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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Central Coast Section Meet today at Gilroy HS

I will try to tweet as many results as I can during the meet.  You can find me at www.twitter.com/CCExpress or search for #2012CCSTF


Brad Rowe said...

A word of warning for fans and athletes returning to CCS finals. Our car was broken into, right in the Gilroy HS parking lot, not even 50 yards from the main gate to the track. Smashed out the side window, stole money & credit cards which were charged fraudulently within an hour while we were watching the meet. Gilroy police indicated we were not the only car victimized. I hope Gilroy High School polices its property better at future events. I always thought CCS should be at City College. I now feel even stronger about that...

Anonymous said...

Parking lot security too much to ask?

Albert Caruana said...


Very sorry to hear that. I had my car broken into a few years ago (not at Gilroy HS) and it's not a good feeling.

Besides the police, did you report it to CCS and Gilroy HS?

Brad Rowe said...

Hi Albert,

Apparently it happened 4-5 hours before the meet ended based on when stolen credit cards were charged. My wife & daughter stayed until the end of the meet and only discovered the break in then. They told the meet director as well as the police. Hopefully they will watch the parking lot and neighborhood for the finals since many events are after dark. This break in was in broad daylight 50 yards from the gate and the car sat there with a smashed window for basically the entire meet. BR

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