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Dan Gabor Invitational Heat Sheets

2015 Dan Gabor Invitational Heat Sheets (What will be the most competitive event? Predictions?)

Complete heats now posted. A meet preview will also be posted by tomorrow.

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Where will you be competing this weekend?

Here is the list of NorCal meets this weekend with as many links as I can find. What Invitational will you be attending? What are your goals? Any featured races?

March 6: Pitman Distance Wars at Turlock HS (SJ)
March 6: Sunset Invitational at Cox Stadium, San Francisco State University (NCS)
March 6: Watsonville Winter Time Trials at Watsonville HS (CCS)
March 7: Big Cat Invitational at Santa Rosa HS (NCS)
March 7: Dan Gabor Invitational at Amador Valley HS (NCS)
March 7: Dean Andreesen Classic at Atwater HS (SJS)
March 7: Livingston Invitational at (SJS)
March 7: Mt. Pleasant Relays at Mt. Pleasant HS, San Jose (CCS) Heats included in link.
March 7: Ron Ruptier Memorial Invitational at Ponderosa HS (SJS)
March 7: Sacramento State Track Classic (SJS)
March 7: Steve Jones Invitational at Burbank HS, Scramento (SJS)
March 7: Tom Moore Relays at Sierra HS (SJS)
March 7: Whitney Invitational at Whitney HS (SJS)
March 7: Willow Glen Invitational at Willow Glen HS (CCS)

Monday, March 02, 2015

Lauren Wallace Ukiah HS '08, UC Davis '12 wins USATF 1000m. title

Lauren Wallace, Ukiah HS graduate won the 1000m. USATF title yesterday with a fantastic finish that you can see below. For those of you that are not familiar with her, Wallace ran primarily the 100/200 in high school and moved up to the 800m. in college at UC Davis.

You can watch her entire race at this LINK.

You can also check out the complete results at this LINK which includes former Sacred Heart Cathedral/Duke runner Shannon Rowbury sweeping the mile and 2 mile races.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

NorCal Invitationals Results

Skyline Invitational Results (OAK)

De La Salle Super 7 Results (NCS)

Capital Classic Relays Results (SJS)

Clarke Massey Relays Results (SJS)

Humboldt Twilight Relays Results (NS)
Humboldt Twilight Relays Results (pdf #1)
Humboldt Twilight Relays Results (pdf #2)
McKinleyville junior, Morgin Coonfield, won the College Invite 3K in 9:56.59 over top Humboldt State runner (both pictured here courtesy of McKinleyville HS coach, Jason Lewis).

If you have any photos from the above invitationals, please feel free to send them to and I will be happy to post them.

Friday, February 27, 2015

1971 California State Track and Field Meet at UCLA (Video request)

Does anybody have or know where somebody can locate a video of the boys 100 yard and 220 yard races at the 1971 CA State track and field meet? Any help would be appreciated.

Either comment below or email me directly at

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Yreka High Cross Country:Miners depicted in new Kevin Costner movie

At the 1987 California Cross Country state meet (the first one), McFarland won the Division III boys race (only 3 divisions back then) with Robert Louis Stevenson 2nd and Yreka 3rd. You can check out the complete results of that meet at this link. I have not seen the movie yet but it appears the Palo Alto team is the rival which is interesting since Palo Alto didn't qualify for the 1987 meet. Based on a true story indeed.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

