Monday, November 19, 2007

NCS Post Race Reflection by Matt Duffy (St. Mary's)

Matt Duffy was involved in one of the most exciting races this past Saturday as he had a come from behind victory over Willits' Kenny Smith. Here is his version of the race as well as his team's efforts at the NCS MOC.

I once read that the journey is more important then the destination itself. On Saturday, I figured that out. For both my team and me individually the goal was to win a NCS championship, disregarding time or margin of victory. In the end both goals were accomplished, though both much different then the other. Team wise I felt like we had an awesome performance, putting our #5 runner in before any other team's #2 runner while scoring only 40 pts. After our League Championship meet we made a goal to score under 55 pts., so needless to say we were very pleased. Individually things may not have gone as smooth as I had wished, in the second mile when I became fatigued it felt like the wheels were falling off, every runner and coach knows that feeling, and has seen or experienced it in some way. It is easy to expect things to go one way, but the truth is, which I am sure all of us can testify to is that most of the time things do not go as planned and you don't feel as you thought you would. For better or worse, that is how it is. So Saturday was a special day for me as I feel like I had the same struggle my sister did her senior year at the NCS Meet of Champions when she came from behind on the last downhill to win her third NCS individual title, it seems like some things run in the family and some things just happen. I know Saturday taught me an important lesson and that is to never quit, until you reach the line because nothing matters until the line is crossed. I would like to congratulate and wish Kenny Smith from Willits HS the best of luck and State and beyond, as he ran a tremendous race, was an amazing competitor and showed great sportsmanship.

I would also like to congratulate our Girls team who won their first section title since 1999, scoring 39 points. It was an exciting day for our entire program and it is not something that we take lightly. Section championships are a special thing and it is not only important to remember the accomplishment but the journey that it took to get there.

Saint Mary's congratulates everyone who ran, watched and cheered on Saturday for a job well done. Also I know we wish everyone the best of luck at the state meet as the journey continues another week. GO NCS! Thank you and happy thanksgiving!


Doug E. Fresh said...

Nice work Matt! Another great season.

I wish I could have been up there to watch all the exciting action unfold. There were some fast times run this year, the state meet is going to be interesting.

Also, Albert you're doing a great job with this site as always!

Good luck to all NCS runners this weekend at the state meet.

Anonymous said...

Awesome reflection Matt! You did great this season, and I am proud I got the chance to race with you all these years. You have earned all your accomplishments so far, and you will do a great job representing your school and NCS on saturday. Good luck and see you out there.

Anonymous said...

hey matt.....i run with brian fix and i was reading your reflection and it just goes to show how much runners go through the same exact experiences because on behalf of our team, i think we feel the same way. our goal was really to just make state and accomplish a goal as a team, which we ended up doing. but individually, we were disappointed and were so afraid of not making state after crossing that finish line. but in the end, we got we wanted as a team, and it's gonna be nice running with you guys at NCS. good luck and see you saturday.

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