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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Catching up with West Valley HS (NS) coach, Scott Fairley...

Today we chat with longtime West Valley HS cross country and track and field coach, Scott Fairley.  He has been the head cross country and track and field coach at WVHS since 1983 as well as an english teacher, activities director and athletic director.  He has served as the Northern Section meet director for both XC and TF.  He has also served as the commissioner of the Northern Athletic League (NAL).  As a high school athlete at Las Plumas, Fairley qualified for the CA state meet as a pole vaulter.  One of his best athletes at WVHS was Nicole Teter who won the 1991 state championship in the 800m. and went on to qualify for the 2004 and 2008 Olympic teams.

1)  What sports did you play in your youth?  Highlights and accomplishments?
I played football, wrestling, and track in high school.  In football, I was the team’s rushing leader, in wrestling the Northern Section runner-up, and in track I was a State CIF finalist in the pole vault.  I went on to compete at Chico State in the pole vault and was a two-time NCAA Division II Nationals qualifier.

2)  Who were the coaches that had the biggest impact on you and what did you learn from them?
My high school track coach, Norm MacKenzie hosted the 1972 California State Meet in Oroville.  He and I still work together as commissioner and chairman of track and cross country in the Northern Section.

3)  What led you into teaching and coaching?  What was your first experience coaching?  What did you learn from that experience?
I loved competing in athletics and wanted to figure out a way to continue that experience for myself, but to also pass along my passion for track to others.  I was lucky enough to be hired as the head track coach at Chico Sr. High School immediately after college graduation.  I learned about the organizational part of coaching, and the team aspects of track and field.  Prior to that experience, I had seen track as an individual sport, but after coaching the first year at Chico High, I saw a whole other side of track and field.  Developing well rounded teams, plotting scoring strategies, and teaching kids to compete for more than just themselves really excited me.

4)  How long have you been at West Valley High School?  What else do you at the school aside from coaching XC and TF?  
I am finishing 31 years at West Valley.  The school was only two years old when I arrived.  I am also the athletic director and activity director at West Valley.

5)  During your tenure at West Valley HS, what are some of your proudest achievements and top performances?
My proudest moment in coaching was seeing Nicole Teter win the California State 800 title in 1991.   She and I had worked so hard for four years together, and to see this girl from a little hick town and a dysfunctional family win the state meet was an amazing moment for both of us.

6)  Who have been your coaching mentors?  What have you learned from your fellow coaches?  What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
I have never been an assistant coach, so my coaching mentors have always been observations of other coaches from afar.  In my early coaching days, I observed what my predecessor, Chuck Sheley had done at Chico High School.  Since then, I have had two long-time assistant coaches at West Valley, Bill Elliott and Steve Main whom I greatly respect.  We are constantly bouncing ideas off each other.

7)  From your perspective, what are the keys to being a successful cross country runner?
Consistency.  For a distance runner to be successful, they must be patient, train consistently year round, and be tough mentally in races.

8)  During your coaching tenure, what has changed the most in terms of coaching duties and in terms of training?
I don’t know if much has changed in terms of coaching duties.  As always, the key to coaching is being a motivator.  Kids have more distractions now days.  In our area, club volleyball, club basketball, club soccer, etc. are more prevalent than they used to be, and it is more difficult to get track athletes to commit to weekend invitationals.  However, that is where the motivational part of coaching comes in.  It is our job to persuade the athletes that what we are doing is in the best interest of the athlete.

9)  What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of coaching in the Northern Section?  
I don’t believe there are quite as many distractions from training in the Northern Section’s rural area as in the cities.  For distance runners, we have many trails and open space in which to train.  However, our area is very hot and dry during the cross country months, which makes training more difficult.  The other disadvantage is the distances we must travel to get good competition.

10)  If you could make any changes to either XC and/or TF in California, what would those changes be?
I was a proponent several years ago of dividing our State Track and Field Championships into divisions.  I have seen the tremendous success of our 5 division State Cross Country Championships, and think that track could do the same.  More participants from all the corners of our state advancing to the State Track Championships would help promote our sport.   The elite few have plenty of post-season invitationals where they can compete against one another for bragging rights.

