Sunday, November 25, 2007

Northern California Podium Individuals and Teams

The following are pictures of all the individuals and teams from Northern California that qualified for the podium (Top 10 for Individuals and Top 3 for Teams). Result links are also added.

Division I Girls Top 10 IndividualsDiv. I Girls' Results
Division II Girls IndividualsDiv. II Girls' Results

Division II Girls-Ponderosa (3rd Place)
Division II Boys Top 10 IndividualsDiv. II Boys' Results

Division II Boys-Petaluma (2nd Place)/Woodcreek (3rd Place)

Division III Boys Top 10 IndividualsDiv. III Boys' Results

Division III Boys-Aptos (3rd Place)

Division III Girls Top 10 IndividualsDiv. III Girls' Results

Division III Girls-Campolindo (3rd Place)
Division IV Girls Top 10 IndividualsDiv. IV Girls' Results

Division IV Girls-St. Mary's (2nd Place)
Division IV Boys Top 10 IndividualsDiv. IV Boys' Results

Division IV Boys-St. Mary's (2nd Place)

Division V Girls Top 10 IndividualsDiv. V Girls' Results

Division V Girls-Mt. Shasta (1st Place)
Division V Boys Top 10 IndividualsDiv. V Boys' Results

Division V Boys-University (2nd Place)


Anonymous said...

the second mile is the hardest, without a doubt.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what happened to Carondolet?? I am aware of bad days but am curious if other issues existed. Any thoughts??

Albert Caruana said...

Just one of those days.

Here is an article that talks briefly about Carondelet.
Cougars favored but settle for fifth

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