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Will Matthews Memorial Run at Farmer Invitational this Saturday

Hello everyone,
On Saturday, September 20th, Hayward High school will host their annual Farmer Invitational Cross Country meet.  However, this year is extra special because they have renamed the Coaches Race as the Will Matthews Memorial Run at 10:30am.  Unfortunately, Coach Matthews passed away last month unexpectedly.  Here is a brief story about this awesome man: 

In case you are wondering why I am sending this to you - I'd like to ask you a HUGE favor - come participate in the 2 mile run that has been named after him.  I will participate as well.  

Please help spread the word and invite as many people as you can. And please encourage them to invite and tell their friends to invite and tell THEIR friends!  We want as many people as we can get to come out and join us to help honor the memory of Coach Matthews.

Before you close this email PLEASE click on the link above to read about Coach Matthews.  He's been coaching since 1972 and was a Vietnam Vet.  

Informational links:
The Run: 


This is the same course that hosts the High School North Coast Section (NCS) Cross Country Championships every year where schools as far north as Arcata come to participate.

Parking will be scare so plan on parking far away.  Enter via the student parking lot and follow the crowd.

Looking forward to seeing you there!  

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Patrick Riley
P.S.  Whether you can participate or not please help spread the word.  

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Relevant newspaper articles will be posted on twitter

Instead of clogging up this site with newspaper links, I have been posting xc/track related newspaper links on my twitter account at I will also update results from meets and other links that may be of interest to you when I can on that feed. 

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College Prep Cross Country Invitational Results

The course was 2.1 miles long at Pt. Pinole. The girls varsity team race was one by one of the top Division IV teams in NCS, Piedmont HS. They packed their top 5 in the top 11. Athenian sophomore Grace Brown was the individual winner.

Trevor Reinhart who qualified for the Footlocker National meet last year won the individual race over impressive sophomore, Dawson Reckers of Athenian. Marin Academy finished on top of the team battle over Division V rivals, College Prep and Athenian.

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Catching up with Las Lomas HS junior, Chloé Hansel...

Today we chat with Las Lomas HS junior, Chloé Hansel (photo courtesy of This past Tuesday, Hansel broke the course record at the Monte Vista Invitational that was previously held by former Amador Valley and current Northwestern University runner, Jena Pianin. Hansel and Las Lomas are both part of the tough DFAL league which has produced many successful runners and teams. She finished in 4th place as a frosh at NCS MOC XC meet and improved to 2nd place last season as a sophomore. Hansel finished in 16th place at the state XC meet and improved to 4th place last season. On the track, Hansel has recorded personal bests of 4:54.50 and 11:04.44 in the 1600 and 3200 respectively. At the 2014 NCS MOC, Hansel just missed qualifying for the state meet in the 1600m. with a 4th place finish. She is off to a great start in XC and we thank her for taking the time to answer our questions below.

1) How did you get your start in running and what other sports have you participated in aside from Cross Country and Track and Field?
I got my start in running since my brother had done CYO track and I decided to join the team when I was in the second grade. I did one year of cross country in 5th grade.  I also did soccer until I was in 8th grade. I tried out basketball for about 2 years in middle school. 

2) What were some of your highlights during your freshman season in both sports? Proudest accomplishments?
One of my highlights from freshman year was my team winning DFAL. It was the first time our school had ever won a DFAL championship for cross country so it was really something special to be a part of that team. Another highlight was getting my school's mile record at my first track meet. It was a season goal and really neat to be able to accomplish it so early on in the season. My proudest moment of freshman year was probably getting 16th at state for cross country. I had no idea what to expect and I was so proud that I was able to get top 20 as a freshman. 

3) Did you do anything differently in preparation for your sophomore cross country season in terms of training?
Before my sophomore year, the only thing I really changed in terms of training was increasing my mileage and running more regularly. 

4) What were your highlights last school year in both XC and TF? Proudest accomplishments?
A big highlight of my sophomore cross country season was my team getting 5th at state. Another highlight was the Lowell invitational in San Francisco. It was the first time I have ever gone sub 6 pace per mile in a race. My proudest cross country accomplishment of last year had to be getting 4th at state. My proudest accomplishment of track was going sub 5 in the mile with a 4:54. 

5) Tell us a little about your training this summer. Mileage per week? Longest run? Any workouts? Pace per mile for most of your recovery runs?
This summer I started training on a regular basis with the varsity boys. I also do swim team in the summer, so I do a swim workout every day as well. My mileage is about 40-45 a week. My longest run is up to 9 miles. I went to two cross country camps where we did some fartleks, hills, and tempos. I also did mile repeats at the end of the summer. My pace for my recovery runs were 8-9 minutes. 

