Saturday, November 10, 2007

CCS Results, Pictures and Meet Summary...

You can find results at Hank Lawson's site at the following link:

Fastest Individual Times of the Day
Gambileg Bor 14:56 (Jefferson HS)/Stephanie Barnett 17:32(Leland HS)

Division I Boys

1st Place-Carlmont High School

2nd Place-Bellarmine High School

Division II Boys
St. Francis High School

2nd Place-Los Gatos High School

Division III Boys
1st Place-Aptos High School

2nd Place-St. Ignatius Boys

Division IV Boys
1st Place-King City High School

2nd Place-Palma High School

Division V Boys
1st Place-Anzar High School

2nd Place-Redwood Christian High School
Sorry, no picture!

Division I Girls

1st Place-Carlmont High School

2nd Place-Salina High School
Sorry, no pic!

Division II Girls
1st Place-Mt. View High School

2nd Place-Presentation High School

Division III Girls
1st Place-St. Ignatius High School

2nd Place-Aptos High Schoo

Division IV Girls
1st Place-Carmel High School

2nd Place-Valley Christian SJ High School

Division V Girls
1st Place-Castilleja High School

2nd Place-Woodside Priory High School

More pictures and meet summary to come.

In the meantime, feel free to comment on today's races. Biggest surprise? Best race for individual title? Best team battle? Anything else you can think of for today's meet.

Stay tuned for more...


Run4Fun said...

Division 3 Girls
Great Team Battle in this tough Division. While SI is really good, you have to give some love to Aptos only 6 back. Watch this one at State.

Albert Caruana said...

I think both teams will do well at state although SI's 1/2 punch is an advantage in a large field like you will see in 2 weeks.

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