11)  What advice would you give a young coach with aspirations of being a successful xc and/or track and field coach?
Be passionate about what you do.  Pass that passion on to your athletes.  I have always believed that if you worked harder than the other guy, you will come out on top in the long run.

Thank you very much for your time Scott!  AJC

CCS Top 8 2014: VB 4x400 Relay H1

Any other videos from this meet?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

NorCal Track and Field Records

I updated the list below by adding the Mitty girls 4x800m. time of 9:10.96 from the 2005 Stanford Invite.  Does anybody know if there has been a faster 4x800m. time from a NorCal team?  The other missing mark is girls 4x200m.  Any ideas on the fastest NorCal mark there?

100m. Kenny O'Neal Skyline HS OAK 10.34 2004
200m. Calvin Harrison North Salinas HS CCS 20.57 1993
400m. Calvin Harrison North Salinas HS CCS 45.25 1993
800m. Pete Richardson Berkeley HS NCS 1:47.31 1981
1500m. German Fernandez Riverbank HS SJS 3:44.8 2008
1600m. German Fernandez Riverbank HS SJS 4:00.29 2008
3000m. German Fernandez Riverbank HS SJS 7:59.83 2008 California Record
3200m. German Fernandez Riverbank HS SJS 8:31.42c 2008 California Record
5000m. Eric Mastalir Jesuit HS SJS 14:01.40 1986 California Record
Marathon Mitch Kingery San Carlos HS CCS 2:23:47 1973 California Record
110m. HH Kevin Craddock James Logan HS NCS 13.39 2004 California Record
300m. IH David Klech California HS NCS 2006
4x100m. Relay Skyline HS OAK 40.78 1995
4x200m. Relay Berkeley HS NCS 1:25.1 1981
4x400m. Relay Berkeley HS NCS 3:08.94 1981
4x800m. Relay De La Salle HS NCS 7:41.35 1997
4x1600m. Relay Jesuit HS SJS 17:22.6 1986
1600m. SMR Berkeley HS NCS 3:21.1 1981
DMR Jesuit HS SJS 9:56.3 1986 California Record
High Jump Maurice Crumby Balboa HS SF 7'4.5" 1983 California Record
Pole Vault Brent Burns Acalanes HS NCS 17'8.5" 1987
Long Jump Ken Duncan McClatchy HS SJS 26'2.25" 1972
Triple Jump Ken Frazier Mission HS SF 52'4.75" 1981
Shot Put Steve Mongtomery Lassen HS NS 68'5.5" 1976
Discus Dave Porath Atwater HS SJS 209'6" 1978
Decathlon Tom McGraw Los Gatos HS 6971 1981

100m. Ashton Purvis St. Elizabeth HS NCS 11.17 2010
200m. Tania Woods Skyline HS OAK 22.88 1999
400m. Kathy Hammond Mira Loma HS SJS 52.1 1969
800m. Ann Regan Camden HS CCS 2:04.37 1977
1500m. Francie Larrieu Fremont HS CCS 4:16.8 1969
1600m. Alex Kosinski Oak Ridge HS SJS 4:38.15 2007
3000m. Cory Shubert Del Mar HS CCS 9:11.80 1983 California Record
3200m. Laurynn Chetelat Davis HS SJS 9:52.51 2008
5000m. Caitlin Chock Granite Bay HS SJS 15:52.88 2004
10000m. Roxanne Bier Independence HS CCS 34:54.8 1978
Marathon Heike Skaden Encina HS SJS 2:43:00 1980 California Record
100m. HH Vashti Thomas Mt. Pleasant HS CCS 2007 California Record
300m. LH Leslie Maxie Mills HS CCS 40.18 1984
400m. LH Leslie Maxie Mills HS CCS 55.20 1984 California Record
4x100m. Relay Berkeley HS NCS 45.13 1981
4x200m. Relay
4x400m. Relay James Logan HS NCS 3:37.85
4x800m. Relay Archbishop Mitty HS CCS 9:10.96 2005
4x1600m. Relay Davis HS SJS 20:03.24 2014 NEW
800 SMR Berkeley HS NCS 1:42.08 2000
1600 SMR Piedmont Hills HS CCS 3:59.65 2014 NEW
DMR San Lorenzo Valley HS CCS 11:41.28 2000
High Jump Wendy Brown Woodside HS 6'2.25" 1984
Pole Vault Tori Anthony Castilleja HS CCS 14'1" 2007 California Record
Long Jump Jamesha Youngblood Hercules HS NCS 21'0" 2007
Triple Jump Brittany Daniels Merrill West HS SJS 44'11.75" 2004 California Record
Shot Put Kristin Heaston Ygnacio Valley HS NCS 52'11.5" 1993
Discus Leslie Deniz Gridley HS NS 183'11" 1980
Heptathlon Shevell Quinley Merrill West HS SJS 5266 2005