6) Tell us a little about your coaches at Los Lomas and how they have helped you develop throughout your high school career.
My coaches at Las Lomas are really amazing. Coach Cynthia (Green) is super supportive and really pushes me to my full potential. She is really good about increasing my intensity and keeping me healthy. Cynthia also has us do outside exercises to prevent injury and make us more well rounded runners. Coach Jon (Lucchesi) has helped me a lot this past year with rolling techniques and stretches and my general post run recovery, which I think has helped a lot. 

7) This past Tuesday, you won the Monte Vista Invitational with a new course record time. What was your race plan before the race? Can you tell us a little about the race itself?
Coming into this Tuesday, I really wanted to break the course record. I came in actually not knowing Megan  McCandless was racing until I was warming up, so that was a surprise! I decided to stick to my plan regardless. Relax on the first mile and don't lead, then on the hills in the second mile really push it and pass whoever was in the lead to open up a gap. I also wanted to use the downhill to my advantage and really pick up speed for the finish. The race started and Megan took the lead, which allowed me to stick to my plan. She opened up a little bit of a gap on the flat and the track. I started pushing to catch her on the hills. When I passed her, we were about 800 meters from the finish. I pushed it up the last little hill then really just opened up my stride and let loose on the way to the finish. As I crossed the line, I was really happy to see my time. 

8) Aside from McCandless who finished in 2nd place, you also had Brooke Starn who finished in 3rd place. You have raced both of them quite a bit during your high school career. How much have those two motivated you and helped you during your training and racing?
Both Megan McCandless and Brooke Starn are great competitors. I have been racing Brooke since very early on in CYO track and I looked forward to the opportunity to continue to race her. Brooke and Megan have both helped me push myself throughout the years. They are both amazing runners and we are so lucky to live in an area where I can race so many talented runners. 

9) Favorite cross country course? Favorite cross country invitational? Favorite cross country workout? Favorite Track distance? Favorite Track invitational? Favorite Track workout? Favorite distance run?
My favorite cross country course is Woodward Park. Although I only been there my freshman year, my favorite cross country invitational is Woodbridge Invitational. We run super late at night and there are so many people cheering SO loud and blasting music. It is really just a great, high energy meet. My favorite cross country workout has to be mile repeats. We usually do 3 and then a few 800s. I don't know why, but I always get excited on mile rep days! My favorite track distance has to be the mile, it's fast but not too short like the 800. My favorite track invitational is the Dublin Distance Fiesta. The music, the sombreros, the t-shirts, they have it all! My favorite track workout is 800 repeats. My favorite distance run is this one run I do from my house in the Shell Ridge open space, it has some great hills and is super fun. 

10) What does a typical week look like for you in terms of training with a Saturday race? 
I would probably do 1-2 workouts that week, one track and one tempo. The day after the workouts would be a recovery run and then also just a regular long run one day. 

11) How has your role on the cross country team changed from your freshman season to now? Are you taking more of a leadership role this season?
My role on the team has changed so much. My freshman year there was a group of junior girls that were the team leaders. Now that they have graduated, the leadership has switched to me. I am now a team captain and people come to me and ask me questions a lot more than they did before. I make more of my own decisions and help in deciding what is best for the team too. I feel like I am more of a vocal leader this year as well.

12) Anything else you would like to add.
Huge thanks to Guillaume Hansel, my brother and former cross country runner, my parents and Andrew Schreiber. They are the best support team anyone can ask for. I will always hear them cheering for me no matter how big the crowd is. Without them, I couldn't be where I am today. Also, thank you for operating a great website, it's such a valuable resource!  

Thank you very much for your time Chloé! AJC

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Earlybird Invitational Results and Post Meet Story

Earlybird Invitational results (NEW) Any surprises? Who was most impressive?

2014 Earlybird Post Meet Story by Gustavo Ibarra
We knew coming in that the 20th Anniversary edition of the North Monterey County Earlybird would be special. Why wouldn’t the 20th be the best of all?! We had the best line-up ever and the most teams and runners ever. Good weather, a crowd pleasing DJ, an anniversary cake (thanks Jen!), a superstar awards’ announcer, a first class snack shack (thanks parents!), and vendors galore created the perfect storm and the kids delivered. A very nice touch was the presence of Bruce White who started this event 20 years back with 3 teams.  He even had the original meet shirt on. And starting the races was Daniel Tapia who ran at the World Championships in the marathon last year for the USA and will shoot for a spot in the Olympic marathon team in 2016. He is a 2004 graduate of host North Monterey County.

