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Best NorCal Track and Field coaches?

I was reading an article in Sports Illustrated that listed the best college football coaches including head coach, defensive coordinator etc. That got me thinking about our own sport and who are the best coaches in the north part of the state. Please comment below and include your candidates and their accolades. Once I have enough names, I will post a poll and you can vote for your choices so that we can find out who are the best of best when it comes to coaching the multiple events in TF.

Track and Field
Head Coach
Steve Nelson Mt. Pleasant CCS (Now SJCC coach)
Lee Webb James Logan NCS
Jay Lawson St. Mary's Berkeley NCS
Patrick McCrystle Bellarmine CCS
Dave Unterholzner Bella Vista SJS
Gordon Hubble Rio Americano SJS

Sprint Coach
Jay Lawson St. Mary's Berkeley NCS
Steve Nelson Mt. Pleasant CCS

Distance Coach
Bill Gregg Davis SJS
Patrick McCrystle Bellarmine CCS
Chuck Woolridge Campolindo NCS
Victor Santamaria Willow Glen CCS
Dan Gruber Aptos CCS
Chad Worthen Inderkum SJS
Walt Lange Jesuit CCS

Hurdles Coach
Mike Papadopoulos Vacaville SJS

Jumps Coach
Jason Johnson Bear Creek SJS
Jeff Rogers St. Mary's Berkeley NCS
Dave Unterholzner Bella Vista SJS

Pole Vault Coach
Greg Wright Lodi SJS
Joe Myoshi Soquel CCS

Throws Coach
Pat Lewis Mills CCS
Tony Green Bishop O'Dowd NCS

Monday, January 16, 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017

Next up...

I will be posting the preseason all-NorCal sprint/hurdle/jump/throw team.

I am also working on a couple of interviews. As always, if you have any runners or coaches that you would like to see interviewed, please add their name to the comment section below.

Finally, if there is something else you would like to see on this site during the upcoming Track and Field season, please let me know as well. It could be something I used to do that I discontinued or something completely different. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2017 Pre Season All-Norcal Distance Team

Below are my choices for preseason All-NorCal Distance Team. I picked one runner each for 1st and 2nd teams and 4-5 runners for honorable mention. Feel free to comment below and please let me know if I left somebody out from the lists below that deserves to be included.


800 1st Team
Benjamin Micallef Bellarmine (CCS) 1:52.29 ( 2016 CCS Champion and state finalist)
800 2nd Team
Niki Moore Campolindo (NCS) 1:54.49 (2016 NCS champion)
800 Honorable Mention
Derek Parker Woodcreek (SJS) 1:53.40 (2016 SJS Division I champion)
Xavier Weaver Franklin (SJS) 1:53.88 (2016 Golden West Invitational champion)
Nolan Sanchez San Benito (CCS) 1:54.33
Jose Cruz McClatchy (SJS) 1:54.49 (2016 state meet qualifier)
Andrew Thomas Redwood (NCS) 1:55.07 (2016 state meet qualifier)

1600 1st Team
Cooper Teare St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS) 4:06.79 (4th Nike Elite Camp mile)
1600 2nd Team
Luis Grijalva Armijo (SJS) 4:07.68 (6th place at 2016 state meet)
1600 Honorable MentionLiam Anderson Redwood (NCS) 4:18.39 (2016 NXN qualifier)
Neil Braganza Dougherty Valley (NCS) 4:14.37 (2nd at NCS MOC)
Michael Vernau Davis (SJS) 4:13.67 (2016 SJS Division I 2nd place)
Matt Richardson Bellarmine (CCS) 4:17.39 (2016 CCS champion)
Kent Slaney Palo Alto (CCS) 4:16.62 (2016 state meet qualifier)

3200 1st Team
Cooper Teare St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS) 8:50.65c (defending NCS and state champion)
3200 2nd Team
Michael Vernau Davis (SJS) 8:54.58 (2016 4th place state meet)
3200 Honorable Mention
Luis Grijalva Armijo (SJS) 8:59.98 (2016 state meet qualifier)
Anirudh Surapaneni Dublin (NCS) 9:16.81 (2016 state meet qualifier)
Brian Schulz El Molino (NCS) 9:12.92 (2016 4th place at NCS MOC)
Meika Beaudoin-Rousseau Bellarmine (CCS) 9:26.18 (2016 XC Division I 3rd place)


