Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Catching up with Riverbank's German Fernandez

Today, we hear from one of the nation's top runners, German Fernandez of Riverbank. He is undefeated this year, claiming several course records including this past Saturday when he lowered the just freshly broken Willow Hills record of 15:56 by Del Campo's James Tracy to a jaw dropping 15:03! That victory marked German's 3rd Sac Joaquin Section championship in Div. IV making him what I believe is the first male 3 time sectional champion in any division. He will be a heavy favorite to win his 2nd State Meet Division IV race following his 2nd place finish last year to Big Bear's Chad Hall and his 1st place finish during his sophomore year in 2005. German is considered one of the favorites to win the national title this year along with Judge Memorial's (Utah) Like Puskedra.

(Photo from this past Saturday is courtesy of Joe Hartman and dyestatcal.com)

1) How did you get your start in running?

In middle school, I ran Track and Field and noticed that I had potential and continued in high school.

2) What other sports have you participated in along with Cross Country and Track?

Football, Soccer, and Basketball

3) When did you make the transition to being a "runner"?
My sophomore year

4) What do you feel has contributed the most to how well you are running this season?
Running over the summer, and staying consistent throughout the year.

5) Where do you do most of your running? around school? trails?
Around school but mostly around my coach's house because we do mile intervals every week.

6) What has been your highest mileage week so far this season?
60 miles

7) What workouts do you do that give you the most confidence when you race?

Six times one mile intervals with a minute rest, and 25 x 200s in 30 seconds with 30 seconds rest.

8) During your high school career, can you single out a race where you feel that you ran at your best (xc or track)?
I'm saving the best for last which will probably happen at state or nationals. I haven't peaked yet for the best race I ever ran because I always feel I can do even better but its going to happen one of this days.

9) Favorite xc course? Favorite competitor? Runners you look upto?
Woodward at Fresno, don't really have one, Ryan Hall, Steve Prefontaine, and Alan Webb.

10) There is a lot of talk about the national race. Do you think that far ahead or are you just focusing on the state meet?
Right now I'm just focusing on state only because I don't like stressing out.

11) What are your goals for the state meet and beyond?
Setting a course record if the conditions are right and if I feel good. Qualifying for nationals and then racing my guts out to take the goal and bring it to California.

12) Congratulations also to your team for winning SJS and qualifying for state.
Thank you very much as that section team championship meant a lot to me.

Thank you very much German-AJC!

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Luis said...

Hi, My name is Luis Chavez i go to buhach colony high school i have a teacher name Mrs. Ortega and she told me about you, and i saw you at Modesto JC last week,and i would like to see you running with my partner ( Andrew Ray), because you guys are the fastest runners i ever seen. If you have a myspace please add me as a friend chivas_3987@yahoo.com later...

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