Monday, May 30, 2011

Follow up to hurdle wind reading issue at NCS MOC...

After much research, I consider the Girls 100 hurdles final as legal!

There was a girl in a blue singlet with black bottoms long jumping in the first flight during the running of that race (video available on the NCS site).  Mike Elliott has looked up the readings for the three girls, whose school colors include blue.  All of their jumps were legal.  To determine the wind in the hurdles you need to reverse the sign of the wind speed.

If we could determine which of the three girls was jumping and what attempt it was, we could come up with an exact reading.

George Kleeman, a USATF and IAAF official, wrote: "Looking at video and pause, it appears as I am sure you know, a white girl with blue top and black bottoms.  Can't tell much else. Time wise it is 3:10 into the video and there is another white jumper, in all black at the beginning at about 0.58 sec into video." 

Does anyone know who the jumpers are?

Brian Henderson and Karen Smith: Would you kindly make a ruling as soon as possible and let me know the result.  It not only affects our MOC meet record, but it also affects the California HS, United States HS, and the World Junior (19 years and under) Lists going into the State Meet.

I will be announcing the State Meet at Buchanan High School in Clovis on Friday and Saturday.  The girl's 100 hurdles should be great as the two fastest hurdlers in the nation will face off: Melia Cox (Long Beach Poly) 13.34 and Trinity Wilson (St. Mary's, Berkeley) 13.37.

Here are the long jump wind readings provided by official Mike Elliott.
Jumper: Jump 1, Jump 2, Jump 3

McIntyre: +1.1, -1.1, -0.9
Medor: -0.8, -1.3, -0.4
Rasmussen: -1.2, -1.3, 0.0

Direct reading for G-LJ.  Reverse the sign for the wind speed for the G100h

Mike Elliott

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Anonymous said...

Jessica Rasmussen also ran in the 200 trials, and she looks very similar in the 200, as the person in the hurdle video. maybe somebody should try and get in contact with her?

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