Saturday, May 14, 2011

DFAL Results (NCS)


Anonymous said...

Did not know which post to bring this up on, but seriously, it is May and there isn't a list/we don't know where a lot of top Norcal athletes are going to college. For example, where are runners like Mary Kriege, Erin Robinson, Parker Schuch, etc. going?

Albert Caruana said...

Mary Kriege is going to Santa Clara and Perker Schuh is going to Cal Berkeley. Don't know about Erin Robinson.

If you want to know where somebody is going email me and I can find out if I don't know already.

Anonymous said...

How about Plazolo? Knapp?

Albert Caruana said...

Two more:
Erin Robinson is going to UCLA and Cole Williams is going to Occidental.

Will find out about Plazola and Knapp.

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