Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Bob Shor

I am very sad to report that Bob Shor passed away this morning after battling illness for the past few years. Most of you would know Bob from starting a lot of meets especially in the Santa Rosa area. He was also the starter for the Dublin Distance Fiesta, Castro Valley Invitational and NCS MOC XC meet for many years. Bob was also a youth coach in the Santa Rosa area. May he rest in peace. He was definitely one of the good guys in our sports. Photo  to the right courtesy of Michael McGuire.

I have no information of funeral services at this point. If I hear differently, I will update this post.
The following are two posts from Santa Rosa coaches Doug Courtemarche and Carrie Joseph.
First Doug:
A long and dear friend of mine and Santa Rosa High School Track and Cross Country passed away this morning. Bob Shor was part of Santa Rosa High for around 20 years. He was a coach and starter for our meets. Bob and I worked together for over 30 years with the Santa Rosa Express Youth club and the high school. Bob voluntarily offered his numerous services to any group that he could accommodate. Bob started meets allover the country and never sought compensation. He freely gave his time and expertise whenever he could. Bob was truly a legend not only in Sonoma County but throughout Northern California and In Youth track nationally. Bob was an active member of the Empire Runners of Sonoma County.
I met with his wife and daughter this morning and they are both doing fine. Bob suffered from multiple forms of cancer for the past year. There will be some sort of service in the early fall.
You will be missed, Bob. Happy starting in Heaven.
Second is Carrie:
Bob Shor was an icon, an institution, a legend. He touched 1000s of young athletes' lives. Gruff yet gentle, he had a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to impart. He was a Vietnam Vet from New York City, a 4:20 miler, a great storyteller. Old School all the way, which would cause him some bewilderment as times changed of course. He was especially patient with young kids in SR Express, and I have many fond memories of Bob being surprisingly playful with my own children as they grew up on the track because I towed them there every day.
Despite his health problems the last few years, he never missed a day of practice until this past CC season. One of the hardest core routine skills we do are what we call the "Bob Shor Leg Hovers" -- it's too painful to even describe here, but let's just say he made it look easy. I know our athletes would sigh with relief when we would travel to a foreign track or CC course and see Bob with the starter pistol -- partly because they knew Bob inspired fear in their competitors, but also because they knew the real Bob.
Bob was meticulous about his beloved track, arriving to practice hours early to pull weeds, straighten curbs, and repair equipment. He knew the rule book inside and out. He probably wrote it, actually. 
Thank you, Bob.
Here is an article from 2011 after Bob won the Kathy Van Riper Inspiration Award:


Anonymous said...

That's sad. I usually tried to take a moment to say hello to him when I saw him officiating events over the past 5 years. He was there rain or shine. He obviously had a passion for the sport of running.
Greg Scales

Carl Triola said...

So sorry to hear this. Bob was one of the first people I met when I started coaching nearly 20 years ago and while he could be brusque, he knew his stuff. He was always willing to give advice and he loved seeing all kids participating in XC plus T&F. I enjoyed the conversations I had with him over the years. He will be missed.

Carl Triola

Menlo XC/Track Coach said...

RIP BOB...This is super sad news to us since Bob used to start a lot of the USATF JO meets. Great guy with a big heart. The younger kids REALLY LOVED HIM!!! We didn't see him this summer and we knew he was having some health issues...truly truly sad and condolences to his family... :(

Anonymous said...

Bob, you were a scholar and a gentleman and you have been a positive influence in our lives for the last 9 years. We love you and we will miss you!

"On your marks..."

Gregorio Denny
Maddie Denny

Anonymous said...

He will forever be remembered by the 1000s of athletes that ran USATF meets as THEIR starter. As one athlete told me at a very rare meet not started by Bob, "It's not a track meet if Bob Shor isn't starting it."

- Kevin McCarthy

Anonymous said...

I ran for M.P. Striders Track club (USATF) from 1996-2003. Bob was the main person myself and my teammates would look forward too seeing each and every meet. One of the memories that I Will always cherish is his voice on a false start saying "stand up,stand,stand up". He will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Bob's obituary is online now at I was always happy to see Bob when I arrived at a meet: both because he was good for the kids, and because he was obviously doing something he loved. You made big difference for me and the kids, Bob. Thank you.

-- Malcolm

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