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GRAND PRIZE:  Sony Walkman MP3 Player

If you would like an opportunity to win the above prize, send in your predictions to Please include the top 3 finishers for all events (running and field/boys and girls) as well as your predictions for the team champions along with their scores. If there is a tie, the team champions and scores will break those ties.

Your entries should look like this
Name: John Aki Bua Uganda HS Athlete (or coach/parent etc.)

Listed in order of finish (1st through 3rd)
Girls' 400m. Relay-James Logan, Long Beach Poly, St. Francis
Boys' 400m. Relay-
Girls' 1600m.-Jordan Hasay, Mary Decker, Yunxia Qu
Boys' 1600m.-
Girls' 100m. Hurdles-
Boys' 110m. Hurdles-
Don't forget the field events.

Let me know if you have any questions or have any suggestions for the contest.

The winner will be announced on Sunday, May 29th.

Same contest and prize for NCS MOC (list top 4 in each event).  You will need to turn in your entries to me following the Semis on Friday and before noon on Saturday, May 28th.  

Any questions, let me know.

Albert Caruana


Anonymous said...

Sorry OT but any idea when the MOC heat sheets will be up? Looks like MOC going hi-tech and will have the event on webcast. With this be for trial and finals?


Albert Caruana said...

I am guessing that the heat sheets will be out either today or tomorrow the latest.

They will be posted at the following link which will also be updated throughout the meet with live results:

I am assuming the webcast will be available on both days.

Credit needs to go to NCS for always being the forefront with quick results and now a webcast of their section final.

Anonymous said...

which distance runners do you all think have the best shot at doing well at state?

Albert Caruana said...

If you are asking about Northern California runners, here are my best guesses. These are runners that could potentially qualify to the state Saturday finals or have an impact in the 3200m.

Boys 1600m.-Chris Waschura (Woodside)

Boys 800m.-Cole Williams (Urban)

Boys 3200m.-Parker Schuh (Mt. View), Luis Luna (Piner), Ben Eversole (Castro Valley), Chris Kigar (El Camino), Trevor Halsted (Davis), Domenic D'Acquisto

Girls 1600m.-Nikki Hiltz (Aptos), Anna Maxwell (SLV), Allison Sturges (Mt. View)

Girls 800m.-Samantha Ralstin (Oak Ridge)

Girls 3200m.-Carrie Verdon (Campolindo), Anna Maxwell (SLV), Kelsey Santisteban (Castro Valley)

I am sure there are others but these are the ones that come to mind first. We'll know more after the section final races.

hank said...

So NCS has their meet at Berkeley... I wonder how they were able to pay for that. CCS wants equal time, come on Stanford, make us an offer that we can't refuse.

Anonymous said...

1600 - Jesse Chestnut of Washington

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

how about the field events that already happened?

Anonymous said...

how does the scoring system work for the contest?

hank said...

I don't know who they DQ'd Kyle Rae from the 1600... where was the contact. Check out the video at:

He got robbed.

Anonymous said...

wow... it looked like the guy was getting too close to Rae and was going to fast to stop it. i see no fault on Kyles part...

Albert Caruana said...

According to the official, Kyle Rae moved over a lane and half and interfered with the Willow Glen runner. If you look at the video, it doesn't look like Kyle intentionally interfered with the WG runner but he does go from the inside of lane one at the top of the turn to the outside of lane two at the finish.

It's a tough call and certainly subjective.

Anonymous said...

I've watched the video several times and it looks to me that Rae's clearly in lane 1, Rivera in lane 2 and Waschura passing both with a strong kick in lane 3 when Rae suddenly moves to lane 2 which trips up Rivera who was clearly already there. What was Rivera supposed to do, stop suddenly because Rae pops in front of him as they are kicking to the finish? I feel sdorry for Rae but even more so for Rivera who did nothing wrong.

Coach Small said...

