Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Hayward HS Course Record for DLS senior, Blair Hurlock (14:30)

Old NCS record on the Hayward course belonged to Yong-Sung Leal of Arroyo HS in 2001 (14:38).  Leal also ran 14:31 in a league meet that year which was the overall course record.  Before him, De La Salle runner, Rich Kimball held the record at 14:36.

The 2nd course record was set by Campolindo's Aidan Goltra (14:44) who surpassed the previous course record set by Eric Olson of Novato (14:49) in 2009.  Photo courtesy of Ray Chavez.

The 3rd course record set today was by Marin Academy junior, Trevor Reinhart (14:44) in Division V.  He broke the previous course record of 15:16 which was set by today's 2nd place finisher, Gabe Arias-Sheridan in 2011.  The first 3 boys in today's race all ran faster than the old course record which included Arias-Sheridan in 2nd place and James Kinney in 3rd place.


Anonymous said...

So it's obvious the mats are behind the finish line. How does this effect times? Also, anyone ever trip on those?

Anonymous said...

Being one who ran the course, I can assure you, yes. I tripped, very hard on those mats.

Anonymous said...

what are those things that Reinhart wears on his knees?

Anonymous said...

They are patella braces - support the kneecap.

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