Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Davis fired as Westwood boys track coach

Yet another interesting way to lose your track and field coaching job... (Not Northern California related btw)


Anonymous said...

That is so ridiculous, Davis should be re-instated immediately.

Fight the Power said...

Wow..... this has to be a joke right?

Anonymous said...

This is an absolute joke. As one of the commenters on the article mentioned, what about the swimmers? They're showing a hell of lot more skin than a few distance guys.
This AD sounds like a bit of a joke, anyway. Pushed a student and still has a job? Push my kid, and you'll be served with a lawsuit.
In the hospital.

Albert Caruana said...

This is a case where an Athletic Director chose to wage an unnecessary battle. Oh well. I hope he sleeps well at night because this case is definitely not over as it's getting national attention.

Just One Opinion said...

Ok, I read the article and thew comments and will comment on a few here.

1) In the comments section one person said the "elites" were in separate groups. This is called Varsity and JV. Every program I have been a part of groups be event and then ability. You have to be careful though to make sure you don't play favorites, but that was not stated there.

2) The AD sounds like a control freak. Once he made the decision he is not open to any other opinion. It also sounds like he has brought in money, etc. The all-mighty dollar once again is supreme!

3) The shirt thing is lame. Our rule is on campus you wear a shirt. It can be a tight "tank top" sports bra but it needs to cover the stomach. Same with guys, singlets are fine. Most work places have dress codes, so does our school. Off campus sports bras and shirtless for boys is fine. Too hot for a singlet? Get up early and run at 6 am, it is great outside then! And at the very least you have to wear a singlet in a race so get used to it. And a pool workout is always an option.

4) Its hard to get kids used to a new "rule." They will fight it. A good AD would have given grace the rest of this season as the coach implemented the new rule then set the standard next year.

5) I may be reading into it but it sounds to me like the coach wasn't really behind the rule and the kids knew it. Thus the attitude to not wear the shirt and to wrap it around his waste as a technicality.

6) Who cares! This is track, not football. PS. I bet you can find plenty of football players going shirtless this summer and fall at practice!

Anonymous said...

Certainly there is more to this story than runners wearing shirts. Has anyone inquired about other past issues with this track coach? A lot of people haven't done their homework.

Albert said...

I am sure everything will come out in the end. Gloria Allred on the case yet?

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