Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fastest Team Times on the Hayward HS course in the NCS era

Fastest boys' team times at Hayward from 1999, 2001, '02, '04-'12
1) Campolindo '11 77:53
2) Campolindo '08 77:55
3) Petaluma '08 78:02
4) San Ramon Valley '11 78:29
5) Piner '11 78:34
6) Petaluma '07 78:52
7) Monte Vista '07 78:59
8) San Ramon Valley '09 79:06
9) Castro Valley '09 79:08
10) College Park '08 79:25

Fastest girs' team times at Hayward from 1999, 2001, '02, '04-'12
1) Campolindo '11 90:29
2) Carondelet '06 91:47
3) Campolindo '10 91:48
4) Carondelet '07 92:14
5) Maria Carrillo '04 92:42
6) Bishop O'Dowd '04 92:46
7) Livermore '08 92:54
8) Acalanes '11 92:58
9) Montgomery '02 93:19
10) Maria Carrillo '09 93:25


Mike DeVries said...

The most impressive time on this list is the Campo girls from 2010. If my memory serves me correctly, Hayward was a giant mud pit on that particular day. Runners were typically 40 - 60 seconds off expected. That was perhaps only 20 - 30 seconds early in the day but still, this is 2 - 4 minutes of team time.

Anonymous said...

Sad that in all of Nor Cal the NCS has not history. And no real cross country course. In all of the great Northern California the cross country meets are run at a high school around basketball courts. Sad.

Peter Brewer said...

Dear 9:09 am:

As one of the folks who helps put on the NCS meet, I can readily assure you that the NCS is very open to any recommendations for another course. And, to be honest, the people to manage the meet preparation, the course, the races, the results and all of the other attendant details that come with it.

And as far as running on pavement, the fabled Mt. SAC course starts on an airstrip with a start that really only holds about 15 teams. The Woodward Park course runs a large portion of the race on asphalt, and even has to stop vehicle traffic to do even that.

Yes, it would seem contradictory that here in the Golden State with so much open space we can't come up with a course that has all trails and grass . . . and parking, and restrooms, and spectator viewing, and a crew to manage it all.

Until then, Hayward High it is.

Peter Brewer

Mike DeVries said...

FWIW - while a small part of the hayward course runs across the basketball court, the rest is on dirt and grass. I've not heard much in the way of complaints from kids and as a parent, it is my absolute favorite to watch as well over 90% of the race is visible and much of it is in close quarters to the fans, cheering, etc. Compared to Woodward Park or Mt Sac, spectating at Hayward is far more rewarding.

Also, hats off to the folks running this meet each year. We have been there in some of the worse possible weather and it is still a very well run event.

Mike DeVries said...

Also, looking at these times reminds me of the epic 2009 D1 race. Castro Valley and SRV separated by 2 seconds on team time. Both teams put on amazing efforts - Castro Valley runners going 1,2 for the day, and SRV's 4 and 5 chasing down critical points in the last 100 yards. I'll never forget the SRV boys huddled together awaiting the outcome...and cheering when they realized they had won what would become the first of 4 consecutive NCS championships.

Jim Seven said...

When my son ran XC (87-89), they ran championship meets at Pt Pinole, Monte Vista, and Sonoma St. Not sure if any of those less inclined to mud than Hayward or not. I know my son feels the Hayward course is too easy for a championship meet.

All the hard work that goes into staging a meet is appreciated. I realize the logistics of putting on a big meet limit the number of venues.

As I recall Pt Pinole was all trails. Is it a viable course?

Nils said...

Pt. Pinole is where the TCAL (formerly EBAL) has its championship meets. If it rained a lot there would be major sticky nasty mud. The start is a bit cramped for a big start (200 runners). Right before the finish there's a sharpish right turn from the hillside trail onto asphalt that could be bad news in wet weather. The parking lot is kind of small for a big event. Might not be quite what NCS would need.

Anonymous said...

I am not in the NCS so I don't have any stake one way or the other but I do wish we had a true designated cross country course here in California. There are some beautiful national, state, county and city parks in this State.

I do hate the idea of running around athletic fields, on roads and through parking lots. I am not a fan of Mt. Sac and while I do like Woodward Park I feel the CIF could pay to put some work into the course such as taking out the curbs, and working on the start/toll booth area so there is not as much pavement and a sudden bottle neck.

But in this day and age getting permits, etc. I get it. Personally I am saddened to see all the pavement go in our public parks. That is the true shame.

Anonymous said...

The Hayward course is not perfect, but as the illustrious Peter Brewer stated, it meets most of the criteria. I would prefer it to Crystal Springs or Mt Sac. Golden Gate Park would be a good course, but the high cost of motels and parking are the drawbacks. It looks like dry weather ahead for Saturday. Let the kids run fast and see who makes it to
Fresno and the State Meet.

Anonymous said...

The sun's out! Gotta run!

Anonymous said...

Has part of the NCS meet management for years I would like to thank meet directors Pete Brewer and Dolye O'Regan, the Hayward High School crew and all the helpers who come out year after year and donate there time. Also anyone that wants to move the meet to a different location step up and come to the next NCS meeting.

Anonymous said...

I'd live to see Campolindo come over and try Crystal Springs. I always wonder why more teams don't race there with all that history. It's a great litmus test.

I guess those NCS schools only like running on golf courses.

Andrew said...

Hayward isn't a golf course...

Anonymous said...

The NCS has the Castro Valley Invite and Mt. Sac to run on. Both have an abundance of difficult hills

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