800 1st Team
Alyssa Brewer California (NCS) 2:06.86 (defending NCS and state champion)
800 2nd Team
Cathilyn McIntosh Del Oro (SJS) 2:07.98 (2nd place at 2016 state meet)
800 Honorable Mention
Mari Friedman Santa Cruz (CCS) 2:10.76 (Defending CCS champion)
Avi Wilson-Perteete St. Mary's Berkeley (NCS) 2:11.85 (2015/16 state meet qualifier)
Gillian Wagner Redwood (NCS) 2:12.91 (2016 XC Division III 2nd place)
Rylee Bowen Sonoma Academy (NCS) 2:12.80 (2016 2nd place Golden West Invitational)
Olivia O'Keeffe Davis (SJS) 2:12.82 (2016 2nd place SJS Division I finals)

1600 1st Team
Olivia O'Keeffe Davis (SJS) (3rd at 2016 state meet) 4:48.66 (3rd place at 2016 state meet)
1600 2nd Team
Rylee Bowen Sonoma Academy (NCS) 4:49.38 (4th place at 2016 state meet)
1600 Honorable Mention
Meredith Corda Monte Mista (NCS) 4:49.99 (2016 state meet qualifier)
Cassidy Haskell Miramonte (NCS) 4:52.29 (2016 state meet qualifier)
Hannah Fishlow Miramonte (NCS) 4:54.88 (2016 NCS Tri-Valley 2nd place)
Mari Friedman Santa Cruz (CCS) 4:56.40 (2016 CCS Top 8 champion)
Isabella Fauria St. Francis, Sacramento (SJS) 4:33.42 1500 (USATF JO Championship 1500 1st place)
Marea Zlatunich Aptos (CCS) 4:57.39 (CCS Div III XC champion plus 4th place at state meet)

3200 1st Team
Niki Iyer Harker (CCS) 10:24.39 (3rd at 2016 state meet)
3200 2nd Team
Rylee Bowen Sonoma Academy (NCS) 10:13.20 (Arcadia 3200 Champion)
3200 Honorable Mention
Glennis Murphy Redwood (NCS) 10:40.60 (2016 XC Division III state champion)
Kiera Marshall St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS) 10:41.80 (2016 XC Division V state champion)
Sydney Vandegrift St. Francis, Sacramento (SJS) 10:41.49 (2016 state meet qualifier)
Sofia Castiglioni Davis (SJS) 10:43.25 (2016 state meet qualifier)
Isabella Fauria St. Francis, Sacramento (SJS) 10:08.41 3k (2016 National JO Championship 2nd place)
Alex Beitia Granite Bay (SJS) 10:56.77 (17:30.4 Woodward Park for 4th place at CA state meet)

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Northern California Track and Field records through 2016 season

Best overall marks in all events for the following sections: CCS, NCS, SJS, NS, OAK and SF

100 Kenny O'Neal Skyline (OAK) 10.34 2004
200 Calvin Harrison North Salinas (CCS) 20.57 1993
400 Calvin Harrison North Salinas (CCS) 45.25 1993
800 Pete Richardson Berkeley (NCS) 1:47.31 1981
1600 German Fernandez Riverbank (SJS) 4:00.29 2008
3200 German Fernandez Riverbank (SJS) 8:31.42 (converted time) 2008 (california record)
110 Hurdles (39') Kevin Craddock James Logan (NCS)13.39 2004
300 Hurdles David Klech California (NCS) 35.45 2006
4 x 100 Relay Skyline (OAK) 40.78 1995
4 x 400 Relay Berkeley (NCS) 3:08.94 1981
Long Jump Ken Duncan McClatchy (SJS) 26'2.25" 1972
Triple Jump Ken Frazier Mission (SF) 52'4.75" 1981
High Jump Maurice Crumby Balboa SF (1983)/Darius Carbin Mt. Pleasant CCS (2016) 7'4.5" (california record)
Pole Vault Brent Burns Acalanes (NCS) 17'8.5" 1987
Shot Put Nathan Esparza Amador Valley (NCS) 69'4" 2016
Discus Dave Porath Atwater (SJS) 209'6" 1978

