystal Springs (CCS) NEW
Jim Tracy Challenge live results at Golden Gate Park (NCS)
Serra Crystal Springs Invitational live results at Crystal Springs (CCS/NCS)
Clovis Invitational results at Woodward Park (state wide)
Castro Valley Peter Brewer Invite results at at Canyon Middle School
Del Oro XC Invitational results at Johnson Springview Park (SJS) NEW

Any other league results, please post links below and I will add them.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

California state divisional rankings now posted


Speaking for myself, it was really tough to rank all the teams in the state with so many different courses and with many teams not showing their full lineups yet this season. I think we will get a clearer picture after this Saturday's Clovis and Crystal Springs Invitationals. If you notice any missed teams or see teams that should be placed differently, please feel free to comment in the section below.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

2019 NCS Cross Country Rankings #1

Here is my first attempt at the NCS rankings now that we have had a few invitationals and league meets in the books. Please feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Division I Boys
1) Dublin
2) Amador Valley
3) Dougherty Valley
4) James Logan
5) Berkeley

Division I Girls
1) Amador Valley
2) Dougherty Valley
3) Dublin
4) California
5) Berkeley

Division II Boys
1) Granada
2) De La Salle
3) Monte Vista
4) Liberty
5) Redwood/San Ramon Valley

Division II Girls
1) Granada
2) College Park
3) San Ramon Valley
4) Monte Vista
5) Liberty

Division III Boys
1) Maria Carrillo
2) Campolindo
3) Casa Grande
4) Tamalpais
5) Piner

Division III Girls
1) Campolindo
2) Maria Carrillo
3) Alameda
4) Tamalpais
5) Piner

Division IV Boys
1) Sir Francis Drake
2) Acalanes
3) Bishop O'Dowd
4) Alhambra
5) ?

Division IV Girls
1) Miramonte
2) Piedmont
3) Bishop O'Dowd
4) Marin Catholic
5) Acalanes

Division V Boys
1) University
2) St. Joseph Notre Dame
3) Sonoma Academy
4) Head-Royce
5) Stuart Hall

Division V Girls
1) Lick-Wilmerding
2) University
3) Head-Royce
4) Urban
5) St. Joseph Notre Dame

Saturday, October 05, 2019

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