If you look at the video at 4:12 you will see both runners are running on or near the white line with Rae in front. Rivera is boxed in as the runner comes up on lane two, a tough place to be.

At 4:14 (about 10-15 meters later) Rae has moved onto the other side of the white line a total of about 3-6 inches at most. Rivera then runs into Rae at 4:16 on the white line they are both running on. Rae did not move over into lane 2 until after Rivera fell. Rae had position and maintained that through the majority of the straight away. From what I can tell this was not in the final 40 meters.

When people are fatigued they waiver and you must account for it. He did not move 1.5 lanes as was stated by the official. If Rivera was clearly running down the middle of lane 2 I could understand the DQ, but this was not the case. A runner cannot be responsible for a runner running up on him and what is happening behind him.

It is unfortunate that the DQ happened. In the heat of the moment an official made a judgment call. I am not sure if a video would have helped resolve this issue but it wouldn't have hurt. In today's age of technology can we not have an "official" video for review in these instances? I'm with Hank, the kid was robbed. Not the officials fault, they are there to make the calls, but video could have shown he did not move over 1.5 lanes (since he was running on the white line that would be well into lane 3 and need to take place right in front of the runner).

That said Rivera was on his way to State and should have a shot at going, after all the top 3 were on their way. Can we not have a run off with the top 2nd, 3rd & 4th?

Anonymous said...

who won the contest?

Anonymous said...

ooo check it out. In the video you can see Foster, Waschura, and Rae talking at 4:32. At 4:36 you see Foster tell the other two about Rivera and then you can hear Rae say (surprisingly loudly and clearly) "I didn't block you, did I?" You can click the fullscreen option and watch his mouth carefully and verify that it was him that said it. Interestingly, you can't hear the rest of their conversation at all. I don't know why that one bit was so loud and clear, but it was DEFINITELY Rae that said it. I don't know, I just thought it was interesting and worth sharing.

Albert Caruana said...

I am sure that was somebody in front of the camera person saying that and not Rae.

Anonymous said...

My coach brought up a good point with this: there is a difference between what is fair and what is correct. In my opinion, the correct call was made in that Kyle pretty clearly jumps over a lane (quite suddenly too, suggesting that it wasn't entirely a fatigue float). As a runner, I have a hard time believing that Kyle had no idea Rivera was there...
Anyway, the correct call was made: Kyle jumped over without clear reason and Joseph tripped as a result. The letter of the law, I believe, states that you can't interfere with another runner. But justice would be having them both reinstated and sent to the state meet. Anyone who watched the race clearly saw who the best 3 runners were.
But this brings up an interesting point: track is a black-and-white sport. You run a concrete time that counts for exactly what it is, no ifs ands or buts. Everyone steps to the line exactly equal. That's why the lane 8's always show up, rather than scratch out. If the rules were "just" and guaranteed the best 3 runners their spots in the state meet, that would betray the spirit of track, that everyone steps to the line with an equal chance to win within the concrete rules.
So basically, after all my rambling, what I'm saying is that the correct call was made, but justice was not done. But that's a good thing for the sport to continue to be the equal opportunity provider that it is.

Albert Caruana said...

Well put.

Anonymous said...

Good point... But as black and white as track is the rules are often gray. What is "impeding a runner?" One Stride or two? How much can you move over? Does their have to be intent? Who judges that?

If you ever watch international races this happens all the time. They get beat up in those packs and you never see a DQ. Why? IT needs to be settled on the track.

Can someone give the letter of the law here? What rule was exactly broken? We are talking about inches here, not a sudden "jump" that some are saying. Rae moved over when he has 2 strides then they were both running down the white line as far as I can see and has already been stated. Why the Willow Glen kid didn't run out into lane 2 or Rae stay in lane 1 is beyond me. Rae had him beat, Rivera should have gone wide...just as the winner did.

Reminds me though of an old Cosby Episode where he runs the competition off into lane 8 and off the track. I wonder if he got DQ'd? haha.

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