Saturday, November 23, 2013

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Best of luck to all the competing teams and individuals today.


Anonymous said...

From anyone there, how is the course? Muddy?

Anonymous said...

No Hurlock?

Anonymous said...

He ran; just not in the split data for some reason. New course record for De la Salle? 77:28!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Hurlock with the course record. Pretty incredible feat!

Anonymous said...

Goltra over Huxham by 18 seconds. lol, People on this site are are going to be so disappointed.

Jim Seven said...

Beautiful weather at Hayward and no mud. Hurlock's awesome with a 17:30. DLS and Campo women were dominant

Andrew said...

I will admit I was wrong about hurlock running that course record...great race

Matt Stewart said...

Three new division records for the boys!

These are the additions to the NCS Hayward All Time Top 10 List:

Blair Hurlock - 14:30 #1 D1

Tyler Olson - 14:54 #3 D2
Ryan Anderson - 15:06 #5 D2
Jackson Crose - 15:13 #8 D2
Todd Olson - 15:17 #10 D2

Aidan Goltra - 14:44 #1 D3
Fred Huxham - 15:02 #6 D3

Efren Reyes - 15:39 #9 D4

Trevor Reinhart - 14:44 #1 D5
Gabe Arias-Sheridan - 15:03 #2 D5
James Kinney - 15:15 #3 D5
Michael Murphy - 15:30 #9 D5
Matthew Murphy - 15:30 #9 D5

De La Salle comes in with the #1 team time at 77:28.

Fastest boys' team times at Hayward from 1999, 2001, '02, '04-'13
1) De La Salle '13 77:28
2) St Joseph Notre Dame '13

3) Campolindo '11 77:53
4) Campolindo '08 77:55
5) Petaluma '08 78:02
6) Campolindo '13 78:17
7) San Ramon Valley '11 78:29
8) Piner '11 78:34
9) Petaluma '07 78:52
10) Monte Vista '07 78:59
11) San Ramon Valley '09 79:06
12) Castro Valley '09 79:08
13) Livermore '13 79:12
14) Maria Carrillo '13 79:19
15) College Park '08 79:25

Anonymous said...

Combined Boy's Team scores:

1) St . Joseph Notre Dame - 114
2) De la Salle. 125
3) Campolindo. 165
4) Maria Carrillo. 224
5) Bishop O'dowd. 263
6) Casa Grande. 293
7) James Logan. 306
8) College Park. 406
9) Amador Valley. 407
10) Livermore. 426

Anonymous said...

while I have nothing against the SJND fanboys, I can assure you i am not one of them when i say this..

can we just take a moment to realize a D5 team, St. Joes, would have beaten a state ranked division 1 team!
talk about doing a lot with a little.
That program is really something special.

Anonymous said...

Amazing feat for the boys of SJND. Put them in D1 race against those Arcadia boys!

Anonymous said...

Not disrespect to their talent and performances but if I am not mistaken, they recruit their runners

Anonymous said...

DLS usual #2 man was #5 today, " IF " healthy might have knocked another minute off that team time!

Louis R said...

In response to the person who said that SJND recruits their runners, you are wrong. I challenge you to find ONE runner on the team who doesn't live in Alameda. You are very mistaken.

Anonymous said...


I don't personally have any basis on the validity of your claim, but if they DO recruit, it would be pretty ironic that that would be a point of contention in them beating DLS and Campo, literally the two teams in the section most-accused of recruiting runners. Also not saying making a value-judgement on these two schools, but at least SJND won with runners that spent/will spend their entire high school careers there (top runners at DLS and Campo were both picked up in free-agency).

Albert Caruana said...

Let's not take away from today's awesome performances. As far as I am concerned, no rules were broken and anybody who makes allegations of recruiting is just trying to knock down some of the hardest working, most respected programs in NCS.

Anonymous said...

Some guy in the d5 race missed the finish line and ended up running an extra mile before he finished haha. Don't know if anyone else saw that, but props to him I guess.

NCS Fan said...

Can we please give all of this bashing on Campo, DLS and St.Joes a rest already? It seems clear to me that people on here are just jealous of those programs and how successful they are. Stop bashing transfers like Aidan and Blair, they made a decision by themselves to transfer, they didnt get recruited, IT WAS THERE CHOICE. Clearly it has been working out for them quite well. Should Campo and DLS be blamed for doing so well year in and year out that people would, on their own accord, transfer there? Absolutely not.

Anonymous said...

De La Salle and Campo both still would of won even without their front runners.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing admirable about ditching your team because you think you can find a better program.

Anonymous said...

I was pleasantly surprised to see James Logan come in second and besting SRV and Amador in boys D1. They are going to State!

Anonymous said...


I disagree entirely. I think it's a lot less admirable to accept complacency as a guiding virtue, especially at such a crucial developmental stage in one's life. The idea that Goltra or Hurlock should be dishonored in someone way for proactively seeking opportunities to harness their full potential as runners and as students is something I find completely backwards, especially when they've both been vindicated by such elite achievements.