The open race kicked off the day with a great turnout to kick off the day. The “low key” middle school race was not low key with about 300 anxious harriers getting a beautiful introduction to the sport! We may have to cap that race soon!

The 9th grade girls kicked off the main event in fine style with 3 new STARS! Caroline Gee (Cupertino) got her 1st Earlybird win in a very impressive 18:25 run and just missing the top 25 all-time Toro rankings by a mere 2 seconds! Elene Kamas (Homestead) just helped make them very, very dangerous in 2014 with a nice 18:27 runner-up effort. And Mari Friedman (Santa Cruz) made it 3 stars with an 18:30 run. THREE 9th graders at 18:30 or faster?! The bar was set high early on. Los Gatos just got a very nice shot in the arm for them with their youngsters getting the team win, a plaque, and medals with 68 pts. St. Ignatius (119) and Lynbrook (141) got the other medals.

The young 9th grade boys had some stars on our radar and they didn’t disappoint. Alex Sales (Bellarmine) came in as the top ranked 9th grader in CA and didn’t disappoint with his first high school win. 16:26 for the young pup is just a glimpse of what he’ll do as he develops. His teammate Meikael Beaudoin-Ro (Bellarmine) almost got the upset win at 16:27 and makes that a huge 1-2 punch for them. Jorge Estrella (Andrew Hill) was only 4 ticks back in 16:31 for a nice 1-3 showing to match the young ladies. Bellarmine would start their plaque haul with 55 pts. followed by Cupertino (155) and Carmel (170).

Our 10th grade girls had Lindsey Allen (Homestead) trying to match the 9th grade times and was just a tad back at 18:38 for her first Earlybird win. Annika McBride (Aptos) settled for 2nd (19:01) and Abbey Meck (SLV) was third (19:28). Our 3 team favorites held to form although Los Altos (97) got the best of St. Ignatius (103) and Los Gatos (106) this year after a Los Gatos win last year.

Our 10th grade boys had superstar Miguel Villar (Madera South) as the top 9th grader in CA last year and he wanted a 2nd Earlybird win. He got it easy as he blasted a solo 15:39. We need to take that to Vegas as we called a sub 15:40 potential effort! The time ranks as one of the best ever sophomore times at Toro and puts him just outside the top 25 all time.  He started what would be a magical day for the Stallions. Michael Ochoa (Madera South-16:06) made it a 1-2 sweep and Dylan Doblar (Bellarmine) was 3rd at 16:39. Bellarmine got their 2nd but closest win of the day at 48 points with Madera South only 2 points back. San Lorenzo Valley got 3rd with 164 pts.

The 11th graders got a bit of a sun break but temperatures didn’t rise too much. Lauren Jacob (Los Altos) was a no go here and Cate Ratliff (Santa Cruz) took advantage and rolled to a very nice 18:07 effort! Cate now looks like an all-state contender and moves to #14 all-time at Toro. Nice job with the top time of the day!  Jaqueline Escalera (Fremont-18:41) had a great bounce back day as she was 2nd after a win two years back. And Matti Peoples (18:46) helped key the great Aptos day. Scotts Valley impressed with the win (79) followed by Homestead (100) and Monta Vista (122).

The 11th grade boys wanted to join the all-time Toro record busting game and got it with Eduardo Herrera (Madera South) blasting a solo 15:29! The win is his 3rd Earlybird title and here’s hoping next year he takes a shot at the course record of 15:02! The time moves him to 18th all-time at the park. Ben Zaesk (Los Atlos) looked good at 16:09 while Daniel Ambriz (Merced) surprised at 16:14. Bellarmine started getting greedy with their 3rd win at 65 pts. while St. Ignatius (84) and Homestead (165) also got some hardware.

The senior girls’ race is bitter sweet as the veterans take the course for their last Earlybird. Jenny Xu (Monta Vista) is a meet veteran with 2 wins as a 9th and 10th grader. After a 2nd place finish last year she wanted another trophy for her mantle and she got it stopping the clock at 18:44! Julia Chang (Monta Vista) wanted to make it a team party and did it at 19:10. Cecily Johnson (Los Gatos) wrapped up her Earlybirds nicely at 19:22. With the 1-2 punch Monta Vista got the plaque with 57 points and locals Salinas surprised at 2nd with 75 points while Los Gatos showed well again at 119.

