Sunday, November 18, 2007

NCS Individual Winners

9 out of 10 runners, 1st time winners (Only Matt Duffy repeated)
4 out of 10 races decided by sprint finishes!

Jack Leng (Castro Valley)/Colleen Lillig (California
Sterling Lockert (Petaluma)/Nicole Hood (Carondelet)

James Attarian (Dublin)/Lauren Curtin (Maria Carrillo)

Matt Duffy (St. Mary's)/Sarah Sumpter (Healdsburg)

Hank Carl (South Fork)/Lucy McCullough (Marin Academy)


Anonymous said...

What are the conversions from each section to state 2007?

Boy Girls
Mt. SAC (SS)
Same as 2006

Hayward (NCS)
Same as 2006

Woodward (CS)
Same as 2006

Willow Hill (SJS)
Angel Camp in 2006

Balboa (SDS)
Same as 2006

Crystal Springs (CCS)
Toro Park 2006

West Valley (NS)
Same as 2006

Albert Caruana said...

Check out the following course converter which you can find on Hank Lawson's website:
Course Converter Tool

That will show you the conversions for Crystal Springs and Mt. SAC to Woodward. I know Woodward is faster than Willow Hills by possibly 30 seconds. Hayward is faster than Woodward (at least 3% faster).

I am not familiar with the other courses.

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