Other Events
1500 German Fernandez Riverbank (SJS) 3:44.8 (en route to longer race)
3000 German Fernandez Riverbank (SJS) 7:59.83 2008 (national record)
5000 Eric Mastalir Jesuit (SJS) 14:01.40 1986 (california record)
10000 Brett Gotcher Aptos (CCS) 30:18.41 2002
Marathon Mitch Kingery San Carlos (CCS) 2:23:47 1973 (california record)
2000 Steeplechase Steve Guerrini Santa Rosa (NCS) 5:43.9 1991 (california record)
3000 Steeplechase Steve Guerrini Santa Rosa (NCS) 9:22.13 1991
110 Hurdles (42') Kevin Craddock James Logan (NCS) 13.74 2004 (national record)
400 Hurdles David Klech California (NCS) 50.35 2006
4 x 200 Relay Berkeley (NCS) 1:25.1 1981
4 x 800 Relay De La Salle (NCS) 7:41.35 1997
4 x 1600 Jesuit (SJS) 17:22.6 1986
1600 Sprint Medley Relay Berkeley (NCS) 3:21.1 1981
Distance Medley Relay Jesuit (SJS) 9:56.3 1986 (california record)
Decathlon Tom McGraw Los Gatos (CCS) 6971 1981

100 Ashton Purvis St. Elizabeth (NCS) 11.17 2010
200 Tania Woods Skyline (OAK) 22.88 1999
400 Kathy Hammond 52.1 Mira Loma (SJS) 1969
800 Ann Regan Camden (CCS) 2:04.37 1977
1600 Alex Kosinski Oak Ridge (SJS) 4:38.15 2007
3200 Lauryn Chetelat Davis (SJS) 9:52.51 2008
100 Hurdles Vashti Thomas Mt. Pleasant (CCS) 13.03 2007
300 Hurdles Leslie Maxie Mills (CCS) 40.18 1984
4 x 100 Relay Berkeley (NCS) 45.13 1981
4 x 400 Relay James Logan (NCS) 3:37.85 2004
Long Jump Jamesha Youngblood Hercules (NCS) 21'0" 2007
Triple Jump Brittany Daniels Merrill West (SJS) 44'11.75" 2004 (national record)
High Jump Wendy Brown Woodside (CCS) 6'2.25" 1984/Julie Broughton Woodland (SJS) 6'2.25" 1989
Pole Vault Tori Anthony Castilleja (CCS) 14'1.25" 2007
Shot Put Elena Bruckner Valley Christian SJ (CCS) 54'7" 2016 (california record)
Discus Suzy Powell Downey (SJS) 188'4" 1994

Other Events
1500 Francie Larrieu Fremont (CCS) 4:16.8 1969
3000 Cory Schubert Del Mar (CCS) 9:11.80 1983 (california record)
5000 Caitlin Chock Granite Bay (SJS) 15:52.88 2004
10000 Roxanne Bier Independence (CCS) 34:54.8 1978
Marathon Heike Skaden Encina (SJS) 2:43:00 1980 (california record)
2000 Steeplechase Rylee Bowen Sonoma Academy (NCS) 6:53.34 2016
3000 Steeplechase Jenny Aldridge Maria Carrillo (NCS) 10:49.63
400 Hurdles Leslie Maxie Mills (CCS) 55.20 1984 (california record)
4 x 200 Relay Mt. Pleasant (CCS) 1:39.14 2007/James Logan (NCS) 1:36.41 2006 Indoors
4 x 800 Relay Archbishop Mitty (CCS) 9:10.96 2005
4 x 1600 Relay Davis (SJS) 20:03.24 2014
800 Sprint Medley Relay Berkeley (NCS) 1:42.08 2000
1600 Sprint Medley Relay Piedmont Hills (CCS) 3:59.65 2014
Distance Medley Relay San Lorenzo Valley (CCS) 11:41.28 2000
4 x 100 Hurdles Relay Vacaville (SJS) 57.17 2014 (california record)
Heptathlon Shevell Quinley Merrill West (SJS) 5266 2005

Jack Shepard's High School Track and Field 2017 now available

A lot of you are familiar with Jack Shepard's annual with updated all-time HS Track and Field statistics. If you are not and enjoy stats, you can get your own copy by mailing a $12 check or money order to Jack Shepard at 14551 Southfield Drive, Westminster California 92683. Postage and shipping is included in the price. Make sure your return address is somewhere on the letter.

If you are a true Track and Field fan, it will be the best $12 you will ever spend. Below is the front and back as well as an example of two of the pages inside.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Central Coast Section (CCS) CBEDs have been posted for 2017 season

You can find them at the two following links.

The NCS divisions have not been posted yet but I will post the link once it's up on the NCS website.

Top 10 Moments from 2016 California Cross Country Season

My top 10 moments from the 2016 California Cross Country season. This is statewide so you can check out which NorCal athletes/teams made the cut. If you have other moments from NorCal athletes and teams, please add them in the comment section below.

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