Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Who will win the Stanford Invitational 3000m. races?

Event 153  Girls 3000 Meter Run
  1  Ankhelyi, Madeleine              Vista del La              
  2  Bhattacharya, Ragini             Harker Schoo              
  3  Carroll, Clare                   Vista del La              
  4  Choucair, Jackie                 Hockaday Sch              
  5  Daley, Cassidy                   Lodi                      
  6  Dimits, Natalie                  Livermore                
  7  Dorman, Hannah                   West Valley              
  8  Estrada, Vanessa                 San Benito                
  9  Fraser, Vanessa                  Scotts Valle              
 10  Garcia, Karlie                   Oakmont                  
 11  Goltra, Aidan*                    Las Lomas                
 12  Goyette, Maxine                  Oak Ridge                
 13  Gullikson, Julia                 Holy Names                
 14  Hebel, Liz                       San Ramon Va              
 15  Heckman, Cassidy                 Atwater                  
 16  Hickman, Melanie                 Pleasant Val              
 17  Hughes, Jacklyn                  Franklin (El              
 18  Jarvis, Leanne                   River Valley              
 19  Johnson, Alyssa                  Leland                    
 20  Lane, Nicole                     El Molino                
 21  Laygo, Brittany                  Clovis East              
 22  Ling, Grace                      Lynbrook                  
 23  Maxwell, Julia                   Branson Scho              
 24  McIntyre, Shelby                 South Tahoe              
 25  Meads, Sophie                    Davis                    
 26  Mersereau, Katie                 Granite Bay              
 27  Mills, Mackenzie                 Vintage                  
 28  Monsalud, Tiffany                James Logan              
 29  Moon, Isabel                     Novato                    
 30  Nag, Maya                        Saratoga                  
 31  Natoli, Andrea                   Maria Carril              
 32  Nunes, Karina                    Woodcreek                
 33  O'Neil, Victoria                 Boise                    
 34  Pablo, Tayor                     St. Mary's (              
 35  Ramos, Gavin*                     Las Lomas                
 36  Redor, Christine                 Ponderosa                
 37  Stanislaw, Lauren                Fred C. Beye              
 38  Velez, Ellie                     Oak Ridge                
 39  Welsh, Anna                      Monterey                  
 40  Young, Alexandra                 St. Francis
*incorrectly entered in girls race

Event 103  Boys 3000 Meter Run
  1  Anthony, Peter                   Cupertino                
  2  Anthony, Thomas                  Cupertino                
  3  Arias, Brandon                   Castro Valle              
  4  Arias, Gabe                      St. Joseph N              
  5  Armstrong, Dusty                 Oak Ridge                
  6  Awad, Adam                       Clovis East              
  7  Baker-Robinson, Will             Sir Francis              
  8  Boyal, Swarnjit                  River Valley              
  9  Brendel, Trent                   Granite Bay              
 10  Calvillo, Jacob                  Leland                    
 11  Castro-Wehr, Dominic             Nevada Union              
 12  Conner, Alex                     Sonoma Valle              
 13  Corvese, Ryan                    Ann Sobrato              
 14  DeAnda, Charles                  Bellarmine C              
 15  Esparza, Nathaniel               Madera South              
 16  Estifanos, Yohanness             Milpitas                  
 17  Gonzales, Corey                  Harker Schoo              
 18  Greenough, Ryan                  Davis                    
 19  Hamid, Abdul                     Sheldon                  
 20  Ho, Richard                      Leland                    
 21  Kohlgruber, Tsuyoshi             Livermore                
 22  Kruse, Phillip                   Lodi                      
 23  Kurtz, Jordan                    Vacaville                
 24  Luna, Luis                       Piner                    
 25  Mackey, Carter                   Castro Valle              
 26  McCabe, Michael                  Willow Glen              
 27  Meredith, Tony                   Foothill (Pa              
 28  Navia, Juan                      Madera South              
 29  Nguyen, Duc                      Alameda                  
 30  Obletz, Nick                     Oregon Episc              
 31  Puglisi, Edixon                  Oakmont                  
 32  Reyes, William                   Monterey Tra              
 33  Scanlon, Parker                  Nevada Union              
 34  Scranton, Jack                   Davis                    
 35  Sickler, Tyler                   Will C. Wood              
 36  Stalters, Danny                  Northgate                
 37  Tonkyn, Nolan                    Albany                    
 38  Tyler, Hunter                    Woodcreek                
 39  West, Tim                        Will C. Wood              
 40  Williams, Nathanael              Sierra Luthe


NCSfanboy said...

Well Aidan Goltra definitely has the girls race wrapped up. As for boys, i give it to Luna considering he's the 2nd fastest returning 3200m runner in the country.

NCSfanboy said...

Seriously though, on the girls side it'll be a good one between Maxwell, Lane, Fraser, and Garcia to name a few.

Albert Caruana said...

I am fairly confident that Aidan will not be running in the girls race so you will have to pick another runner.

Albert Caruana said...

There we go. Seems like Luna is clear favorite to win the boys race. Who are going to be his main challengers?

Is there a clear cut favorite for the girls?

NCSfanboy said...

I like Fraser. But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Young, St. Francis
Williams, Sierra

He who is last shall be first!

Andrew said...

If Carroll and Ankhelyi choose Stanford over Arcadia (entered into both, I think they, Fraser, and Karlie Garcia are the favorites. Julia Maxwell and Lane shouldn't be far behind.

For Luna's main competitors, I think it will be Richard Ho, Alex Conner, Nolan Tonkyn, and maybe Estifanos, too. Gabe Arias and Duc Nguyen as sleepers.

Albert Caruana said...

Not sure I like the idea of athletes being signed up for both Arcadia and Stanford and taking spots away from potential competitors at either invitational.

Anonymous said...

Stanford clearly was a back up. People scratch the 3k all the time there and it is just disrespectful. They should accept 50 or so to plan for this.

Clearly not cool, no 4 girls who could of run cant.

SJS Fan said...

I'll take Luna in 8:37.52

Anonymous said...

1. Conner
2. Luna
3. Ramos

reddevil said...

Between Fraser and Garcia. Maxwell should be close behind

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what time each event is going to begin?

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Duc Nguyen to win it all

Rob Collins said...

Carroll and Ankhelyi are at Arcadia!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to predict Fraiser wins with Estrada in second. Luna will take the boys but for some odd reason heat 2 willbe nearly as fast as the "fast heat."

Mitty takes the girls DMR and Bellarmine boys will finish second to M-A.

I know it's a shocker but just a prediction.

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