Monday, December 09, 2019

California All-State XC Certificates

If your athletes and/or teams finished well at the California State XC meet (there are all-state, divisional as well as grade wide certificates), you can find All-State Certificates at the following link:

College Committments

I will continue to update this list throughout the year. Please feel free to add others in the comment section below. I know I do not have everyone so please help if you know of other athletes and where they are attending college next fall.

Charlotte Tomkinson Menlo-Duke University
Daylee Dunn Salesian-Fresno State
Juan Pablo Garcia St. Francis MV-University of California Berkeley
Kelli Wilson Monte Vista-Duke University
Claire Yerby Half Moon Bay-University of California Berkeley
Haley Silva St. Francis, Sac-University of California, Berkeley
Kyra Pretre Menlo-Yale University
Aiden Maddison St. Francis, Mt. View-Sacramento State University
Garrett MacQuiddy Westmont-University of California, Berkeley
Euan Cairns St. Francie, Mt. View-Wake Forest University
Kaimei Gescuk Carlmont-Duke University
Michelle Louie Menlo-Middlebury
Jamar Marshall St. Mary's Stockton-Arizona St.
Ryan Mulholland Del Oro-University of Oregon
Austin Vasquez Whitney-University of California Davis
Matt Strangio Jesuit-University of Portland
Chase Gordon Jesuit-University of Southern California
Sophia Karperos Rio Americano-Yale University
Isabella Fauria St. Francis, Sacramento-University of New Mexico
Scott Tony St. Francis, Mt. View-University of Pennsylvania
Colton Swinth Maria Carrillo-Cal Poly SLO
Azjani McGill Monterey-California State Fullerton
Daylee Dunn Salesian-Fresno State University
Malcolm Clemons St. Mary's Berkeley-University of Florida
Sarah Aanenson Bear River-University of Colorado
Lyle Rumon Marin Catholic-Cal Poly SLO (NEW)
Anthony Guerra Granada HS-Cal Poly SLO (NEW)
Kendall Mansukhani Half Moon Bay-Baylor University (NEW)

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Foot Locker West Boys Seeded race

Thank you to the Amador parents led by Kevin Gray for putting this video together.

Thursday, December 05, 2019

NorCal Cross Country All-Decade Teams (2010-2018)

I posted this last year in January. Please feel free to comment on runners that you feel deserve to be added or moved up on either list. Who worked their way onto the team by this year's performance?
With one more year left in this decade, here are my picks for the all-decade (minus one year) team. I ranked the runners below based on what they accomplished in cross country only.  Feel free to put your own list in the comment section below. 


Top 10
10) Meika Beaudoin-Rousseau Bellarmine (CCS)
9) Blair Hurlock De La Salle (NCS)
8) Trevor Reinhart Marin Academy (NCS)
7) Michael Vernau Davis (SJS)
6) Matt Strangio Jesuit (SJS)
5) Luis Grijalva Armijo (SJS)
4) Cooper Teare St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS)
3) Aidan Goltra Campolindo (NCS)
2) John Lawson Sir Francis Drake (NCS)
1) Liam Anderson Redwood HS (NCS)

Also under consideration:
10) Aubrey Myjer Mt. View (CCS)
10) Dan Milechman Tamalpais (NCS)


Top 10
10) Riley Chamberlain Del Oro (SJS)
9) Sarah Robinson Gunn (CCS)
8) Elena/Maddy Denner Oak Ridge (SJS)
7) Julia Maxwell Branson (NCS)
6) Glennis Murphy Redwood (NCS)
5) Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley (CCS)
4) Vanessa Fraser Scotts Valley (CCS)
3) Cate Ratliff Santa Cruz (CCS)
2) Carrie Verdon Campolindo (NCS)
1) Fiona O'Keeffe Davis HS (SJS)

Also under consideration:

Comments? Omissions? Who should move up? Who should move down? Who is missing?

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

California XC State Meet All-Time Podium teams (boys and girls)

Check out every team that has made it to the podium (top 3 in any division) since the first California state cross country meet in 1987. Two NCS teams are at the top of the girls' list while a SJS team is near the top for the boys. (photo to the left is the 2019 Bellarmine boys who just finished in 3rd place this past Saturday).

Monday, December 02, 2019

NCS vs CCS at the state meet

A few years ago, NCS adjusted its divisions to better match up with the rest of the state (mostly SS) at the California state meet. CCS has continued to use the same divisional breakdowns with an even amount of teams in each division. You can view the CBEDS at these links:

CCS Boys:
CCS Girls:

Here are the results from this past state meet comparing the two sections. I am curious as to what people see when they look at the following results. I know NCS has always been strong in Division V so having that many teams do well at state is par for the course. With having only 8 teams in Division I, NCS is able to keep their 2 auto qualifiers and move teams to divisions that they can compete fairly at the state meet. I know in CCS, we have teams that don't belong in Division I (size-wise) but because the divisions are divided equally, most CCS schools go up against much larger schools at the state meet which does make a difference. Anyways, have it. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Division I Girls
CCS                                            NCS
Palo Alto HS-8th                        Dougherty Valley 11
Gunn HS-20th .                          Amador Valley 13

Division I Boys                                     
Bellarmine 3                               Dublin 4
Los Altos 16                               Amador Valley 8

Division II Girls
St. Francis 2                                Granada 14
Willow Glen 15                           Redwood 17
Lynbrook 22                                Monte Vista 19
                                                    San Ramon Valley 21

Division II Boys
Willow Glen 11                          Granada 7           
St. Francis 16                              De La Salle 9
Lynbrook 22                                Monte Vista 17
                                                     Liberty 23
Division III Girls
St. Ignatius 15                            Campolindo 1
Sacred Heart Cathedral 21         Alameda 8
                                                   Tamalpais 11
                                                   Maria Carrillo 13

