Friday, November 15, 2013

Sac-Joaquin Section (SJS) Live Results (Now Posted)

Best team performance?  Best individual performance?  Biggest surprise?  Best team race of the day?  Best race for individual title?


Anonymous said...

Best performance of the day had to be oKeeffe in girls varsity d1. 17:20 is 20 seconds faster than old CR.

Anonymous said...

Davis is strong and O'Keefe one of the best in the entire state. Davis' girls #2 and #3 also looked strong.

However, I would not be surprised if St. Francis has a chance at a better finish than Davis Girls at State. Bilo is improving and their #5 fainted during Sections and did not finish. If #5 recovers and Bilo continues to improve it is going to be very very close.

GHPADD said...

Here is a view of what I saw at the meet:
Varsity Girls D I was a highlight, but nothing more than what was expected by nearly all pundits and those in attendance. Separation between the 1st ad 5th runners on both of these teams leaves a lot of room for potential damage at the State meet. However, looking at the Varsity girls D IV race shows Riverbank (64) and Amador(67) battled it hard all of the way. Average runner time went to Riverbank 21:01 to 21:02; combined team time to Riverbank at 1:45:05 to 1:45:06; and the spread from 1st - 5th went to Amador 2:55 to 2:56. Folks, you cant get much closer than that in a team race!

On the Boys side there were two OUTSTANDING Team Performances: Jusuit D-1 Boys had the fastest team time, fastest individual average and a slight 0:29 between their 1st and 5th runners. Wow, Jesuit ran a race that they have been known to run for decades past! In the D-III race, winner Placer placed all 5 of their runners within 0:12 seconds to capture the D-III team crown. As far as a Team Performance, the Boys won this one hands down.

Fiona O'Keefe of Davis was expected to run the race she ran as was Garrett Migliozzi of Nevada Union. Absolutely no surprises here. Boys would not be even close to German Fernandez's course record, and the girls times needed improving in that although a good former record was broken, it was not a great former record.

Only 6 VG under 19:00 and only 2 VB under 16:00.

As previousley mentioned Davis and St Francis girls, D-I went pretty much as most expected. The D-IV Varsity Girls race was a nail biter on all counts. On the Boy's side, the D-III race was the closest team race with only 20 points separating the top 4 teams. Placer won at 77 points and a 0:12 spread from 1st - 5th, Del Oro at 77, Oakmont at 82, and El Dorado at 86 points made this a tough one for El Dorado, only 4 points out of a State Birth and running a 1st-5th runner spread of 0:58 shows that although they may have been in 4th, Peanut's team ran an outstanding team race.

Wow, we could go anywhere with this one. I will go with the tightest race at the 1/2 way point with the VB D-II race. There was a tight pack of 8 runners including the top 5 individuals not on a State qualifying team all coming through at 7:55. At the finish 5 of the top 6 finishers were all individuals with Neilson Powless running one outstanding 2nd 1/2 of the race in 7:51. No other top 10 runner came close to running even splits for the Willow Hills Course on this day, including the eventual fastest runners for the Boys and Girls. Great individuals racing for a very fast individual State Meet Qualification berth.

Great day, great weather, meet management and officials appeared to be spot on, coaches were not seen to be upset with team or individuals, all in all, the Section meet produced teams and individuals that were expected to rise to the top with good competition and entertainment for even the most die-hard fan!

Anonymous said...

Could go etheir way at states between Davis and st Francis . However in a larger meet format, Davis seems to have an advantage as shown in the combined results at sections and at stanford. Also davis number 3 runner from clovis and mt sac was etheir hurting or had a bad race, so i think her and billo are the keys

Anonymous said...

It's easy to talk about a course record not being great by looking at the time, but willow hills is one of the tougher and slower courses in the state

GHPADD said...

Responding to 2:46 pm post

Having worked on building the course, run the course, directed races on the course, and in comparison to the boys times on this course, this is the reason for my statement that previous girls course record on Willow Hills was good but not great. I do not compare any course to any other course. Only what would be an equivalent girls course record if the course record was in comparison to the great boys record!

And that is why I do not post as an anonymous individual, but using my contact name.

GHPADD said...

In Response to 3:49 PM posting:
I would be extremely careful in alluding to a coaching issue and "burning out of young talent". One article does not the life of several runners make. There are many, many reasons that young runners progress, stay the same, and slow. Maturing bodies, injuries from other sports (soccer?), hormones, etc. Finally, remember that high school is just that, high school. it is rare indeed to find 1 or 2 high school kids nationally that can run at the collegian level of 4-6 miles, so understand High School for what it is, development of kids in the direction that they wish to go...not that of an unknowing observer, coach or fan. Thanks to all of the coaches out there that give of their time, treasure, talent and blood to assist each youth athlete in the direction of the athlete's choice. And thank you for not listening to the words of one article but, taking into account that these are just youth runners, no where near the ability to become an elite athlete yet...(and most of the elite high school runners will not ever become elite in the world of open competition). So thank you for realizing this and assisting to make the youth athlete a "whole" individual and not concentrate only on a few races. Coaches know that their workouts sometimes work, and sometimes don't for each individual athlete. But, thank you for your persistance over the years to helping the kids!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 3:49 PM to some extent. As I have said in other posts, there is another D1 program in SJS that has lost nearly all of its female running talent over the past 3 years to injury or attrition (e.g. going to other sports, social activities etc). That team could have been very very competitive. Could be just bad luck I suppose. But the scope of the loss of talent has been somewhat staggering.


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