Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Crystal Springs Invitational hosted by Serra HS Info

Dear Coaches,

Thank you for choosing to run at the Junipero Serra Crystal Springs Invitational this coming Saturday.  This will be the biggest Crystal Springs Invite to date, with over 2,700 entries.  With the increase in runners, there are a few details I need to share as well as Pre-Race instructions that are particularly important for the event to run smoothly.

This will be the biggest issue on Saturday.  Parking is very limited in the neighborhood.  Please make sure that you communicate to your runner's parents driving to the meet that if cars are parked illegally or are blocking driveways, the residents will not hesitate to call the police.  The police will be patrolling the area and handing out tickets to cars parked illegally.  There is limited parking available on the residential streets near the event entrance.  In order to maximize the available parking near the entrance to the event, I am requiring the team buses to park on St. James Rd. or at Fox Elementary School.  Please advise your runner's parents to park on these streets as well.  The walk to the start of the course from St. James Rd/Fox School is approximately 10 minutes. There is an entrance to the course along St. James Rd. at Upper Lakes trail, which provides a more direct route to walk to the start of the race.  

There will be a designated drop-off point for the buses and parents to drop the teams/runners off at the entrance to the course on Hallmark Drive between Wakefield Dr. and Leigh Way.  After dropping the team/runners at the designated drop off point, I will have assistants directing the buses and parents to the available parking on St.James Rd  and at Fox Elementary School.  Again, please advise your drivers and parents ahead of time of these parking logistics, including the designated streets available for parking.  Your help in making this event run smoothly by communicating with your runner's parents is greatly appreciated.

Directions for Parking on St. James Rd. and Fox Elementary School
From 92 take a right on Hallmark
After 2 stop signs make a Right on Wemberly Dr.
Proceed on Wemberly until to reach St.James Rd. Take a Right on St.James Rd.
Park on the Course side of the street. 
Buses please proceed down St. James Rd to Fox Elementary and they can park in the lot

On site will be 2 paramedics, one will be located at the finish line.  They will not be taping athletes or acting as trainers, but will only apply medical attention when needed.  While they will have some ice available for the athletes that they need to treat, you should plan on having the proper supplies to handle your athletes.

Race Schedule
Attached is the race schedule for Saturday listing the times of the Race Events.  There will be 4 Girls races, and 8 Boys races.  I have also attached a PDF documents listing the Teams Assigned to Race Events.  This document details which schools are assigned to each race event.  I have tried to split the assigned teams evenly based on number of participants and requests from schools. Please review these lists and note what race and time your team will be running.

Snack Bar and T-Shirts
There will be a Snack Bar and Long Sleeve Invitational T-Shirts for sale.  The Long Sleeve T-shirts are $15 each.

Cleanup, Check-in, and Payment
Please police your area, and clean-up after your team.  This will be greatly appreciated.  We will be handing out garbage bags upon checking in for your convenience.  When you pick up your packet, located near the starting line next to the shed,  please provide payment if you have not already paid.

Again, I appreciate all of your help making the 2013 Crystal Springs Invitational a great success.

Thank you,

Ron DiMaggio
Head Cross Country Coach Junipero Serra High School


Anonymous said...

I've never understood why JV and frosh soph races get the best times for the weather. Why aren't they at the end of the day?

It would be nice if meet management determines who's in championship races to get the best match ups.

Are there really double the number of boy participants?

Andrew said...

I think for meets where it gets extremely hot (Stanford, Clovis, Crystal), the general consensus of "best time for the weather" is around 10 AM to 11 AM. Which is when the championships/varsity are for this meet.

Anonymous said...

I can't access the race schedule. Can you post the start times of the Girl's and Boy's Championship races?

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