Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekend Invitationals newspaper coverage...

Davis runner among area's top performers at Stanford meet (Sac Bee)  SJS
Trumbull leads Oak Ridge at Stanford (El Dorado Hills Telegraph) SJS
Kenneth Walker high-stepping toward a state title (SF Chronicle) NCS
Blue Devils shine at Stanford meet (Davis Enterprise) SJS
Blue Devils shine at Stanford meet (Part II) SJS
How locals fared at the Arcadia Invitational (Mercury News) CCS
Johnson & Luna win at Stanford 4/6 (Press Democrat) NCS
Stanford Invitational 4/7 (Press Democrat) NCS
Boys track and field leaders April 9 (UT San Diego) SDS
Girls track and field leaders April 9 (UT San Diego SDS
Spencer out until MRL finals (Daily Press) SS
Clairemont pole vaulter leads locals at Arcadia meet (UT San Diego) SDS
Dropped baton doesn't stop Harvard-Westlake (LA Times) SS

Balumbu, McLain shine in major meet at Stanford (Mercury News)  

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Anonymous said...

Just a question for top 8 next week. Is there really 2 heats for each division of the mile? As in 2 heats of the girls 2 mile? If there are 2 heats of 20 how in the world can you be on the Top 20 CCS list?

Can someone in the know help me out here?

Albert Caruana said...

In the past they have had 2 heats for most of the races. That was when they also had a F/S Top 8 qualifying meet so not sure what the changes are for this year.

I believe Hank Lawson will verify as many marks as possible and then they can determine who makes those 2 heats. There will be an alternate list and with the usual scratches at the meet, some of the runners and field event athletes on those lists usually get to compete as well.

hank said...

Let's start with the ladies... there is no FSG competition this year. In the past they would hold 2 heats for the ladies in the laned races and take 12-16 for the distances. This year they are adding a 3rd heat for the ladies (since there is no FSG competition) and are taking around 20 (TBD by Willie) in the distances. Also taking more (TBD) in the Fields as well.

Now the guys... Varsity will be the same as years past, no change there. I am verifying only Varsity marks and only if they are in the Top 25 of CCS (after that I don't verify). I've been sending emails out to coaches who's marks aren't verified and have been keeping a list that I will give to Willie on Apr 14th of those un-verified marks, Willie makes the final call on what he wants to do (since it's his meet). There will also be an alternate list (as in years past).

FS Boys will have one heat of laned races and will take around 16 (TBD) in the distances and fields. I would assume (but don't know) that an alternate list will be kept for the FSB.

Marks will be continued to be verified the week prior to the meet and changes might be made at the coaches scratch meeting before the meet begins. This is where questionable marks have been discussed in public in the past and Willie has made changes based on these discussions (so if you're thinking about "fudging" be ready to back up your recipe in public).


Anonymous said...

The info says two heats of 20 for the girls 1600 and 2 heats of 16 for the boys 1600, plus the frosh-soph boys.

So my guess is 5-6 heats of the mile this year. That's good, get those frosh-soph runners a chance!

MV Elk said...

Actually here is what it says:

1600 meters
Boys - 2 heats of 16
Girls - 2 heats of 20
F/S Boys - 2 heats of 16

6 total heats of the mile

I am guessing girls get 2 heats of 20 because there is no frosh-soph division (as some f/s girls are better then when they are Seniors). I agree that the send heat of girls is more of that frosh/soph division but we will see.

I don't see a third heat listed on the laned races but Hank would know. Willie can do as he likes as stated, its his meet.

I can see them adding more that what was published but not taking away heats.

Anonymous said...

Just checked. Mile races are correct, 2 races each division. Laned races are as follows: Varsity Boys 2 heats, Varsity Girls 3 heats, Frosh-Soph boys 2 heats.

Come on boys, do your homework

Albert Caruana said...

Here is the meet info for the CCS Top 8 meet:

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