Thursday, May 31, 2012

2012 CIF-State Meet Preview

Anybody that should have been included in the preview?  Who are the best hopes for NorCal victories at the state meet and in what events?  Who is going to get on the podium?


NCSfanboy said...

Once again, disgusting how heavy the focus is on SS athletes. I realize that the heavy favorites in many events are indeed from the SS, but whenever the article is discussing a couple individuals who could challenge for the title, oftentimes NorCal athletes are left out (with the exception of NS, a section which seems to have grabbed the attention of a couple writers over at DyeStat). For example, in mens throws, Matt Esparza of NCS is not mentioned when his recent heave of 61+ in shot is farther than one of the young men brought up in that category. Also, Madison Ricks, again from NCS (I realize my examples are purely NCS but seeing as how I am most familiar with this section, it only makes sense), Is not mentioned in the 800 when she is the #2 entry on the performance list and a sophomore to boot. But enough complaining about the article.
Apart from Esparza and Ricks, two individuals who have very valid shots at the podium, Sasha Wallace and Kenneth Walker are 2 hurdlers who are actually recognized as being favorites for state titles. And of course, its only fair to throw Luis Luna a bone here even though he hasn't laid down a particularly state title-challenging 3200 time this season, he is the 2nd fastest returning 2-miler in the country for the 2012 season so I wouldn't be surprised if he has a wicked fast time hidden up his sleeve (he's another NorcCal athlete who went unnamed). Last but not least, after seeing the most exciting finish to a 4x400m relay I've ever witnessed, I feel the need to throw Amador Valley into the mix for at least a spot in the finals, considering they're seeded 8th at this point. However, if the rumors about super-soph Conner McKinnon are true, and he won't be competing, it is probably safe to say that the EBAL relay team won't make it past the first round. Maybe next year, I understand that said team will be bringing back their 3 fastest relay legs.
So there you have it; A partially biased view of a few NCS athletes' chances this weekend.

Albert Caruana said...

Some excellent points NCSfanboy. There are other individuals and teams that should have been mentioned as well.

I guess I am going to answer my own questions so here are a few other names that should have been mentioned in no particular order.

Marc Tony St. Francis PV. He is tied for top entered mark in state at 15'9" and his dad Steve was state champion for Menlo Atherton in 1986 at 16'2".

Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley should be considered a threat after watching her compete at the CCS championship. She finished her 3200m. personal record run with a 5:05 last 1600 and 2:24 last 800. Her 1600m time is a little faster than Baxter.

The Piedmont Hills 1600m. relay ran 3:48 and change with absolutely no competition. They can definitely run faster at state and should have been mentioned as well.

In the boys' 800m., you have four athletes from the North that could potentially make the final. Cody Johnson SLV, Sean Davis Valley Christian SJ, Nick Ratto St. Joseph ND and Eugene Hamilton Bishop O'Dowd.

There are others but I will stop there.

Anonymous said...

How about SRV's Colin Barber? Qualified for State with a 15'0", but leads the state in the pole vault with a 16'07"... Typical DyeStat. I'd like to see the California map on their wall-I think on their version, the northern state border is somewhere around Bakersfield.

ghpadd said...

Brie Simmons (SJ) Del Oro returns to State meet in both hurdles events, as does Casey Wheeler (7th 2010 300MH). Based on prior experience at State and both being big meet runners it is not a far shot to have them in the finals picture at State for medals.

Anonymous said...

Write your own preview. Those who write the articles tend to do so for their readership. I have no problem with a southern California slant. They are better, they are most familure with those athletes and it is who visits that site. I doubt those slime balls from the lower half of the state complain daily on how this site clearly favors northern California. Oh... No it you guys who complain when we bring up anything from the south. It's a big world people, I know you like being in a little pond but it turns out there's a whole big ocean with some pretty big fish.

Anonymous said...

And how about those Dodgers!

Albert Caruana said...

When the headline at the top of your front page says ESPNHS Dyestat California, the expectation is coverage and acknowledgement of the whole state.

As for the little pond comment, there are lots of track athletes in Northern California that have been aiming at doing well at the state championship. It's nice to win your section but you earn your stripes at state.

ghpadd said...

Having competed in track, waaaaayyy back in high school, in both in Southern Cal and then in Northern Cal this is my basic assessment:

SoCal has a tremendously larger population to draw talent from. Thus, the competitions and number of fast times are much deeper...due to the larger population base. Annually, many very talented athletes never make it to State due to the level and depth of the competition.

NorCal has a higher percentage of elite runners to the population base. With a smaller population, the very good athlete has a much higher chance of making do a few more less talented athletes from the North.

In SoCal you will get a much bigger pool of talent to compete against which leaves many talented kids lost in the crowd. In NorCal, the talent is always recognized due to less depth.

Funny thing is, the talent ALWAYS rises to the top. Of note: Very few high school kids reach their physical prime in HS. But, due to the large numbers in SoCal, many more young athletes seem to reach their prime in HS than in NorCal...again just due to the sheer numbers.

Either way, it is the Athlete, and not the location of where they live or go to school, that is important. Whether from SoCal or NorCal I always love to see the talent of the Nation's youth.

I pray that each young athlete that has earned a birth to State meet brings their best performance with them to State, and continues to have even greater success in the coming years.

Anonymous said...

And in Kenya they'd the talent wouldn't make it out of the village championships because the 10 year old down the corner has run 50 mpw since they could walk.

Yeah we get it: so cal is special and superior. Your point?

They should let more kids in from the south. What is an extra heat? Take top 9 from SS. Make the final & you're in.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know if this will be broadcast on the web ? Any live feeds ? Thanks !

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