NorCal Track and Field Invitationals this weekend

The first full weekend of Invitationals take place this Saturday (February 28) with 5 prominent Northern California Invitationals. We will have results for each Invite posted once they are passed on to me. If you are planning on participating at any of the Invitationals below, please let us know in the comment section below. It's hard to believe that the 2015 Track and Field season is already upon us but here we go. Best of luck to all competing athletes and coaches. 
February 28: Capital Classic Relays at Elk Grove HS (SJS)
One of the two Sac-Joaquin Section Invitationals takes place at Elk Grove HS with relays the star of the show here. If you have any questions in regards to this meet, contact meet director Bryan Jilka at
February 28: Clarke Massey Relays @ Cordova HS (SJS)
Meet Website:
February 28: Humboldt Twilight Invitational at Humboldt State (NS)
Field Events:3:00 PM - Boys' Shot Put3:00 PM - Girls' Discus4:30 PM - Girls' Shot Put4:30 PM - Boys' Discus5:00 PM - Girls' High Jump6:30 PM - Boys' High Jump3-5 PM - Boys' and Girls Long Jump

Running Events:
5:00 PM - Co-ed 4x8005:30 PM - Co-ed 4x2006:00 PM - Girls' Open Mile6:15 PM - Boys' Open Mile6:30 PM - Girls' Distance Medley ( 1200m, 400m, 800m, mile)7:00 PM - Boys' Distance Medley ( 1200m, 400m, 800m, mile)7:30 PM - Girls' Super Sprint Medley (100m, 100m, 200m, 400m)8:00 PM - Boys' Super Sprint Medley (100m, 100m, 200m, 400m)
February 28: Skyline Invitational at Skyline HS (OAK)
Meet Website:
February 28: Joe Stocking Super 7 Invitational at Diablo Valley College (NCS)The largest Bay Area Invitational takes place at Diablo Valley College with the first field events starting at 8:30am followed by the first running event (F/S Girls 3000m.) at 9:00am. This is the 15th annual edition of this meet hosted by De La Salle HS and Carondelet HS and named after DLS's legendary coach. You can contact meet director John Harvey at

Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 Track and Field Season - What else would you like to see on this site?

You can take a look at the NorCal Invitationals taking place this coming weekend below. I will have the results of those meets posted ASAP. If there is something else that you would like to see on this site during this coming Track and Field season, please let me know in the comment section below. If there is something that you already enjoy reading on this site, please let me know as well. Any feedback is welcome.

In the meantime, check out Cross Country Express on twitter at for the most up-to-date results, meet info, links etc.

Track and Field Invitationals this weekend
February 28: Capital Classic Relays at Elk Grove HS (SJS)
February 28: Clarke Massey Relays at Cordova HS (SJS)
February 28: Super 7 Invitational at De La Salle HS, Concord (NCS)
February 28: Humboldt State Invitational at Humboldt State, Arcata (NS)
February 28: Skyline Invitational at Skyline HS, Oakland (OAK)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

NorCal Track and Field Records

Any of the records below in danger this coming season?
I updated the list below by adding the Mitty girls 4x800m. time of 9:10.96 from the 2005 Stanford Invite.  Does anybody know if there has been a faster 4x800m. time from a NorCal team?  The other missing mark is girls 4x200m.  Any ideas on the fastest NorCal mark there?

100m. Kenny O'Neal Skyline HS OAK 10.34 2004
200m. Calvin Harrison North Salinas HS CCS 20.57 1993
400m. Calvin Harrison North Salinas HS CCS 45.25 1993
800m. Pete Richardson Berkeley HS NCS 1:47.31 1981
1500m. German Fernandez Riverbank HS SJS 3:44.8 2008
1600m. German Fernandez Riverbank HS SJS 4:00.29 2008
3000m. German Fernandez Riverbank HS SJS 7:59.83 2008 California Record
3200m. German Fernandez Riverbank HS SJS 8:31.42c 2008 California Record
5000m. Eric Mastalir Jesuit HS SJS 14:01.40 1986 California Record
Marathon Mitch Kingery San Carlos HS CCS 2:23:47 1973 California Record
110m. HH Kevin Craddock James Logan HS NCS 13.39 2004 California Record
300m. IH David Klech California HS NCS 35.45 2006
4x100m. Relay Skyline HS OAK 40.78 1995
4x200m. Relay Berkeley HS NCS 1:25.1 1981
4x400m. Relay Berkeley HS NCS 3:08.94 1981
4x800m. Relay De La Salle HS NCS 7:41.35 1997
4x1600m. Relay Jesuit HS SJS 17:22.6 1986
1600m. SMR Berkeley HS NCS 3:21.1 1981
DMR Jesuit HS SJS 9:56.3 1986 California Record
High Jump Maurice Crumby Balboa HS SF 7'4.5" 1983 California Record
Pole Vault Brent Burns Acalanes HS NCS 17'8.5" 1987
Long Jump Ken Duncan McClatchy HS SJS 26'2.25" 1972
Triple Jump Ken Frazier Mission HS SF 52'4.75" 1981
Shot Put Steve Mongtomery Lassen HS NS 68'5.5" 1976
Discus Dave Porath Atwater HS SJS 209'6" 1978
Decathlon Tom McGraw Los Gatos HS 6971 1981