Division III Boys
Sacred Heart Cathedral 20 .      Campolindo 1
St. Ignatius 21                           Maria Carrillo 2
                                                  Tamalpais 14
                                                  Casa Grande 15

Division IV Girls
Menlo 2                                    Piedmont 11
Sacred Heart Prep 14 .             Miramonte 12
Half Moon Bay 16                   Bishop O'Dowd 18

Division IV Boys
Scotts Valley 2                         Sir Francis Drake 3
King City 5                              Acalanes 13
Menlo 15                                 Bishop O'Dowd 19

Division V Girls
Castilleja 5                              Lick-Wilmerding 1
Crystal Springs Uplands 10    University 2
Nueva 15                                 Head Royce 6
                                                Urban 7
                                                Stuart Hall 16
                                                Marin Academy 18

Division V Boys
Crystal Springs Uplands 7      University 4
Priory 15                                 Lick-Wilmerding 10
St. Francis CC 19                   Head-Royce 12
                                               Stuart Hall 14
                                               St. Joseph Notre Dame 17

Saturday, November 30, 2019

NorCal Podium Teams and Individuals

Division II girls
2) St. Francis, Mt. View (CCS)

Division III girls
1) Campolindo (NCS)

Division III boys
1) Campolindo (NCS)
2) Maria Carrillo (NCS)

Division IV girls
2) Menlo (CCS)

Division IV boys
2) Scotts Valley (CCS)
3) Sir Francis Drake (NCS)

Division V girls
1) Lick-Wilmerding (NCS)
2) S.F. University (NCS)

Division I boys
2) Jesuit (SJS)
3) Bellarmine (CCS)

Division II girls
1 KLOS, Alexandra SO 1907 Vista Del Lago-SJS 1 17:13.1
3 MENDOZA, Gianna SR 1312 Presentation-CCS -- 17:36.4
4 JOAQUIN, Cate SO 1654 St Francis (Sac)-SJS 2 17:39.7

Division III girls
1 CHAMBERLAIN, Riley SO 493 Del Oro-SJS 1 17:16.0
5 HANCOCK, Paloma SR 202 Campolindo-NCS 5 18:04.7
9 COHEN, Evie JR 1660 St Ignatius-CCS 8 18:11.3
10 WIKSTROM, Eleanor SR 1609 Skyline-OS -- 18:13.7

Division II boys
8 CURULLA, Patrick JR 479 De La Salle-NCS 8 15:15.0

Division III boys
1 SWINTH, Colton SR 973 Maria Carrillo-NCS 1 15:10.2
2 SMAIL, Rory SR 972 Maria Carrillo-NCS 2 15:22.8
5 GUNN, Dylan JR 208 Campolindo-NCS 4 15:33.8
7 MCKAIN, Cole SR 1038 Merced-SJS -- 15:35.6
9 CRONIN, Dylan SR 207 Campolindo-NCS 7 15:39.1

Division IV girls
7 ALLEN, Audrey JR 1059 Miramonte-NCS 7 18:12.2

Division V boys
2 LEHMANN DUKE, Jacob SR 368 College Preparatory-NCS -- 15:43.0
6 MADER, Alex SO 877 Lick Wilmerding-NCS 3 15:49.5
9 JULIAN, Michael SO 1777 The York School-CCS -- 15:55.9

Division I girls
4 SOOBRIAN, Lauren FR 891 Los Altos-CCS -- 17:42.7
5 KACKLEY, Madison JR 712 Gregori-SJS -- 17:44.7

Division IV boys
2 ROSS, Mitchell SR 1548 Scotts Valley-CCS 1 15:17.5
4 BARKAN, Amir SR 1600 Sir Francis Drake-NCS 3 15:26.3
6 PARKER, Zachary SR 914 Lowell-SFS 5 15:33.3
7 CHAPMAN, Godebo JR 1942 West Campus-SJS -- 15:34.5
8 CHRISTOPHER, Jacob SR 190 Calaveras-SJS 6 15:35.3

Division V girls
1 MCCLAIN, Harper JR 1658 St Helena-NCS -- 17:13.4
4 BROOKS, Kaiya FR 438 Crystal Springs Uplands-CCS 3 18:11.1
6 GEVELBER, Tevah SR 246 Castilleja-CCS 5 18:33.8

Division I boys
1 STRANGIO, Matt SR 781 Jesuit-SJS 1 14:43.5
3 MIDDLETON-PEARSON, Christopher SR 517 Dublin-NCS 3 15:02.9
4 PEATTIE, Colin JR 106 Bellarmine-CCS 4 15:06.8
6 TOPPER, Nolan JR 109 Bellarmine-CCS 5 15:08.4
9 MCGONIGLE, Patrick SR 1586 Sheldon-SJS -- 15:13.0

Thursday, November 28, 2019

California state meet previews

The following state previews are being posted on CA MileSplit today and tomorrow. Links are below and will be added as the other divisions are posted as well. Feel free to chime in on any of the races in the comment section below. Best of luck to all the Northern California teams and individuals.

Division I

Division II

Division III

Division IV

Division V

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Northern California runners at NCAA meets

Please add runners that competed this past weekend at all the NCAA divisional races.

Shout out to Ethan Ashby (formerly of College Prep and 4th from left) and the Pomona-Pitzer men's cross country team for winning the 2019 NCAA DIII National Championships in Louisville, KY. Ethan finished 4th for the Sagehens and 68th overall on the muddy 8 km course. This was the first time the Sagehens have made the championship podium in program history.

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