Sunday, May 06, 2012

Fastest 1600m. in the Nation this year at a dual meet

Marcus Dickson of White River High School.  He finished in 2nd place at the Arcadia Invitational behind Brad Nye of Davis HS in Utah.

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Ghpadd said...

With an outstanding performance/performer such as this video depicts you would think that the coach/school would want to have any and all possible attempts at a fast time by this athlete to be official. Coaches need to make sure that if there is not an inside "rail" on the track then there needs to be cones evenly spaced on the curves from straightway to straightway. Although the cones will validate a time, we all understand that records at dual meets are not "officially" recognized. I noticed that this athlete had at least one step on the inside line for turn 1 at the end of lap 2 and 3, and coming off of turn 4 on lap 3 (from the limited camera angle). Cones provide a limited assurance (when there are no umpires/officials watching for lane line violations) that the athlete did not cut the actual distance they were supposed to run and ran the same distance as all in the race.

Bottom line: What an exceptional time trial!!.

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