Lastly, the senior boys brought the heat on and off the course and looked like a true race with 10 guys packed tightly at the half way point. The famous Toro hills would separate the men from the boys. Steven Sum (Saratoga) would prove his toughness as he blasted the 2nd half of the race for a very nice 15:26 good for #12 all-time at Toro and making him one very tough favorite for the state meet! The time would be the fastest of the day as the best was saved for last as Steven notched his 2nd Earlybird title. Steven led a parade of great efforts as Chris Foster (Los Gatos) would come up just shy of his 3rd Earlybird win in 15:36 only 2 seconds outside the top 25 all-time at the park. Congrats Steven and Chris on 2 titles a piece! Alex Sasser (Bellarmine) in 15:49 made it yet another Bell in the top 3 in their race.

Overall, we thought the boys looked much better on paper coming in but the ladies proved otherwise as Aptos (96:43) would roll to a team record by 10 seconds at #4 all-time at Toro! The top team overall in CCS pre-season rankings is well on their way to a fine 2014 campaign. Homestead (97:47) would set a team record also for them and moves them into the top 10 ever at #9. Monta Vista (97:52) joined the party and just missed their team record by 18 seconds. Clovis West (100:32) showed well to break up the CCS party while Los Gatos (100:51) would seal the top 5 today.

The boys had some juggernaut Division 1 programs locking horns early on. Madera South and Bellarmine have put on a great show for fans the last few years here and 2014 indeed was icing on the cake. Madera South was just ranked 1st in all of California by and is well on their way to a potential 2nd podium finish at state after their 2nd place last year. The Stallions rolled to an 80:17 team time record good for #3 all-time at Toro. That’s easily the fastest we have ever seen at Toro in September. Watch out CA! The Stallions are the real deal. Bellarmine proved their depth and class at 80:51 just 8 seconds off their team record. With their depth (it’s quite incredible) watch for the Bells to develop into plaque contenders come November in Fresno. Los Gatos (82:08), King City (83:06), and St. Ignatius (83:27) made noise and will shake up lots of rankings this season.
Special thanks to all of our parents and volunteers! We hope you enjoyed the meet and we will see you all in 2015!        

Event pictures are loaded at this link.

Early report from meet director, Gustavo Ibarra
Highlights Madera South boys 80:17 3rd fastest ever at Toro Park.
Bellarmine 80:51 just off their team record 80:43.
Aptos girls 96:43 4th best ever break their team record by 10 sec.
Homestead 97:47 9th fastest ever.
Monta Vista 97:52 10th best ever.

Lagoon Valley Classic Invitational Results

Lagoon Valley Classic Invitational Results

Bella Vista, led by the victorious Kendall Derry, wins Large School Varsity Girls team race with 6th man tie-breaker over Davis HS who competed minus Fiona O'Keeffe. Davis HS outpaces Placer 57 to 68 with Livermore's Jackson Crose the individual winner.

Placer wins the Small School Varsity Girls team competition in front of Union Mine with Haley Silva of Sierra claiming the individual crown. In the Small School Varsity Boys competition, Piner wins the team title despite the one/two finish by Dixon runners Nolan Gerlach and Gonzalo Morales Lomeli.

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Monte Vista Invitational Results

Chloe Hansel of Las Lomas on left with Jackson Crose of Livermore on right in green(Fastest of the day for both runners).
Freshmen Girls
Freshmen Boys
Sophomore Girls
Sophomore Boys
Junior Girls
Junior Boys
Senior Girls
Senior Boys

Top 10 fastest times before yesterday's meet (since current course configuration in 2005)
Name                                      School                          Year                 Time
Danny Stalters                         Northgate                    2012                10:37.14
Nolan Peterson                       Washington                 2012                10:42.06
Jason Intravaia                        San Ramon Valley       2013                10:42.51
Mike Roderick                         Monte Vista                2008                10:44.40
Alex Summers                         Granada                      2009                10:46.20
Ben Eversole                           Castro Valley               2010                10:47.82
Tyler Olson                              Livermore                   2013                10:48.33
Matt DeVries                          San Ramon Valley       2012                10:48.77
Tyler Hanson                           Miramonte                  2012                10:49.98
Dillon Read                             Miramonte                  2012                10:50.88

Name                                      School                          Year                 Time
Jena Pianin                              Amador Valley             2012                12:14.43
Kelsey Santisteban                  Castro Valley               2010                12:23.19
Chloe Hansel                           Las Lomas                  2013                12:26.47
Carina Novell                          Granada                      2011                12:28.63
Colleen Lillig                           California                    2009                12:31.62
Madison Ricks                         California                    2013                12:32.82
Sophie Hartley                         Granada                      2010                12:37.06
Colleen Lillig                           California                    2008                12:38.23
Diana George                          Livermore                   2008                12:39.18
Christine Bayliss                      San Ramon Valley       2011                12:39.53