100m. Ashton Purvis St. Elizabeth HS NCS 11.17 2010
200m. Tania Woods Skyline HS OAK 22.88 1999
400m. Kathy Hammond Mira Loma HS SJS 52.1 1969
800m. Ann Regan Camden HS CCS 2:04.37 1977
1500m. Francie Larrieu Fremont HS CCS 4:16.8 1969
1600m. Alex Kosinski Oak Ridge HS SJS 4:38.15 2007
3000m. Cory Shubert Del Mar HS CCS 9:11.80 1983 California Record
3200m. Laurynn Chetelat Davis HS SJS 9:52.51 2008
5000m. Caitlin Chock Granite Bay HS SJS 15:52.88 2004
10000m. Roxanne Bier Independence HS CCS 34:54.8 1978
Marathon Heike Skaden Encina HS SJS 2:43:00 1980 California Record
100m. HH Vashti Thomas Mt. Pleasant HS CCS 2007 13.03 California Record
300m. LH Leslie Maxie Mills HS CCS 40.18 1984
400m. LH Leslie Maxie Mills HS CCS 55.20 1984 California Record
4x100m. Relay Berkeley HS NCS 45.13 1981
4x200m. Relay Mt. Pleasant HS CCS 1:39.14 2007/James Logan HS 1:36.41 2006 Indoors
4x400m. Relay James Logan HS NCS 3:37.85
4x800m. Relay Archbishop Mitty HS CCS 9:10.96 2005
4x1600m. Relay Davis HS SJS 20:03.24 2014 NEW
800 SMR Berkeley HS NCS 1:42.08 2000
1600 SMR Piedmont Hills HS CCS 3:59.65 2014 NEW
DMR San Lorenzo Valley HS CCS 11:41.28 2000
High Jump Wendy Brown Woodside HS 6'2.25" 1984/Julie Broughton Woodland SJS 6'2.25" 1989
Pole Vault Tori Anthony Castilleja HS CCS 14'1" 2007 California Record
Long Jump Jamesha Youngblood Hercules HS NCS 21'0" 2007
Triple Jump Brittany Daniels Merrill West HS SJS 44'11.75" 2004 California Record
Shot Put Kristin Heaston Ygnacio Valley HS NCS 52'11.5" 1993
Discus Suzie Powell Downey HS SJS 188'4" 1994
Heptathlon Shevell Quinley Merrill West HS SJS 5266 2005

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Best High School Northern California Track and Field Athletes of All-Time

I bumped this back up to the top. As you can see, quite a list of names and will need to be updated with athletes who competed in the past few seasons. If you also see anybody that should be added from years past, please add them in the comment section below.
I have updated all the nominees.  Who else should be considered?  To whoever asked, I would say that more weight should given to high school performances and not what was accomplished after high school.  The list gets way too big when you start adding athletes who did "OK" in high school and then really took off in college and beyond.
A little project before the official start of the 2013 Track and Field season.  Who are the best High School Track and Field athletes of all-time?  Who were the best boy/girl sprinters?  Hurdlers? Distance Runners?  Jumpers?  Throwers?  Can we pick the best overall for boys and girls?  I will add names as they are listed below in the comment section.  Let's see if we can get at least 10 nominees for each category.

