Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nice article about the Crystal Springs Course Record...

From Dave Kiefer of the San Jose Mercury News. Dave interviews several athletes and coaches about Mitch Kingery's course record which has stood since 1973 (34 YEARS!). You can find the article at the following link:
Crystal clear: Course record tough to break

While Kingery might be best known as the Crystal Springs course record holder, he also ran a 2:23:47 marathon as a SOPHOMORE in high school.

Here is a great link I found courtesy of Clint Cummins which is an unofficial Mitch Kingery timeline of his high school races:
Mitch Kingery - informal high school timeline

The prodigious racing and times are amazing!


Anonymous said...

Great facts on Kingery, you guys. MK was a phenom. I wish someone had watched over Kingery better in high school, brought him along properly. With that talent & drive, maybe he'd have broken the marathon world record when he was 25, a few years before Salazar did.

It's an amazing HS story, but bittersweet because he probably could have been a great US runner, instead of a somewhat obscure HS phenom

Albert Caruana said...

Thanks to Bob Rush maintaining the same course since 1972, we are still talking about Mitch Kingery. His place in history (at least in this area) is still secure.

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