Monday, May 30, 2011

Request from Keith Conning

I'm sorry to bother you on Memorial Day, but this is very important to Trinity Wilson (St. Mary's, Berkeley), one of our finest NCS athletes.

I have some individual requests at the end of this e-mail.  Please read all the way to the bottom.

I'm am still trying to find out if the girl's 100 hurdles final race on Saturday had a legal wind, because it would be a new meet record and the second best time in the United States.

G-100H113.34NEW! Cox, Melia (2011) (Long Beach Poly, CA)CA Southern Section Masters(CA), 2011-05-27w(0.5)(#1)
G-100HWIND13.45Williams, Kendell (2013) (Kell, GA)Volunteer Classic(TN), 2011-04-23w(2.3)(#1)

As you know the wind gauge for the girl's hurdles didn't work.  However, the girl's long jump was being contested within a few feet of the track.  The long jumpers were jumping from south to north and the hurdlers were running from north to south.

The first flight of the girl's long jump was held during the hurdles.

I now have the wind readings for the first flight of the long jump.

Jumps in Flight 1 had wind speed measurements ranging from +0.8 to -3.4.   Flight 2, 0.0 to -3.4.  Flight 3, 0.0 to -3.2.

Since the jumpers were going in the opposite direction, you need to turn the readings around.

Thus, the readings on the track were from -0.8 to +3.4 during flight one.

I watched the video of the girls 100 hurdles.
Go to, click sports, click track, click live webcast of MOC.
It shows a girl in a blue singlet running down the long jump runway during the hurdles race.
The entries in flight 1 were:
Hendrickson Redwood Colors Red/Gray
Ruiz Healdsburg Colors Cardinal/Black
Smith McKinleyville Colors Red/Black
McIntrye Analy Colors Royal Blue/White
Vujovich Monte Vista Colors Red/Black
Medor Foothill Colors Blue/Gold
Rasmussen Tamalpais Colors Red/Blue
Ketner Amador Valley Colors Red/Black

Can anyone identify the girl on the long jump runway?  Unfortunately, more than one of these schools has blue uniforms.  I know that Tamalpais, Foothill, and Analy use blue as a school color.

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Andrew said...

It looks like a Tam jersey...I can't be sure, but that is my best guess. There is no obvious yellow on it which would eliminate the Foothill jersey. It could be Analy, however. You would need to see the front of the jersey since I don't remember what each school's jerseys have on their sides. Compare it to Dan Milechman's jersey. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to say Tam as well. judging from the analy jerseys

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