Steve Lewis American HS (NCS)
Mel Gray Montgomery HS (NCS)
Rubin Williams Valley Christian HS (CCS)
Calvin Harrison North Salinas HS (CCS)
Alvin Harrison North Salinas HS (CCS)
Bill Green Cubberley HS (CCS)
Derek Shepard Lincoln HS (SF)
Jahvid Best Salesian HS (NCS)
Bob Frick San Ramon Valley HS (?)
Kenny O'Neal Skyline HS (OAK)
Eddie Hart Pittsburg HS (NCS)
Dave Masters El Cerrito HS (NCS)
Jim Hines McClymonds HS (OAK)
Ken Robinson Berkeley HS (NCS)
Stoney McCree Berkeley HS (NCS)
James Jackson Alameda HS (NCS)
Kevin Willhite Cordova HS (SJS)
Andre Ammons Skyline HS (OAK)
Jerry Bright Castlemont (OAK)
Chuck Bommarito Crestmoor HS (CCS)
John Figueroa Sunnyvalle HS (CCS)
Millard Hampton Silvercreek (CCS)
Dixon Farmer Miramonte HS (NCS)

Mid-Distance Runners
Rick Brown Los Altos HS (CCS)
Cole Williams Urban HS (NCS)
Kevin Griffith San Ramon Valley HS (NCS)
Gordon Johnson Piedmont HS (NCS)
Pete Richardson Berkeley HS (NCS)
James Robinson McClymonds HS (OAK)
Dan Gabor Amador Valley HS (NCS)
Aaron Richberg James Logan HS (NCS)
James Levine Golden Valley HS (SJS)
Jon Stevens Mission San Jose (NCS)
Don Bowden Lincoln HS (CCS)
Dan Aldridge Petaluma HS (NCS)
Patrick McCrystle Jesuit HS (SJS)
Jacob Evans Aptos HS (CCS)
Dale Scott El Cerrito HS (NCS)
Mike Katri Fortuna HS (NCS)
Craig Magness Santa Teresa (CCS)
Conrad Suhr Leigh HS (CCS)

Distance Runners
Michael Stember Jesuit HS (SJS)
Rich Kimball De La Salle HS (NCS)
German Fernandez Riverbank HS (SJS)
Mark Mastalir Jesuit HS (SJS)
Reggie Williams River City HS (SJS)
Roy Kissen San Ramon Valley HS (NCS)
Morgan Groth Alhambra HS (NCS)
Tom Hale Campolindo HS (NCS)
Erik Olson Novato HS (NCS)
Yung-Song Leal Arroyo HS (NCS)
Eric Mastalir Jesuit HS (SJS)
Ralph Gamez Berkeley HS (NCS)
Mike Ryan Del Mar HS (CCS)
John Johnson Skyline HS (OAK)
Tom Downs Skyline HS (OAK)
Bob Grubbs Washington HS (NCS)
Clifton West Kennedy HS (SJS)
Tim Nelson Liberty Christian HS (NS)
Jon Stevens Mission San Jose (NCS)
Calvin Gaziano Castro Valley HS (NCS)
Jay Marden Mision San Jose HS (NCS)
Alex Dunn San Lorenzo Valley HS (CCS)
Giliat Ghebray James Logan HS (NCS)
Yosef Ghebray James Logan HS (NCS)
Brett Gotcher Aptos HS (CCS)
Rod Berry Redwood HS (NCS)
Harold Kuphaldt Bella Vista HS (SJS)
Jason Balkman Lynbrook HS (CCS)
Rusty Knowles Vacaville HS (SJS)
Mason Myers Vacaville HS (SJS)
Paul Thomas Jesuit HS (SJS)
Kevin Blazona Casa Roble HS (SJS)
Gary Passanisi Aptos HS (CCS)
Micheil Jones Livermore HS (NCS)
Rob Wentworth Livermore HS (NCS)
Mark Conover Miramonte HS (NCS)
Adam McAboy Miramonte HS (NCS)
Mark Stillman Willow Glen (CCS)

