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Monday, May 21, 2012

Heart and Sole Festival of Miles tonight


Luis Luna Piner HS finished 8th at 4:12.22.
Elite Men's race: http://heartnsolesantarosa.com/fom/%2314-2012.pdf
Elite Women's race: http://heartnsolesantarosa.com/fom/%2313-2012.pdf


Anonymous said...

Did Luna run?

Alex said...

Luis did run, finishing 8th at 4:12.22.

Elite Men's race: http://heartnsolesantarosa.com/fom/%2314-2012.pdf

Elite Women's race: http://heartnsolesantarosa.com/fom/%2313-2012.pdf

Videos and pictures to come soonish.

Anonymous said...

i guess this is a good warm up for the MOC this weekend.

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