You make your comments from the vantage of some Disney universe where the stature of the hometown high school team is the height of pastoral accomplishment. But these boys are winners, they choose to deal and to live in the real world, where high school is not a pedestal, but a ladder rung. These guys understand that marginal advantages in youth are what lead to outlying achievements as adults. Don't criticize them for understanding the world better than you do.

I hope you or your child has enjoyed the end of his story as a runner, for those of us who have been reading the prologue of Hurlock and Goltra with the proper respect they are owed, we can tell you that we're very excited that the book is now beginning.


Anonymous said...

@ 7:36

I don't care how fast they are or think they are. There is something called teamwork and loyalty, whether you are in high school or not.

Goltra, for example, was already a very good runner at Las Lomas, and instead of attempting to help his team qualify to state the last two years he switches to Campolindo, a school that has placed first for who knows how many years AND is a team which does NOT depend on Goltra to take first place.

Your comments are laughable. Please. In high school I accomplished everything I wanted to in running AND posted good times, without ever feeling the need to transfer to a more "prestigious" or "elite" school. And I'd bet 100 dollars I'm faster than you.

Jon D. said...

Fighting is easy behind Anonymous titles. And, if I were Anonymous, I bet I'd be faster than you, too.

Kuya said...


I'm not a runner nor have I ever been, so yes, you probably are. Were there a method to objectively stack our accomplishments against one-another in the things we deem most important, sure I'd follow you into the message board flame war you're trying to trap me in.

Regardless, the fact that Campo would have won without Goltra proves my point. Are you going to develop more by training with a better team or a worse team? People are not obligated to serve one-another, the idea that an individual should risk or even sacrifice the achievement of his highest goal in order to carry a less capable team to some consolation prize is downright immoral. Goltra didn't (doesn't) want to be a "Very Good" runner, he wanted to be a Great runner. While we can speculate whether or not that would have happened at LL, there's no question that a runner with the same goals faced with the same decision wouldn't realize that Campo gives him the higher probability chance of becoming so. You're not allowed to project the goals you had in high school onto another person.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Mr. Goltra is graduating so this debate can finally go away.

He ran a heck of a race, so let's give the man some props. And props to Las Lomas for making it to state; that was pretty cool. Everybody comes out OK.

Anonymous said...

It's all quite simple. Good runners go to good programs. If you want good runners develop your program.

Jim Seven said...

Will the recruiting accusations never die? My son was a member of a dominant DLS team that won NCS in '89 and was second at state. Heard the accusations back then, but know for a fact none of the runners were "recruited". With all due respect to hard working XC runners, who knows that a wimpy 100 LB 8th grader is going to turn into a stud.

Anonymous said...

I thought Glotra went to Campo to take AP courses that were not offered at LL?

Anonymous said...

Listen, many coaches ride a fine line, Arcadia comes to mind. But it's not far off from Campolindo's and others who practice on Sunday, practices on holidays,, top athletes transferring for purely athletic motivations, etc.

These type of win at all cost programs are what it takes to be successful. Running is something you have to do every day but on some level the CIF and as a society we have drawn the conclusion it is wrong. I would like to know how many of the athletes really live within school boundaries. How many "transfer in" for any reason.

There was a crack down a number of years ago where a district official knocked on doors to make sure students lived there. They found empty homes, grandparents addresses, and flat out lies. This type of thing is very common. And the majority of time is not motivated athletically but by parents who want to go to a better school.

Privates cloud the issue. Because you pay you now have no boundaries. The recruiting line is a tired one and false mostly. Though the gray area now is "need based aid." They can't give scholarships based on athletics so they say it is need based.

I would like to see how many athletes actually live in the school boundary for publics and see privates open their books. If the star players go for free it's a problem. If that star athlete lives outside school lines it is a problem.

So you can see there are plenty of darts from both sides to be thrown. Fact is HS sports are dirty, a step below college. It is sad and the blame sits entirely on coaches and parents.

And cross country is the least of all sports, imagine what is going on with football, basketball, volleyball.

Campo Fan said...

Man, you guys are gonna be so livid when you find out about Gaskell. I can already see it...

Anonymous said...

what about gaskell?

RyanDeak said...

Tool @ 11:03, please stop. You are embarrassing yourself with your lack of intelligence. Step away from the keyboard and please try to find a life.

Btw, what's the difference between a family switching schools for academic and/or the arts vs athletic reasons?

Anonymous said...


I'm confused. Seems like a good post talking about both sides of the issue. What is your problem with the post? I'm guessing you are one of those who is part of the problem. I have no skin in the game but what 11:03 is the reality.

What's the difference between athletics, academic and arts? Plenty! Why don't art programs have the same recruiting rules? Why isn't a kid banned from participating in a play or AP classes if transferring?

There's plenty different and im not going to spend time here explain it, you wont get it anyways by the sound of it. Your argument has no validity showing you are indeed the tool. I hope you are under 16, because my guess is you had a hard time comprehending what you read from the 11:03 post.

Anonymous said...

This was just getting good. Where'd everyone go?

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