Kevin Craddock James Logan HS (NCS)
Joe Naivalu Fremont HS (CCS)
David Klech California HS (NCS)
Guy McGowan Leigh HS (CCS)
Dedy Cooper Harry Ells HS (NCS)
Robert Gaines Richmond HS (NCS)
Tony Hicks Serramonte HS (CCS)
Monte Corley James Logan HS (NCS)
Ron Kennedy Serramonte HS (CCS)
Jim Scannella San Ramon Valley HS (NCS)
Ryan Peters Skyline HS (OAK)
Milt Turner Castlemont (OAK)

Horizontal Jumpers
Mel Gray Montgomery HS (NCS)
Nkosinza Balumbu James Logan HS (NCS)
Monte Upshaw Piedmont HS (NCS)
David Klech California HS (NCS)
Jim O'Sullivan Sir Francis Drake HS (NCS)
Tim Prince James Logan HS (NCS)
Kurt Durham Oakland HS (OAK)
Billy Hice Oakland HS (OAK)
Ken Frazier Mission HS (SF)
Chase Wheeler De La Salle HS (NCS)
Johnny Cleveland Soquel HS (CCS)
Kenny Duncan McClatchy HS (SJS)
Carl McCullough Sacramento HS (SJS)
Dusty Baker Del Campo HS (SJS)
Nate Moore Castro Valley HS (NCS)

Vertical Jumpers
Noel Frazier California HS (NCS)
David Klech California HS (NCS)
Maurice Crumby Balboa HS (SF)
Teak Wilburn Chico HS (NS)
Jeff Novitsky Mills HS (CCS)
Jeff Rogers Overfelt HS (CCS)
Tim Prince James Logan HS (NCS)

Scott Roth Granite Bay HS (SJS)
Scott Slover Leland HS (CCS)
Brent Burns Acalanes HS (NCS)
Nico Weiler Los Gatos HS (CCS)

Ralph Rose Healdsburg HS
Bruce and Steve Wilhelm Fremont HS (CCS)
Sam Cavallaro James Logan HS (NCS)
Dave Porath Atwater HS (SJS)
Chris Adams Los Altos (CCS)
Rolin Luka Ygnacio Valley (NCS)
Dennis DeSoto Santa Rosa (NCS)

Relay Teams
El Cerrito 400 relay team 1971
Berkeley 400 relay team 1981
De La Salle 400 relay team 2009
Castlemont 1600 relay team 1971
Berkeley 1600 relay team 1981
St. Mary's Berkeley 1600 relay team 1992

Jeneba Tarmoh Mt. Pleasant HS (CCS)
Sani Roseby Monterey HS (CCS)
Ashton Purvis St. Elizabeth HS (NCS)
Angelique Smith James Logan HS (NCS)
Chizoba Okodogbe Deer Valley HS (NCS)
Lilla McMillan Tamalpais HS (NCS)
Evelyn Ashford Roesville HS (SJS)
Kathy Hammond HS?
Maria Mulder HS?
Jernae Wright James Logan HS (NCS)
Aisha Margain Berkeley HS (NCS)
Kristina Davis James Logan HS (NCS)
Sharon Ware Berkeley HS (NCS)
Carla Estes James Logan HS (NCS)
Kelli White James Logan HS (NCS)
Freida Cobbs Berkeley HS (NCS)
Tania Woods Skyline HS (OAK)