Former San Ramon Valley runner, Kevin Griffith PRs in 800m.

1:48.64 for the Purdue University senior.  The time ranks him 5th in Purdue history, 3rd in the Big Ten and 17th nationally.

Team recap here:

Cross country interference? Toro Park news for 2014 XC Season

As reported by John Devine of the Monterey County Herald, there is word that 3 softball fields and a soccer field might be built in Toro Regional Park.  If that is the case, there is a good chance that the CCS XC championship might not take place there next year.  

You can view the entire post at this link:

Friday, April 18, 2014

CCS Top 8 Track and Field Meet Results at SJCC

Girls 400m. Relay Los Gatos 47.49 (Previous Los Gatos 47.61 2013)
Boys F/S 1600m. Justin Robison Lynbrook 4:19.48 (Previous Sean Crowley Overfelt 4:22.70 1982)
Girls 300m. Hurdles Reonna Collier Piedmont Hills 42.41 (Previous Effie Daetz Leigh 42.90 1987)
Girls 3200m. Sarah Robinson Gunn 10:16.98 (Previous Mary Mendoza Presentation 10:26.20 1987)
Boys F/S 3200m. Justin Robison Lynbrook 9:27.23 (Previous Chris Craig Leigh 9:32.80 1982)

Catching up with Menlo School sprinter, Madeline Price...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

CCS Top 8 Meet Entries now posted

This is always a great preview of the CCS meet as most of the top contenders will be in attendance. (MEET PROGRAM) NEW
Meet Records through 2013

What will be the most competitive event?  Best head to head match-ups?  Any meet records in jeopardy?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Top NorCal performances at Arcadia Invitational

Boys 400 Relay      
  2 Woodcreek /sj                                         41.91 
  1 Woodcreek /sj                                         42.12  
     1) Alex Rotteveel 12               2) Tyus Williamson 11             
     3) Aspyn Walton 11                 4) Colton George 12                
  4 DeLaSalle /nc                                         42.36  
     1) Cain Levers 11                  2) Marquis Morris 12              
     3) Elijah Short 9                  4) Kevin Griffin 12
  2 San Ramon Valley /nc                                  43.57  
     1) Ben Dunlap 10                   2) JJ Koski 11                    
     3) Wade Wilson 12                  4) Sam Gillespie 12 
  1 Heritage (Brentwood) /nc                              43.58  
     1) Kordell Lacy 11                 2) Adam Winding 10                
     3) Nathan Noble 11                 4) Frank Kurtz 12   
  5 Rosemont /sj                                          44.23   44.221
     1) Christian Pridgen-Daniels 11    2) Daliceo Calloway 12            
     3) Sonny Yang 12                   4) Kameron Williams 12                  
  8 Mt. Pleasant /cc                                      44.77   44.766
     1) Andrew Cendidoza 10             2) Chris Ilio 11                  
     3) Kurt Felicitas 11               4) Tre Babauta 9

Click headline above to view all Saturday NorCal marks.