Monday, January 30, 2023

2023 Track and Field schedules

Here are a few sources for the Invitational Schedule for the upcoming Track and Field season.


Prep Cal Track

Lynbrook Sports

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

4 x 800 relay is official! Check out all the details

Sunday, January 15, 2023

68th "Plato Yanicks" All NorCal High School XC Teams - Boys & Girls - 2022

You can check out the complete list at this link:

A complete historical look at every year dating back to 1953 can be found here:

NorCal Cross Country and Track and Field College Commitments

Ellie Buckley Campolindo (NCS) Boston College
Cate Peters
 Monte Vista (NCS) Stanford University
Sean Morello Albany (NCS) Duke University
Justin Pretre Menlo (CCS) Cal Berkeley
Katie Kopec Whitney (SJS) Oregon State University
Lauren Soobrian Los Altos (CCS) Duke University
Alexander Lodewick Campolindo (NCS) Cal Berkeley
Dheeraj Gurusamy Granada (NCS) Cal Poly SLO
Sally Binder Monte Vista (NCS) Georgetown
Walker Quinn Oak Ridge (SJS) University of Texas
Amber Boothby Scotts Valley (CCS) UC San Diego
Kaiya Brooks Crystal Springs Uplands School (CCS) Harvard University
Aiden Deffner Menlo School (CCS) John Hopkins University
William Floyd Menlo School (CCS) University of Chicago
Fiona Bodkin Los Altos (CCS) Pomona
Ella Fadil Los Altos (CCS) Boston College
Ethan Miller Monte Vista (NCS) Cal Poly SLO
Brooke Butler Oak Ridge (SJS) UC Davis
Galadriel Mellion Weston Ranch (SJS) Arizona State
Roland Ruckmann-Barnes Granada (NCS) Cal Berkeley
Elizabeth Fetter Palo Alto (CCS) West Point
Hillary Studdert Palo Alto (CCS) Stanford University
Jude DeVries Montgomery (NCS) Cal Poly SLO
Shane Badcock Dougherty Valley (NCS) UC San Diego
Audrey Maclean Redwood (NCS) Middlebury College
Lulu Baker Redwood (NCS) Middlebury College
Sofia Nogueiro Redwood (NCS) Hamilton College
Maddie Buck Redwood (NCS) Hamilton College
Daegan Cutter Redwood (NCS) Yale University
Alex Lamoureux College Park (NCS) Chico State
Adeline Johnson Branson (NCS) Cal Berkeley
Gavin Doig Cardinal Newman (NCS) Pomona College
Coco McKamey Santa Rosa (NCS) Cal Poly Humbolt
Andrew Stevens Santa Rosa (NCS) Chico State

If you know of others, leave a comment below and I will add them to the list. You can also email me at Please make sure these are commitments that have been made public and not heard through the grapevine.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

4 x 800 at California State Meet

I am gathering some information in regard to the 4 x 800 and as of now, it appears that the event is definitely a go for the upcoming season. Here is what I know so far.

At CCS the 4x800 will be a straight final. 2 teams per lane, and 1 turn stagger. The 4x800 will come between the final of the 200 and the 3200, which is where it will be at the State meet. It will be a scored event at both CCS and the State meet and the CCS will also be going to the new State scoring system of scoring through 9th place on a 10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 basis. 

The State meet will also now medal to 9 places! The CCS, NCS, SJS, CS, SDS, and LAS will get 2 4x800 teams, and the Southern Section will get 4, I believe, and then I am not sure about the OS, SFS, and NS. No trials at State, just one final on Saturday night.

Saturday, January 07, 2023

Podcast with longtime De La Salle alumni, faculty and coach, John Pelster

You can listen to the podcast at this LINK.

You can also check out my interview with Coach Pelster at this LINK from 2011.

Friday, January 06, 2023

Donation to Cross Country Express

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Saturday, December 24, 2022

2022 All-NorCal XC Teams

If you would like to vote on the All-NorCal XC team, please email me at and I will send you all the info you need to vote. Here is a link to the history of the All-NorCal XC teams dating back to 1953.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

2022 NorCal Cross Country Awards

You can find previous winners at the following link.

Most Valuable Runner (boys)-Sean Morello Albany (NCS)
Most Valuable Runner (girls)-Hanne Thomsen Montgomery (NCS)

Most Impressive Individual Performance (boys)-Grant Morgenfeld Palo Alto (CCS) at Woodbridge/De La Salle Invitational
Most Impressive Individual Performance (girls)-Hanne Thomsen Montgomery at NCS 

Most Impressive Performance (boys' team)-Granada at Woodbridge/Oakdale at CA State Meet
Most Impressive Performance (girls' team)-Los Altos at CCS

Rising Star (boys)-Broen Holman Sonora (SJS)/Aydon Stefanopoulus Los Gatos (CCS)/Trey Caldwell De La Salle (NCS)
Rising Star (girls)-Kinga Czajkowska Palo Alto (CCS)/Evie Marheineke Archbishop Mitty (CCS)

Most Inspirational (boys)-Eshaan Hussain California (NCS)
Most Inspirational (girls)-Tatum Olesen Menlo Atherton (CCS)

Most Improved Runner (boys)-Shane Badcock Dougherty Valley (NCS)/Blake Martin Redwood (NCS)
Most Improved Runner (girls)-Grace Roesgen San Ramon Valley (NCS)

Lifetime Achievement Award (boys)-Justin Pretre Menlo (CCS)
Lifetime Achievement Award (girls)-Ellie Buckley Campolindo (NCS)

Buster Posey (rookie of the year)-Isaac Abbott Jesuit (SJS)
Buster Posey (rookie of the year)-Lydia Anderson Los Altos (CCS)

Best Robin to Batman (best supporting actor)-Landon Pretre Menlo (CCS)
Best Robin to Batman (best supporting actress)-Shea Volkmer Campolindo (NCS)

Best Three Amigos-Dax Daley, Omar Alsaidi, Caleb Cavanaugh Oakdale (SJS)
Best Three Amigas-Kinga Czajkowska, Elizabeth Fetter, Hillary Studdert Palo Alto (CCS)

Boys Coach of the Year (Directing)-Jeremy Mattern Granada (NCS)/Guy Fowler Oakdale (SJS)
Girls Coach of the Year (Directing)-Stephanie MacKenzie Los Altos (CCS)/Chuck Woolridge Campolindo (NCS)
Coach of the Year-Albert Caruana Crystal Springs Uplands (CCS)

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