Mid-Distance Runners
Lindsay Hyatt Placer HS (SJS)
Ann Regan Camden HS (CCS)
Kathy Costello Pleasant Hill HS (NCS)
Jessica Spies Livermore HS (NCS)
Becky Spies Livermore HS (NCS)
Francie Larrieu Fremont HS (CCS)
Nicole Teter West Valley HS (NS)
Marie Mulder Encina HS (SJS)
Dominique Jackson Fairfield HS (SJS)
Marilyn Davis Miramonte HS (NCS)

Distance Runners
Julia Stamps Santa Rosa HS (NCS)
Sara Bei Montgomery HS (NCS)
Amber Trotter Ukiah HS (NCS)
Alicia Follmar Saratoga HS (CCS)
Laurie Chapman Gunderson HS (CCS)
Alejandra Barrientos San Lorenzo Valley HS (CCS)
Francie Larrieu Fremont HS (CCS)
Becky Spies Livermore HS (NCS)
Corey Shubert Del Mar HS (CCS)
Nikki Hiltz Aptos HS (CCS)
Shannon Rowbury Sacred Heart Cathedral HS (CCS)
Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley HS (CCS)
Diana George Livermore HS (NCS)
Carrie Verdon Campolindo HS (NCS)
Kristen Gordon Carandolet HS (NCS)
Laurynne Chetelat Davis HS (SJS)
Cheri Williams Livermore HS (NCS)
Lindsay Allen College Park HS (NCS)
Tori Tyler Gunn HS (CCS)
Jenny Aldridge Maria Carrillo HS (NCS)
Clara Horowitz Head Royce School (NCS)
Marissa Ferrante Aptos HS (CCS)
Taylor Johnson San Lorenzo Valley HS (CCS)
Elissa Riedy Mission San Jose HS (NCS)
Alex Kosinski Oak Ridge HS (SJS)
Joni Mooney Vacaville HS (SJS)
Jacque Taylor Casa Grande HS (NCS)
Eileen Claugus Rio Americano HS (SJS)
Heike Skaden Encina HS (SJS)

Thandi Stewart James Logan HS (NCS)
Vashti Thomas Mt. Pleasant HS (CCS)
Leslie Maxie Mills HS (CCS)
Natasha Neal James Logan HS (NCS)
Trinity Wilson St. Mary's Berkeley (NCS)
Talia Stewart James Logan HS (NCS)
Daje Pugh Fairfield HS (SJS)
Keri Sanchez Santa Teresa HS (CCS)
Tierra Ward James Logan HS (NCS)
Angela Harris Skyline HS (OAK)

Wendy Brown Woodside HS (CCS)
Alitta Boyd Moreau Catholic HS (NCS)
Jernae Wright James Logan HS (NCS)
Brittany Daniels Merrill West HS (SJS)
Deontee Kaye James Logan HS (NCS)
Ke'Nyia Richardson Holy Names HS (NCS)
Ciarra Brewer James Logan HS (NCS)
Vashti Thomas Mt. Pleasant HS (CCS)
Tracey Stewart James Logan HS (NCS)
Jamesha Youngblood Hercules HS (NCS)
Ashley Lodree El Cerrito HS (NCS)
Briana Stewart James Logan HS (NCS)

Tori Anthony Castilleja (CCS)
Cimran Verdi Las Lomas HS (NCS)
Greta Wagner Los Gatos (CCS)
Taylor Jaques Presentation (CCS)

Julie Dufresne Harbor HS (CCS)
Jere Summers Berkeley HS (NCS)
Suzy Powell Downey HS (SJS)
Jill Camarena Woodland HS (SJS)
Melissa Reis James Logan HS (NCS)
Chaniqua Ross Laguna Creek HS (SJS)
Kristen Heaston Ygnacio Valley HS (NCS)

Relay Teams
James Logan HS 400 Relay 1995, '96, '97, 2004, '06
James Logan HS 1600 Relay 2004
James Logan HS 1600 Relay 1996
Piedmont Hills HS 1600 Relay 2013, 2014

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