Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SCCAL cross country: SLV transfer Kaila Gibson ruled ineligible for year

FELTON -- Promising San Lorenzo Valley High distance runner Kaila Gibson has been declared ineligible to compete in sports during the 2013-14 school year, school athletic director Mark Mercer confirmed.
Gibson transferred to San Lorenzo Valley from Soquel in August. The Central Coast Section committee ruled her in violation of a transfer rule last week. Mercer confirmed Thursday she was ineligible. San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District superintendent Julie Haff clarified the ruling in a phone call Tuesday afternoon.
Per its policy, the CCS board doesn't comment on a student athletes' eligibility or ineligibility, CCS commissioner Nancy Lazenby Blaser said.
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Anonymous said...

Well it is pretty clear what rule has been interpreted as being broken but just as clear is the fact this rule is not being enforced uniformly.

The real question is who threw the first stone?

Anonymous said...

Section offices have a way of interpreting CIF bylaws without consistency - unfortunate for her

Anonymous said...

Question: If a student-athlete transfers schools for the second time, can only run JV, but his coach runs him at a varsity invite under the name/number of a different eligible runner, is that a CIF eligibility violation?

Coach Ozzie said...

Answer: Obviously

And if you are going to make an accusation, you'd better be right, because if you're not sure and it turns out that you are wrong, you are going to cause someone a lot of undeserved headaches.

Anonymous said...

Clearly there are others in the Nor Cal in this category, some even outright said here in interviews they transferred specifically to run for a better team and for a specific coach. Others at least downplay their transfer and say it is for AP classes, which I would think a simple transcript follow up would reveal a lot.

Truth is XC and track is a sport the public could care less about. Imagine what goes on in football and basketball.

There are coaches who cheat and always will be. There will be over-involved parents living veraciously though their children thinking that the college scholarship will somehow make them a good parent.

I too would be interested as to who made a big deal over this. Was it the previous school's coach? A league rival? That league seems pretty shady, not far from what was going on at Arcadia for multiple schools there. But then again I can name many, many coaches who live in the gray area.

Simple Truth said...

The kid is the one who pays the price. Can any of you 'adults' imagine being told you couldn't compete for an entire year when all you want to do is run.

Ghpadd said...

Having testified at a Legislative Oversight hearing of the CIF concerning this same issue a few years back (on behalf of elite distance runners within California High Schools) I can state that the Legislature, at that time, was extremely concerned that the student athlete could be harmed by CIF actions. If there is a problem with CIF, they fall under the State Legislature oversight. I highly recommend contacting your Legislative Representative concerning specific issues where the CIF rules have brought harm, financially, emotionally, or even to hindering scholarship opportunities, for the athlete. If you do have a true issue, then contacting your Legislative Representative concerning the issue should be of no problem.

Anonymous said...

"And if you are going to make an accusation, you'd better be right, because if you're not sure and it turns out that you are wrong, you are going to cause someone a lot of undeserved headaches."

Coaches do this all too much. Last year we had athletes at a meet out of section. Bob De La Cruz contacted CCS because he thought the athletes went without a coach and wanted them in trouble. Turns out he was wrong. HAHA

Andrew said...

@5:32 Anonymous - don't call out someone by name if you're not willing to use your own name on an online forum. that's just poor etiquette. Again, I always post using my real name and my Gmail account, so if you want to talk, I think you can just click on my name and send me a message.

It really is too bad for Gibson because some people think they know why she transferred. I am sure CCS did their due diligence in investigating and came out with the decision they thought was appropriate. But they won't comment so its just up to the Anonymous posters to vulture over the potential reasons.

Anonymous said...

On a side note, SLV and Aptos have their dual meet tomorrow, one week before their league finals at the same course. Cate Ratliff will also be racing in the same race. Stay posted

Anonymous said...

What's funny is a certain SLV "parent" or "fan" was talking trash this summer regarding Ratliff after Wharf to Wharf. She's the class of the league still so there that is.

Anonymous said...

so, 846! what "parent" or "fan" are you speaking anonymously about! Show some character and either speak up or shut up. Your hate is showing and it should be embarrassing....I think albert should shut this option down because it is really quite unhealthy most of the time. Too many anonymous comments without character or integrity.

Anonymous said...

It was anonymous but I believe they are referring to this comment after wharf to wharf:

"Peabody, Gibson Where Just Running it for fun with Friends, said prior to Race just training thru! Don't want to take a chance and Get Injured. Xc More important than a Road Race. Santa Cruz Right, History Proves they always seem to Quit there and get Injured! Edwards is a Stud, will be a Great Catch in College, Just needs to really work on the Form!"

Good to see the Santa Cruz runner healthy and still going strong!

Anonymous said...

Character and integrity are not traits found in those who accuse others of lacking in character and integrity.
Asking Albert to 'shut this option down' (whatever that means?) Shows a lack of character.
Yes, I lack character!!!
There are few who don't.
Real character and integrity are rare. Most of us, if we are honest with ourselves, realize we are, in fact, hypocrites.

Old Timer said...

Requiring registration for message boards kills the number of page views and hits. I think Albert did that when the Carlmont drama was in full swing and it just about brought traffic to a halt.

Anonymous said...

"Coach Ozzie said...
Answer: Obviously
And if you are going to make an accusation, you'd better be right, because if you're not sure and it turns out that you are wrong, you are going to cause someone a lot of undeserved headaches. 10:34 AM"

Coach Ozzie, it's correct without a doubt. The kid ran for one school for 2 years, transferred to another school for a year, transferred to a 3rd school. Under eligibility rules, there is no "sit-out period." He can only run JV.

The coach entered his team, had an athlete not make it, so ran this boy under his name, but the coach says it is permissible because the eligibility rules only applies when you are running races within your section.

Thus, later the boy ran straight up varsity at a different invite under his own name/number because the race was not within his own section, and the coach says that is permissible.

I've never heard of such a thing, but on the other hand, several years ago there was a boy who attended a non-CIF charter and ran several high school invites as an "unattached" runner, and a prominent coach within the NCS said that is permissible.

I've always stuck with the letter - or at least the intent - of the law and not sought out gray areas.

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