Sunday, November 17, 2013

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NCS rankings heading into Saturday's Meet of Champions at Hayward HS.  Until they are posted, feel free to comment on the upcoming races.  Most competitive race?  Most anticipated individual battle?  What team will shock the competition and qualify to the state meet?  Who is rolling heading into the section meet?  Anything else?

Here is one race:
Division I
Girls - (Top 2 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Amador Valley
2.    Granada
3.    Monte Vista
4.    San Ramon Valley
5.    Mission San Jose

Live Results:

Last Year's Results:


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the races aren't a slopfest like it was last year.

Albert Caruana said...

We can only hope. It's supposed to rain in the next couple of days but the forecast is for a clear day on Saturday. At the very least, it will be nothing like last year.

Nils said...

The forecast at was for rain Monday night through Wednesday (and I bet it's spotty rain), dry Thursday through Saturday. So it looks good so far!

Anonymous said...

Are there going to be Individual rankings?

Albert Caruana said...

I can post those as well after I post the team rankings.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Albert.

Anonymous said...

on a slightly different topic - any idea why NCS delays their section meet a whole week relative to the other sections? Who makes this decision and what is it based on?

Albert Caruana said...

That's how it's always been as far back as I can remember. Most teams have a 2 week cushion between their league finals and the section meet.

In CCS we have the two week cushion between the section meet and the state meet.

Honestly, I am not sure what is more of an advantage but most coaches figure out how to make whatever schedule they have work for their athletes.

Anonymous said...

Hmm I'll take a stab at Division V.

Div. V girls (6 qualify)

1. Lick Wilmerding (their teams have gotten insanely deep for a Div V school)
2. Branson (Maxwell and Harleen are so good at the top but Lick has the depth)
3. Convent (neck and neck with University)
4. University
5. Athenian
6. Urban

Div. 5 Boys (5 qualify)

1. St. Josephs (maybe the best team in Div V ever)
2. Lick Wilmerding (so huge and deep)
3. Marin Academy (top two are terrific)
4. Athenian
5. University

Albert Caruana said...

That's pretty good. My rankings look very similar and understand that they more than likely won't finish that way. Some teams will run very well and some won't. Just the nature of our sport.

Anonymous said...

A prediction: 1/2 of the top 8 at state for girls Div 3 will be Campo, Aptos, Las Lomas and BOD.

Anonymous said...

As a big Aidan Goltra fan, I say bring on the mud! Hope it rains all week.

Anonymous said...

"I say bring on the mud! Hope it rains all week."

Please, no. Last year was miserable.

Anonymous said...

Of the D1 girls teams ranked, which (if any) could be looking at a top 10 team finish at State if they make it?

Anonymous said...

D3 girls:

Las Lomas
Bishop O'Dowd

D3 guys:

Bishop O'Dowd

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